How To Hire Android Developer: Quick Steps & Tips

Hiring A Top Android App Developer is not easy today. Looking into…

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How To Hire Android Developer

Hiring A Top Android App Developer is not easy today. Looking into the current market needs, it has become highly important for businesses to design an Android App. 

Now you might be curious as to why businesses are demanding well-developed Android Apps for their projects. Below are some of my generalized thoughts on why : 

  • High Popularity of Android Smartphones: Nowadays, who is not using Android? Android smartphones are highly popular among human beings and more than that, Android Apps are of much higher need for making human lives better with a touch of their fingertips. 
  • We Need Apps For Everything: We need apps for everything. A student needs an e-learning application, a shopaholic needs more shopping apps for buying products online, and online payment apps are already a big hit today. Similarly, we have food delivery apps, grocery apps, different kinds of insurance apps, social media apps, healthcare apps, and a wide variety of gaming apps we use in fun and leisure times. 
  • To Reach Their Target Audience: Gone are those days when any new brand had to go door-to-door physically to increase their business. Android apps are not simply any code of language developed by programmers, it’s a combination of ideas and opinions of any brand with hiring a dedicated and talented team of developers who can implement any brand’s idea. Android Applications are the face of any brand that helps businesses grow and reach their desired target audiences smoothly. 

In short, businesses do need good Android apps (and ultimately hiring a top Android App Developer) as these apps only showcase their goals, ideas, and functionality which makes them unique from their competitors!

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Pro Tips For Finding The Best Android App Developers

Hiring a top Android app developer can be a painstaking task, but with some smart tips and precautions, we can help in making this process easier. Below are some of the essential points to keep in mind while hiring a talented Android app developer for your next big project!

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Required Competencies For Android Developers

Familiarity With Programming Languages

The syntax and fundamentals of the Java and Kotlin programming languages, as well as frameworks, multithreading and concurrency, functional programming, and generics, should be understood by the developer’s familiarity with Android Studio.

Knowledge Of APIs

Applications are connected to other apps and services through APIs. Developers may let customers find local businesses, locate you using Google APIs, or use a map from within your app.

Practical Knowledge Of Databases

App developers choose to use Firebase to store data in the cloud and enable cross-platform access. Developers should therefore be conversant with SQLite databases.

Knowledge Of Business Procedures

Developers need to understand the thinking behind their business choices. They will be able to create a mobile app solution that satisfies all corporate needs with its assistance in defining essential features and the development process.

Find The Right Tech Stack For Your Android App

Creating a suitable mobile technology stack is an essential part of hiring a top Android app developer. Furthermore, there might be much discussion regarding whether an approach, technology, or framework is appropriate for a certain project when it comes to developing Android apps.

You need to know what features are out there and what features are coming soon before choosing which tech stack to use for developing Android apps. Additionally, you need to decide if you need a native or cross-platform software solution. Your choice of programming language will seldom have an impact on the price of your Android app; instead, the complexity, quantity of features, and design of the app will mostly influence its cost.

Before you start looking, you need to decide what skills and background your Android developers should have. You will need to submit a detailed job description to find the best developers for your project.

The tech stack is essentially a collection of requirements, information, and technology. A top-notch Android mobile application can be made with the right set of tools and requirements.

Look Into Your Company’s Needs

Think about hardware access, data utilization, and application type (native, cross-platform, or hybrid). You can restrict the language and framework possibilities for your app by considering the following considerations. Decide on a revenue strategy and outline your app’s primary objective.

For instance, you should ensure that your functionality and design match if you are selling subscription plans. On the other hand, you should focus on the app’s performance if advertising is your main revenue stream.

Select The Kind Of Cooperation That You Want To Engage In

When creating your mobile application, you have a lot of possibilities. You have three options for hiring app developers: in-house, freelance, and outsourcing.

Consider App Security

Make your app impenetrable by taking care of all security issues, among other things, if it needs access to personal data.

Provide Compatibility And Integration Details

Before starting the app development process, think about what third-party integration you could need. Your choice of tech stack may also be impacted by the requirement to interface your app with an already-existing website or backend system.

Java For Creating Android Applications

Java has been in existence for a while. It was initially made available in May 1995 and is still in use today. Included are the Java Runtime Environment, the Java Development Kit, and the Integrated Development Environment.

The most widely used programming language for developing enterprise apps is now Java, surpassing C++. It is frequently utilized in the development of big data technologies like Hadoop and Apache Storm, as well as web and government applications.

Kotlin For Creating Android Applications

Although Kotlin’s initial version was made available in 2011, its formal launch occurred more than five years later. For Android app development, Kotlin is a definite rival to Java. Nevertheless, Python, Swift, and JS developers also utilize it. For Android app development, large companies tend to hire Kotlin engineers. Kotlin was used in the creation of popular apps like Evernote, Pinterest, Uber, and others.

Avoid Common Hiring Mistakes

If you want to hire a top Android app developer, here is a list of situations to avoid to ensure a smooth hiring process:

Avoid Inexperienced Android Developers Lacking Strong Product Design Sense.

If you want to hire a top Android app developer, here is a list of situations to avoid to ensure a smooth hiring process:

Avoid Hiring Android Developers Who Don't Have Experience In Ui Designs

Using conventional UI patterns is advantageous otherwise it will look similar to many programs that the average user is already familiar with. Moreover, due to Google’s tremendous tools, developing the UI should be simple and quick.

Since its introduction a few years ago, Google’s Material Design principles have served as an inspiration for many of the emerging UI patterns. Material Design works with mobile devices, particularly small ones. Moreover, Google provides a large number of icons at no cost, and these symbols typically meet the majority of your needs.

In addition, they provide free resources including a material color scheme and instructions. The most skilled Android developers handle most of the design work themselves, and their applications have a polished, user-friendly appearance.

Avoid Hiring Android Developers Who Never Released Any Application On Google Play

An experienced developer is always aware that it should only be applied when an application is published. There’s no need to hide your program while testing it before releasing it because it is still hidden from the public.

It’s also important to remember that an application cannot be released until it is signed. This is to protect and validate your ownership of the application. The process needs a file with a hash key in it. This file is necessary for Google Play publishing.

Nevertheless, releasing version upgrades requires it. This file is essential for updating your program, so a professional Android app developer should know how to save it safely.

Avoid Hiring Android Developers Who Lack Experience In Full-Stack Development

These days, the majority of apps—especially social media-related ones—need to access databases. Probably, one will also be needed for your app.

It could be necessary to hire a second developer specifically for database work if you hire an Android developer who is unfamiliar with them. If the work is challenging, it can be essential to hire another developer. However, since your database will likely be quite simple in the early iterations of your software, you won’t often need that.

Databases should be a common concept for Android developers. A developer can manage a database with several services by using a straightforward API. One well-liked service in this area is Firebase. Among the numerous services that greatly simplify mobile development is Google’s Firebase.

Reject Android Developers Without Accurate Project Time Estimates

Check to see if they completed this assignment in the time range they gave you; if not, you should get adequate explanations, which shouldn’t occur for small assignments. On the other side, it can be challenging to estimate an exact ETA for major tasks because there might be more features, changes to the product, and defects encountered along the way.

Maybe Android developers should finish the work before the estimated time of arrival (ETA) passes and let you know if it takes longer than expected for any reason (ideally not at the last minute).

Avoid Hiring Android Developers Who Do Not Keep You Updated Regularly

It’s important to monitor whether your candidate often and notably updates you on key advances, even when assigning smaller tasks.

You have the option to receive updates from your developer regularly or only in the event of a significant event.

Whatever it is, you should be aware of whether the candidate is giving you the details you need. When working with a developer who either updates too often or infrequently, your collaboration may become less efficient and sluggish.

Check Out The Developer’s Previous Projects

Even when you offer smaller tasks, it’s crucial to keep an eye on whether the applicant briefs you on significant developments regularly. You can choose whether to hear from your developer frequently or only when something important happens.

In any case, you ought to be conscious of whether the applicant is providing you with the information you require. If you collaborate with a developer who updates too frequently or irregularly, your job may become less effective and slow.

Get In Touch With Former Clients

You should take several factors into account before hiring a top Android app developer for your business. And, one of them is communicating with prior clients. We should be able to determine how the developer has handled its past clients by establishing a connection with them. Additionally, their post-project workflow, responsiveness, communication frequency, problem-solving techniques, etc.

Select A Trusted & Recognized Company

While working with a freelance Android developer can save costs, it’s a riskier approach to developing an Android app. Selecting independent contractors could have unfavorable effects. You can choose the safest and most economical method of developing an app by carefully selecting a reputable and accredited Android app development company.

Additionally, since an Android app development business has a team of designers, testers, and coders, the app development process moves much more quickly when you invest in one.

Privacy & Disclosure Agreements Must Be Signed

As soon as you sign an NDA or privacy agreement, you should always begin working with an Android app development company or freelancer. You may guarantee the security of private company data by entering into a contract like this with the Android developers. To prevent inconsistencies in the future, we should also take care of the Android app’s property rights.

Simple Steps To Hire An Android App Developer

Step 1: Create A Technical Project Description

Gather every task and requirement for the firm into a single file. As you look for app developers, you can easily share the file with them.

Step 2: Select The Best-Fitting Model

There are several ways to have your app developed. You have three options for hiring app developers: an in-house group, independent contractors, or outside app development firms. Hiring in-house app developers is the most costly way to get your app developed. Consequently, the vast majority of entrepreneurs choose to outsource. You can develop your app more quickly and more affordably by using outsourcing, which also gives you access to a wider pool of developers.

Step 3: Conduct Technical Interviews

To choose your developer or outsourcing partners more carefully, you should perform technical interviews and review portfolios and assessments. Testimonials from previous clients can occasionally be the best way to evaluate a possible outsourcing partner.

Step 4: Sign The Contract After It Is Finalized.

Talk about each aspect of your app development project, set deadlines, decide on the time and schedule of your weekly or daily meetings, and ask for initial project estimates. Never forget to discuss security risks and sign nondisclosures.


While hiring a top Android app developer, make sure to avoid the common mistakes of a person who lacks of skills, lack of experience, and lack of knowledge to develop an Android app. Do careful research during the hiring process and select the right one for your business. This is one of the crucial steps in the whole app development process as your developer’s team will only decide the fate of your Android application and ultimately your brand image near your target audience.

Therefore make sure to carefully assess your developer’s portfolio to make a successful Android application.

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FAQs- Cost Of Developing A Banking App

What skills should I look for in an Android developer?

Essential skills include proficiency in Java or Kotlin, Android SDK, understanding of design principles, experience with APIs, version control (e.g., Git), and knowledge of mobile app architecture.

Should I prioritize education or experience?

Both are important, but practical experience often weighs more. Look for candidates with a relevant degree and a proven track record of successful Android projects.


What questions should I ask during an interview?

Inquire about past Android projects, coding practices, problem-solving abilities, familiarity with testing frameworks, and how they stay current with Android developments.

What's the significance of app portfolio or code samples?

A portfolio or code samples provide tangible evidence of a developer’s skills. Reviewing their previous work allows you to assess code quality, structure, and their ability to deliver functional solutions.

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