How To Hire A React Native Developer? 7+ Tips

Companies are currently seeking talented React Native developers to complete their projects….

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Companies are currently seeking talented React Native developers to complete their projects. This is because React is the most widely used framework for creating dynamic mobile applications. Companies struggle to hire React Native engineers due to high demand. Our guide to hiring React Native engineers will help you find the ideal React Native expert for your firm.

For your business to prosper in an increasingly mobile world, your mobile app must always perform optimally. When hiring a React Native developer, look for someone who has the technical ability to create solid, cross-platform mobile applications that your users will like.

Without a thorough understanding of the subtleties of JavaScript and React Native, you risk hiring a developer who will struggle to navigate the framework’s particular hurdles, perhaps leading to delayed releases and suboptimal app performance.

To avoid this, it is critical to grasp the unique talents required of a top-tier React Native developer, as well as how to recognize and evaluate these skills.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that lets developers construct mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is based on Meta’s React Js. React Native employs a combination of JavaScript and JSX, an XML-like markup. React Native apps take advantage of native rendering APIs in Java for Android and Objective C for iOS. By exposing JavaScript interfaces to platform APIs, React Native mobile applications can have access to the user’s location, camera, and other device features. Thus, React Native developers may construct fantastic mobile applications using web-based JavaScript.

Roles And Responsibilities Of React Native Developer

Roles And Responsibilities Of React Native Developer

Responsibilities for React Native developers:

UI Is Seamless

Developers must design a unified UI for iOS and Android. They must create components using various wireframes and prototypes.

Code Conversion

The React Native developer’s task is to create clean and maintainable code based on the client’s specifications. Additionally, the code should be reusable.

Quality Assurance

React Native developers must run performance tests and correct any mistakes discovered during the process.

Native Modules And APIs

Native modules and APIs for iOS and Android must be integrated as needed. They must also work with third-party dependencies such as Entypo, FontAwesome, and Andesign.

Cross-functional Coordination

In order to build apps within the time frame specified, React Native developers must work with cross-functional teams.

Qualifications To Expect From A React Native Developer

Typically, a React Native developer has a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline, but equal practical experience is acceptable. 

Relevant qualifications for React Native developers include Udacity’s React Nano Degree, Coding Dojo’s Certified React Developer, and freeCodeCamp’s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure Certification.

Required Skills For Hiring A React Native Developer

react native skills

When hiring a React Native developer, look for a combination of hard and soft abilities that will ensure they not only handle the technical parts of app development but also work well with your team.

Technical Skills

  • JS6 and Navigation skills: When hiring React Native engineers for junior roles, you must assess their coding abilities, ideally in JS6 or higher. At the same time, kids are familiar with basic app navigation.
  • Redux: Junior React Native engineers should be conversant with Redux. It is a mechanism for managing the state of elements across common components.
  • Debugging, Testing and Compiling: Junior React Native developers must understand how to compile, debug, and test their code.
  • Third-party Integration: Middle-level engineers must understand how to integrate services such as Google, PayPal, and Facebook.
  • Knowledge of Mobile-Specific Features: At the intermediate level, developers should be able to construct mobile-specific features with React Native. They must also understand how to integrate mobile capabilities into the app.
  • App deployment: Middle-level developers must understand the signup sequence and application deployment.
  • Understanding of Native Language Most senior developers are familiar with native languages such as Objective-C, Kotlin, and Swift.
  • Libraries integration: Senior React Native developers must be able to incorporate all frameworks and libraries into their applications. They must be able to create cross-platform native applications.
  • Seamless Integration and Delivery: Senior developers who are capable of executing outstanding continuous delivery and integration are well worth their money. They can create bug-free code and real-time features in applications.

Soft Skills

  • Time Management: Most React Native developers have to operate under tight deadlines. This is why you should look for a React Native engineer who can manage his time well. A nice test of this would be to assign a modest project to a React Native developer with a tight deadline. If they can complete the job within the timeframe specified, they will be an excellent fit for the firm.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent ability to convey difficulties and solutions to both technical and non-technical peers.
  • Teamwork: Experience working in Agile development teams and collaborating with other developers, designers, and product managers.
  • Problem Solving: The ability to discover and debug code in the React Native environment utilising new and efficient techniques.
  • Adaptability: Because technology is constantly evolving, a successful React Native developer must be willing to learn and adapt to new tools and technologies.
  • Precision At Work: Detail-oriented programming ensures good performance and conformance to design standards through precise code.

Where To Find Top React Native Developers?

Find Top React Native Developers

Finding experienced React Native developers can be difficult due to the strong demand for their mobile development skills.

Here are a few common areas to look for talent:

Technical Communities And Forums

Connect with tech groups such as Stack Overflow or GitHub. These platforms allow developers to display their expertise, share knowledge, and solve problems.

Engage With React Native Online Communities

You may join and sponsor React Native discussions and webinars on platforms like Discord and Slack. This involvement can help you find active and informed developers who are currently on React Native developments and best practices.

Publish In-Depth SEO-Optimized Material

Publish in-depth SEO-optimized material on your company’s website, such as blog posts or React Native publications. This can attract developers looking for advanced topics and highlight your company’s expertise with React Native.

Collaborate With React Native Influencers

Collaborate with React Native influencers 

or well-known individuals from the React Native community. They can share your job vacancies with their following, who are likely to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about React Native development.

Advantages Of Hiring A React Native Developer

advantages of Hiring A React Native Developer
  1. Large community: React Native developer communities provide a wealth of support, training materials, and assistance to developers.
  2. Hot reloading support: React Native has a hot reloading plugin that allows React components to load live without losing state.
  3. Third-party plugin support: React Native developers may simply use third-party plugins, giving them more freedom and customization options for their framework.
  4. Reduced development time: React Native developers can reuse up to 90% of their code. Companies do not have to construct two different apps, which saves a significant amount of development time.
  5. Real-time feedback and preview: React Native developers benefit from being able to observe changes to their code as they happen. Looking at the modifications allows them to consider real-time feedback and make the best option.
  6. Flexible architecture: React Native developers can easily collaborate on their code. Other React Native engineers can make suggestions thanks to the flexible architecture, which also allows for easy changes.
  7. SEO-friendly: React Native developers may construct applications with quick load times. This helps them achieve a higher SEO ranking and increased visitors.


Concluding today’s blog, it is necessary to do in-depth research while hiring a skilled React Native Developer for your company. While going through the hiring process, make sure to check the background and experience of your desired candidate. 

To ensure you hire the best one, make sure to test the skills of the candidate during the interview process and you may try giving them any task like React Native Skills Test or Typescript Test respectively.

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FAQs- How To Hire A React Native Developer

Do they need experience with iOS and Android development?

Yes, a React Native developer should have experience with both iOS and Android platforms.

What projects should be in their portfolio?
  • Look for projects demonstrating mobile app development using React Native.
  • Check for diverse applications showcasing different features and complexities.
Are cross-platform development skills crucial?

Yes, React Native is known for cross-platform development. Ensure the developer understands how to write code that works seamlessly on both iOS and Android.

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