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Want to create a yoga sequence app? Confused if it is a good business idea, wondering if you will earn any money from your app? This blog has all the answers to your questions. The blog has all the details you need to build an yoga sequence app.

Even though yoga asanas are universal; every yoga guru or trainer has its unique way of teaching. Every guru has a group of students to teach and in this online generation most of us want to have everything online; the same goes for learning yoga online.

Let’s start the journey of developing the best yoga app

Best yoga sequence app for your inspiration

Best yoga sequence app for your inspiration

First, have a look at the most popular yoga apps which are helping people around the world learn and practice yoga. These apps can help you understand which features are loved and preferred by the users. Moreover, you will get an idea of the design to make your app more intuitive and modern.

Iyoga premium

This is one of the most popular yoga apps with more than 190 postures. The app provides around 80 postures at the beginning and then 110 more postures through in-app purchases. It also has a feature that allows the user for quick class planning. The app also has the feature of a sequence builder which can help the user to build their own sequences.

The mobile app is beneficial for yoga teachers and for students.

Pocket Yoga Teacher

This yoga sequence app has voice instructions and poses instructions available for beginners. The app has a feature by which the users can build their own sequences. This sequence can be used as a guide to learn and practice yoga anytime and anywhere.

The app has image illustrations instead of video and this makes the app much faster as compared to others. One more amazing feature of this app is, it can integrate with the Apple Health app which makes it more accessible on iPad and iPhone

Flying Therapeutics

The app has a basic version of 50 instructing videos and 100 videos in the advanced version. It also helps the users to learn and practice partner yoga and acro yoga. The app has HD videos along with text descriptions.

The app is perfect for those who have a hearing disability or for those who want to practice without sound

How to deal with the existing competition in Yoga Sequence Apps?

When you decide to create your own yoga sequence app, you should be ready for the competition as well. There might be different apps already available in your town or city hence you should be all set to win over the competition.

1. Add new and unique features

To make your app stand out the best way is to add features that are not available in the other yoga sequence apps. You might need more research for this but it will be worth it. You will get deep insights into the expectations of a yoga aspirant which will help you to decide what kind of features you can add to the app.

2. Make it more intuitive and user friendly

Another way to beat the competition is to make it more intuitive as well as user-friendly. There is no way to define the age of the app users hence you need to make an app that is easy to use for all the age groups.

3. Check out what other users are facing problems with the existing apps

Now comes another way to add new functions to your app. You can talk to the users of existing apps to know what problems they are facing in the app. This will help you to understand what are the expectations of the yoga app users. You can solve these problems and you will be the star among your target audience.

Ways to earn from your yoga sequence app

There is no doubt that you want to earn from your app too. Here are the earning models you can implement to earn good money from your app.

1. Freemium App

This is the most popular monetization method for almost all apps today. In this model, the users will get to use the app’s basic feature free of cost. If the user wanted to use the advanced features a minimal cost will be required. You can implement this for your app too, the users can use the app for basic features or postures free of cost and to use the advanced features yearly or monthly charges will apply.

2. Advertisements

You can display advertisements in your app and earn money from these businesses. It is usually called pay per click model where a user will have to pay the cost on every click of the app user. For this, you will have to figure out relatable business in which your users might take an interest. For example, you can collaborate with yoga mat sellers or yoga pant sellers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

When you have an audience that has trust in you this can be an amazing monetization method. You can ask your followers to buy the products of the businesses with which you have collaborated within your videos or posture illustration description.

Features to add in your Yoga sequence app

The features of your app are going to be the reason your users will keep using the app or will uninstall it.

Features to add in your Yoga sequence app

Why Echoinnovate IT is the right choice to create a yoga sequence app?

We at Echoinnovate IT have the most skilled team of designers. Developers Quality Analysts and Business Analysts. From the beginning of the project to the end we will be there with you throughout the process. Here’s a quick look at our development price:

Analysis of the app idea

Once we are all set to work together of the team of business analysts will start the analysis of the idea of the application. We will help you to understand the viability of your app idea in the real market.

Designing the app

Once we are clear on the app idea we will start creating an intuitive design of the app. The team will create a few mockups of different designs to help you understand how exactly the app will look in different designs and color combinations.


Now comes the most important part of the app development process; writing the code of the application. We keep in mind that the code of the app is easy to understand and clear to make changes in the future too.

Quality Analysis

Once the app is codded it’s time to test the app in-deep. We don’t want your app to go live with any bug or issue. Even though the app testing is a part of the development process as well. We keep testing the app along with the development and then we test the entire app once again thoroughly.

Over to you

That was our detailed resource on how to create a yoga sequence app. There is no doubt that yoga sequence apps will become the need of the hour very soon. Hence; you will have to build an app for your students too. If you are a yoga instructor or you want to build a business of teaching yoga then we are here for you.

Our team will make sure to build the best app for you. Get in touch with our experts today.

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