What is a Full-Stack Developer and How to Hire One?

What is a Full-Stack Developer and How to Hire One?

What is a Full-Stack Developer and How to Hire One?

You would have heard about full-stack developers if you are not working in the IT domain. They are considered the all-in-one programmer and some of the top companies across the globe are betting on and hiring them. As a matter of fact to create apps and websites companies need to hire developers. Together it is very challenging to hire developers who have a good level of expertise. Likewise, are you the one confused about how to hire developers who will give you the optimum results? If so you have reached the perfect page where you will get to know about the full stack developers and how you can hire the best developer for your company.

Before getting in to know in detail about the full stack developers it is important to understand the three-tier architecture.

The three-tier architecture

It is very essential to know about the three tiers of web development.


The other name of this is the front end which is usually referred to within the context of the full stack. This is the user interface. In simple it is how your website looks and what you see on the screen.

Business logic

The other name for this is the back end systems. This is mainly for data and content processing. You have to use the coding languages, frameworks, and much more.

MRI Software:

This software comes in commercial and residential versions. The user may pick commercial or residential property. This software’s lease management capability is important. MRI software manages commercial and residential leases. The software’s dashboard shows unoccupied properties and rent received and pending.


The last one is the database. This is the main thing that connects to the site through an API.

You will have to ones who are the specialists of these layers and a full stack developer is the only one who can handle them.

Who is a full stack developer?

A full-stack developer is the one who is proficient in programming languages and they have to apply it for the front end and the back end. They need to know how the website or the application will look at the user’s end. Most of the companies prefer hiring full-stack developers. This is because they can save the cost and there is no need to hire the individual developer’s on a technology basis. In short, the full-stack developers are the ones who can code for both the front end and the back end.

Role of a full stack developer

The below-mentioned tasks can be performed by a full-stack developer.

When should you need to hire a full-stack developer?

Depending on the role and the requirement the demand for the full stack developers is driven. Given below are the reasons that stress on hiring a full stack developer is a good idea.

When you need an MVP

If the company goal is to validate the idea by creating a minimum viable product then hiring a full stack developer is the best. The one you hire should be able to understand the idea and turn it into a fully functional prototype.

When you require product managers

The full-stack developers are very good product managers because they clearly understand the business requirements and are aware of their abilities. The full-stack developers are the ones with a diverse skillset and experience and they know how to tackle the different solutions. With all such things, the full stack developers prove to be extremely valuable.

When budget is a constraint

When it is challenging, the full stack developers will be your saviors. Instead of spending a lot on front-end developers, back-end developers, QA, designers, etc., it is better to hire a full-stack developer who is specialized in doing all these works, and doing this will certainly be cost-effective.

When you require a CTO

Full-stack developers are great CTOs. If you are looking for a CTO for a symbiotic relationship that involves technical expertise then you can hire the full-stack developers.

Qualities of a full stack developer

When you are hiring a full stack developer make sure you look for someone,

Technical skills

Here are some technical skills that you have to look at when you are hiring a full-stack developer.

Git, GitHub, and source tree

The full-stack developer should understand how Git works and should have a Github profile.


These are very important and help in styling the content on a web page. The HTML presentation is determined by CSS. When HTML and CSS work together there is an engaging front end of the application.


The scripting language will take the help of HTML to add behavior to it. With java scripts, the developers used to write the code for the servers. So the full stack developer you hire should have complete knowledge about javascript and its frameworks.


The backend manages the database operations. Also, the user authentication is managed by the backend.

Database and web storage

Most of the apps generate data that has to be stored. A good full stack developer should understand the relational databases and more importantly should know the difference between the relational and the non-relational databases.

Web architecture

A full-stack developer should understand the following things.
How the code structure is formed
Where to place the data
How to separate the files
How to work on the computational tasks


HTTP is a communication protocol and is used between the servers and the clients whereas REST is an interface using HTTP.

Skill Set required


HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Frameworks like Vue.js, angular JS, backbone.js, Bootstrap, etc.
Libraries like query, any chart, etc.


Programming languages like ruby, python, PHP, etc. for general purpose
Frameworks laravel, rails on ruby, Django
API design and development
Know how to connect the backend and database


Relational database management system, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Oracle database, Microsoft SQL server
Design the scheme of the database
Know how to store data efficiently
Difference between the relational and the non-relational database


A web server like Apache, Nginx
Operating system deployment like ubuntu, centos, FreeBSD
Aware of server security issues

HTTP, restful APIs, and caching
Hands-on Git, and source tree
Awareness of web application architecture

Things to access: hiring a full stack developer

When you are evaluating the candidates you have to look for the following things.

Ensure that you look for the following things when you hire a full stack developer

Different types of full-stack developers

Various full-stack developers work on various domains. Here are some different types of full-stack developers.

Benefits of hiring a full-stack developer

There are plenty of benefits of hiring a full-stack developer. Some of them are mentioned below.

Accomplished web/ app developers

A senior full-stack developer has the experience and the qualification to add some exciting features to your projects. They can manage the whole stack and if you want to get good returns you can invest in the full-stack developers.


A full-stack developer can balance both the front and backend development. They can create codes that are responsible for the appearance of the site in a browser. In the same way, they can write the prototype codes that connect the website to the content management system.


Most of the full stack developers will be experienced one. They would have created various web projects. They will have in-depth knowledge and are highly beneficial for you when you hire them.

Know the big picture

The full-stack developer can help in growing your company at a big level. They help you with the complete design structure and will give you the input when needed.


Are you looking for the best full-stack developers to work on your project? Looking for the best one for your company might be a challenging task. Before you hire one for your project make sure you test the skills and the experience to get proof that they are proficient. From Echoinnovate IT, you can get best of Ionic Developers, PHP Developers, and More.


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