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Android is hailed as the best platform for startups and small businesses. Our Android development services ensure that they can support well-established businesses. We are an Android app development company that ensures scalability and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of Android app development.

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Android App Development Services by Echo Innovate IT- Top Mobile App Development Company

We are the top Android app development company, with over 12 years of experience in the mobile app development industry. We are known for developing mobile apps with robust code, a user-friendly design, and a flawless UX. Hire Android app developers from Echo Innovate IT as our dedicated team of developers and designers uses the most up-to-date Android technology to create cutting-edge Android app development services that provide attractive designs and excellent user experiences to Android users. For our amazing performance in the Android app market arena, we are regarded as the best mobile app development company in the world. Our clients benefit from our efficient and exceptional Android application development services. Our skilled Android app developers have a good understanding of Android programming, allowing them to create outstanding mobile apps. To create apps, we use the most latest version of Java. While developing Android apps, we put a greater emphasis on technical code, design, content, and privacy policies to ensure that the final product complies with all Google Play Store review guidelines.

We have a diverse portfolio of Android app development experience. We've built Android apps for a variety of industries and app categories. We believe that complete customization is the key, not the exception when it comes to app development. Over the time of our more than 12-year journey, we've experienced the progression of Android, which has undergone significant changes in terms of design and programmatic conventions. Our Android app development team has gone through a lot of learning to become one of the best Android team-building apps. We can assure you that our development standards will be among the best in the industry.

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Android app development services we provide

Custom android app development

Our experienced development team identifies a unique feature of application development. Moreover, our team of Android programmers can build android apps that can lead to the creation of art and can be used effectively in multi-platform architecture like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Also, our Android app developers would always consider the involving key factors in which applications are used.

Wearables applications

We at Echo Innovate IT try to keep up with the pace of technology and the latest trends. Thus, we have jumped into the development of wearable devices. Moreover, it is important to note that the future is going to be all about wearables and it is important to plant a seed now so that you can earn long-term benefits in the wider run.

Android app development with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that empowers software to learn, explore, and envisage outcomes automatically without human interference. Android app developed by us has a place in areas from human services to retail and open wellbeing – we have made the structures that suit them best. Android app development with Augmented App Reality & VR We help to redefine how users interact with your application using force Augmented and Virtual Reality. Developers at Echo Innovate IT has experience in delivering exceptional AR and VR applications for customers across multiple industries. Thus, our internal team of application developers works together to build next-generation applications.

Android app consultation

At Echo Innovate IT, we have the best team of professionals who can build your dream application from scratch to amazing. Similarly, given the needs of our customers, our vast experienced Android app developers create industry-specific applications that create a wonderful experience with extreme ease of use and a great attraction for traders' diversions.

Android app integration

After making the decision to develop a native application or one that is web-based (iOS / Android), the next big challenge is how to integrate this application into their back-end applications. Thus, companies that are able to achieve this quickly will be able to exhibit their traditional business models for devices and demographics entirely.

Kotlin Migration

Of course, Relocating to Kotlin is a procedure that has extraordinary advantages to your group’s speed, your code’s wellbeing, and your application’s performance. Correspondingly, our Kotlin developers are talented to relocate and change over your current applications into Kotlin’s innovation without hurting your current application or information.

Android App Services by Echo Innovate IT- Top Mobile App Development Company

For Android application development, Echo Innovate IT is a reliable company. We develop feature-rich apps that improve user experience and streamline workflows to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Echo Innovate IT is among the top 10 mobile app development companies with 12+ years of experience with an extensive in-house team of 50+ professionals. A skilled mobile app development team needed for developing a top-notch mobile application. Our Android app development team stands out from the crowd, delivering on time and using the most up-to-date techniques to create scalable apps that meet your business goals. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality, user-friendly, and functioning applications on time.

Hire android app developers from Echo Innovate IT which offers next-gen top android app development services to develop secure and instinctive mobile apps.

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    Free consultation
    With a free call with one of our technical consultants, we'll help you plan your next Android app.
    Team of 50+ android app developers
    Our large development team has experience creating a wide range of Android apps, including photo/video, e-commerce, social networking, on-demand, utility, machine learning, and Internet of Things apps.
    Tech Support
    Our professional technical support team provides maintenance, bug fixes, and technical support services to ensure that any problems that may arise are resolved quickly.
    Project delivery on-time
    Our expert Android app developers ensure that they deliver the application before the given timeline of the project.

    Industries we serve

    Hire Android App developer
    Real Estate App Development
    We automate property buying and selling, property management, document monitoring, and a variety of other processes. We have more than a decade of flutter app development experience.

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    Hire Android App developer
    E-Commerce App Development
    Are you running a business that needs to deliver goods and services on-demand? We’ve also developed Uber-like apps for on-demand taxi booking, package delivery, liquor delivery, grocery delivery, and food delivery, taking ‘Uberization’ to the next level.

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    Hire Android App developer
    Food Delivery App Development
    We automate the entire operation, from food packaging to delivery, in order to streamline the entire process. We’ve created flutter apps for grocery shopping, alcohol, and food delivery. Our Food Delivery mobile app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use.

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    Hire Android App developer
    Healthcare App Development
    Our prolific team specializes in creating mobile healthcare app solutions and medical mobile applications that engage with the targeted audience.

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    Hire Android App developer
    Social Media App Development
    Our skilled team provides unmatched solutions for dating and social media application development creatively and efficiently. Also, we have proficiency in creating social networking applications based on the bespoke requirements of various businesses.

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    Hire Android App developer
    On-Demand App Development
    Mobile application development professionals at Echo innovate IT analyzes the scenario and creates scalable and robust on-demand apps.

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    Hire Android App developer
    Travel App Development
    Travel app development solutions are providing people great benefits to ease their traveling plans. Our developers have developed several scalable travel apps over the past years.

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    Hire Android App Developer
    at the Best Price Model only at Echo Innovate It- Hire us Today!

    Android App Services by Echo Innovate IT- Top Mobile App Development Company


     Android app development cost usually varies from $30,000 to $100,000 depending on a number of factors such as the app’s features, technology set, team size, location of the agency, etc.

    It might take approximately 3-4 months but the time may vary depending on the complexity of the project.

    There is no fixed price. The development cost entirely depends on the project’s size and complexity. Also, the number of features that you want in your application.

    We can program both in Java and Kotlin. Java is given preference since it’s the official language of Android. But, we also code on Kotlin to solve the problem of the fewer features as well as the security issues found in Java.

    Yes, we have a variety of hiring options. We offer a range of hiring options at Echo Innovate IT, including fixed, hourly, dedicated, and on-site team models. We will recommend the model that best matches your needs based on your project requirements.

    We use the following tools and technologies to develop our Android apps:

    • Programming Language: Kotlin/Java, XML for Designing
    • Tools & IDE: Android Studio, Android SDK, and Android NDK
    • Database: SQLite & Realm