How Much Does It Cost to Make an Ecommerce App Like Zalando?

eCommerce apps are in high demand today. More than 33% of the…

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Cost to Make an Ecommerce App Like Zalando

eCommerce apps are in high demand today. More than 33% of the world’s total population likes buying products through the online market. With this, the demand for developing a top eCommerce application can be profitable for businesses. When we talk about e-commerce applications, Zalando comes as a popular name. Being one of Europe’s biggest shopping apps, it has a variety of popular retail and designer brands. With amazing features like simple and safe shopping, easy returns, a focus on sustainability, and a wide variety of products, it becomes a one-stop place for a great shopping experience.

With this, the question arises: How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce app like Zalando?

Well, that’s what we are gonna discuss in today’s blog…

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Things To Know About Zalando App

  1. Available in various languages: Zalando app is available in various languages like English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch 
  2. Get personalized recommendations: The app can check your recent order history and provide you with similar products to help you shop your favorites conveniently.     
  3. Simple and secure: The app is simple and easy to use. Any customer can use it easily without prior knowledge. Zalando also keeps your payments safe and secure. 
  4. Hassle-free returns: The application provides free shipping for every order you purchase. Additionally, all returns are free and hassle-free. 
  5. Frequent sales and discounts: It frequently posts sales on various products which can get you discounts of up to 70%. 
  6. In-app purchases available: A few in-app purchase options are also available like express shipping and priority customer service.

Zalando makes money by selling products, providing fulfillment services, affiliate commissions, subscriptions, partner programs, advertising on its websites, and style boxes. Zalando’s business plan aims to establish itself as a fashion platform. Another noteworthy aspect of the platform is that, like many other shops, it generates revenue primarily through stock purchases and reselling for a profit.

Aside from that, Zalando holds a monopoly in Europe, allowing it to buy goods in bulk and sell them to clients at affordable costs. There are numerous other ways for Zalando to gain money. 

Overall, the Zalando app is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy apparel online. It’s simple to use, has a large selection of products, and offers frequent specials and discounts.

Must-Have Features In Your eCommerce App like Zalando

Planning to develop an eCommerce App like Zalando but don’t know how to start?
Don’t worry, as Echoinnovate IT will help you build a stunning application at affordable prices. The Zalando app has various unique features that make it unique from other e-shopping apps available in the market today. Check out some of the top features that you must add to your shopping application inspired by Zalando:

ecommerce app Features To Add

User Sign-Ups And Profiles

Users can simply create accounts thanks to a simple and efficient registration process. These user profiles serve as a primary center for personalization, preferences, and order history storage. This essential information is used to tailor product recommendations, resulting in a more personalized and engaging shopping experience.

Product Listings And Searches

The app’s product listings must be carefully organized to facilitate navigation. The search tool does more than just perform keyword searches; it also allows you to filter by brand, size, color, and other criteria. This ensures that users can easily find certain products from the vast assortment.

Social Media Integrations

The app’s smooth social network integration promotes strong user connectivity. You can also allow users to share their findings, preferences, and reviews on social media. This eventually leads to a social purchasing experience that aligns with their digital lifestyle. Keep in mind that including such functionality increases the overall cost of developing an e-commerce software.

Return And Refunds

The app’s return process has been designed to be simple and transparent. The site attempts to create confidence and trust in its users by having clear refund policies and allowing for easy returns.

Shopping Cart And Check-Out

The shopping cart feature simplifies the user’s path from product selection to purchase. It provides users with a handy way to manage their chosen items while maintaining a secure and efficient checkout procedure. With several payment options and clear purchase summaries and confirmations, the shopping cart ensures a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience.

Security Functions

The software prioritizes customer data security with reliable payment channels, SSL encryption, and two-factor authentication. These precautionary measures not only provide the highest level of security for sensitive information but also create trust among app users.

Push Alerts

Engage users with timely push alerts. Provide real-time updates on promotions, discounts, and order progress, ensuring that consumers are up to date on the latest offerings available through the Zalando-like app. When you keep consumers informed with alerts, they will utilize the app more frequently. Thus, by utilizing e-commerce app development services, you may incorporate this feature and boost your profitability.

Management Of Orders

Integrate a robust order monitoring function to provide users with more information. Empower them to track their purchases in real-time, increasing pleasure as they follow their things from warehouse to doorstep. This is a key step in the entire order-filling process, which includes payments, delivery, and returns.

Shop The Look Feature

The app has a curated look section where whole outfits are available for purchase­. This inspiring tool simplifies purchasing entire ensembles at once, making it appealing to consumers looking for a cohesive and trendy collection of items.

Multiple Language Support

The software recognizes its varied user base by supporting multiple languages. By providing this functionality, the app ensures that users all over the world may have a personalized and inclusive experience.

Discount Code

Including exclusive promotional codes in your app can attract a variety of consumers. This stimulates repeat purchasing with appealing promos. Being creative allows you to offer exciting challenges or reward systems that unlock promo codes, encouraging active involvement and brand interaction.

Personalized Recommendations

This program uses powerful recommendation algorithms to provide users with personalized ideas based on their specific behavior, recent purchases, and current trends. This method improves the overall purchasing experience, encouraging the discovery of new items and allowing for a more tailored customer experience.

Overall Cost To Develop An eCommerce App Like Zalando

The overall cost of developing an eCommerce app including the developmental process, tech stacks, and features can cost between $25,000 to $35,000.

However, there are several factors due to which your cost may vary from other shopping apps. Check out the list of factors that may affect the cost of developing an eCommerce App like Zalando.

Factors Affecting The Cost To Develop An eCommerce App Like Zalando

Factors That Affect The Cost of an eCommerce App Like Zalando

Developmental Team

The appropriate team size and location are critical in app development. Creating an app like Zalando necessitates the experience of trained experts such as developers, designers, quality analysts, and project managers. The selection of a competent development team can have a direct impact on the cost and quality of the final product.

Furthermore, the location of the development team can influence the total cost. Labor rates and access to trained professionals vary by area. Thus, consider employing individuals from places that provide a good combination of abilities and cost, taking into account local market rates.

Variety Of Features

Zalando’s success can be due to its extensive range of features and functionality. To create an app similar to Zalando, examine the complexity of integrating these features and how they will affect the overall cost.

From a huge product collection to complex filtering options, tailored recommendations, and AR/VR try-ons, each element necessitates precise design and execution. The more complex and advanced the features, the greater the development costs would be.

UI/UX Designs

The user engagement of an app is greatly determined by its user interface and user experience design. Creating an app with the same degree of UI/UX design as Zalando necessitates a professional team of designers.

Experienced UI/UX designers who grasp the concepts of user-centered design and have expertise in building conversion-focused interfaces may command a premium price. However, their efforts can have a significant impact on the app’s overall success and user satisfaction levels.

Required Tech Stack

Choosing the correct technical stack is a critical decision that will have a big impact on the app’s cost and performance. The decision between native and cross-platform development, as well as the use of relevant programming languages and frameworks, must be carefully evaluated.

Post-maintenance and Regular Support

Post-launch maintenance and regular upgrades are critical for ensuring the performance and customer happiness of any app, including Zalando. The development budget should include ongoing charges for bug patches, performance enhancements, and the inclusion of new features.

Cost Breakdown To Develop An eCommerce App Like Zalando

Cost In Terms Of Features

The below list shows the estimated cost of developing an eCommerce App with type of features. It can vary on the level of app you are planning to develop for your business. Check it out:

Type Of App Estimated Cost
Basic Less than $35k
Intermediate Between $35k-55k
Advance More than $55k

Cost In Terms Of The Developmental Process

The below list represents the developmental phase and cost that you can expect in each process individually. Check the cost breakdown of eCommerce App Development:

Developmental Process Estimated Cost Breakdown
App Consultation 10%
UI/UX Design 20-25%
App Development Process 30-45%
Testing and Quality Assurance 10-15%
Maintenance Cost 10%

Backend Framework

Backend infrastructure, which comprises servers, databases, and APIs, is the foundation for an app’s smooth interaction with its users. This segment normally costs between $15,000 and $55,000, or perhaps more.

Payment Gateways

Payment processing is an important aspect of online shopping apps since it allows clients to pay for things securely. However, setting up secure payment gateways can involve a large investment, ranging from $4,000 to $16,000 or more. This contributes to the development of a dependable financial transaction system capable of safeguarding customer data and carrying out trustworthy transactions.

App Marketing And Visibility

To acquire and retain a user base, allocate a budget of $5,000 to $15,000 or more for user acquisition and maximize the app’s visibility in app stores. Marketing and App Store Optimization are critical components in accomplishing this goal.

How To Develop An E-commerce App Like Zalando

Now you might have some clarity on the cost of developing an e-commerce App like Zalando. But what about the developmental process?

There are various types of shopping apps available in the market. With this, you can too fix your priority in terms of various factors to make your application look unique and stunning. With inspiration from the process of Zalando App Development, you can too create an amazing eCommerce application for your next hit project.

Know Your Requirements

When you start a fashion store, you must first determine what you want. Building an app with extensive features and technology is easier when you know what you need. As a result, you must grasp your business’s requirements.

Do Market Research

Now you must research the market and determine what users desire. Understanding what the target audience wants makes it easier to meet their needs. Knowing what your competitors offer allows you to provide different services that will benefit the target market. As a result, you must search the market.

Develop The App

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary information, you must construct the application. To make the process easier and more pleasant, consider hiring a mobile app development business with a team of expert developers. They will effortlessly complete their tasks due to their extensive knowledge and experience.

Test And Launch Your App

After developing an application, it is vital to test it. It will assist you in ensuring that there are no bugs or technical problems. Once you’ve confirmed that everything is in order, you’ll need to activate the app on Google Play and Apple Store. It allows consumers to simply download the software to their devices.

Select Your Desired Platform

The Zalando app is accessible for both iOS and Android, with each having its own set of development requirements. It is typically more expensive to design native software for each platform than to build a cross-platform app because the latter delivers economic benefits through code reuse.

Add Required Tech Stack

The selection of a technological stack, which includes programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, can impact development costs. Advanced technology and premium third-party connections can boost prices while resulting in a more powerful and efficient application.

Test And Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality assurance and testing techniques are required to verify that the app functions properly and provides a great user experience. Testing across several devices, operating systems, and situations drives up development expenses.


In conclusion, I must say that investing in investing on Zalando app development can turn profitable for your business. With this, it is important to know the factors that may affect the cost of your application, the choice of features you wish to add, and the products you are planning to provide in your eCommerce App. Overall, it’s your final decision that will affect the cost of developing an eCommerce App like Zalando.

Develop An Affordable E-commerce App like Zalando With Echoinnovate IT

Creating an app like Zalando requires intricate details, and for those wishing to bring ideas into reality, Echoinnovate IT has shown to be a trustworthy partner with a history of successful projects. Develop an outstanding shopping app like Zalando with Echoinnovate IT. Get full support and consultation from our App Development Team and get the best Android & iOS Solutions for your business.

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FAQs- Cost To Build An eCommerce App Like Zalando

What factors influence the cost?

Key factors include features, platform (iOS, Android), design complexity, third-party integrations, and development team rates.

How long does it take to develop an eCommerce app like Zalando?

Development time typically ranges from 4 to 12 months, depending on complexity and features.


What are the essential features for an eCommerce app like Zalando?

User registration, product catalog, search functionality, shopping cart, secure payment gateway, order history, and push notifications are essential.


Are there ongoing expenses besides maintenance?

Yes, hosting, domain, payment gateway fees, and updates may contribute to ongoing expenses.

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