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Free delivery, door-to-door delivery, and real-time delivery: These three meal delivery app…

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getir cost an features

Free delivery, door-to-door delivery, and real-time delivery: These three meal delivery app providers are deserving of their accolades and earnings. Since delivery service apps are a new trend, knowing the business model of a prominent delivery app like Getir can help you get started with a boom. Food is a necessity, and having it served from our favorite restaurants makes it a delight for all of us. With many new technical developments and excellent services, food delivery app and grocery delivery app trends have recently been quite revolutionary. The idea to develop delivery apps like Getir is growing increasingly popular, and aspiring entrepreneurs are not passing up the opportunity to develop an App like Getir. 

What Is Getir?

Getir, a Turkish technology company that has developed a $7.5 billion business on a mobile app that allows shoppers to purchase groceries and have them delivered in minutes, has risen its enterprise naturally up to this point, trying to target urban markets throughout Europe where it is negatively impacting the well-stocked cornershop with a service that requires even less work and energy from the ordinary shopper. With its initial purchase, it is now adjusting its approach in order to expand into three additional nations.

How Can You Make Money By Developing An App Like Getir?

They ultimately raised their first institutional investment round in December 2018. Nonetheless, the major break came a little more than a year later. The timing could not have been better. Only months later, the coronavirus epidemic put billions of people on lockdown, forcing them to rely on various internet delivery businesses. Getir, which was still solely available in Turkey, took complete advantage of opportunities. Getir generates money through selling food at high prices, as well as via shipping and other costs. Let’s take a deeper look at the business model for Getir.

Grocery Sales

The majority of Getir’s revenue involves selling food at a higher price range. The startup is expected to charge about 10% more than typical supermarkets. Nevertheless, such costs are still much lower than those of a typical grocery shop. While offline stores typically have profit margins of 2 to 3 percent, Getir may be able to get a larger chunk of the pie. It no longer has to pay exorbitant rent. Rather, it collaborates with franchisees that own run facilities at their own expense. Another significant benefit over its offline competitors is that Getir is aware of a customer’s purchase information and preferences. As a consequence, it may optimize the user experience and product recommendations to what it feels the consumer wants to purchase.

Delivery fees

Getir also earns money through delivery costs, which are added to every order. The fee that Getir charges for delivery guarantees that the firm is still profitable on smaller orders. Payment processing costs are also added to pay the transaction fees imposed by credit card issuers (mostly Mastercard and Visa).


When a product is sold via the Getir platform, the app takes a fee from the shop. The commission on various items is ascertained by the demand and distribution network.


Getir provides membership subscriptions with extra benefits such as surcharges, premium shipping, timely delivery, and no delivery fee.


A subscription allows consumers to get regular deliveries of things without having to place a purchase. For instance, a daily supply of milk, weekly supply of fruits and vegetables, monthly delivery of bath products.

Service fee

You may charge an extra service fee for each sale made by shops or partners who are not members of your club. They will be urged to purchase the membership plan in order to prevent service expenses. Getir promotes certain items by placing advertisements on the site. These services can also be used to boost subscriptions within the framework of your shop’s membership programs.

Advanced Features Of Getir

advanced features of app like getir

Be an early adopter and create an internet food marketplace with a robust feature set, and acknowledge how does Getir work?

Push notifications

With these messages, you can supply your consumers with targeted and helpful material at the perfect time. Push notifications are notification messages that display on the screen if the app is not used.

GPS-based Tracking

With this function, you may verify the user’s geographical location and provide results such as goods, finances, well-known grocery stores, nearby shops, and so on.

Real-time Tracking

The user receives live tracking on their cell phone when they activate this option. For example, you may follow the delivery driver seeing where he is, how long he will take, and if there is a delay.

Behavior Tracking

Behavior verification entails tracking user reaction instances in order to give a better customer experience. The most popular examples include things last purchased by the user, most browsed items, shopping time, and user habits.

Real-time analytics

Track your company’s development with information on campaigns, returns, and sales in the analytics area.

Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty programmes like cash, coupons, memberships, gift cards, etc. that improve consumer loyalty assist firms in maintaining a continuous relationship.

Reviews And Ratings

Tests and ratings assist the firm in understanding client feedback and assist other consumers in understanding the services of their business through their reviews.


If a client wants to place the same order numerous times, he or she can use the re-ordering capability to do so without having to add things over and again.

In-App Dialing

Both the client and the business owner should be able to activate the delivery guy using the app.

Chatting within an app

The delivery guy, like in-app conversations with a call feature, should be able to converse with both the consumer and the owner via a chat option.

In-App Navigation

In-App Navigation Navigation using Google Maps, in particular, allows the user to quickly monitor his whereabouts for the delivery address and also assists the delivery guy in finding the location.

Business Intelligence

It will help you locate new business opportunities, cut costs, and identify inefficient reconfiguration practices.

Dashboard Personalization

Custom dashboards provide a central location for every business unit to view, interact with, and analyze current data in order to make more informed data-driven decisions.

Voice Assist

Voice assistance or voice search enables customers to buy using solely voice commands while also doing other things.

Integration of CRM

It allows your firm to centralize customer interaction, optimize and simplify it, increase customer understanding, improve the overall customer categorization and engagement, and a variety of other advantages.

Integration of ERP

Your company’s rising size makes it tough to adequately manage all aspects. ERP integration allows you to streamline and control all of your company’s activities.

Visual Lookup

If a consumer is unable to identify a real goods but wishes to purchase it all through your app, visual AI search can assist.


It contributes to a better user experience while also increasing app sales by promoting comparable things that the client was looking at or exploring in your app.

Make An App Like Getir

develop an app like Getir

Customer Side App

Develop delivery apps like Getir for consumers with Echoinnovate IT to aid them with their grocery delivery with simplicity. Customers may quickly place orders by navigating the menu and choosing their preferred retailer and product categories.

The following functionalities are included in the customer-based grocery delivery app:

Merchant Side App

When you develop an app like Getir, monitoring performance is a vital component of managing a business; it aids in the growth of the enterprise. Keep track of received, canceled, and actually achieved orders with our food delivery system. It also enables you to edit, delete, or alter menu items and their prices based on your company’s demands and convenience.

Delivery Executive App

Develop a delivery app like Getir for delivery executives by including multiple functions and user-friendliness. As per their convenience, the delivery executives can simply accept or refuse the grocery delivery. Here’s what they’ll get:

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Getir?

It is natural to consider the cost, yet it is impossible to obtain a precise cost estimate. Assume you have a good idea for a hyperlocal delivery and online shopping app and are ready to begin creating it, but the only thing stopping you is the expense of app development. To develop an app like Getir with all of the features stated above may cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, or possibly more.


If you’re amazed by the capabilities of hyperlocal delivery apps like Getir, now is the time to create your own app and get started right away. In case have a great app concept, hire mobile app developers from Echoinnovate IT. If you are searching for a top mobile app development company, Echoinnovative IT can assist you in laying a solid basis for app development and achieving long-term success.

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