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These days a healthy lifestyle is gaining much popularity. It’s quite a…

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These days a healthy lifestyle is gaining much popularity. It’s quite a trend in modern times which is highly commendable. Several people started monitoring their diet and are growing day by day. To help them all it is important to create a nutrition app with an extended set of features. If you are planning to build a diet and nutrition app then you are in the right place. This article will provide fresh insights into the diet apps and you will know how to create one of them.

Types of Nutrition & Diet App

The diet and the nutrition app help the users in maintaining a healthy diet. Some apps help users to lose weight, be healthy, and get stronger.

There are even some apps that find food according to the user’s needs, goals, and lifestyles. It can sometimes allow users to determine the calorie content of food and adjust their eating habits to lose weight.

The different types of nutrition apps include calorie counters, diet trackers, and meal planners. These platforms connect the users and nutrition coaches.

Who are the users of diet and nutrition apps? | Market for Nutrition

The ideas are worthless if your app doesn’t create real value for the users. When an app doesn’t meet the user’s requirements then that is the biggest reason why startups fail.

If you are planning to create such apps, first learn your target audience both inside and outside. Know their demographics and the problems for which you want to find a solution. Make sure you know who you are going to target with your app.

When it is the users of the diet apps, the typical users of the diet and nutrition application are young. They tend to use the nutrition app regularly to keep themselves stronger and healthy.

Even some users download mobile healthcare apps to track exercise, monitor nutrition, reduce weight, and learn to work out.

Process of Nutrition and Diet App Development

When you want to create a diet and nutrition app there are certain stages that your app will go through. They are,

Discovery and Research

discovery and research

This is a stage where you will have to introduce your idea to the software development team. They will help you by determining that your idea is viable by analyzing the market, competitors, and target audience.

Then they will define the key objectives and the core values of the product. After that, the team will write a product specification document to outline how your app will function.



Once you approve the product specification the design team proceeds with wireframing. This can help in saving the developers time and effort and then specifies the apps structures, features, and navigation.

Code Development

Code Development

This is the most important and the longest stage in which the software development team will turn your idea into a product.

Testing and Deployment

Testing and Deployment

At this stage, the quality assurance specialist will test the application and will find if there is any bug. After they verify that the app is stable they will publish it in the app stores.

Trending Features that form the core of your app

Certain basic features have to be included in all the diet applications. However, you may also add some features that can take a specific niche on the market.

Registration Feature for Nutrition App


For the users of health applications personalization usually means a lot. To provide effective value such apps should take in things like age, sex, different health indicators like weight, height, and so on.

Therefore this process will provide the user with personalized content. It also ensures that the data will not be lost when the user reinstalls the application.

However, you have to be super attentive while working with such apps and storing personal data in the app. It is better to store as little personal data as possible so that you will not have any problems with breaches and hackers.

When you create a diet app you would even implement a social login feature as it allows going through a usual sign-up process when users are required to enter their name, surname, date of birth, email, and other essential details.

Instead of all this, the info is directly taken from the user’s social network profile.

Food Logging and Dashboard

This is an essential feature when it comes to diet application. This works like food dictionaries which can store all the information about the calories there in each meal or product.

When the users enter the type and the amount of the food the app will show an average number of calories that the user has likely consumed.

Since this is going to be the most used screen in your app, you will have to pay some special attention to the design and the appealing UI.



It is recommended to add a hydration screen when you are developing a nutrition app. Water consumption means a lot to the users who are very conscious about their health.

Some apps can calculate the optimal water intake by considering the user’s parameters like height and weight.

Therefore these are the features that make your diet app and you should include them in the scope of the nutrition app development.

Common Features to create nutrition applications

Common Features

Here are a few extra features that can be included in the nutrition application.

Diet Plans Feature for App

Most of the users will expect to have a healthy eating helper rather than just a calorie calculator in your app. This may be a great advantage for them if you offer them a personalized experience.

It depends totally on you. Whatever you make or you will choose the diet plans screen will look quite the same.

Barcode Scanner for Nutrition App

This is a nice alternative to the manual food login. If you have this in your app then the customers will get a few advantages.

With this, the user will be able to scan a barcode which can significantly improve the overall UX. they will also get accurate data on the number of odd calories and it won’t be some average estimate.

Shopping List Feature

To encourage your users to open the application more frequently, you can have a shopping list feature. This is something that can help both the user as well as the developer.

All you can do is provide a simple option to manually enter the needed goods.

Integration with the Wearable Devices

Many people want to know not only how many calories they eat but also burn a day. This feature doesn’t directly relate to nutrition but it can be useful for the users.

Integrating with wearable devices people can track their weight. Seeing the difference between burnt and eaten calories a day will help the users to figure out whether they should change something about their eating habits.

Recipe Book

For healthy eating, people have to cook, but that is the worst part for them. Usually, ready-to-cook meals are not healthy at all. A book of healthy recipes is something that you can help your users.

It saves a lot of time for them and will give even more reasons to use your app more frequently. This will be more convenient also if the users can add the recipe ingredients right to their in-app shopping list.

Live Experts

You can even build a nutrition app with a live expert feature. This is for those who are seeking professional help and want to personalize interaction with your apps as much as possible.

This feature can be used as a solution for monetization. It will cover the needs of the ready-to-play users for getting guidance from the experts.

Dietary Tip – Blog

This is another feature that you can implement when you are developing a diet and nutrition app. This will be a great source of information about healthy eating habits. The users can use this feature to read the news and actual researches on this topic.

This feature can even have a great marketing effect when people enjoy the content that you give them. They will also showcase it in the social network and become promoters of your brand among the family and friends.

Therefore these are the things that will help you to create a diet and nutrition app. Make sure you get to know about these before you create one.


How does MyFitnessPal make money?

MyFitnessPal’s popularity is mainly due to it being a free app, they are able to earn money through premium memberships and ad revenue. The MyFitnessPal premium offers advanced tools for tracking nutrition and exercise as well as removing ads for dedicated users.

How do diet apps work?

Using diet apps to keep track of your weight, will present your weight changes on a graph. It allows you to track your food intake and portion sizes simply by taking pictures of your meals.

How do I create an Android diet nutrition app?

While creating an app you’ll go through the following stages of development:

  • Discovery and research
  • Prototyping
  • Code development
  • Testing and deployment

Registration, Food logging, and dashboard, Hydration, Diet plans, Barcode scanners, Shopping lists, Integration with wearable devices, Recipe books, Live experts, Dietary tips are some of the most trending features in nutrition apps.

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