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Quick Summary The United States is the second biggest online food delivery…

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top food dellivery apps in usa

Quick Summary

The United States is the second biggest online food delivery market behind China. The demand for online food delivery apps increased significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many popular food delivery applications in the US, of which we have listed the best applications based on popularity and customer choice. As per the statistics and popularity, Doordash is the Best Food Ordering App in the USA.

In today’s fast-paced society, food delivery apps have become a popular alternative for busy folks who want to enjoy tasty meals from the comfort of their homes. More and more food delivery apps have sprung up in the App Store in the United States, making placing an order for takeout simpler than ever. These applications have changed how consumers purchase meals for various reasons, including the ease with which orders can be placed and the speed with which they can be tracked in real-time.

In this article, we will examine the best food-ordering apps in USA and discuss what sets them apart from the competition. There’s certain to be an app on this list that suits your demands, whether they have speedy delivery, a varied menu, or helpful support staff.

Food Delivery Apps Market Share USA

We will learn more about the top food delivery apps in USA and the specific markets they serve. Suppose you own a food business and are also interested in developing an on-demand app for your business. In that case, you can seek the advice of a top food delivery app development company specializing in creating food delivery apps in USA.

List of Best Food Delivery Apps In USA

list of best food delivery apps

We will learn more about the top food delivery apps in USA and the specific markets they serve. Suppose you own a food business and are also interested in developing an app for food delivery. In that case, you can seek the advice of a top food delivery app development company specializing in creating food delivery apps in USA.

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Which Are The Best Food Delivery Apps In USA?

which are best food delivery apps in usa

We will learn more about the top food delivery apps in USA and the specific markets they serve. If you own a food business and aspire to develop a delivery app, consider consulting with a top food delivery app development company, well-versed in the Talabat Business Model and experienced in crafting tailored solutions for the USA market. 

1. GrubHUb - Get food delivery and more

Grubhub is one of the most widely used applications in United States for delivering food. It is an association of JustEat Takeaway, known for its food delivery service all over the world and is a leader among food delivery marketplace. JustEat works with over 365,000 restraunts in US cities. Grubhub is available in over 1,100 locations and features food delivery and takeout from over 50,000 eateries. It’s the fifth most popular meal delivery app in USA. Users may enter their preferred cuisine and get a list of nearby restaurants with their respective menus.

The app supports more than 50,000 eateries in US, and users may conduct a refined search among them. Users of Grubhub may place orders up to four days in advance. It also contains standard features like basic search, ratings, reviews, and support for payment methods like PayPal and Android Pay. While the app is free, certain restaurants may need a minimum order size or delivery cost.

Features of Grubhub:

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2. UberEats - Order food to your door

With 81 million customers, UberEats is far and by the world’s most popular food delivery service, including USA.

It’s well-known for being easy to use and includes over 500 cities, such as Los Angeles and Chicago. UberEats is a meal delivery service that rode on the success of the original Uber app by letting customers sign in using their existing Uber profiles. The app is wider than urban regions since rural places in USA are also included.

Typically, UberEats adds a 10% delivery cost, with a $5 minimum, and offers promo coupons for customers’ go-to cafes. It offers food and grocery store delivery services. In addition, it allows customers to narrow their search based on factors like ethnicity, dietary restrictions, cuisine type, what’s new on UberEats, and what’s popular in your area. Creating an app like UberEats is a really good option if you are considering to build a food delivery app.

Features of UberEats:

3. DoorDash - Get more from your neighborhood

Doordash is the most popular food delivery app in USA. More than 1200 U.S. and Canadian cities have their branches. Over 7 million copies were downloaded during the second quarter of 2019, making it the most popular app in the United States. The food delivery app is particularly proud of its extensive database of over 110,000 menus from over 5,000 different restaurant chains.

Advertises that clients may save money on delivery and other fees with a $9.99 monthly DashPass membership. This is one of the ways how DoorDash makes money. The unique ranking system is the app’s selling point. Users may rate restaurants based on criteria, including how quickly they deliver food and how many positive reviews they have. The rating system facilitates patrons’ discovery of the finest dining establishments in their immediate vicinity. Users may also monitor the delivery status of their meals in real time.

There is no minimum order size requirement on DoorDash; nevertheless, the service cost might be rather expensive, especially during busy periods. However, the app’s rapid response, real-time monitoring, and high-quality food delivery service have made it a favorite among its users.

Features of DoorDash:

4. Seamless - Powered By Grubhub

GrubHub’s Seamless has been around for almost 20 years, providing fast meal delivery with an easy ordering procedure. This app may not be accessible outside big metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles. The software does more than bring meals to the user’s doorstep; it also lets them grab and go. The app also offers appealing promo coupons for well-liked eateries and coffee shops to differentiate itself from rivals.

Hundreds of cafés and restaurants are available via the Seamless app, the vast majority of which provide free food delivery. Users may narrow their restaurant search by cuisine type or specific menu item.

Features of Seamless:

5. ChowNow - Local Food Ordering

Compared to similar applications, ChowNow takes a somewhat different approach to deliver your meals. The app connects clients with local eateries and provides establishments with digital capabilities to process orders sent through mobile devices. Diners may look for eateries that serve a certain cuisine or are near their current location.

New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, Seattle, etc., are just a few U.S. cities where you may use ChowNow. Since the restaurants pay the app’s expenses, the delivery rate will vary depending on the eatery chosen.

Features of ChowNow:

6. Postmates - Food, drinks, groceries, and more

Postmates first gained popularity for delivering food but has now expanded to bring items from more than 10,000 retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. More than 3000 cities in all 50 U.S. states have it. Due to the app’s lack of restaurant partnerships, users can only place food orders based on location.

Postmates’ delivery prices, known as Blitz pricing rates, increase during busy ordering times. In addition, for an additional $10 a month, clients can sign up for Plus Unlimited, which gives them free delivery from select merchants and eateries, so long as their orders total at least $15. Making an app like Postmates requires expertise in food delivery app development but the app model has the capacity to generate good ROI.

Features of Postmates:

7. - Best Neighbourhood Food Delivery is almost identical to Postmates and is offered in more than one hundred locations throughout the United States. It enables users to order groceries, food, and even dry-cleaning services. There is no app cost, but some restaurants may tack on their delivery fees or require a minimum order size before accepting an order.

Each order placed on earns customers points for a future discount or even free delivery. The software simplifies the user experience by classifying everything into intuitive categories and making restaurant and food recommendations based on past orders.

Features of Delivery.Com:

8. GoPuff - Alcohol and Food Delivery

GoPuff, available in over 80 locations throughout the United States, is primarily a snack, ice cream, drink, and phone charger delivery app. In American Midwest and South cities, it functions more like a digital convenience store. GoPuff’s delivery rate of $2 is fair, considering its convenience. Using the app, shoppers may look for items specifically by name or brand and save those they want to reorder later. You may also schedule a future delivery of reordered products.

Features of GoPuff:

Final Thoughts!!

To sum up, the meal delivery market in the United States has expanded swiftly, and there are now many applications to choose from, each with its own advantages. Some of the most popular meal delivery apps in the United States include DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Instacart.

The market is growing rapidly and food business owners can benefit from this surging market demand. If you plan to develop a custom food delivery app, this is the right time.

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