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Still finding the best Taxi Booking App Development Services? We develop excellent taxi booking apps like Uber top trending features for Android & iOS platforms and at a budgeted cost.

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    UBER like Taxi Booking App

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    Do you have taxi booking business and thinking to develop an app like Uber? Then, we have the right capacity to build you a perfect taxi booking app.

    With a team of expert Uber clone app developers, we create the exact replica of Uber. Our team is also proficient in adding custom functionalities to make the Uber-like app more convenient. 

    On-demand mobile app development provides brilliant and intriguing company opportunities with several variants that will allow aspiring entrepreneurs to generate revenue quickly.

    You can get the Android or iOS Uber like booking app developed in optimum time with reasonable budget from Echoinnovate IT. Our experience and expertise in taxi booking apps gives us a edge among top clone app development companies.

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    Features You Need In a Custom Taxi Booking App

    Echoinnovate IT provides you with cutting-edge futuristic technology to create your own uber-like taxi app solution. We create a fully-integrated bespoke on-demand taxi booking app, including drivers’ and passengers’ apps, as well as an admin panel that handles bookings and dispatches. Uber App Development features that are needed in Uber-like Taxi Booking App are:

    Uber App For Riders

    UBER like Taxi Booking App


    Riders can register or sign up using email or social media. They can opt for different payment options like cash, card, UPI, etc.

    Ride Tracking

    The driver's location is recorded in real-time, allowing the passenger to receive immediate information on traffic, travel routes, and the projected time of arrival.

    Taxi Booking

    Riders may book a taxi by entering their address, choosing the kind of taxi, and adjusting the destination. They can also enter the required information and schedule a cab in advance.

    Book for others

    Using this feature, the registered account can book a cab for a friend, family member or a colleague, and enter the rider’s information like phone number and name.

    Driver Assessment

    Provide a driver rating based on the trip, route followed, car comfort, driver conduct, and so on. The rider can also check the reviews of the chosen driver and choose the right one.

    Ride Cancellation

    The rider has the option to cancel the ride, but must do so within a certain time frame to avoid incurring the cancellation cost.


    Digital payments and cash options are available to riders. They can select from a variety of alternatives, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and so on.

    Trip History

    In the taxi app, you can view detailed information about previous, scheduled, and canceled trips. Check the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the fare for the selected journey.

    Fare calculator

    The fare for going from one location to another is automatically calculated based on the number of kilometers traveled, the kind of vehicle used, current fuel prices, and predicted traffic.

    Messaging and Calling

    Messages and phone calls to the rider informing them of the status of their ride on the taxi booking app itself.

    Uber For Drivers

    Trip Alert

    The driver would be informed of any forthcoming trip requests, as well as information on the destination, pickup location, travel route, and other essential rider details.

    Waiting time

    If the rider waits more than 5 minutes, he or she will be charged an additional fee.


    The driver employs this capability to navigate traffic and choose the quickest route to the destination using Google Maps.

    Refer Driver

    Drivers will be given a referral number that they may share with other drivers in order to gain perks. The "Invite Friends" option allows you to share the code with your friends.

    SOS Contacts

    Under this area, drivers may add emergency contacts. If the driver activates SOS, his added contacts will get a text message with the driver's location status.


    Provide daily/weekly/monthly insights on travels and revenues.

    Next Ride

    While the rider is still finishing the previous one, he or she gets alerted about an approaching ride in the online taxi booking app.

    Push Notifications

    Notifications are sent when the trip begins, when the travel route changes, when there is severe traffic ahead, and when the ride is completed.

    uber like app development

    Admin Panel

    UBER like Taxi Booking App


    The tool will allow administrators to keep track of ongoing, finished, pending, and canceled trips on the dashboard. Keep track of everything in a single section.

    The Commission for Driver

    Set various commission rates for each driver group. With this function, you can handle all of the drivers' commission rates and verify and adjust them at any moment.

    Administrative Reports

    This feature allows administrators to view overall trip data for a specified time period. Monitor and track data for all travels over a specified time period.

    Management of Advance Fares

    There is a very variable pricing method that allows for the establishment of adjustable rates depending on specified region, time, and flat costs. The functionality is really simple to use.

    Transaction with a Driver

    Get a weekly report that includes the driver's journey, total income collected, commission, and the total due amount after taxes. Also, keep track of all the drivers and their travel information in the taxi app.

    Dispatch Manually

    On behalf of the rider, manually delegate a trip request to the driver. This service is beneficial in places where there is a low network and riders cannot request a ride, as well as for non-local customers in the taxi booking app.

    Uber App for More Than Taxi-Booking Services

    Uber For Food Delivery

    Have the food delivered to the customer’s doorstep with some simple steps. Browsing for a local, nearby restaurant, choosing the items and confirming the order. The user can track the location of the delivery boy and pay through the app or in cash as the food arrives.

    Uber For Trucking

    Our specialized team of Uber developers can create an Uber for trucking application that includes necessary functionality such as real-time position monitoring, easy-to-access information, logging bills, tracking performance, and payment.

    Uber For Delivery

    We have created an online delivery platform where residents may buy groceries, food and drinks, medicine, pet care supplies, and other items and have them delivered to their door. Users may utilize this delivery services app to obtain any mentioned goods within 45 to 60 minutes at their house, workplace, or wherever they choose. This service brings a great relief by saving travel time for the user.

    Uber for ride-sharing

    This online taxi app solution has a one-of-a-kind ride-sharing idea, allowing people who travel the same route to work every day to post their availability in the driver's app and receive rides along the same route. Furthermore, because it does extensive background checks on drivers before they drive for this taxi app solution, this customizable taxi app solution is absolutely safe at all times.


    Your Uber-like app will include features such as —

    •       Wallet within the app
    •       Tracking in real time
    •       Scheduling
    •       Payment transfers that are secure
    •       Notifications of an emergency and much more

    Contact our team for a detailed proposal.

    The schedule for the creation of various features is determined by a variety of criteria such as technology choices, the number of developers engaged, their talents, the number of features, and overall app complexity. Building an app like Uber might take anywhere between 2 and 5 months.

    Yes, certainly. We can assist you in modifying your existing iPhone applications. We can help upgrade it with new features or technologies. 

    Uber’s developers generally code in Python, Node.js, Go, and Java. They began with two key languages: Node.js for the Marketplace team and Python for everyone else.

    Due to the obvious ease and quickness that on-demand service providers give; such businesses never run out of consumers.  Uber’s revolutionary business model will integrate seamlessly into the on-demand economy and streamline the distribution of your services/goods. By designing high-quality applications for web platforms, iOS, and Android, we help entrepreneurs and build a loyal client base.

    The intricacy of these parts, their design characteristics, integrations, components employed, and the rates of the IT vendor you work with all influence the ultimate system cost. Please contact our staff for an estimate for your customized uber-like app development.

    Why choose Echo Innovate IT for Taxi Booking App like UBER?

    We design personalized uber-like applications for your business based on our years of expertise and diverse clients. Our experience has carried us all over the world, empowering a wide range of company strategies and marketplaces. We have been recognized as the top mobile app development company as we have aided in the growth of several start-ups as well as the stability of large corporations. Considering the underlying solution is ready to use, we can give the solution to you with little adjustments, essentially no coding, and extensive customizations. Flexible pricing options provide you with the optimal combination of innovation and investment- a key that makes us the best taxi booking app company.

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