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Best Grocery Delivery apps of 2022 For Ordering Grocery

Home » Blogs » Best Grocery Delivery apps of 2022 For Ordering Grocery

Today, the internet has created a revolution in the entire industry. Gone are the days where people need to go in person and make a purchase, now it is all about home delivery. There are apps for several purposes, and it is enough to book the things through the app. the delivery person will reach you at the doorstep and deliver the things. You can choose between the online payment modes or the cash on delivery.

When it comes to good industry, the number of apps is rising to deliver food and grocery products. With the accentuated pace of adaptability, having the app is a great thing that saves time and offers lots of convenience factors for the people especially the working professionals. Now, here is a list of some top online grocery apps that are more reliable, and you can use them in your day to day life for grocery shopping.

1. Bigbasket – Top Grocery Delivery Apps

BigBasket is the leading online grocery delivery app, and it also holds the name of the first extensive on-demand grocery delivery app in India.

The app holds the entire supermarket at its fingertip, and you can have almost everything with it. It might be your favorite brand of lipstick, crispy vegetables farm-fresh. It is possible to place an order and collect them at your doorstep. If you are a new user, you can also expect some discounts and offers.

When it comes to the payment mode, you can have options between e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery, etc. The clear return policy or terms and conditions in the site ensure several significant factors for the users.

The site is available in 7 local languages, and it is active in 25+ cities in India.


2. Grofers – Best Grocery Delivery Apps in India

The other critical, and must-mention on-demand delivery app in India is Grofers.

It allows you to reach your favorite brand with the comfort of being at home. You can find things like vegetables, fruits, groceries in the app, and it will be available for you at a reasonable cost.

Irrespective of any products, the quality of the product will not be compromised. Besides, the availability of the offers and discounts on the app will make you excited and excited about the economical choice.

The app is functioning in 6 languages with all the necessary features and advanced options.

Grofers Grocery Delivery App

3. Nature’s basket – Leading And Trusted Grocery Apps

Fresh and finest fruits are a great choice when it comes to food and grocery items. Nature’s basket aims for it concerning the wellness of the customers.

It is one of the leading and most trusted grocery apps that allow easy shopping. The app also offers discounts and offers based on the season and customers.

You need to be updated with the app’s notifications, and this will help the users to grab some exciting offers. Multiple payment options and express delivery within 3 hours of order placement are some of the important features of the app.


4. Foodzu – Fast Growing Grocery Delivery Apps

In the fast-growing on-delivery app industry, Foodzu is now available with some interesting features.

Understanding the e-commerce trends and unpredictable rates, the app is offering more exciting options to have shopped from it. There are several deals and discounts available for the users who sign up the app. further, the timely delivery of quality products product makes it preferable for the users.


5. On Door – Best Grocery Delivery Apps

Since 2014, the app exists in the market and enables the customers to purchase groceries, fruits, and vegetables without any hassles.

This supermarket grocery product is sold at a reasonable cost when compared to some other apps.

When the user places the order, the employees confirm the order, and they follow until the products get reached to the destination. So, it ensures the well-monitored work in stipulated time.

Grocery Delivery On Door

6. AaramShop – On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps

It is the hybrid app that serves as the platform to focus on FMCG and CPG brands. It is also the platform that connects the users with the nearby shop through an online medium.

Through the app, you can find the price of the commodities, and it becomes easy to compare from one shop to the other. The users can shop any products like rice, water, beverages, lentils, edible oil, ghee, etc. with this platform.

The user can select the shop and the product they need in the nearest shop. However, the app does not offer online money transfer facilities. Only cash on delivery is accepted.


7. Zopnow – Top Grocery Delivery Apps

If you need the fastest delivery grocery app, this app could be the best choice. Just within three hours of placing the order, the thing will reach the doorstep. Also, if you are looking for eco-friendly products, again the app holds a significant place.

It is because the company does not encourage the polythene paper that will disturb nature.

They use plastic containers for large orders and green papers for some small orders. If the goods are dispatched, the customers would get a mail or SMS confirming the delivery.

So, there will be some link with the customer, and it will also help them to track the location of the order. With all these technical factors, users prefer and love the app.

Zopnow Top Grocery Delivery Apps

8. SupurDaily – Top Grocery Delivery Apps

It is the app that delivers the order at 7 am even if you are placing it by 11 pm. The app does not limit you with minimum order restrictions, and so you can even schedule for multiple deliveries based on your needs.

The app offers around a clock supports service, which is an attractive option in the app.


9. Endnote – Best Grocery Delivery Apps

It is indisputable that online grocery apps are penetrating the market rapidly with the growth of smartphone technology.

Technology is helping people in several different options. However, you need to be more careful about placing an ordering and detailing with the money aspects with any online apps.

The above-mentioned apps take the front seat when it comes to grocery delivery. Analyze over it on various factors to find the best one from your perspective and needs to make happy and convenient shopping.
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