What Does In-App Purchase Mean in Mobile Marketing?

What Does In-App Purchase Mean? Today almost everybody has mobile phone. Without…

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What Does In-App Purchase Mean?

Today almost everybody has mobile phone. Without applications, you cannot use your mobile. In the world of digital marketing, mobile marketing has developed with the help of applications. This makes the consumer free to make any purchase of their choice in the app through the option called in-app purchase.

What is In-App Purchasing?

In app Purchasing

In-App Purchase means refers to the easy buying of goods and services using the option of the mobile application. You can buy anything inside the application that you use on your mobile very easily. You can purchase gods as well as virtual services by using this in-app purchase option. This is becoming so popular in today’s e-commerce world. The app service providers allow the application to be accessed for free.

If the upgrades are needed for you, you can get the paid services and unlock the special features and items for sale. The users can download the free version of the application and gain the features with the payment. In this way, the app developers provide the application for free for your usage.

Types of In-App Purchases

Categories of in App Purchasing

The in-app purchase allows the users to get special services and features within the app. be it goods and services or virtual features like gaming, commercial services or even to purchase things online, many applications are used. There are different categories of options if you wish to purchase the application.


This enables you to get one-time benefits if you are using a particular app. If once you get to avail of this offer or benefit, the service disappears and you can get it for the second time. This is applicable, especially in gaming applications. For instance, if you download a free game and start playing it. At a certain point, you need level-ups.

To get the level up for preceding the game further, you can easily get the premium features and offers that enable you to break through the hurdle easily and move forward. Premium currencies are used to speed up your game and reach the high level that you are striving for.

By this, you can also get directed to different users of the application whom you can attract and date.


The exact opposite of a consumable purchase is a non-consumable purchase. This in-app purchase offer does not disappear even after its usage. Purchasing it once, you can enjoy all of its benefits permanently.

The service of non-consumables can be purchased once and it can be stored that you can use later whenever you want.

For instance, if you are using a cooking app, when you want to know about a particular recipe for cooking, you can easily purchase it through premium paying.

Once you receive the recipe, then you can save it and use it whenever you need it. The service will not be disappeared from your app.

Subscription Purchase

The other major kind of in-app purchasing is subscription purchase. When you buy a subscription purchase in your app, you can quickly unlock the required features that you want.

The features will be available for a while. Till the fixed time frame, you can make use of the features that you have subscribed for.

As long as the subscription is valid, you can use it any number of times whenever needed. Once the subscription period is over, the content or feature will be locked again.

This category of purchase is, particularly of two types. They are renewable subscriptions and non-renewable subscriptions.

In the case of a renewable subscription, once you get to avail of the features or services by subscribing, it automatically gets renewed after the subscription time. You will be automatically charged once you have subscribed.

Only after you cancel or unsubscribe it, the features will disappear without any charges. Through non-renewable subscriptions, you can have access to the features for the given time frame.

After the given time frame, you need to manually subscribe to unlock the features.

Significance of In-app Purchase

In recent times, research shows that mobile app users have increased by 26% more than compared to olden payments. This app purchasing enables you to purchase different forms of digital goods and services with the application you use.

The service providers can serve their products and give the features that you require. As the use of the app is high, so are the people involved in the apps that they use by payment.

There are different benefits that you can avail of by purchasing the app services.

Saves Time: You can download the required application for free and use it according to its flow.

Think about a situation that you want to wait for several days to unlock some features. This will be exhausting from your point of view.

To get rid of the time delay, to get the required features without spending a lot of time in the app, purchase non-app purchase is the best option. You can easily enable the feature and skip some mandatory steps to upgrade your level.

Saves Your Effort: In an application like gaming, you will always need to give your utmost effort and time to reach a particular level. You will prove your maximum effort and hard work to reach a particular place.

If you are in a situation where you need to skip the present level and directly reach the aimed level, you can avail of some scale-up features by paying money. This less down your efforts and you might reach the desired level without any hurdles.

How To Increase In-App Purchases In 2023?

increase in app purchase

Trigger Upsells by User Behavior

One way to drive more purchases is by personalizing promotions to individual user behavior. Despite blasting discounts and new product announcements to your whole user base, wait until people show interest before targeting them.

Games are good at this type of upselling. Music streaming apps can also help to convert free users to paid.

Promote Products With In-App Messages

In-app messages are valuable for promoting products. Sales, coupons, and other discounts are common use cases.

Most users would be thrilled to launch an app and see a notice for a limited-time offer. Just as with brick-and-mortar retail stores, sales must be actively promoted for them to impact conversions.

Another technique is to personalize the copy and content of each message. Even if you’re promoting a store-wide sale, you can still target the message to each user.

One way or another, in-app messages are perfect for drawing attention to sales. They’re one of the best tools for encouraging mobile in-app purchases.

Encourage Checkouts With Push Notifications and Emails

Mobile messages are the best way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Specifically, we suggest focusing on push notifications and emails.

Both messaging channels reach users outside the app, so it’s okay if they’re not daily active users.

If a user adds an item to their cart but never checks out, you can send an automated follow-up to prompt the purchase.

Top Advance Strategy to Boost up In-app Purchase

in app purchase strategy

In-app purchase is the best option for the development of revenue. There are several ways by which you can boost up your in-app purchase. There are many several ways to engage the users through an app to purchase services and goods.

Give Offers to the Website Visitors

If people visit your website, you need to make them get in. By giving promotions and offers at the time of visit, users can readily download the app and use it regularly. This attracts the users to download the app.

The target audience that you need to consider is website visitors. This is an easy way to attract them to the downloading process.

Create Hype

Many people don’t want to miss out on certain things in their life. Mobiles apps have the root of social media interaction too.

People always fear that they shouldn’t miss out on anything that their circle is using.

So it is better to create hype for your app. It is good to offer limited and flashes deals to make them buy your services and goods.

People are always concerned about time. This will effectively enable the audience to buy your products through your application.

Push Notification

One of the best ways to communicate with your users is by sending them a push notification. Almost everyone often notices the push notification on their mobile.

More than general messages, push notification has a high appeal. This can be used for your promotional purpose that is highly effective in the hype. You can use the push notification wisely and in a controlled way.

See to that frequent notification also often annoy the users. You can wisely spread the awareness of the discounts and promotional offers in a better way.

Offer Honest Programs

The hones or loyalty program encourages the users to make their purchases more. This program enables users to improve their purchasing.

This undoubtedly strengthens your brand loyalty and gets many loyal customers as well.

Through this program, the customer profile is created for every user. All the transactions are saved in this profile. The app users can have track their purchases and other records.

For each purchase, users can easily earn prizes and points. Which makes it more interesting to buy products in the app.

Provide Premium Experience

By paying in the application, the users always seek the experience of premium in better performance of the app and improved functionality must be given for them. Most of the online apps have ads.

If the users are paying for your app, they also expect you to provide the premium experience by stopping the ads while they use the app.

Wrapping up

Mobile marketing has increased nowadays. To make the users purchase through your app, In-app purchase is the creative beginning point for the providers as well as users. When users get satisfied with the purchase in the mobile app, it increases the performance of the app that provides several benefits.


What is the difference between Freemium Model and Premium Model?
Premium models have an upfront price before they can even be downloaded. Whereas the freemium model is free to download and use.
Which are the best strategies for In-App Purchase Promotions?

Promotional offers
Utilize push notifications
Offer a loyalty program
Offer the convenience of guest checkout
Offer free and premium content levels

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