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Vine was a service created in 2012 that allowed users to share…

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Best Apps Like Vine For Android

Vine was a service created in 2012 that allowed users to share approximately 6 seconds long videos with friends. The app was highly successful, and Twitter later acquired it.

However, due to a lack of innovation and slow growth, Vine had been overshadowed by other applications pretty soon. In October 2016, Twitter announced that they would be discontinuing Vine.

Although Vine’s demise isn’t entirely bad news because there are plenty of better alternatives available, these video-sharing sites do a better job than Vine ever did. This article will share a list of the best Vine alternatives you can use right now.

List of Best Vine Alternatives to Share Your Videos

top Apps Like Vine For Android



Twitter is the only one that had bought all the rights from the Vine developers, and that was because it just wanted to integrate a video-sharing feature inside its social networking platform.

After the demise of Vine, Twitter implemented a few video-sharing features on Twitter. Now you can share up to 180-second videos on Twitter for free.



Everyone knows that Instagram is made for sharing short videos and images with friends or the public, and that is what Vine did. However, compared to Vine, Instagram has a massive user base, and it’s backed by Facebook, which is now the leading social networking platform.

You can use Instagram’s mobile app to watch Reels. Instagram Reels is a TikTok alternative that has videos of around 30 seconds.


coub app

Coub is another excellent video-sharing platform on the list, which is pretty much similar to Vine. Although Coub has a pretty small user base, the site still has lots of exciting content.

What’s great is that Coub spreads its video content across categories like movies, gaming, animals, geek, etc. Creating videos with Coub is easy, but it doesn’t allow users to add text to the videos.

What’s more interesting is that you can make coubs from YouTube, GIF, Camera, Library, and whatever. Overall, this is an excellent video-sharing platform that you can consider


snapchat app

Snapchat is pretty much similar app like Vine. However, when it comes to popularity, Snapchat easily overshadows Vine. It’s an app that lets you share short 10-second videos.

Apart from the videos, Snapchat also allows you to send self-destruction snaps, upload videos to Stories, etc. Additionally, with Snapchat, you also get the ability to add emojis, annotate videos, use face filters, etc.



Well, Lomotif is slightly different from all others listed in the article. It doesn’t have a platform to share your videos. It just lets you create Instagram Reel or TikTok-type videos in easy steps.

With Lomotif, you can add music, join video clips, save montages to camera roll, and share it to social networking platforms.



Zoomerang is another best apps on the list that will help you create and share shorter videos. However, it’s a bit different from all others listed in the article as it doesn’t have any community where you can share videos and gain followers.

Instead, you get an option to share the edited videos on multiple apps like Likee, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. So, Zoomerang is an app that can help you create amazing short videos.

Apart from that, the app offers you 100+ tutorials, 100+ special effects, and music that you can apply to your videos to make them more unique.



Streamlabs is not a Vine alternative, but it’s a web-based tool to upload and share videos. The great thing about Streamable is that the video URLs can be embedded anywhere. It works with most famous sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Unlike Apps like Vine, it doesn’t specialize in video editing tricks, but it allows users to add the uploaded videos to the website, blogs, etc.

Mobizen Live Stream

mobizen live stream

Mobizen Live Stream is a little bit different compared to all others listed in the article. It allows you to start your YouTube live stream with just one tap.

You can stream your gameplay videos, camera live feeds, etc., right on YouTube with this app. The app is top-rated among gamers, and it’s worth a try.



YouTube is right now the biggest and most dominant video-sharing site in the world. On this site, you can either explore videos or share your own. What’s more interesting is that YouTube allows content creators to monetize their videos to earn revenue.

Recently, YouTube has launched a new app-specific feature known as Shorts. YouTube Shorts is just like Instagram Reels and TikTok, where you can discover short video clips.



Vimeo is a social networking site where you can share or explore videos. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and it could be the best platform to showcase your creative talent. For video watchers, the platform covers a wide range of categories.

With Vimeo for Android, you also get the option to save videos to watch offline, Chromecast videos to a bigger screen, and manage your videos.

Tik Tok


While TikTok allows videos uploaded to their platform to be much longer than what was allowed on Vine, the videos found on the app are typically less than a minute in length despite there now being a relatively large ten-minute limit on all uploads.

The beauty of TikTok revolves around its algorithm, or what users on the app will know as the ‘for you page’.

TikTok gathers an idea of what content you like based on what you have liked, commented on, or shared in the past. They even take into consideration how long users stay on particular videos.



It’s only fair that we give Huddles a mention here as it was created by Dom Hofmann, who was a co-founder of the original Vine.
And Apps like Vine, Huddles is a short-form video app made for sharing short videos that are less than 16 seconds long.

Though it’s a popular app in its own right, it’s not taken off like Vine did. This may be because the app was acquired and then merged into another – it was originally called Byte, and then Clash, but now it’s called Huddles. By the time this article is published, it’ll probably be called something else.

Anyway, the app itself is pretty solid for video loops and publishing new videos, and it would make a great alternative to Vine. But like any social media, it’s only as popular as its influencers, and Huddles hasn’t taken off quite yet.



If you are looking for short, snappy, and humorous video clips then Giphy is the place for you.

Historically, the main difference between Giphy and Vine is the fact that Vine’s videos included Audio, while Giphy’s videos didn’t, typically using subtitled text on videos where necessary.

However, in recent times the app has started to include compatibility which allows audio within their clips, making it even more similar to Vine in the process.

While everyone can use Giphy without having to sign up for an account, it is beneficial to get an account because it allows users to create their GIFs, save their favorites, and make collections.



Dubsmash was the “old TikTok”. It went viral a few years back, with users posting their ‘dubsmashes,’ lip-syncing to their favorite songs and dialogues. Soon after TikTok was released, Dubsmash lost its popularity, and the traffic shifted from Dubsmash to TikTok.

This mainly happened because TikTok was a much more feature-robust platform and it forced user migration from Musical.ly.

owever, Dubsmash has updated itself to compete against other apps. It has all the basic features like lip-syncing, setting time limits, changing video speeds, and adding text, music, special effects, or animations. If TikTok goes down, Dubsmash is a potential migration point for TikTok users.


Triller also proves an excellent TikTok alternative, with its fantastic content posting and editing tools. It was previously a video editing app, but soon this app pivoted with social features and tools. This app is straightforward to use, hosting plenty of quality content as well. Triller lets users make perfect lip-sync videos and allows creators to collaborate, just like TikTok’s duet feature.

The videos are called ‘Trills,’ and there is also a live streaming option called Triller TV. Triller also has a built-in music library with modern releases and playlists for you to choose from when editing your video content.


Given that Vine was stopped while still a popular platform, it’s no surprise that there are so many good competitors available.

The above-described applications in this article are each distinctive in their way and worth downloading on their own. You could try downloading some of them and enjoy their distinct features for a variety of experiences on each of them. Also if you are planning to develop an application like Vine, you can always rely on Echoinnovate IT.

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FAQs- Apps Like Vine

Which app is most similar to Vine?

Byte is the most similar app to Vine, created by one of Vine’s co-founders.

What is a video sharing app?

A video sharing app allows users to upload, view, and share videos with others.

How do video sharing apps work?

Users upload videos to the platform, and others can view, like, comment, and share those videos.

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