How To Build An App Like Uber Eats?

Quick Summary Uber Eats is one of the most used and popular…

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How to create an app like Uber Eats

Quick Summary

Uber Eats is one of the most used and popular apps for food delivery. Developing an app like Uber Eats can be a revenue-generating decision. However, before you decide to create Uber Eats clone app, read about its features, cost to develop, how does it work and more. Keep reading.

If you too are wondering how to build apps like Uber Eats, then this blog is for you. Building an app like uber for food delivery can be a great business idea because the food sector has the most recession-free market. In this online world; we all love to get everything we want or need at our comfort level. The same goes for ordering food as well.

Eating is something that everybody loves to do, and what’s well than sitting in the comfort of your home, watching some show or film, reading your favorite book, or just spending time with your family and friends and ordering food from your favorite restaurant at your fingertips. You too would be thinking of how much would it cost to make an app like UberEats.

Online food delivery services are growing in the restaurant market

Restaurant owners make their business bigger by creating an online food delivery application so that they can deliver food while sitting on their couches. With the help of food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, and Uber Eat which are collaboration platforms between the restaurants and customers.

You might have questions arise in your mind:

Developing food apps is easy with the various technologies and tools, but when you are building a food delivery app like Uber Eats of, you need to follow certain guidelines and adhere to some standards.

Uber Eats Revenue and Usage Statistics

Top Food Delivery App Business Models

Top food delivery app business models

It could give the impression that all food delivery apps like Postmates, Grubhub, and UberEats are the same, but that is not the case. There are a few key differences in the eServices that fall under this category, despite the fact that they all accomplish the same overarching goal of putting people’s favorite locations at their fingertips. Or, to be more exact, there are two models that vary with regard to who is responsible for making the delivery: either the restaurant itself or a third-party platform such as UberEats.

Apps for restaurant-to-consumer delivery

Currently, social media influencers and the media suggest that ordering straight from the restaurant is preferable. Most often, commission fees are charged by third-party food delivery applications like UberEats when buying directly. A consumer may believe that their order increases the restaurant’s profit. This is especially vital if the objective is not just to order meals but also to financially support the establishment.

A restaurant utilizes its own application to facilitate meal delivery to end-users under this  food delivery business model. In 2020, the ratio of direct to mediated food delivery services (US$65m to US$70m) is statistically close to 50/50. And by 2025, this ratio is not anticipated to shift much. Some clients just do not want third-party applications to interfere with their connection with a restaurant, bar, or pub. In turn, restaurants may use their own platform, social media, and other channels they control to promote direct orders and reward consumers who contact them directly.

Applications provided by third parties for delivery

A platform-to-consumer delivery app is another name for this particular kind of business strategy. The primary objective is to provide eating establishments with a system that will manage the delivery procedure on their behalf. Typically, this platform takes the shape of an application that brings people and restaurants together. It is a fantastic alternative for establishments that desire to provide a meal delivery option but are hesitant to handle it themselves and would like to give the choice to their customers.

In addition, third-party food delivery apps like Uber Eats provide a number of benefits to restaurants, including the following:

Top Features of Uber Eats App To include in your App

uber eats features

Admin Panel Features

Database Management

Manage the data of the registered clients, restaurants, number of delivery boys & every single info through the mobile app.

Customer Management

Admin can check the buyer details, their number of orders, date & time of the order as well as the amount of the orders.

Restaurant Management

Admin can add new restaurants or eliminate the old ones, maintain a flexible supply guide through one platform.

Offer Management

Produce as well as deploy new deals, offers, discounts, and also permit the deals from the restaurant side

Revenue Management

Managing the payment received from the clients, given to the restaurants, payment made to the delivery boys & commission set for them.

Feedback Management

Admin can view & manage the feedback received from the clients, answers given by the restaurant and delivery boys.

Notifications To Registered Users

Manage the SMS, Emails, App Push Notifications for the clients, delivery boys as well as the restaurants.

Customer App Features

Quick Onboarding

Get started with social login selection or through email registration.

Search nearby Restaurants

Try to find restaurants based on the type of locations, cuisines, timings, and any such particular thing.

Browse the Menu

Check the menu of all the restaurants, their specialty, prices.

Select Your Order​

Once selecting the restaurant, the buyer can select the order and place it.

Check the Cart

The selected order should be added to the cart and then the order can be placed.

Push Notifications

Get the information about new restaurants, new feature or offer released right in your inbox through the feature of push notification.

Secured Payment Mode

The customer should be availed with multiple payment selections whether it be a credit card, cash, debit card, wallet, and all those methods must be secure. The business model of Uber Eats gets more chances of success when there are easy and convenient ways of payment available.

Track Your Delivery Boy

Where the delivery boy has reached & how much time spend to cover the distance can be tracked through the food delivery app.

Rate and Review

If the customer is glad about the service of the food delivery app, he can rate and give positive feedback and in case of bad service to the contrary.

Offers and Promos

Several promos & offers are availed to the customers to get benefited from.

Restaurant App Features

Profile Creation

For accumulating data of the users, create a profile to form a strong relationship with the user through social media.

Order Alerts

Order alert must be included when the user places the order to make the restaurant staff get going and be ready with the order as soon as possible.

Customize Your Menu

The restaurant owner can make any changes in the Menu as per his choice through customizing your Menu Feature in the food delivery app.

Select Your Order​

Once selecting the restaurant, the buyer can select the order and place it.

Order Management

With the help of this feature the restaurant can keep track on the number of orders received, the number of orders delivered, and a number of orders on the way.

Payment Management

Which payment is received through which way, cash or card and whether the payment is made to the delivery boy is managed through this feature of the food delivery app.

Customer Details

The restaurant panel requires the contact details of the customer to confirm the order to get the location.

Track Order History

The restaurant panel can track how many orders have they completed, how many are yet to finish and so on.

Answer Feedback

The restaurant owner is allowed to answer the reviews & feedback from the customers.

Manage Special Offers

The restaurant owner can provide offers, seasonal discount and rewards to its supreme customers through the on-demand food delivery mobile app.

Driver App Features

Create A Profile

The driver should create his profile providing details like name, documents, contact details, and payment details.

Receive Order

The driver should get the order, contact details of the customer, location of the order delivery through the food delivery app.

Receive Delivery Location

The driver should receive the delivery location of the customer through GPS to reach there in time & deliver the food on time.

View Order History

This feature will allow the driver to view the number & type of orders he has accomplished on a particular day or week or month.

Receive Multiple Deliveries

The driver can also get numerous orders at a single instance to save time & effort in delivering an order in the nearby location.


The driver must be notified of the change in any policy or change in delivery location or addition of new delivery through the app.

Ways to Create An App Like Uber Eats

ways to create an app like uber eats

Once you’ve determined the characteristics your on-demand food delivery app solution must have, you must decide how it will be constructed. The options available are:

White-Label Food Delivery App Solution

Keeping in mind the growing popularity of food delivery applications, mobile app development companies have also released readymade food delivery apps. You only need to choose which template provides you with all the necessary characteristics. You will be able to start your food delivery app development quickly, allowing you a faster entrance than with any other way.

Hire A Mobile App Development Company

A unique solution that fits all of your needs without any of the headaches seems like a great concept, and it is. A reputable and highly rated food delivery app development company in USA will provide excellent value. In addition, you will be able to concentrate on your company while the app is being developed.

Hire a team of Dedicated Developers

If you are looking for a way to get your project live in a lesser time and with utmost quality, hiring a team of dedicated developers who can understand your project, have adequate skills and knowledge of technologies at focus and work full-time to give your a perfect food delivery app like Uber Eats including any custom features you want. 

Hire A Freelancer

Employ a freelancer who resides in your time zone. If your time zones differ, you should determine ways to minimize the communication gap. Additionally, the hired freelancer may be located in a different nation. 

How much does it cost to build an App Like UberEats?

cost to build an app like uber eats

The cost to develop an iPhone app like Uber Eats, Zomato, and Swiggy is about $4500 to $12000.

The most basic expenditures that must be included while developing a UberEats-like food delivery services app for Android and IOS are:

Gathering Cost

This part includes investing a lot of currency into conferences, social affairs, and overviews, collecting requirements including the staffing team who will be involved in carrying out service strategies.

Design and Development

The cost of app like Uber Eats configuration and its development is the total the business will spend on its test engineers and developers. This will basically include the cost of the different licenses required to hire extra staff for projecting out the development process.

Design and Development

If the cost to hire a mobile app developer is considered, it ranges from $10-$35 per hour or $100 per month in general.

Testing and Deployment

To make uber eats the clone app, it is essential to test the mobile application before deployment. A lot of costs have to be spent in case the application does not go well after deployment. To escape this situation and to make the application bug-free prior to release. One-time charge to dispense the app is $20.

If there is a requirement for the development of a web app like Uber Eats for restaurants, the range would extend to $50k to $60k.

With this, you need to know in the present day for entering into the on-demand app development market and the probable online food delivery app like Uber Eats cost.

By finding what lies ahead in the uber eats clone app market future, you will be in a better position when talking to your ideal mobile app development company about scaling your Uber Eats clone food app in a way that it is prepared for the food delivery future.


UberEats has been growing exponentially since Covid-19 outbreak and is still estimated to skyrocket as people are now getting used to ordering food. Also, many new food businesses now offer the kind of food that customers want which makes your favorite food available easily.

With such growth, developing a food delivery app has high chances of turning out into a profitable investment. However, to go for his, assistance of an experienced app development company is vital.

Echoinnovate IT has been working in mobile app development field since subsequent years and have made their clients happy by delivering top food delivery apps like Uber Eats.


How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like UberEats?

An app-like Uber Eats requires developing different panels for admin, user, driver. So, it takes around 4-8 months to create an app like Uber Eats based on the customizations included in the app.

Is It Possible To Add Custom Features When Developing On-Demand Solution Like Uber Eats?

Yes, adding custom features and functionalities is possible. You can discuss all your requirements with our development team and get your favorite features integrated in the app.

Do You Offer White-Label App Development Services?

Yes, we provide white-label app solutions for multiple industries. You can contact our team or visit here to know more about our on-demand app development services.

Do You Provide Regular Updates During Development?

Our team are constantly in touch with our clients for any updates and changes required in the app. We make sure that our clients gets clear and timely communication of the work progress for the project.

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