10+ Apps Like Dave: Best Apps to Get Cash Advances Easily in 2022

10+ Apps Like Dave: Best Apps to Get Cash Advances Easily in 2022

10+ Apps Like Dave: Best Apps to Get Cash Advances Easily in 2022

Dave is in a league of its own when it comes to the list of the top apps for advanced cash. It has proven to be a lifesaver for lots of people to overcome their financial barriers. The great feature of the app is the user does not need to worry about the high rate of interest. Though there are lots of such benefits with the app, one downside is that the app can only request a maximum payday advance of $100. Here we have listed 10+ apps like dave for you.

Dave App alternatives for Cash Advance Or Apps Like Dave

  • Earnin
  • Moneylion
  • Brigit
  • DailyPay
  • FlexWage
  • Rainy day lending
  • Loan Solo
  • PockBox
  • Branch
  • Ingo –
  • Empower App
  • Possible App

Thankfully, Dave is not the only choice for the people who are looking for such cash apps.

There are lots of other apps that help with similar purposes. Are you wondering about knowing more about apps that loan you money?

Here is the list of apps you should be aware of and seek help whenever needed.

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Earnin – Apps like Dave

Apps Like Dave

If you are looking for the best alternative for the Dave app, Earnin is the other best option. It is the app specifically designed to solve emergency needs over the money.

The tool is the perfect option for full-time workers, it will also allow the employees to have the money they have earned already. It is more or less similar to Dave when it comes to features. You can easily have the payback in advance if you need the amount in some emergency cases.

Further, it will also not change the interest rates and fees. There are also no membership charges, which becomes one of the vital choices to make the app more attractive to users.

Consumers are not just asked to leave tips, and this is optional for them. Else, they can also increase the limit to $500 if you use this platform for months too and leave the tips.

Moneylion – Instant Online Cash Advance App

Apps Like Dave

Moneylion is also one of the vital apps among advanced apps for handling cash. It has two different kinds of membership called plus and core.

The core membership does not cost much, but it offers lots of services like free checking accounts for various rewards and several additional options for the users.

When it comes to plus membership, the users need to pay $28 per month, and it comes with several benefits. It provides 5.99% of the APR designs to construct the user’s credit. Further, the platform also does not ask for a credit check, so the customers will have poor credit ratings and can deal with the app.

Brigit – Apps like Dave and Earnin

Apps Like Dave

It is one of the leading services and preferable among lots of users. If you are looking for apps like Dave, it is the best choice and suitable for lots of different reasons.

It is also a popular online tool that will help people to have additional cash and stay financially afloat until the next payout will arise. This app will check the account of the customers and track the amount they spend for different purposes.

When the person is spending an overdraft, the app will send a special notification to denote the expense as the warning sign. It offers email support, and the users can discuss it with the team via mail.

DailyPay – Apps Like Dave for Advance Cash

Apps Like Dave

Rather than marketing to the consumers, DailyPay is the app that starts with marketing to the employees in different ways. However, the app will work similarly to Dave and offer all the benefits people enjoy it.

The employees build a balance with easy others through the great help and support they do for each other. They can also tap into the balance before the payday if they are in need to access their cash.

The app will put the money in the bank, and the users can take the amount through payday whenever they need it. It offers the charge fee to transfer from your hours to balance the bank and the amount they spend. The app also says that it is $1.25 per transfer.

FlexWage – Instant Getting Cash Apps

Apps Like Dave

Like the other payday loan alternatives, it also helps the employees to access the wages based on their demands. this app provide instant cash advance online.

One of the reasons that these apps for cash loans are gaining more fame, and they do not need to worry considering the administration hassles that will come with the same payroll advances.

This app also provides reloadable payroll debit cards for the employees who usually get as per the clicks. It can be helpful for the workers who are unbanked and cannot accept direct deposits from the employer.

There are some fees like $5 for on-demand wage transfer and using the debit card can also lead to the fee, but it is not much costly when compared to some other apps.

Rainy day lending – App Similar to Dave

Apps Like Dave

Rainy day is not a lender, and it does not offer wage advances, but the app for cash loans offers you the chance to have a personal loan quickly based on certain conditions.

Here, all the credit types are accepted, and you can have the money deposited directly into the account immediately on the next business day. It will vary based on the loan that you are matching up. However, there are certain considerations when there are insufficient fees, overdraft charges, and loans you can have with a certain rate of interest.

Loan Solo – Cash Advance App Like Dave

Apps Like Dave

It is also the app to connect with the lenders who are willing to work with the users. It is possible to get the cash quickly, and the cash will be credited directly into the bank account without any additional expenses or hassles.

Here, the user can have up to $1,000 for payday cash advances and up to $3,000 in case of personal loans. These are the variables based on the lender and based on your credits. Besides, if you bridge the gap or get ahead, it can become still cheaper when compared to paying more charges associated with the apps.

PockBox – Best App for Instant Money Transfer

Apps Like Dave

It is the other notable online app that will help in connecting with the short-term lenders that will offer even up to $2,500 in quick and fast cash.

You just need to fill the forms that take a few minutes and match them with the account without the next one business day.

Based on the credit situation, but you should still probably pay the amount via both online and offline modes. Being efficient in all these ways makes the app a market leader.

Branch – Delivering Instant Payments to Workers

Apps Like Dave

It is more like one of the advanced pay for the cash process. It will allow the user to manage the work, and like switching shifts, chatting with co-workers, and tracking the hours that the employees work in the organization.

Besides, you can also get $5000 per pay period of $150 per day based on the hours you have to work. It is an app almost similar to Dave in terms of flexibility and speed. However, it does not charge the cost of having the membership. You can take out the chunk of money as the advance from what you have earned on that particular day.

The only catch is that your employer also has an account in this app. you can easily register and upload the upload timing and enjoy all the other benefits of the app with the cash transaction process.

Ingo – Get your Money in Minutes

Apps Like Dave

The Ingo app is much handier than other apps like branch available in the market. As people don’t like to pay the fees charged by most check cashing places. With the help of the Ingo app, you can take a photo of the check, and then you can deposit the check’s amount whenever you feel like it. You can deposit into your bank account, PayPal, a prepaid card, etc.

The deposit is free if you can wait for 10 days. It will charge you a fee if you immediately want the money. The charges are somewhere between $5 and 5% of the check. The amount you will be entirely based on the type of check you are cashing and the amount.

Empower App – Up to $250 Advance

Apps Like Dave

The Empower app is more like a bank manager than a lender. These are the all app like dave and earnin is best for a new generation.

If you are the type of person who likes to manage their money then Empower is a great application for you. It is an equally good app like cash.

It connects all your existing accounts and enables you to track your money spent and savings just from a single location.

If you’re interested in the cash advance, then you’ll have to open an account. Here are some essential key points mentioned:

Empower Cash Advance specs-

  • Credit check: No
  • Minimum credit score: N/A
  • Maximum advance: up to $250

Other Empower offers:

  • Checking account: Yes
  • Debit/ATM card: Yes
  • Credit builder loan: No
  • Overdraft/Returned Payment fees: No
  • Other perks: Cashback (up to 10%), budgeting tools, etc.

Possible App

Apps Like Dave

Possible Finance is a better alternative to payday and installment loans. Apart from apps like Albert cash advance or apps like float me, the possible app is another amazing application available in the market. Possible loans are only offered in small amounts with very high-interest rates, the same as payday and installment loans.

The approval for first-time borrowers is up to $500 and the interest rates are 150% to 200% based on your location, the amount you borrow, and more. This is very less in comparison to that you would pay a payday lender but much higher than other apps in our list.

What is the Dave App?

Dave is among the most popular cash advance apps currently available in the market. Advanced cash of up to $75-$100 is also offered by the Dave app to save people from getting their bank accounts over-drafted when they are waiting for their next paycheck. A checking account is also offered by the company to the users that are having trouble getting(or are not willing to use) traditional bank accounts.

Dave app Pros & Cons

Pros:One of the major pros of Dave is that it gathers information regarding your spending habits. This might sound a little interfering to you but the main purpose of doing so is to keep track of your money. This is done by informing you when your account gets below a certain amount or when you have automatic upcoming payment but you don’t have enough in your account currently to cover it.

Dave banking feature is also offered by Dave that is very similar to an online checking account. Dave banking offers several other benefits like it provides Visa debit cards and access to a network of fee-free ATMs. Also, there is no minimum deposit account required to open a Dave Banking account.

Cons: The major drawback of using a Dave Banking account is exactly the same as its biggest benefit is. As we know that Dave keeps a track of your money and spending habits and not everyone likes to share this sort of personal information.

Pros of Money Advance App DaveCons of Dave App
No interest chargesMonthly membership fee (it’s only $1, but every bit counts)
Easy qualification termOnly small loans are offered($100)
Dave doesn’t charge late feesAutomatically withdraws payments for both advances and monthly fees from your bank account
No credit check 
Much cheaper than dealing with an overdraft fee 

What is a Cash Advance App?

A cash advance app is also known as a payday advance app. It is a mobile application that sends you money for your expenses when you are still waiting for your next paycheck. One the next payday arrives in your account then this application automatically deducts the advanced amount from your deposit.

You can use this application in both iPhone(iOS) and Android smartphone systems. You can also use traditional websites if you are not completely sure about using them on your Smartphone.

How are cash advance apps like Dave work?

Cash advance apps are tools that allow users to access money that they know is coming but hasn’t been deposited yet.

The user is required to set up their account on the application. To set up an account, the user has to follow a procedure that involves some identification and verification. For example, you may be asked with the following information while setting up your account:

  • Identification (name, SSN, date of birth, etc.)
  • Contact information (address, phone, email)
  • Place of employment and/or employer

After verification is done, you can connect the app to your bank accounts. The app then will keep track of your accounts deposit activity and frequency. The amount that can be requested by the user is determined on the basis of information gathered by the application by some scans.

Unlike payday loans, installment loans, or even (sometimes) paycheck advances offered by your bank, cash advance apps rarely charge fees for individual loans. They just charge a monthly fee to use their service.


Wrapping it up

Dave app is not the only app that can serve to save the day when you are stuck with any financial emergencies. This is the list of other similar apps that will extend their help for tackling the issues easily.

All these are best on their own terms. However, you may not expect that all the apps will be suitable for your needs. So, understand more about the apps and look for the best app to have the right output from it.


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