How to Develop a Fitness App in 8 Easy Steps using AR(Augmented Reality)Kit

Want to build augmented reality fitness app? It includes some advanced features in…

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fitness app in 8 easy steps

Want to build augmented reality fitness app? It includes some advanced features in an ordinary fitness app. Follow the below guide.

AR fitness app

Do you have a fitness app on the mobile, or are you looking for it? Yes! Most people are concerned about fitness and looking for an app that will help them to achieve a healthy body.

So, many companies are looking for developing fitness apps. Are you also willing to develop such an app? Then, continue reading.

The fitness industry is growing high, and people are looking for such needs. So, when you want to make it a successful move, you have to follow the steps appropriately to achieve the best way of having a successful fitness app using the ARKit.

An AR-based fitness app with 360 degrees 3D modeling can boost the entire workout experience for the users who are concerned about fitness. The interaction with the physical world can immensely bring the virtual and reality closer with the real-time generated data for the functioning of the tool.

As per the survey, it is expected that in 2023, the AR headsets and the popularity of the AR headsets will increase. This is to raise the chance for the entire healthcare tech products and vendors to capture the market potential like that have never before. So, here are the steps to develop such a fitness app with ARKit.

Role of Building AR app to achieve your fitness goals

Role of Building AR app to achieve your fitness goals

One of the most significant benefits of AR is it will break through the communication barriers that you will usually find in your day-to-day lives. It will power your app with interactivity and visualization that will further enable you to effortlessly offer guidance on the posture and reduce the chance of any injuries. Further, if your goals are to create a personalized experience for the users, AR will allow you to trigger the three critical sides of human behavior like emotions, knowledge, and desire.

You may find it incredibly difficult to hold the attention of the user if your app does not stimulate the minds of the people. The AR 3d model will solve these types of challenges by giving the users a 360-degree view of the experience. This in turn will give you a better perspective of their workout and also draw the attention to have the right muscles.

So, what is more, to know it? It is the technology that has a way of presenting the details and complex data analytics. AR will also assist you to connect with the users on a deeper level with the graphical presentation of any fitness goals you have. It also includes calorie consumption, progress monitors, and heart rate. It will also work as a booster to motivate the users to stay on track and achieve the desired results with it.

Know the challenges in building AR Fitness App

challenges in building AR Fitness App

Generally, AR will come with a bundle of features. Here, you can find a brief note on the most prevalent challenges that you may come across when you are developing the fitness app with this ARKit. With a surge in the use of the fitness variables, it can be challenging to develop an application that is compatible with all the electronic devices that people use in their day to day lives. The chance is you could either miss the mark of successfully integrating the 360-degree exercise view or track the accurate movements of the body.

Implementing such UX or UI design as per the industry and technology is the best practice, and it is a huge challenge you have to face. It can be found to be a daunting process to design navigation for multiple platforms and screens, all when maintaining the consistency of the interface. Another tough one is to have a frontend to build highly scalable applications. Having an industry expert who has accomplished several projects is highly crucial.

Now, you have to understand the significance of the AR for your fitness app, and the challenges that come with it. Here are several other things you have to find about building the fitness app with the ARKit.

Know the prerequisites

When you want to build the fitness application with AR, you should focus on the prerequisites like the iPhone 6s or above and Xcode 11 or above. It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the functionalities and the fundamentals of the ARKit 3. It is the iOS fitness AR app that cannot be tested on any regular iOS simulator. You will have to test it on the real device with the A9 chip and after that will run on iOS 11 and several advanced models.

3D models

3d model

You can have the ARKit application that will be using the scene kit for rendering. This screen kit is the native 3D rendering engine for iOS with direct hooks into the ARKit. There are several native formats available in the SceneKit that you can use to load the 3D models. However, you will be concentrating on the Collada Digital Asset Exchange or DAE format. The DAE format will allow you to have multiple objects in the scene file that will include the camera and lights in any geometry.

What are the sessions?

The session coordinates the processes with the ARKit on your behalf to create the new AR experience. This process in the session will include reading and detecting the data from the motion sensors of the hardware. It will also help in controlling the device with the built-in camera that will usually capture and analyze the images. The session will integrate all the results concerning the real work and the devices occupy the virtual space where the model out in the AR content.

Steps to develop the fitness app using the AR Kit

Steps to develop the fitness app

Choosing the ARkit to develop the fitness app is one of the best and preferable options. There are several factors you have to consider when you have to develop it. Here is the list of steps you have to remember to develop the best fitness app.

Step 1: Start with a single view

When you want to create the best fitness app, you should initially start with a new single view app in XCode by selecting create a new Xcode project and then clicking on augmented reality. Now, click on the “next” button.

Step 2: Name the project

Now, it is time to name the project like ExerciseDemo, organization name, identifier. Also, make sure that the language is set to Swift and content technology to Scene Kit. When you are set with it, click “next”, and you have created the project.

Step 3: Camera usage

Now, you have to allow for camera usage by opening the info.plist file and adding a new row with the key “privacy – camera usage description” and the descriptive value such as “Augmented reality purposes”.

Step 4: Cleaning the code

You have to clean up the code to some extent. This is because you choose the augmented reality app as the template. Also, there is some code that you may not need to have the process. You can delete the art. scnassets folder in the project navigator and code concerning it from viewDidLoad() technique.

Step 5: Download 3D workout

Now, you have to download the 3D work model. You can find this from Mixamo.

Step 6: Extract zip file

It is now time to extract the zip file and add .dea and texture files into Xcode.

Step 7: Click on a 3D model

You have to click on the 3D model, and you can have the preview at Xcode, and you also have an opportunity to change the property from any of the materials inspectors.

Step 8: Finish the development

Following these steps, you have not successfully developed the app. when you run the app, the app will ask you permission for the camera. Your very own fitness app integration and the configuration are now ready, and you can proceed with it.

The bottom line – Build Augmented Reality Fitness App

AR-based fitness application is a revolutionary step for the fitness and the healthcare industry. The 3D view capability in the fitness and the workout apps will offer the users the virtual personal trainer who can keep them healthy and sound with necessary fitness. So, building an app and making it successful is not a simple thing. You have to care for every step you have to move for the application development. Here, you might have gone through the application development process. So, ensure you are following the right way to make it more successful.

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