Healthcare App Development

At Echo innovate IT, our prolific team specializes in creating mobile healthcare solutions and medical mobile applications that engage with the targeted audience.

Furthermore, our expert mobile app developers’ innovative approach and experience in healthcare app development solutions enable us to make highly efficient and scalable mobile apps that are bound to satisfy the specific needs of healthcare organizations and medical service providers.

Healthcare App Development

Benefits Of Healthcare App Development

We analyze the challenges your customers are facing in the healthcare industry, our skilled mobile app developers help you in speeding up your healthcare services. Besides simplifying the service process our IT solutions’ goals are to enhance the performance and reduce the operational cost of your process. Thus, we integrate social media with your healthcare or medical service providing mobile app development.

  • Ease of Process Management
  • Software integration for prescription Simplification
  • Track and Monitor physical activities
  • Electronic Health Information Exchange
  • Integration of Health kit API for billing information

To develop healthcare mobile apps that run across various devices, we use Cordova and Xamarin as trustworthy cross-platform development resources. Moreover, Xamarin provides an enhancement in performance and near-native UI (User interface). Similarly, Cordova is officially backed by SAP that enables relatively rapid development and deployment of your mobile app.

To begin with your app development project we will provide a prototype of your software in 1 to 2 weeks. So, request a free quote and let us know about your requirements, and Echo Innovate IT Healthcare software specialists will assist you in reaching your goals.

Who Should Hire Our Healthcare App Development Services?

Healthcare Startups

A healthcare mobile application that is simple to use may provide a competitive edge by allowing entrepreneurs to reach more patients. We provide a simple-to-use app that may be used to connect with and reach a large number of patients.

Pharma Companies

We help you design apps that promote drug adherence, monitor blood pressure, let patients observe long-term symptoms, and support appropriate exercise. These apps are proving to be beneficial to both patients and health services.


Our tailored healthcare solution helps medical and public health professionals offer treatment beyond conventional locations. They may also increase health care workers' productivity and patient outcomes.

Doctors, Physicians, & Surgeons

Doctor applications are transforming healthcare and physicians' employment. Healthcare practitioners may build mobile apps for their practices. Healthcare applications may help clinicians engage with patients, retrieve patient data, and collaborate quickly.


We understand your goals & they are important to us!

Healthcare App Development Features

Telemedicine Services

Long arrangements for emergency clinic visits is an enormous worry. Hence, this component guarantees a system for patients and specialists.

Connecting Wearable Devices

Each real estate application must have a posting fee. Thus, the posting must include a rundown of accessible properties with everything about it.

Medication Tracking

This sort of apps persuades patients to pursue their remedy routine by tracking their dosages, time interims, and suppers.

Hospital Locator

A clinic application should accompany a GPS locator. Thus, it will enable the client to discover their way to the emergency clinic.

Record Accessibility

The patient’s history is a significant record for specialists. Commonly, while treating a patient the history assumes a crucial job.


This feature proves to be amazingly helpful in crisis circumstances. Thus, it also includes data of the closest facility or medical clinic.

Our expert mobile app development team will help you select a technology adequate to the aims of your healthcare app development. In addition, it could be native Android, iOS, or cross-platform app development.

  • Medical Transcription Solution
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Healthy living Mobile Apps
  • Remote Healthcare Monitoring
  • Health implementations
  • Medical Website Designing
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Hospital and patient app development solutions.
Healthcare App Development

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare App ?

Healthcare App Development

The present-day online business circle goes past work area experience. In 2018 mobile rush hour gridlock to web-based business saves to up to 64.5 %. Simultaneously, the most recent insights of U.S.

Mobile retail business deals demonstrated that customers incline toward web-based business portable application highlights to buy at web-based business sites. In addition, as per the American Customer Satisfaction Index, clients who shop over the portable applications are happier with their buys than customary retail clients are.

Depending on the extent of the app, and the features a client wants in the app the cost of developing app range from $10 per hour to $35 per hour when outsourced and in the US it ranges from $50 per hour to $ 250 per hour.

Competitors In HealthCare Industry Apps

Healthcare App Development


  • Through the Marbella stage suppliers, medical attendants, and different parental figures inside a wellbeing framework can utilize their cell phone to oversee quiet adjusting. Thus, Marbella can be utilized for various purposes.
  • The application coordinates with other seller frameworks and offers clients constant alarms and following to relieve manual subsequent meet-ups. Similarly, it can be utilized in centers, medical clinics, and lounge areas on any cell phone.
Healthcare App Development


  • The mobile application release of the PatientKeeper Computerized Patient Order Entry (CPOE) framework enables suppliers to arrange labs, radiology, meds, and comparable administrations for their patient’s overall clinic offices.
  • and other foodstuffs very safely. The UberEats application is an independent conveyance application that is now accessible in numerous urban communities, including Chicago and Los Angeles.
Healthcare App Development


  • The Spok portable application gives suppliers a brought together spot to arrange the clinical mind and improve clinical correspondence. Thus, Spok refreshes suppliers with “conveyed/read” informing from a few unique gadgets.
  • Suppliers can likewise compose informing by need, and safely message individuals from the consideration group. Similarly, different highlights of the Spok application incorporate coordination with current EHR frameworks, supplier inclinations for specific methods, etc.

Startup Ideas for HealthCare Industry

Personal Medication Tracking App

Hospital Way Finding GPS App

Women’s Health Care Apps

Personal Health Record Apps

Emergency Assistant Apps

Client's Reviews

Angular JS

Node JS




Why You Should Choose Us For Healthcare App Development?

  • We are very professional and our coordination and teamwork speak volumes about our motives.

  • We are strongly focused on fulfilling your requirements.

  • We work hard for delivering the best customer satisfaction.

  • We have the passion to deliver the best for you.

  • We are always eager to help you.

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    Some of the best features of a good healthcare app are:Hospital Locator, Electronic, Records, Telemedicine Services

    Patients today not only want to be cured quickly but they also want to reach out to the doctors and hospitals easily. In this case, it is beneficial to have healthcare mobile apps.

    As a matter of fact, patients and their needs are the top priorities in healthcare mobile apps.

    Some of the best healthcare apps are:Meditech, Patientsafe, AirStrip, CarePassport, Dock Health.

    Online healthcare apps can help not only patients but also doctors in order to make tasks such as prescription, allergy records, etc. easy to maintain and update.