Why Medical Apps Development is Gaining Importance in The Healthcare Industry?

Technology is transforming every life and every business sector today. Every industry…

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Technology is transforming every life and every business sector today. Every industry is going mobile with the apps and facing a huge profit in their business. The same goes for medical apps development for any healthcare provider. Hence, people are moving in the direction of medical health today.

In today’s technology-based time, people are adopting the trend of mobile apps for their individual businesses. Medical apps are becoming very popular.

The Healthcare system is expanding in the field of mobile applications as now there are more than 1, 50,000 apps in the app store.

People are using these medical and healthcare apps to fulfilling their respective needs. Medical students can use mobile health apps as well.

Types of Technology in the Health Care Industry Today

Improving the user experience is key. With increasing medical COSTS- patients are actively looking for alternatives to such expensive treatments. Patients today expect to have a comfortable and seamless experience. This includes everything from access to information to make informed decisions and have their questions answered.

The Electronic Health Record

This has created great strides in the centralization and efficiency of patient care information. These EHRs can also be used as a tool for health and population data for the future.

Today’s patient data is what we are taking decisions outside that will change and improve the results of the consistency of the medicine delivered.


As the name suggests, Mobile Health acts as a freeing healthcare device that enables physicians and patients alike to check on healthcare processes on the go.

Slowly and steadily the trend became more prominent and prevalent due to which smartphones and tablets allowed healthcare providers to more freely access and sent information.

At present, Physicians and service providers can use mHealth tools for orders, documentation, and simply to reach more information when with patients.

Remote Monitoring Tools

In 2013, all patients worldwide started using monitoring solutions at home. As a result, the costs and visits of a doctor succeeded in reducing unnecessary.

Patients were monitored at home. According to practitioners, it’s basically allowing others to monitor their health for you.

It may sound invasive but is ideal for patients with serious and chronic diseases. If you are looking for medical apps development to upgrade your healthcare organization then remote monitoring is an amazing option.

Best Medical Apps: Successfully Development in Market

HelpAround – App For Diabetics

Diabetes is a common disease. Everyone knows someone or the other who suffers from this terrible disease. There are struggles that one encounters if they become glucose tablets or dipsticks.

What is Telemedicine App

HelpAround a crowdsourced safety net for people struggling with diabetes is a mobile application for medical care for patients who need to be downloaded or recommended.

HelpAround connects its users to users of nearby applications that might be able to provide needed supplies or help with a blood test or an injection. Health care also offers advice and support to the community in their forums.

Fitocracy – Training App

Video players need to be very aware of how video games are addictive, the main reason is the satisfaction every victory brings to mind.

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Employing the same vision for video games for exercise, Fitocracy lets users log on to the training site, which earns them points, helping to progress through levels.

It also offers a multiplayer aspect obtained in the Fitocracy community of more than 1 million users who challenge each other to achieve feats of fitness.


Phillips, the founder, and CEO of Medici decided to do the same in healthcare. His company took charge of making health more accessible for everyone and created two mobile applications, one for patients and one for the suppliers.

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Once patients or users of mobile applications connect to your doctor, they can explain their disease, its symptoms and send images.

With the doctor appointment app, the doctor will order a prescription directly to the pharmacy of the patient or if the patient needs to confirm his / her visit for an examination he can also opt for that.

Medici helps users to cut unnecessary and costly trips to the doctor and make doctors accessible in a HIPPA compliant online space.

Talkspace – Counselling App

While a traditional therapist saves lives, half of them stay outside this comfort, either because of a lack of money or lack of time.

What if someone who is struggling with depression or an anxiety disorder may have access to a therapist on his way back home on the subway. TALKSPACE does exactly that!

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The application makes it easier for users to contact a therapist from the comfort of a smartphone.

Users can sign up for online therapy, couples therapy including through real messaging, with licensed therapists at your convenience.

Although mobile application requires users to pay a subscription fee weekly to continue to access the service, the rate is significantly cheaper than traditional therapists. In the field of medical apps development as a startup idea Talkspace like apps are leading the race.

Doctor On Demand – On-Demand Call To Doctors

If you’re short on time or money and require medical certificates for a video consultation, doctor On Demand‘s outlet to health cares mobile applications.

Doctors who can treat medical problems are offered are not emergency, such as symptoms of colds and flu, urinary tract infections, infections of the upper respiratory tract, allergies, sports injuries, back pain, heartburn, so many pediatric subjects.

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The application allows you to access doctors to write a prescription, including related travel, and answer all your medical questions.

The services offered also include a psychologist and lactation consultation. Video visits with doctors for medical problems cost a flat fee of $ 40 per session.

Scope and Evolution of Medical Apps

Medical apps are beneficial for both people i.e. for patients and doctors as well as they both have their different requirements on the app which they are using.

A person can decrease the complex steps that are involved in the Healthcare Industry by using the best healthcare and medical apps.

From the year 2013, medical apps got more attention from people in the market and their scope started increasing.

It doesn’t matter you belong to which position in the healthcare field like a doctor, a patient, a clinician, or any other person who is attached to the medical industry, using the app based on medical & healthcare industry, a person will always face easy solutions on their different problems.

Mobile health is becoming popular among all people like healthcare and medical apps are making people relax.

Using such mobile apps, one can face all the flexible IT services in the field of the healthcare industry.

Benefits Of Having Medical Apps

You can face a number of benefits using healthcare & medical apps.  These apps are beneficial for both doctors and patients.  Just take a look at it:

Immediate Access To Care

Having access to care on demand is exactly what a patient demands to overcome health problems today, except in some medical emergency situations.

This can save a lot of costs because patients can find and have scheduled appointments with doctors in just a few taps and gain access to information in an instant.

In some cases, users can set up a home visit and communicate with experts through chat audio/video.

A lot of mobile health applications are available on the market that provides users with book appointments and asks questions related to health issues throughout the day.

Less Diagnostic Errors

An error in the medical diagnosis of a person can cause serious damage to the health condition of a patient.

Medical mobile application capabilities are possessed with an intelligent diagnosis that can reduce the error rate and provide predictions of the drug.

The function of these mobile applications does not limit itself to a precise diagnosis. The companies making Healthcare Applications integrate additional features that also help doctors to use mobile applications with cloud service to store patient records.

Therefore, errors from bad deduction patient history or mixed/missing records can be minimized greatly.

Patients Have Become Incharge Of Their Own Health

The upsurging wave carries health and fitness trackers that have promised self-control capabilities that patients can use to monitor their health on a consistent basis.

They were not only given the property to control your health to stay active but also help achieve better results.

With these powerful gadgets, users are increasingly committed to any kind of exercise/activity, which in turn, helps them prevent diseases or health problems.

Metrics that users can track through such portable devices are exercise routines, diet, calorie intake, heartbeat, diabetes, and so on.

Providing Better Ways Of Communication For Patients And Doctors

Medical applications are helping patients to cure diseases. The technological changes in medical health apps have brought a revolution.

Medical professionals can also maintain the patients’ records in the cloud. Hence, making the task of maintaining the patient has become less crucial.

Today, patients can book an appointment online. Also, they can get an online prescription of medicines and get the basic medical app as well (Eg: Mental Health Consultancy).

Customization According To The Patients Will

Each patient has got past medical records and that is why it requires specific attention and obviously different treatment.

To customize treatment for each patient is a tedious task. This happens especially when there is a bigger number of patients.

With custom mobile applications, doctors can walk quickly through the patient’s medical records. Thereafter, the doctor can provide treatment tailored to identify solutions for each patient.

Wrapped Up

Healthcare and medical industries are getting improved day by day and app developers are responsible for these rapid changes. With efficient medical app development healthcare providers are now able to connect with the patients effortlessly.

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FAQs of Healthcare App Development

Why are health apps important for Healthcare business?

The goal of health apps is to make the experience of healthcare more efficient and satisfying for all stakeholders involved. The apps help to update the doctors about the health condition of their patients. According to the stats, 93% of the doctors believe that healthcare apps can bring improvement in patient’s health and 80% of the physicians are using mobile technology to deliver patient care.

How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?

Developing a healthcare app on a single platform will cost around $45,000-$80,000. The cost of complex healthcare apps for multiple platforms will be around 80,000$-$120,000. So, on average, a full-fledged error-free healthcare app from pre-build stage to launch and maintenance will cost $400,000. The cost may vary depending on the features, the complexity of an application, and several other factors. To estimate the exact price, you can also use our app cost calculator. For more info, contact us now!

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