A Complete And Informative Overview Of iOS Platform

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A Complete And Informative Overview Of iOS Platform

iPhone operating system iOS supports Objective-C, C, C ++, programming language Swift. It is based on Macintosh OS X. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad all come with IOS. Thus, targeting smart wearables like the apple watch. Hence iOS platform is trending

What is iOS? Let’s have the iOS platform overview. iOS is Apple’s proprietary operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Cocoa Touch frame and various user interface components are specific to iOS. Here are key features of the iOS platform include :

  • Conventions designed the user interface and consistent
  • Design that is minimal
  •  Guidelines related to apple human interface
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Cured and application distribution system closely controlled

Let’s begin with a general overview of the iOS platform.

How Is iOS Platform Better Than Any Other Platform?

Developing on the iOS platform is faster, easier, and cheaper. The development time for an android phone app is 30-40% more than for iOS. Henceforth, one reason IOS is easier to develop is because of the code.

Android applications are generally written in Java, a language that involves writing more code. However, the official programming language of Apple is Swift. Not to mention, Swift is easy to write and execute. Correspondingly, it takes lesser time than any other platform.

As a matter of fact, android is an open-source platform. Thus, a lack of standardization means more devices, components and software fragmentation to account for the android play store.

iOS’s closed ecosystem means that it is developing for a few standardized devices and operating systems. Thus, the iOS application store has strict rules and expectations of quality and longer review process, which can take longer for applications to be approved. Also, your application may be rejected even if it is not up to Apple’s standards.

iOS Platform Facts :

iOS powers the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

As a matter of fact, 1 billion iOS devices sold as per the announcement at the start of 2015

Also, Currently over 1.4 million apps on App store

Identically, iOS is the operating system that powers the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Additionally, it powers the Apple TV.

iOS Platform Image Credits : statista.com

There are currently over 1 billion iOS devices that have been sold. Thus it is rather an incredible number especially considering the platforms have only been available for a few years.

It’s the new market of India and China that will take this market to an even greater number in the many more years to come.

As of now, there are over 1.4 million apps available on the App store. This has been a very popular platform for developers.

iOS Platform Overview

iOS architecture is a layered architecture. At the top level, iOS acts as an intermediary between the underlying hardware and applications are made. However, applications do not communicate directly with the underlying hardware. Similarly, applications talk to the hardware through a collection of well-defined interface systems.

These interfaces make it easy to write applications that work consistently on devices that have different hardware capabilities.

Lower layers provide basic services to all applications. Likewise, it is based on the upper layer level and gives a sophisticated graphics interface and related services.

Apple provides most of its system interfaces in special packages called frames. A frame is a directory that contains a dynamic shared library that is filed, such as header files related images and helper applications needed to support that library resources. Thus, each layer has a set of the framework that the developer uses to build applications. Here is the layered architecture of the iOS platform.

iOS Platform

1. Cocoa Touch

Cocoa Touch is a user interface framework. It is used for building software programs to run on iOS.

It provides an abstraction layer iOS, the operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Similarly, Cocoa Touch is based on macOS set of API tools and cocoa, as it is written mainly in Objective-C language. Thus, Cocoa Touch allows the use of hardware and features not found in Mac OS computers and therefore are exclusive to the range of iOS devices. Furthermore, Cocoa Touch follows the architecture of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software.

Cocoa Touch contains a different set of control elements graphics from cocoa. Thus, tools to develop applications based on Cocoa Touch applications are included in the iOS SDK of iOS platform.

  • EventKit Frame – To give drivers a view to display standard system interfaces. Thus, to view and alter the events related to the calendar
  • GameKit Marco – Implements support for Game Center. Thus, allows users to share their game-related information online
  • iAd Framework – It allows you to offer based on the flag of your application ads.
  • MapKit Marco – It gives a displacement map. Thus,  it can be included in the user interface of the application.
  • Pushkin Framework – The registration provides support for VoIP applications.
  • Marco Twitter – It supports a user interface to generate tweets and supporting the creation of URLs to access the Twitter service.
  • UIKit Framework – It gives vital for implementing graphical applications, based on events in IOS infrastructure. Some of the important functions of documentation User Interface Kit :

Multitasking support.

Application management and basic infrastructure.

Management user interface

Support for touch and motion event.

2. Media Layer

iOS Platform

Image Credits : slideshare.net

For iOS platform graphics, audio, and video technology are activated using the middle layer.

Graphics framework :

  • UIKit Graphics – It is the high-level of support for image design. Therefore, it is described and is also used to encourage the contents of their views.
  • Graphics Core Framework – It is a drawing engine for native applications IOS and supports custom 2D and rendering based on the image vectors.
  • Core Animation – It is an initial technology that optimizes the experience of animation applications.
  • Core images – Gives advanced support for remote control video and still images in a non-destructive manner. Thus managing images.
  • OpenGL ES and GLKit – Manage 2D and advanced 3D accelerated by hardware interfaces
  • Metal – Allows a very high performance for their works graphics rendering and sophisticated computer. It offers very low over the A7 GPU access.

Audio frame :

  • Media Player Framework – It is a high-level framework that provides easy use iTunes library and user support for playing playlists.
  • AV Foundation – Objective C is an interface for managing recording and playback of audio and video.
  • OpenAL – It is a standard industry technology to provide audio.

Video frame

  • AV Kit – The frame provides a collection of easy to use interfaces for video presentation.
  • AV Foundation – It provides advanced video playback and recording capability.
  • Core means – Framework describes the low-level interfaces and data types for operating the media. Thus, improving core means.

3. Core Services Layer

Core services layer. Some of the major frameworks available in the layers of basic services are as follows:

  • Marco Address Book – Allows programmatic access to a database of user contacts. Thus, maintaining records.
  • Cloud Frame Kit – Provides a means to move data between your application and icloud.
  • The framework of basic data – Technology management data model of an application of Model View Controller.
  • Core Foundation framework – The interfaces that provide management functions critical data and application services for iOS. Thus, providing core foundation facilities.
  • The Core Location framework – The location and heading information applications.
  • Core frame motion – access all data based on movies available on a device. Using this information framework based core of the accelerometer can be accessed movement.
  • Foundation Framework – Objective C which also covers many of the features found in the framework of the Core Foundation
  • Healthkit framework – New framework for managing information related to the health of users
  • Homekit framework – New framework to talk to and control connected devices in the home of a user.
  • Social framework – Simple interface to access social networking accounts of users.
  • StoreKit frame – supports the purchase of content and services from within their applications IOS, a feature known ASIN-App Purchase.

4. Core OS Layer

The core layer OS is the last layer of the stack and IOS is directly on top of the hardware device. Likewise, this layer provides a variety of services including networking low-level access to external accessories and usual services such as memory management, file system management, and basic operating system threads.

The core layer of the operating system has characteristics of the low level that most other technologies are based on :

  • Bluetooth Framework core
  • Accelerate framework
  • Marco external accessory
  • The framework security services
  • Local authentication framework
  • 64-bit support iOS7 supports the development of 64-bit applications and allows the application to run faster

Core OS layer provides the following services :

  • Security Services
  • Networking
  • Threading
  • Standard I/O

So, to keep it short, it is a very SIMPLE level of functioning at the top layers (Cocoa Touch) and as we move down to Core OS, the amount of code that we write and the complexity of the code generally increases.

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Wrapped Up

iOS is becoming a trending platform today. Building an app on the iOS platform can bring you a lot of revenue. Also, iOS apps are used by potential customers. Thus, besides popularity, it can bring you monetary benefits as well.

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