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Best free phone Prank Apps

Are you on the lookout for a cool Prank Apps idea to play tricks on your friends and family? If the answer is YES, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into 20 Best Prank Apps crafted specifically to deliver fun and entertainment to users, offering prank tips, tricks, and memes to explore. So be sure to stick around till the end of this article to discover your favorite application and enjoy the thrill of being an expert PRANKSTER!

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Prankdial – A Popular Prank Call App

best prank apps for android download

The greatest prank call app ever created. With over 200 million prank calls sent and many giggles worldwide, PrankDial is designed to provide the finest experience to date. Take a break, brighten everyone’s day, and get up to three free calls every day along with hundreds of jokes.

Select an amusing prank call, such as the timeless “You Hit My Car” or “Why You Call My Girlfriend.” You can choose a friend or relative’s phone number for the same. With this, simply make the imaginary call. Everybody gets three complimentary calls every day. There are hundreds of pranks to select from. PrankDial sounds like a real person while doing the task for you. Their prank call system recognizes when someone speaks and automates the call.

Fart Sounds| Fart Noise Prank – Fart Sound Prank App

free prank apps for iphone

This app has a variety of fart sounds that you may listen to or use as a practical joke on someone by setting a countdown and using the whoopee cushion flatulence gas feature. Are you starting to grow weary? Do you feel down? Because laughter is so good for you, download this whoopee cushion app and share the joy with everyone you meet.

With the help of the whoopee cushion flatulence gas feature and a countdown, you may play a practical joke on someone by employing the app’s assortment of fart sounds. What do you get in this app? Nice & clean user interface, easy interaction, fart prank timer bomb, whoopee cushion prank and much more.

The Prank App – Last Prank App You’ll Need

best fake call app

This software has over 50 distinct prank tools and entertaining stuff (such as the air horn sound, clipper, fart, and razor pranks, as well as humorous sound effects and scary pranks). In the upper right corner of each prank, there is a symbol that you can tap to ask questions if you are unsure how to use it; Additional stuff can be unlocked in certain pranks’ shops. 

Get a collection of various apps, hypnosis tools, scary pranks, fun sounds, games and a lot more features. 

Crack & Break It! – Prank App To Kill Stress

Best Free Prank Apps

With this fun prank app, reduce your tension by using “Crack and Break it!” Play practical jokes on your friends and parents? Have you ever had dreams of shattering glass blocks, fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, or windows? When you were little, did you enjoy shattering glass objects? If so, this software is perfect for you and it’s totally free!

This game includes ten different inbuilt features like image breaker, glass blocks, light bulbs, fluorescent apps, etc. Enjoy amazing graphics and realistic sound effects with multi-touch support features. 

Who’s Calling Fake Caller Prank Phone Call – Prank Call App

best call prank app

Fake an incoming call from a celebrity, your partner, or anybody else you choose with nine call screens at your disposal. You won’t believe how simple it is to add funny online photos of celebrities. You can make your iPhone or iPod touch ring whenever you want with the most lifelike iPhone fake caller software available on the software store.

With this app, you can fool your friends into thinking they are talking with a celebrity, get a call from a superhero, or even Santa! Record a custom audio clip for the callers you design. You can also select from nine call screens, 99 ringtones, with an adjustable time lag,  numerous calls to get you going, add as many calls as you like for free, and block callers you wish to avoid.

Fake All – Fake Texting Prank App

apps to prank friends

Are you up for pulling pranks on your friends? Then let me present to you an incredible application that lets you construct your own stories and generate false phone screens, chat conversations, and message notifications. Simply use the Whatsapp or Messenger interface to create a fake chat. It is easy to change a person’s role in a discourse; so feel free to add anything you like to the chat.

To play a joke on friends, save the phony screenshot to your device’s chat.

Select the backdrop image you wish to use for the phony message alert; we’ve included a few options. Easily add your own voice to our Ring and Vibration sound.

This native application is solely made for entertainment purposes.

Prank App, Voice Changer – Fun Voice Changing Prank App

best phone prank app

Are you looking for the funniest practical jokes to pull on your loved ones? Your entire pranking solution is provided by Prank App. This can be used as a stress-relieving app as opposed to a joke app. With a voice changer, record yourself saying anything, then edit it using imaginative and filthy filters. All recordings are stored in high definition so you may access and share them whenever you want. 

Apart from this, it has a wide range of possibilities to transform your voice into the voices of celebrities, well-known cartoon characters, performers, and other characters like robots, zombies, aliens, devils, and more. Also, create prank sounds and sticker pranks by sending hilarious stickers that can create ten thousand words. With this, pick the perfect funny sticker to prank the person you are planning to get black at.

Funsta – Social Media Prank App

best prank call app

Fake chat displays are simple to create and customize, down to the last detail. You may effortlessly play practical jokes on your buddies with this realistic-looking screen.

To quickly share it with your friends, take a screenshot or utilize the app’s Share screen option. You’ve never had more fun pulling practical jokes on your friends. 

With this app, you can Include fictitious likes, comments, and posts on the post, construct fictitious groups and contacts, add fictitious stories for you and your friends, have fake conversations with all emojis, and do much more with the newly updated user interface.

Ghost Prank App – Scary Fun Prank App

top prank apps

With this app, add ghosts to your images to frighten others in your group. They’ll realize they’re not by themselves. If your friends are very interested in ghosts or ghost hunting, this is the perfect app to play practical jokes on them. Any image can have ghosts added to it, and you can snap photos directly within the app and send them straight away. 

Select numerous eerie and realistic ghosts to include; there’s one for every occasion when it comes to your photo. You can send it straight from the email to friends or yourself and amuse them directly from their email. Post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag others in it. To share, save it straight to your camera roll through SMS, iMessage, or just so you have a record of it and enjoy the fun daily.

Dude Car Prank Pro – Funny Automobile Prank App

apps to prank people

All of your friends will love the app “Dude Car Prank Pro.” Trick anyone (depending on how much you think they can bear) into believing their automobile has been damaged by using this software. And what do you know? You won’t need more than a minute to complete it! It will be worth seeing the expression on their faces as they hurry to discover what has happened to their car. 

With this app, you can take photos or utilize ones you already have in your collection. Utilize one, two, or three damage filters. Modify the chosen damage filter’s dimensions, shape, and orientation. Save the altered photo to your album or send it straight over Bluetooth, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Fake Chat WhatsMock Text Prank – Fun Chat Prank App

best fake call app android

Use WhatsMock Fake Chat Conversation Maker to play practical jokes on your buddies.

Conceive interactions with false chats to trick your peers. You can share realistically rendered mockups of chats with your friends by using the Fake Chat Maker. Make Whats Prank contacts, start conversations, and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

With this app, create fake profiles, send phony chat messages, and add phony status updates. It provides support for all emojis, GIFs, and Stickers. It also has fake support for image, video, and audio chat. Apart from these features, create fake video & audio calls and share call logs or screenshots.

Broken Screen Prank – A Popular Prank

best prank app

Broken Screen Prank is a popular prank tool that you may use to fool your friends. The software mimics a cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone when you touch the screen. It appears like you cracked and broke your phone with your finger. All of your friends will think that your phone is shattered because the broken effect is so convincing, and they will get worried. 

What features do you get in this app? You get glass-breaking sound effects and realistic crack wallpaper. Shake or touch your screen to break it. Also use additional effects, including electric and fire screens, to destroy the screen of your phone. You can remove the crack screen effect by simply clicking the notification.

Boomerang – iPhone Prank Calls App

phone prank apps for iphone

This is among the top apps for prank calls. More than 100,000 prank calls have been made thus far, spreading happiness all around the world. Embrace playing practical jokes on your friends with our free prank calls. These prank calls are equipped with “Artificial Intelligence” in real time and are available on the app bringing the practical joke as close as possible.

It’s an easy-to-use app with just chooses a prank, selects a friend or family member’s number, sends the prank call, and simply enjoys the prank call reactions and sharing it with your friends.

Fake Call – Prank App for Calling Friends

best prank apps

Create fake stimulating incoming calls with this fake call prank app. You simply need to download this app and customize your own prank caller ID like police or pizza. Once you have selected a specific character, you can choose a caller picture, set a ringtone or default ringtone for the same. Also set the voice of the caller and also record the voice of a caller.

Juasapp – Hilarious Prank Calls App

prank apps list

Do hilarious practical jokes for your friends and family, laugh aloud, and see how they respond. Download one of the best prank-calling apps in Europe, JuasApp, and enjoy unmatched fun with your friends. Receive joke calls for free when you download the app, log in to JuasApp using your social media accounts, and follow the app’s recommendations.

Get cool features like choosing jokes, choosing friends you wish to play pranks on, listening and sharing their reactions, and enjoying the fun after.

Fake Chat Messenger Prank Chat – Prank through Fake Messages

best app for prank

Create chats and distribute them to your acquaintances and relatives by using fake chat messages also called Fakenger Pranks. It is simple to create fictitious chat displays. You may effortlessly play practical jokes on your buddies with this realistic-looking screen. To quickly share it with your friends, take a screenshot or utilize the app’s “Share Screen” feature. Simply enjoy the fun of pulling practical jokes on your friends. 

In this app, make fake contracts, fake stories, and groups where you can add fake members, control both sides of the conversation, automate fake replies to fool anyone in real-time, and schedule fake audio and video calls.

MagicCall – Voice Changer App

apps to prank your friends

Call someone in a different voice with the MagicCall app. In this app, you can change your app in real time and have fun with friends. Make use of voice changers for women, children, cartoons, by changing your voice while on the phone. Try your voice before you answer the phone with the cheapest technique to record a humorous fun call. During the call, play sound emoticons like a kiss, clap, etc.

With MagicCall, change your voice to female, or male, talk like a cartoon, or choose a normal voice option to make a normal call. With MagicCall’s “Background Voices”, you can have even more fun. Use the Happy Birthday, Raining, Traffic, and Music Concert backgrounds when you’re on the phone with friends.

TextingStory Chat Story Maker – Fun Texting App

best prank apps (2)

Just like any other texting software, TextingStory lets you compose conversations. The only difference is that you can swipe left or right over the message field to flip between the two writers. The names of the characters can also be pressed. Give writing your text stories as much time as it takes. The videos are automatically sped up to get a consistently quick outcome.

This is straightforward software with countless uses. Feel free to experiment with corrections, hesitations, and misspellings as every keystroke is logged. In 2016, TextingStory invented a new type of video that has since gained immense popularity on social media platforms, with some users seeing tens of millions of views on their movies. T-Mobile even recreated it in a 2019 Super Bowl commercial. It even had its own “Know Your Meme” entry. For adding some spice to course material or hands-on activities with students, educators are also using TextingStory, which is one of the popular app.

Fake GPS – Fake Location Prank App

android prank app

With just two clicks, you may teleport your phone to any location on Earth! With the help of this program, you may pretend to be somewhere on your phone, giving the impression that you are! It’s a simple, easy-to-use, undetectable app that works as a great tool for changing your location. 

Apart from playing pranks, it can also be a helpful feature if you are downloading it for certain purposes. It’s lightweight, fast, and consistently on track with providing the best services. 

Lie Detector Test Prank – Fing

good prank apps

The Prank Lie Detector Machine mimics situations to determine if you are telling the truth or a lie. Play games of “lie detector” with your friends. Allow your friend to complete the lie detector and hit the fingerprint scanner. The lie indicator will mimic voice detection and provide an advanced, expert analysis animation. By simultaneously hitting the volume key, you can adjust the outcome. Volume down is a falsehood, whereas volume up represents the truth. Your friend will be utterly stunned when the results are displayed.

It has some awesome features like control buttons, a display panel, indicator lights, and a finger scanner with strong and realistic visuals & tools available. It has a detailed electric signal diagram and fingerprint scan animation. To control the outcome, covertly press the volume key. Volume down for a falsehood, volume up for the truth. With preset mode, set the next five scan results in advance.


With this, we are wrapping up this article on Prank Apps. The above-mentioned 20 apps are popular and highly rated for providing fun and hilarious prank ideas for you to try on! We hope this article would have been helpful, fun to read, and informative at the same time. Make sure to try one of the above apps and enjoy the reactions of your friends and family. 

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What is the prank call app that makes people call each other?

3way is a prank calling app that enables you to connect any two phones, making them call each other. You’ll find amusement in listening to the reactions of the two individuals you’ve connected

What are prank apps?

Prank apps are software applications designed for amusement or light-hearted deception, often involving humor or surprise.

Are prank apps harmless?

Prank apps are generally intended to be harmless and entertaining, providing amusement without causing harm or damage.

Can prank apps be used for malicious purposes?

While most prank apps are harmless, there is a potential for misuse. Some individuals may use them for malicious purposes, such as spreading misinformation, invading privacy, or causing distress. Users should exercise caution and ethical considerations when using or creating prank apps.

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