15+ Best Budget Apps For Couples 2024

Budget Apps For Couples One of the most upsetting pieces of being…

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Best Budget Apps For Couples

Budget Apps For Couples

One of the most upsetting pieces of being in a relationship has to do with money and how we oversee it. Here is when budget apps for couples come into the picture.

An examination led to see how couples took care of money found that the main source for strains in any relationship was – MONEY!

Furthermore, there are several apps like Dave that can help couples manage their finances better. Of course, the review likewise found that talking and sharing considerations about money, and using apps like Dave, made couples state they had an “incredible” relationship. These apps can help couples set budgets, track expenses, and save money together, leading to a more harmonious and financially stable partnership.

While relationship-building has to do with something beyond money the executives, unmistakably profiting choices alone, without counseling one’s companion or accomplice, can deleteriously affect the association. There are apps for strong relationship building. Similarly, there are app that help couples to figure out their budget. 

Cooperating as a group to meet your monetary objectives can go about as relationship-reinforcing treatment.

What’s more, here’s progressively uplifting news: By encouraging joint money-the executives, spending plan applications can assist you with hitting your money objectives.

Notwithstanding, that is just conceivable in the event that you pick the best application that accommodates your particular needs.

Honeydue – Custom Budgeting App

Honeydue is a flawless budgeting app that couples can use to co-share the family’s money-the board duty. It enables you to associate every one of your records – Bank, Credit Card, Loans – to the app.

You can label every one of these records as either individual or joint – so you and your partner know initially where you remain with “proprietorship”.


BetterHaves – Enveloping App

BetterHaves is a budgeting app that is explicitly intended for couples, yet it additionally helps people in budgeting and following their money.

The app works utilizing one of the most established and the best budgeting frameworks: The envelope framework.

Zeta – App For Tracking Finances Together

Like other money management apps, Zeta connects with your bank accounts and other financial institutions.

What makes Zeta different from similar tools is the fact that you sign up with your significant other, and you can track your finances together.

The web app allows you to share your finances with your sweetheart, track your overall net worth, review your monthly spending, and get targeted advice on how to improve your joint finances.

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HoneyFi – Family Expenditure Tracking

For couples that aren’t excessively acquainted with the budgeting procedure or those that simply need a flying beginning on dealing with their funds, HoneyFi is most likely for you.

The best piece of this app is the across-the-board system of money-related foundations it underpins – presently 10,000+ and developing!

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Splitwise – Budgeting App For New Couples

Various couples have various needs and objectives. This is one of the best budget apps for couples.

This is for couples who are new in their relationship and need to part their bills similarly regardless of the event.

A well-known app that is likewise utilized by groups or companions to part their bills similarly.

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DollarBird – Finance Tracking App

Dollarbird app is perfectly suitable for managing the personal finance issues of couples. It lets you control your budget using a calendar, like an interface by making you add the events for every single transaction occurring throughout the day.

You get a crystal clear categorization of the transaction for the whole day.

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Budget App: Top Startup Idea For 2023

Finance budget app idea

The Budget App is a Great idea for startups in 2023 due to the following reasons-

Top 7 Budget App Features

Unlike general purpose accounting or finance software, couples should look for some specific “shared” features in the budget apps for couples they choose to help them co-manage their finances.

Advance Features of Finance App

1. Synchronization

Key among those highlights is the capacity to match up planning information between gadgets possessed by life partners. This enables the two accomplices to know precisely what’s happening – in a perfect world continuously – with their funds.

2. Multi-Device Support

The requirement for multi-gadget support is additionally a decent component to have. That way, if the two accomplices don’t possess a similar kind of gadget (iPhone or Android), despite everything you’ll have the option to utilize the planning application viably.

3. Desktop Support

Desktop support is also nice to have, especially if you like sitting at a desk and analyzing your transactions at leisure on a large screen.

4. Customization

Look for an app that allows you to customize your income and expense categories.

5. Bank Account Linking

Many couples would like the app to link to their external bank accounts and automatically download transactions. But if you aren’t comfortable with that, the app should at a very minimum allow you to enter the account, payee, and institution details while capturing transactions and use that data to track account balances.

6. Graphics

It’s always nice to see your budget and spending patterns illustrated graphically – either in pie-chart or bar chart form.

7. Easy Backup

Additionally, if your app doesn’t store your data in the cloud (some couples might prefer local storage of data on their laptop/smartphone), then look for convenient features that make it easy to backup/restore your data.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Budget App Development?

cost to develop finance app

The cost to develop a budget app varies depending on various factors. The cost of developing a simple app for one platform is approx $60,000. Budget app development for complex features varies from $60,000-$150,000 per platform. It is quite challenging to provide the exact cost of a budget app development because it may vary depending on the features, the complexity of an app, platform, developer’s cost, development hours, location of the company. 


So these were the best budget apps for couples looking forward to sharing a budget or reduce expenses and save up a little bit.

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FAQs of Budget App for Couples

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