15+ Best Game Development Software For Android You Can Try Out

According to Statista, the number of mobile game users in the United…

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15+ Best Game Development Software For Android You Can Try Out

According to Statista, the number of mobile game users in the United States are increasing significantly from 2008 till 2028. It is expected to reach 187.89 million in the upcoming years.

Now before we look for the best game development software for Android, you might be curious about this question: Why mobile gaming is so popular worldwide today? 

Accessibility is a fundamental component. Because of the ease of use and extensive availability of smartphones, mobile gaming has become the industry leader due to the quick advancement of technology. The portability of a smartphone is its fundamental feature, enabling gamers to play almost anywhere. 

Consider graphics next. With the constant integration of cutting-edge hardware technology and advancements in visual appeal, mobile gaming has gone a long way. Though they may not always be as good as other app development platforms, cellphones are improving with stunning 4K screens, which guarantee a clear gaming experience. 

And lastly, it is impossible to overlook the performance of the platform. The mobile experience can differ significantly based on the device’s technological capabilities.

With this, it is clear to us now why developing a mobile gaming application is so in demand today. Now let’s move forward to factors you should consider when looking for a game development software for Android. 

Choosing Android Game Development Software: Key Factors

2d And 3d Modeling Software

Creating appealing visuals is critical in game creation. 2D and 3D modeling software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, and Blender, enable artists and designers to produce attractive visuals and 3D models during app development. Consider your game’s art style and requirements, and then select software that matches your artistic vision and skill set.


It can take time to get every minute element of an animation just right, and built animations might get stale with time. FaceFX converts audio recordings into realistic facial animation, simplifying the process. Euphoria is a 3D human animation middleware that synthesizes character motions and reactions in real time, ensuring that each gameplay session is unique.


There are various ways to offload your networking needs and leverage existing solutions for things like lobbies, matchmaking, achievements, and leaderboards. Some options, such as Azure Playfab and Demonware, can be used on several platforms to unify your player base. There are additional solutions that are specific to a console or platform that, while not conventionally classified as middleware, provide a similar job. The most well-known platform-specific multiplayer solutions are Xbox Live (XBL), PlayStation Network (PSN), and Steamworks.

Audio Design

Audio is essential for generating an immersive game experience when planning gaming app development. Wwise, FMOD, and other types of audio design middleware let developers create and implement high-quality sound effects, music, and voice-overs. Consider your game’s individual audio needs and select software that includes the tools and capabilities required for your audio design approach.

Game Engines

Game engines lay the groundwork for creating interactive games. A game engine is a software framework that speeds up and simplifies game development by offering tools for many of the more time-consuming and tedious tasks involved.

Game engine functionality can vary greatly, but often include support for graphics rendering, physics simulation, input, audio, AI, and animation. Having a framework to manage the game’s repetitive elements allows creators to focus on creating game content.

Top Game Development Software For Android

Unity - One Of The Popular Game Development Software

Unity is among the most popular Android game development tools. It is a cross-platform application developed by Unity Technology that will assist you in creating your own game. It contributes to the creation of excellent gaming experiences with 2-D and 3-D elements. This allows you to collaborate with your entire team during the process of app development. 

It also allows users to import assets for a variety of 3-D software, including Blender and provides a diverse choice of assets. If you’re starting off with game development, Unity may be the perfect tool for you.

Pokemon Go, RimWorld, and Beat Saber are some of the popular games developed by Unity.

Unreal Engine - A Widely Used Game Development Tool

Unreal Engine is mostly used for 3D game development, although it is also used in other industries. For example, the film industry employs it to build virtual sets and animated films.

Unreal Engine is considered user-friendly, and one of its major benefits is that it does not require programming knowledge. There is also a marketplace where developers may get paid and free store assets for use with the platform. Like Unity, Unreal Engine supports desktop, mobile, and other platforms, which is an important feature for game makers.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Observer, and Fortnite are some of the examples. 

Solar2D (ex Corona SDK) - A Favoured Software For Game Design

Solar2D, formerly known as Corona SDK, enables game developers to create 2D mobile applications. It is a Lua-based game engine that prioritizes ease of iteration and use. The development kit is free and open source. It also enables game production on numerous platforms.

Solar2D offers an active user community as well as a marketplace for 2D features and plugins. It also includes Solar2D Playground, an interactive platform for building and running projects instantaneously online.

Examples of games developed by Solar2D are Designer City and Zip Zap.

Buildbox - Greatest Game App Development Platform

Buildbox is one of the most user-friendly game engines and the greatest game app development platforms for building Android games. It is ideal for beginners who have no coding experience and do not require any programming or scripting knowledge.

Buildbox enables game creators to quickly construct 2D and 3D mobile games. It employs drag-and-drop functionality to create professional-looking games. The large user base is another plus that will encourage you to begin designing mobile games.

Color Switch, Slip Away, and Ball Jump are some of the popular examples.

AppGameKit - A Beginner Friendly Software For Game Developers

AppGameKit is another game production engine that does not require coding expertise. It is a mobile cross-platform engine that allows you to create and deploy a game across several devices. When a developer creates a game, it becomes available for all devices.

AppGameKit is ideal for developing 2D games with certain key 3D components. Especially if you are a beginner, you will have plenty of alternatives for developing and deploying your game.

Cogalot, Dungeons, and Dice are some of the games developed by AppGameKit.

Constuct 3 - One Of The Leading Platforms For Creating Games

Construct 3 is a game engine that allows you to construct and create 2D mobile games. It is commonly utilized in role-playing (RPG), puzzle, and racing games. People interested in designing physics-based games can use the Box2D physics engine.

Scirra Ltd developed Construct 3, which they claim is “the world’s best game-making software”. Game development takes place in a browser and does not require any coding abilities. Construct 3 has JavaScript as an optional scripting language, which is ideal for those who want to learn JavaScript.

The Next Penelope and  Cosmochoria are some of the examples.

Fusion 2.5 - A Prominent Tool For Game Design Development

Fusion 2.5 is a gaming engine that employs an event editing approach to create games and apps quickly. It was created by Clickteam, a French software development company, to boost gaming performance.

Fusion 2.5 is also completely integrated with the physics engine and comes with an active community to help you along your development journey. Expert programming abilities are not required to use the platform’s interface. Fusion facilitates the construction of 2D mobile games, but it is typically better suited to static game development.

Some of the examples are Odallus: The Dark Call and Five Nights At Freddy’s.

GameMaker Studio 2 - Essential Software For Game Developers

YoYo Games developed the GameMaker Studio 2 game engine. This game engine also supports cross-platform game production via a drag-and-drop programming language called Game Maker Language. Although this game engine was developed for beginners, developers can use the provided scripting language to create more complicated games.

The most notable advantage of GameMaker is its large range of supported platforms. Furthermore, a diverse range of tools enables users of different skill levels to quickly design and distribute a mobile game. Most people can construct games after just one hour of use. The platform is mostly focused on producing 2D games utilizing a standard library of drawing visuals.

Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Undertale are some of the famous games designed in GameMaker Studio 2. 

MonoGame - Another Leading Platform For Developing Games

The MonoGame engine is primarily a cross-platform tool for producing 2D games. It employs the C# and .NET programming languages to create modern, fast, and dependable gaming code. Furthermore, this game engine is built on Microsoft’s XNA foundation, which is simple to master for a better app development process. 

The major advantages are its enormous user base and open-source technologies. It also offers a wide range of supported systems.

Alpatheon and Escape Goat are some of the examples.

Amazon Lumberyard - A User-Friendly Game Development Software For Android

Amazon Lumberyard is a freeware cross-platform game engine built on CryEngine and powered by Amazon features. Lumberyard’s advantages include the ability to create high-quality games, AWS cloud storage, and interaction with Twitch.

The game engine has user-friendly tools, a simple learning curve, and the ability to quickly create prototypes. They are, however, often more expensive than other AWS products if you wish to use the AWS service with them.

Crucible and Star Citizen are some of the well-known games. 

Haxe 4 - An Affordable Game Development Software For Android

Haxe is another open-source, cross-platform programming language used to create apps and games. It includes a number of game frameworks and libraries that allow you to use a single codebase to attain native speeds on several platforms for app development. 

This game engine is normally free, although it does charge a fee for certain forms of support. However, the fees are utilized to improve and support the Haxe ecosystem.

Game examples: Northgord, Dead Cells, Evaland.

Gideros - A Well-Known Game Development Software For Android

Gideros is a free and open-source game development platform that supports the construction of both 2D and 3D games. Mobile game developers appreciate it because it is simple to learn and allows for speedy game development and deployment.

Gideros also offers quick testing during the game production process, native speed, open-source plugins, and a comprehensive suite of development tools.

Bubble Puddle, and Stopstack are some of the games designed with Gideros. 

Godot - Widely Acclaimed Game Development Software For Android

Godot is a robust cross-platform game engine that can create both 2D and 3D mobile games. It uses a pixel-based measurement method, making it ideal for 2D games. Beginner developers will benefit from the node-based interface.

Godot offers a diverse variety of tools to assist in game development. And, because it is open-source, each game generated is entirely owned by the developer. Unlike other gaming engines, Godot excels at UI editing. In other words, it offers a visual editor and content development capabilities for artists, level designers, and animators.

Dome Keeper, Brotato, and Cruelty Squad are some of the popular games.

Phaser - A Recognized Game Development Software

Phaser is another game engine that focuses on mobile development and the 2D game structure. It uses a Canvas and WebGL renderer internally, allowing for rapid rendering on desktop and mobile devices.

Phaser is also an open-source HTML5 gaming framework that employs JavaScript. As a result, both rookie and experienced developers can quickly and easily construct browser-based games.

Idle Zoo and Fishing.io are some of the examples. 

Stencyl - An Easy-To-Use Tool For Developing Games

Stencyl is a freemium game engine that allows you to rapidly and easily create games without using coding. It offers an easy-to-use toolset that provides game developers with many possibilities for creating excellent 2D games.

Stencly includes a drag-and-drop interface that is very handy for new developers. For more advanced users, there are options to write code, import libraries, and create classes. Many Stencyl-developed games have made it to the top ranks and featured sections in app stores.

Worp, Eye Awake, and Battle Slimes are some of the popular games developed by Stencyl.


Creating games for Android has never been easier, thanks to the abundance of free game production software available for the Android operating system. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced developer, these 15 game development software for Android will help you create engaging and immersive gaming experiences within the process of gaming app development.

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FAQs- Game Development Software For Android

Is Unity free for Android game development?

Yes, Unity offers a free version with Android development capabilities. Additional features may require a paid license.

Can I develop Android games using Unreal Engine?

Yes, Unreal Engine supports Android game development, and it’s free to use with a royalty payment on commercial success.


Do I need to know programming for Android game development?

While not mandatory, having knowledge of programming languages like C# (Unity), C++ (Unreal Engine), or GDScript (Godot) is beneficial for more advanced game development.

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