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Write for Us

Here are some examples of issues that you can write for us (only unique content articles get published):

  • You can write for us choosing topics mentioned at the end of all “Write For Us” information
  • App Reviews If those who are written from an unbiased perspective and are very detailed
  • Mobile app development tips, advice, case studies, or the experience of developers or users who work in this field
  • Stories and experiences of developing applications/games(ie. launching an application, integrating ads …)
  • Success stories from developers who want to share their tips
  • Analysis of the mobile application industry

What do you get for writing an article for us?

First, you get to discuss your application/game you will get exposure (not just the blog entry, but also our social profiles).

Second, as an application developer is allowed a brief biography that includes a link to your most important application/game (link Google Play). If you are not an application developer, you can have a do-follow link in the bio section to your domain and/or social profile.

Also, please note that all articles submitted will not be published. The most important criterion for evaluating the originality article is (we will use Copyscape proof for the uniqueness of content) and quality. In addition, each item has to be at least 1,500 words in length.

Write for Us

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If you are not an application developer can include only 1 link here.
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Guest Post topics which are more likely to be approved by us are as below

1) How to Implement Flashlight or TorchLight in Android App?

2) Best Trip Planner Apps For Your 2020 Travel Holidays

3) Uber for Tutor: 6 Features You Need to Include If You Want to Make a Successful Tutoring App

4) Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App Development: 5 Powerful Solutions to Consider While Developing a Successful Prescription Reminders App

5) Create an App like Whisper for Android or iPhone

6) Wearable app development: Smart Wearables to take hold in 2020

7) How to launch a mobile app the right way

8) On-demand Cannabis Delivery App Development: Top 5 Solutions to Consider Before Developing Successful Cannabis Delivery App

9) Best(Most Accurate) Weather Apps For Android

10) Offline Survey / Poll Mobile App

11) How Bird an E-Scooter Startup Become “The Uber” of Electric Scooters With These 4 Powerful Features?

12) Uber for Moving App Development: 6 Salient Features by Dolly (On-demand Delivery and Moving App) Hitting $1M in Revenue

13) 7 Best Food Delivery Apps Of 2020 And Their USPs

14) How to Establish a Successful On-Demand Local Food Delivery Startup With an App Like Postmates?

15) Don’t Forget to Include These 7 Features While Developing a Fitness App Like 8fit