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    Apps like Instagram

    Develop Social Media App like Instagram

    When it comes to photo or video sharing and user engagement, no other mobile application comes close to Instagram’s popularity.

    The tremendous rise of multimedia sharing applications such as Instagram has motivated many entrepreneurs and businesses to create their own bespoke Instagram clone app, allowing individuals to openly share photographs and videos.

    There might be any number of reasons why you would require a social app like Instagram. You might want to build a new type of social media application that is based on existing social sites but incorporates some unique and better functionalities, or you might just want a social app where you can add your friends and share photos with them, or you might want to build apps like Instagram to make money from ads.

    Whatever your motive, an Instagram clone software may help you gain more followers, expose your brand to more consumers through appealing photos, and increase your popularity. It all relies on the quality of the app developer you choose.
    We create internet-based picture and video sharing apps for the iOS and Android platforms by utilising inventive technologies and algorithms. With the goal of creating the greatest user experience possible, our team uses an innovative app development approach to create top photo-sharing apps like Instagram, allowing users to post images and videos with only a few easy clicks on the screen.

    Features of Instagram-Like Social Media Applications

    To make your concept a reality, Echoinnovate IT provides you with a one-of-a-kind and spectacular solution for building a market-capable social networking app. Our professionals are in touch with the most recent technologies for social media mobile app development and can provide you the most advanced solution. To transition from a startup unicorn to a social media mogul, your app must stand out with features and functions that appeal to a diverse range of consumers such as youngsters, business enterprises, the elderly, and so on.

    Email Authorization

    It allows people to sign up with their email address and create a password. Users will be able to connect into their social media accounts using multiple devices just by inputting their registered email address

    Activity Log

    It allows your users to view all of their most recent app activity. Following and unfollowing individuals, commenting on photos, and checking out other users’ posts are all simple tasks in the activity.

    Live streaming

    The feature allows you to live broadcast the video from anywhere you are and invite your followers to join you virtually. This is an advantageous feature for models, influencers, and companies.

    User profile

    Users may create a full profile that includes extensive information such as their name and email address, as well as whatever personal information they choose to include about themselves, followers, following, the total number of submitted photos/videos, and tagged photographs.

    Privacy control

    The app also has a privacy function to help you keep your account secure. You have the option of keeping it private or making it public. You will be able to keep your story available exclusively to those you add as ‘close friends,’ and you will also be able to hide your story from selected people if you desire.

    Push notifications

    It allows users to receive real-time notifications when someone likes their photos/videos, sends a follow request, mentions them in a comment, or engages in any other action relevant to them. Users can also choose whether or not to get post notifications.


    This function transforms the social media software into a messaging app. The user has the ability to message their followers as well as the individuals they follow. They may also reply or react to other people’s stories, which will be accessible in the chat.

    Ad campaigns

    A social media app is incomplete without the feature that helps promote one’s business. With the feature of ad campaigns, one can easily boost their businesses just by adding some money to the social media app that will help their business reach a greater community.

    Manage events

    If you have a business account, you can create events when you have exhibitions, seminars or workshops and let your followers know that they are welcomed whole-heartedly to join this event. The followers can give their RSVPs from within the app.


    Geolocation Geolocation is vital when your users wish to share the location where a photo or video was shot. Users may also search for photographs by location.

    Social Media Integration

    Integrate additional social networking networks inside the app, such as Facebook, Google+, and WhatsApp, to allow users to easily share photos and videos with friends and family, and also post them on the integrated app.

    Search option

    Allow users to utilize their name and user-name to search for another user, including friends, family, or anybody else. To search for people, simply click on the search tool and input the name or the ID.

    Filters to edit images

    What appeals to the young generation is the availability of filters that allow them to modify their images or films. This function allows you to simply alter photos using various filters and editing tools such as crop, color combination, rotate, straighten, and perspective correction.

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    Technologies integrated with social media Platform development

    We offer the on-demand social media app development services for your business.  We provide Instagram clone development for on-demand service providers, which we design, develop, and implement.

    Blockchain in social media

    Unethical use of consumers' data can be avoided using decentralized networks. Blockchain technology employs encryption to safeguard user interactions, resulting in data security and privacy. The blockchain-based application prioritizes the interests of the users over the interests of the corporation. As a result, in the near future, consumers will be able to control these apps. The blockchain consensus algorithm, which will be implemented in every decentralized application, will give more security.

    Content Suggestion through AI

    Marketers devote a significant amount of work to generating content for social media distribution, as well as managing distribution and interaction across platforms. A typical social media management platform can help with this by facilitating social media management and monitoring. However, AI tools go a step farther. There are tools that can auto-generate social media material across networks, including with hashtags and shortened links. There are other tools available to auto-schedule these shares in bulk.

    AI Integration

    Instagram is used by millions of people to share photographs, videos, and status updates with friends and family. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has also begun to employ big data and artificial intelligence to improve user experience, filter spam, and improve the outcomes of targeted advertising. Users of the platform may search images of a certain activity, area, event, restaurants, cuisine, and discovery experiences by using tags and trending information.


    Nowadays, everyone uses a social networking site to broadcast their social lives, establish friends, and peep into their friends’ social lives. Furthermore, social networks are important venues for promoting greater involvement with your clients/customers, and as a consequence, the need for social media applications will continue to increase.

    We are a well-known custom social media mobile app development firm that creates personalized social media apps for the Android and iOS platforms. We provide comprehensive pre-sales assistance, including conversations and consultation rounds with the mobile app development team. Comprehensive app design updates, OS upgrades, feature upgrades, and compatibility assurance are all part of our after-sales service.

    The timeframe for a social media app development project is purely discretionary and is determined by the amount of app complexity, the number of app features incorporated, the quality of app design and UI/UX, and the level of expertise of the developers working on the project.

    Our social media application developers adhere to development processes such as research and analysis, wireframing, prototyping, features and functionalities, development & design, testing, and launch. We update the app step by step and, in the end, give clients a high-quality solution.

    Echoinnovate IT, as a mobile app development company, gives you top talents who have the necessary experience and competence in the development of social networking apps. We supply you with developers that are knowledgeable and experienced in their sector. We offer quality and cost-effective and customized application development services to satisfy our clients’ business needs, and we do so in a timely manner. We all know that if a mobile app built expressly for a website does not meet the demands of the consumers, there will be no takers for the app and it will not even assist to sell a product.

    The cost of developing a social network app is determined by a variety of factors. The most important of these characteristics are: App Type, App Functions, and Location of your associated social media app development firm in the App Tech Stack.

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