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Popular Food Delivery Apps in 2023


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With the growth in technology, getting the food delivered to the doorstep anytime, and the place has now become easy and possible. Thank all the incredible on-demand food delivery apps that offer such great benefits. It is a boon for the people who are running short of time and skip food just because of a hectic life. All these apps will be connected with the local hotels, and you can find the menu to have noted on the foods available.
Along with it, you can also have the cost of the food including the tax, delivery charges, etc. Based on your convenience, you can place the order on the food item. Once you place the order, the geo-tracking will switch, and you can get a notification on packing and the delivery process.
Food delivery is one of the quickly growing segments in all on-demand delivery apps, with major players like Zomato providing service as many as 1 million orders per day. It just can’t get bigger than that.
So, what is the top list of apps that needs a special mention in the food delivery industry? Continue reading to have a look at it.
Zomato (iOS / Android)
Zomato is an online platform established in 2008, and it includes food ordering and delivery in top cities. You can find its services in 25 countries all around the world like the USA, India, Australia, etc.
The app is in tie-up with the best restaurants to offer delicious food for the user. Apart from it, the app also works through some of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and several others.
With the latest update, the system has designed the best sushi and offers several features that will excite the users. Some of such features are sorted and how, brand new profile, the fastest way to review now, all the answers under one umbrella, and one search fit all.
Swiggy (iOS / Android)
Based in Bangalore Swiggy is one of the leading online food delivery apps that are highly welcomed by people in recent days.
The app started its journey in 2014, and now it is considered to be the well-established one with its operation in 25 cities in India, and it is in tie-up with 40000+ restaurants.
Within a short span of time, the online app gained a reputation, and people started placing food orders through the app. also, the app allows the users to search the location, cuisine, and restaurant and check the reviews and ratings of the restaurant and the food.
Domino’s Pizza (iOS / Android)
Domino’s is one of the next well-known food apps, especially for pizza restaurants.
If you feel like having pizza with some pasta and sweet cakes, the best option would be getting into the dominos app and placing an order for it. It is available for both iOS and Android phones. The most attractive feature of the app is all about the offers you can have for it.
Further, it guarantees delivery within 30 minutes to fulfill the urge of having the pizza. Besides, a secured payment gateway, customized orders, and easy user navigation and experience are some of the important features that everyone loves with this app.
Just Eat (iOS / Android)
Established in 2001, the app is grabbing the attention of the people with some best and efficient ways of placing and delivering orders.
The company has more than 82,000 restaurants, and it charges a reasonable commission fee from the restaurant and the users. Even in 2017, the app has empowered 21.5 million customers, out of the 11 million people who are serving as active users. They are placing around 170 million food orders.
The app also allows the users to filter their food choice and pay through different payment options like the card, banking, or cash on delivery.
FoodPanda (iOS / Android)
It is one of the biggest online food order and delivery services based in India. It covers the location in most cities with exciting coupons and discounts.
When you get into the app, you can find several good restaurants in your area and place orders for the food. With the complete tracking system, you can have the food orders within an hour. It might be iOS, Android, or windows phone users. You can download the app and start enjoying the food orders.
FoodMingo (iOS / Android)
FoodMingo is one of the food delivery apps that are in operation in several places like Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Since 2012 the application empowers and gains the attention of the customers with ease of booking and great foods.
It additionally offers some coupons and arrangements from its accomplice entries in some urban communities. The app is also efficient enough to track the request progressively to have food deliveries.
Pizza Hut (iOS / Android)
The brand is one of the top and popular choices for having pizzas and kinds of pasta with delicious side dishes or desserts. The mobile apps deliver tasty pizza with the comfort of being at home.
It was established in 1996 with just only one restaurant and now it has grown in leaps and bounds with a huge number of tastiest pizzas at the destination at an affordable cost. It also allows you to place the order even seven days in advance. So, the fast and quick operational mobile app will help to have pizzas at any time.
Holachef (iOS / Android)
It is one of the nourishment conveyance stages that serve substances prepared by some of the famous experts at the doorstep with more convenience. The app has to change the menu consistently with some delectable nourishment made tasty food items made by the chefs with some considerable time. Just find the food delivery apps and place the order to have the food within a short period.
Final words
The apps are everything these days, and their assistance for the people is roof striking. There are apps for having almost all the facilities in this internet era. When it comes to food delivery applications, the app store, and the google play store offer you lots of options.
You have found some of the top-ranking apps for ordering food for people. So, look for the right app that will fulfill your needs and work based on technology. Order the food and have a great food time with family or friends.
FAQ’s of Food Delivery App Development

Popular Food Delivery Apps

1. Zomato – Food Delivery Apps in the USA
2. Swiggy– Food Delivery Apps Based In Bangalore
3. Domino’s Pizza – Pizza Delivery App

It may take up to 5000-1200 hours to develop a full-fledged food delivery app like Uber Eats. So the average cost of development may lie somewhere between $10k-$15k. The cost may vary depending on the features. if you want to know the exact cost of development then you can use our app cost calculator. For more info, contact us.