Salon App Development Guide: 10 Steps, Features And Cost

The beauty and hair salon industry is thriving speedily, which is so…

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Salon App Development Guide

The beauty and hair salon industry is thriving speedily, which is so critical for people. You might have noticed the rising number of beauty salons all over with a large number of customers. To stand out among the competitors and make their salon business services unique, salons have started to follow digital marketing techniques. Let’s talk about salon app development for business.

Salon Industry Statistics 2023

The salon and beauty industry is zestful and continues to grow at a fast pace. Few estimate that the global salon market size will rise from $69 billion in 2016 to  $87 billion in 2023.

salon app future

Customers are always seeking the current trends and the best hair care products and services. Their requirements are always changing. To facilitate these demands, the beauty and salon industry continues to develop and evolve.

How to Write a Perfect Salon Business Plan?

When making a business plan for a hair salon, you have to consider several aspects. A Hair salon is a service-oriented and innovative business, and the owner must stay ahead with industry trends and provide the most high-end products and salon services.

A business plan is a critical step to starting any business. Creating a salon business plan might feel like a challenging task, but it won’t be if you break it down into smaller steps like these:

Top Salon Business Apps & Software

Top Salon Business Apps & Software

Fresha – Instantly Book Salons and Spas Nearby

Fresha has been growing speedily and it is one of the most popular salon software platforms out there in 2022. This app is the only subscription-free software that has no trial period and has no limits on usage.

The strengths of Fresha lie in effortless use, the free plan, and the continued development of the platform. Fresha is perfect for the salon on a budget as it’s free.

Additionally, if you’re not technically savvy, you don’t have to worry about a steep learning curve to get going.

Top Key Features of Fresha

Salon IRIS – Salon & Spa Management Software

Among all Salon Software, Salon Iris has been around the longest (since 1999) and has consistently added and updated features based on the requirement of salons. The platform is feature-rich and they also provide a physical POS system and credit card reader solution.

Salon Iris is for all types of salons and they provide a simpler plan for people, even advanced packages for the bigger salon or chain of salons. 

Key Features of Salon IRIS

SalonBiz: The Best Salon Software in the Industry

Powerful and easy-to-use salon software with features to drive revenue, accelerate productivity, and fuel growth.

SalonBiz offers the full salon experience so that you can focus on providing your services. SalonBiz salon software aids your staff to connect with clients and provides various apps and tools.

Key Features of SalonBiz

Square Appointments: Appointment Scheduling Software & Booking App

Square Appointments comes with all the features you require to manage your appointment book efficiently. It’s perfect for the individual stylish as it’s free to use for people.

It incorporates with every other Square product (such as POS system, credit card reader, and marketing suite) when merged makes a complete solution even for the large salon business. 

Key Features of Square Appointments


Beautylish is a powerful training salon app that can aid you to stay connected and competitive in the beauty market.

This app has training videos, images to share on social media platforms, and excellent products to utilize to get the best results.

You and your staff can learn new skills, perfect existing skills, and provide a more expansive range of services to your customers.

You can direct your customers to Beautylish if they are having a problem communicating what they are looking for. By flipping through the pictures, it makes it easier for them.

Key Features of Beautylish

Why Salons Can Boost Your Business?

Beauty and hair salon services providers are a part of the on-demand niche and are speedily picking mobile app solutions to expand their business.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a standalone small salon or a big one with various branches, having a salon mobile app would have a direct impact on the development of the salon business.

All essential tasks such as managing a staff of beauticians, tracking their work record, handling multiple customers at a time, and advance appointment booking are made achievable through the app.

Customers Save Time

The Time-saving features can value the customer’s time. It aids in offering real-time information and enables the customers to schedule their appointments worldwide at any time by eliminating the ” wait for your chance” concept.

Manage all Customers List in one screen

By using an mobile application for your salon business, you can effortlessly maintain a record of your customers on one screen.

Increase Brand Reputation

Each business owner likes it when their brand becomes recognized by the entire world. Salons that do not have apps are considered to be a little behind for upgrades.

Having a salon app is more than enough for lots of customers to select your hair & beauty salon instead of your competitors due to the ease of use you deliver. 

Automatically Send Reminder to Customers

Push notifications help in automatically sending reminders to customers which aids a dynamic notification system. To target specific customers we can implement geofencing technology.

We can send essential information and update customers regularly. Implementing and managing push notifications for both iPhone and Android Salon apps can aid your salon business.

Take Customer Appointment Fast

Appointments can be managed by integrating a built-in calendar. Customers can access mobile reservations linked directly to your in-house calendar.

They can look for open slots and book appointments effortlessly. Enable your new and existing customers to come back by providing them the option to book their salon appointments directly through their mobile app 24*7.

Monetizing Your Beauty Salon App Tips

Monetizing Your Beauty Salon App Tips

Featured Listings

By displaying one or a few associated partners as the best salon service providers or advertise them separately in the application so that users can acquire attention.  


The definite commission is charged from the listed beauticians, salons on each transaction made through an salon mobile app.

Special Beauty Packages

Enable users to purchase monthly packages through the salon mobile application to add reward points in their wallets and redeem those points on their next billing. 

Ads Selling

By including in-app advertisements in your beauty salon app, you can earn great revenue by charging an amount in return for a click. 

Subscription Plans

Enable customers to try your subscription plan free for one month and offer several advantages to make them understand how beneficial this plan would be.

Once they get to know about this plan, you can provide the subscriptions for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months at the best possible prices.

Must-Have Features in a Salon App

There are various types of on-demand salon apps and they all work on different features. A few must-have salon app features are listed here. An app development company providing salon booking app solution will consult the right features for your beauty and salon business mobile app,

Must Have Features in a Salon App

Payments Made Through Contactless Technology

Considering the present situation of the COVID19 Pandemic, it is much better to opt for online payment methods as a precaution.

Go cashless and become a part of an undoubtedly computerized globe by providing your clients the decision to pay through e-wallets, credit, or platinum cards. 

Push Notifications

The notifications will be sent to the users when appointment bookings have been made and also to remind them of their upcoming bookings. Also, notifications about occasional offers and discounts can convince your customers to come back to you.

Profile Viewing

Users should be offered a feature so that they can view the profiles of the salon’s beauticians and book the beautician as per their wish and from whom they want their beauty services. After which the users can rate the beautician according to their experiences.

Reminders for Appointments

The on-demand salon app must have a feature that sends reminder alerts to customers about their booked appointments.

This feature is also liked by people who don’t require the hassle of remembering their appointment details because they have a good app that takes care of all the hassles for them.

Suggestions for Hairstyles

Approximately 46% of men accept the guidance of their hairstylists in respect to their looks.

The salon mobile app must also have a feature that advises your customers on new hairstyles and also selects the best-suited hairstyle for them.

Call & Messaging Feature

With this feature of call and message pop-ups, you can keep your clients updated about when your staff will arrive at their homes.

This will allow them to get ready for their visit and avoid the potential risk of the pandemic.

You can also send them item alerts when a specific item is available in your e-store and so give them notifications about their requests.

Online Business Store

Your clients may sometimes get out of items like face wash, shampoo, and other beauty products. Your salon app must offer them a platform to buy their important medicinal services and beauty items.

Additionally, you can include door-step delivery for the well-being of your customers which will you’re your application popular and also generate a good amount of revenue.

Salon App Development Essentials

Knowing your Target Audience and Their Needs

Firstly you know your target audience and their needs is a very essential aspect of salon app development and can simply be achieved by working on it.

The certain information could be of immense use such as in what beauty services they are interested in, how frequently they visit the beauty salon, which beauty products they use, and how they book their appointments in a salon are quite essential things to be taken into consideration while making an app for salon business.

Going through their reviews and having a conversation with them can aid you out doing it much better.

Proper Competitor Analysis

Secondly, look out for your competitors can solve your many issues by knowing their techniques. Taking the advantage of your competitors may get you a better solution to your problem that was troubling you for so long.

Make an Attractive App Design

Designing is the most key part of mobile app development. You can customize the design as per the customer’s preference.

Such as using vibrant colors, and attractive photo albums to make the salon business application appear more pretty to attract more customers and stay on your app for a longer period.

Reviews & Feedbacks of Customers

Looking your application out with the eyes of the customer will aid you to make a better review of the website.

Outsourcing the review process to the salon app development company may produce the maximum advantages.

After reviewing it properly and getting it a copywriter check you can publish your salon app and make an amazing entry to the app store.

Beauty Salon App Development Costs

Beauty Salon App Development Costs

The cost of beauty Salon App development depends on several factors such as platforms, functionality, features, and the number of complexities. Additionally, the cost also depends on the following factors:

Factors Affecting Cost to Develop App Cost
UI/UX Design $2500
Platform (iOS or Android) $4000
Backend development $1500
Web development $2000
MVP Testing $1000
Quality Assurance $1500
Total Cost of App Development $12,500

A reasonable and simple On-demand salon app development costs approximately $12,000– $15,000. An advanced app with real-time chatting and streaming functionalities may cost somewhere around$20,000- $25,000.

More Advance featured salon app development can cost you approximately $21,000 or more.


Salon apps are the latest trend-setting apps that will occupy the on-demand app market as they resolve all the modern-day beauty issues. We have got to know how the development of a Salon app is more beneficial to your Salon venture.

With complete market research, the inclusion of important features, followed by proper marketing, you can build the next market-dominating app.

You would need the correct salon app development company for developing an app that is equally efficient and popular in-app or play stores.

Echoinnovate IT has the best app developers with 12+ years of experience in mobile app development industry. We have highly skilled experts in developing iOS and Android apps for a salon business.


How much does it cost to develop a beauty salon business app?

According to Clutch, GoodFirms and many companies such as tested and reputable companies: On-demand hair salon business app development costs can range from $20,000 to $25,000, and can often increase. Becauseon-demand business applicationdevelopment depends on many factors and features. If you want to know the exact cost of development, then you can use our app cost calculator.

How much time will it take to develop an on-demand beauty salon business app?

This is dependent on the availability and number of developers. Developing an on-demand app is a complex project, as it typically requires at least 3 months to build an application with fewer than 100 features. want to know exact time then contact Echoinnovate IT company and get time and cost.

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