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Everyone knows about Youtube and most of us enjoy watching our favourite…

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Best apps like youtube vanced

Everyone knows about Youtube and most of us enjoy watching our favourite videos in everyday life. If you are reading this article, you might be aware of Youtube Vanced which is a free third party Android App that provides additional benefits to Youtube. Thanks to its abundance of features not available in the official app, YouTube Vanced is a cutting-edge third-party app that has attracted a lot of attention for improving the standard YouTube experience.

Let’s explore a curated list of the top Apps Like YouTube Vanced that offer enhanced features and ad-free streaming.

Youtube Vanced Features, Merits & Demerits

A group of committed developers produced YouTube Vanced, a modification of the official YouTube app, with the goal of improving the user experience above what the normal version offers. The project started off as an unauthorized initiative but has since acquired popularity because of its special features and intuitive design. YouTube Vanced is an Android app that provides a range of functions for both casual and avid viewers.

Key Features Of Apps Like Youtube Vanced

1. Ad-Free Experience

One of YouTube Vanced’s most noteworthy benefits is its capacity to remove advertisements from the video. YouTube Vanced provides an ad-free environment in response to the problem raised by traditional YouTube viewers, who frequently see commercials that disrupt the flow of videos.

2. Background Playback:

In contrast to the official app, YouTube Vanced enables users to keep playing videos even when the screen of their device is off or the app is minimized. For people who prefer to multitask while listening to music, podcasts, or instructional information, this option is quite helpful.

3. Dark Mode :

YouTube Vanced has an elegant and adjustable dark mode that saves battery life on OLED screens while also lessening eye strain while watching at night.

4. PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Mode :

With this feature, users can utilize other apps while watching videos in a movable and resizable window. PiP mode changes how users interact with video content and improves multitasking.

5. Modification choices :

There are several customization choices available with YouTube Vanced, including the ability to change the default video quality settings, override video resolutions, and vary the speed at which videos playback.

6. Themes and Aesthetics :

By selecting from a variety of themes, users can customize the app’s design, improving its visual appeal and elevating the viewing experience.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Apps Like Youtube Vanced

advantages of youtube vanced
disadvantages of youtube vanced

Why Has YouTube Vanced Been Discontinued?

The Vanced team recently revealed in news that the app has been discontinued for “legal reasons.” Many users are wondering why YouTube Vanced was stopped. There have been different theories that have been put forth to explain this phenomenon as well as the real explanation. 

YouTube Vanced was using the original YouTube app’s logo and identity without Google’s prior consent, which is why the cease letter was sent. The logo also mirrored the original YouTube app’s branding. 

The decision to discontinue was made when the Vanced team was requested to remove any links used in the distribution of any Vanced apps. Existing Vanced releases will remain functional despite the cancellation, and users who require assistance with the software can still join the Telegram group chat.

Popular App Alternatives To Youtube Vanced

Best apps like youtube vanced list

YouTube Vanced removed advertisements and promos, removed sponsored ad segments, and disabled preroll and midroll ads. But YouTube Vanced is no longer available due to its discontinuity. The majority of YouTube Vanced substitutes are unable to reliably block advertisements and offer a stable user experience.

So what users can search for as a reliable Youtube Vanced alternative?

Below table below provides Apps Like Youtube Vanced for both Android and iOS based on their pricing, ad-blocking, and additional features. Check them out.

NewPipe - Best App Like Youtube Vanced

Apps Like Youtube Vanced  newpipe

NewPipe is a lightweight Youtube front-end for Android also supporting YouTube Music, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. At NewPipe,  no YouTube account is necessary. Since it only analyzes YouTube to obtain the information, it doesn’t require the YouTube API or other Google Play Services. As a result, smartphones without Google Services installed can still use this app. Other apps make use of NewPipe Extractor for this function.


  1. Look at search videos, present broad details about a video and watch them up to 4K quality
  2. Play audio in the background; load the audio stream only when necessary to conserve bandwidth
  3. Popup mode, often known as Picture-in-Picture or floating player
  4. Observe live broadcasts, open, closed, and hidden captions
  5. Look for audio and video content, put videos in order and you may subscribe to channels without signing them!


revanced Apps Like Youtube Vanced

With the goal of delivering both new features and those already present in YouTube Vanced, ReVanced is an unofficial continuation of the popular YouTube Vanced symbol. It is not connected to Vanced. Get SponsorBlock symbol and no ads SponsorBlock, Auto Repeat, Background Playback feature with ReVanced. You can also get videos from YouTube and return the dislike.


  1. Dark mode is supported by YouTube ReVanced for pleasant use in low light
  2. You can place an app, web page, or movie in a floating window (which always sits on top of other windows) with YouTube ReVanced
  3. The majority of YouTube ReVanced’s features are accessible without registering; thus no need to register.
  4. Emphasis on privacy
  5. Watching, processing, and exporting 4K (also known as UHD or Ultra HD) content is supported by YouTube ReVanced

SkyTube - Open source App Like Youtube Vanced

skytubeApps Like Youtube Vanced

An alternate, free, open-source YouTube icon app for Android known as SkyTube. This software only provides read-only access to YouTube since it makes it convenient for you to use the video-sharing platform without requiring a Google or YouTube account. It has some unique features which we will discuss in detail like video blocking, innovative designs, no ads, and Google Apps-free feature.


  1. You can now ban unwanted videos, support language screening, channel deny listing and allowlisting, blocking of videos that are highly disliked or low viewed, etc.
  2. It has distinguishing features including the most watched videos, the ability to download videos and thumbnails, the ability to reload videos, the ability to rate videos on thumbnails, and more
  3. YouTube advertisements are no longer in use. Additionally, you can bypass sponsored portions in YouTube videos by using the SponsorBlock symbol

Revanced Extended

revanced extended Apps Like Youtube Vanced

ReVanced Extended  includes the majority of the features from YouTube ReVanced icon YouTube ReVanced / Vanced Extended. ReVanced Extended is essentially a fork of ReVanced made by inotia00 with a few additional tweaks and features; it is typically based on a more recent YouTube version. To be clear, all of inotia00’s repositories were created as clone repositories. All the features that inotia00 specifically desired to be included in ReVanced are present in ReVanced Extended.


  1. You can place an app, web page, or movie in a floating window (one that always sits on top of other windows) with Picture in Picture ReVanced Extended 
  2. It’s Ad-free, so there is no outside advertising of any kind in ReVanced Extended
  3. Compared to similar apps, Lightweight ReVanced Extended uses less device resources
  4. Assistance with 4K Advanced Extended is compatible with 4K (also known as UHD or Ultra HD) material for viewing, rendering, and exporting
  5. The majority of ReVanced Extended features are accessible without registering

LibreTube - Top Frontend Apps Like Youtube Vanced

libretube Apps Like Youtube Vanced

For Android users, LibreTube serves as a frontend alternative to YouTube Music. It is open source and free Apps Like Youtube Vanced. While it uses the NewPipe Extractor to retrieve data, it does not submit the request to Google like NewPipe does. Piped accounts on the online YouTube frontend make synchronization across all platforms simple. It has an ad-free and user playlist feature with designed multiple language enabled and much more.


  1. The majority of LibreTube’s features are accessible without registering
  2.  Dark mode is supported by LibreTube, allowing for comfortable use in low light
  3. You can use LibreTube to open a web page, program, or video in a floating window that always sits on top of other windows
  4. Comparing LightweightLibreTube to other programs of a similar nature, fewer device resources are used
  5. Sync the information on your various devices (notes, documents, bookmarks, etc.) with cloud sync feature


Apps Like Youtube Vanced gotube

You can play YouTube videos with the GoTube app. The app has a ton of extra features that are absent from the official version.With GoTube, you may play music in the background while using other apps or turning off your device’s screen. You must grant the app permission to overlay content on top of other apps in order to use this feature.

The ability to manage your own channel and log into your YouTube account is another advantage that GoTube has over its competitors.


  1. With a minimized background, the app is minimized and your phone’s or tablet’s video is shown in the background in a small window. in order for you to continue using your gadget and enjoying music
  2. Discover – Music, Playlists, Artists, and Albums, subscribe to an artist in “My Music” and allow them to display you all of their albums and songs, find the TOP performers across hundreds of categories
  3. Your phone will dim if you select the lock option in the video player. This lets you keep using as little power as possible to listen to your free music. The video is still visible even though the screen is locked

Brave Private Web Browser, VPN

Apps Like Youtube Vanced  Brave Private Web Browser, VPN

Brave Search does not keep track of users, their queries, or their clicks; instead, it is based on an entirely independent index. In addition to existing search engines, Brave Search is accessible internationally in beta on all Brave browsers (desktop, Android, and iOS). Eventually, it will be the Brave browser’s default search engine. You can access it using any other browser as well. Brave Search employs its own index and adheres to distinct standards, setting it apart from other search engines.


  1. No algorithms or covert techniques to bias outcomes, and soon community-curated open ranking models to guarantee diversity and guard against both overt censorship and algorithmic biases
  2. Finest-in-class browser-search integration that doesn’t compromise privacy, offering quick results as the user inputs and customisation
  3. Soon, Brave Search will be able to power additional search engines

Youtube Premium

youtube premium Apps Like Youtube Vanced

YouTube Premium is a paid service that enhances the core YouTube experience with a number of features. It was first released in 2014 and like many other Google services, it was then rebranded as YouTube Red before taking on its current name. Instead, it’s a comprehensive package that offers several little advantages to enhance your YouTube experience, including offline playback, ad-free streaming of YouTube videos and music, and access to premium content.


  1. All YouTube adverts can be eliminated with a YouTube Premium subscription. This covers YouTube as well as desktop and mobile browsers, with banner and video advertisements both available
  2. Videos will keep playing in the background even if you lock your phone if you have a YouTube Premium membership. This is a handy tool if you want to listen to music but can’t locate it on any other platform, or if you want to listen to podcasts and similar content
  3. With YouTube Premium, you can save videos—including entire playlists—for offline watching, which is a really practical tool for long journeys


youplus Apps Like Youtube Vanced

A modified version of YouTube called uYouPlus offers features including AdBlock, the SponsorBlock symbol, and downloads for iOS and iPad OS. With uYouPlus, you can set the default video quality for your WiFi or cellular connection, playback speed controls, gesture controls for videos, tab manager, and background playback, among many other features.


  1. Skip sponsor ads inside videos, it also enables high quality videos
  2. You can also select to old video quality, also enable/disable end screens that show up at the end of the videos
  3. Add light or dark mode features per your preference
  4. You can register free at uYouPlus and use most of the features

iTube Studio- Video sharing App Like Youtube Vanced

Apps Like Youtube Vanced itubestudio

With Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or many other video-sharing websites open, iTube Studio enables the downloading of videos from YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, Break, and many more. Utilize existing FLV/MP4 videos or downloaded ones to convert them for usage with the iPhone 4S, iPod, iPad 2, PSP, and other devices. Download videos from websites that share videos, such as YouTube and others.
Convert downloaded videos for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other devices.
Play and organize flash or downloaded videos on your hard disk.


  1. Directly download the video (Including high resolution HD video) to the designated audio or video format. You can also record videos which cannot be downloaded
  2. Directly access YouTube or other video websites using the built-in browser.
  3. With the help of iTube HD Video Downloader, you may download videos from over 10,000 different video and audio sharing websites including Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more
  4. With iTube, you can also record videos from streaming sites that are not easy to download, record any online tutorial, videos from computer screen, skype and facetime video call

YouTube ++

youtube++ Apps Like Youtube Vanced

YouTube++ APK is an altered version of the YouTube app. Additionally, this app offers all of the unlocked features that are only available on YouTube with a paid premium subscription. However, using this program is totally free. All of YouTube’s content is available for viewing with free premium features. The application features the same straightforward, user-friendly interface as YouTube. It will therefore be easier for you to use the application.


  1. Download videos directly without the support of any third party downloader.
  2. Enjoy watching videos without facing ads in between
    Watch any age restricted video on this platform which are not generally watchable on Youtube
  3. Enjoy watching videos at high quality. Watch videos from 1080p to 1020p resolutions
  4. You can also play videos in background and save you mobile battery with this


vimeo Apps Like Youtube Vanced

Vimeo is an internet platform that facilitates the sharing, hosting, and ad-free promotion of videos by users. The plans provide different enterprise software tools, broadcasting, editing, and video creation software as a service. Through the site, users can establish connections with clients or other video professionals. Advanced capabilities on the site allow for the customization of high-quality videos that can be shared with an audience.


  1. It’s one of the great features for video creators as you get 500 MB of storage per week for uploading videos that are password protected
  2. With advanced features, customize high quality videos and share with larger audience
  3. Members get unlimited access to stock photos, videos, and licensed music


vue tube Apps Like Youtube Vanced

An open-source mobile video streaming platform is called VueTube.
It has an interface that is customisable and supports extensions created by users. Users will be able to handle YouTube channels, log in with Google, and carry out all other standard YouTube tasks via the app. It also includes the SponsorBlock API to skip sponsors and the ReturnYouTubeDislike API for dislikes. Additionally, VueTube intends to introduce support for websites like Odysee and Twitch.


  1. With auto update feature, get notified when an update is available and downgrade if you dislike it
  2. Get fully customized User Interface and video player
  3. Sign in with your google account and do advanced search for videos


smart tubenextApps Like Youtube Vanced

SmartTubeNext The SmartTube App is an open-source program created that enables users to access YouTube on a variety of streaming devices, including Roku, Android boxes, Fire TVs, and Smart TVs, without the need to install Google Play services. This does not imply that you cannot access your account content on the platform simply because you do not require Google Play.


  1. Enjoy ad free videos at SmartTubeNext
  2. Enjoy full premium benefits of Youtube on the go without having Google Play Services
  3. With multi-linguistic feature, navigate through app with your preferred language
  4. Enjoy YT Music and breaking news feature for getting up-to-date content

SongTube - Best App Like Youtube Vanced


A brand-new, elegant, and lightning-fast Flutter application, SongTube offers nearly the entire original experience along with a plethora of music-related features, such as a comprehensive music player. Enjoy downloading audios and videos at high quality, get fully featured music and audio players. Subscribe to any channel and save videos you like to your favourites.


  1. Subscribe to any channel and view, create, or save your favourite playlists
  2. Get background playback feature and picture-in-picture support
  3. Change system mode from dark to light themes or vice versa
  4. Enjoy UI customizations and get backup and restore your data easily


With discontinuation of Youtube Vanced, many creators and viewers must be looking for some alternatives for getting a seamless experience of excessively watching. Well..if you are one of them, you surely cannot miss out these alternatives. All the above platforms simply stand best with no ads, free registration, theme customizations, free subscriptions and access to high resolution videos with many more common features. Thus watch, save, download or upload  HD videos without spending dollars from your pocket. 

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Are there alternatives for both Android and iOS?

Most alternative apps are primarily available for Android. However, some iOS alternatives like Cercube exist for jailbroken devices.

Are there any browser-based alternatives?

Yes, some browser extensions like Enhancer for YouTube offer additional features similar to YouTube Vanced. Users can explore these options for a browser-based experience.

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