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You might have noticed e-scooter on the roads of Santa Monica, San…

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best scooter apps

You might have noticed e-scooter on the roads of Santa Monica, San Diego, Washington DC, New York City, and LA. People living in such places highly prefer e-scooters. And through scooter apps they seem to be very convenient for their daily travel purposes on a regular basis.

The students love the service of e-scooters as it is a new affordable way which helps them to get around in the city and do their daily works like going to tuition, activity classes, office, attending colleges on a big campus much conveniently with the help of best e-scooter apps. The market size of electric scooters is growing rapidly and the future of electric scooters holds much more. Before we begin with the list of e-scooter application, let’s first have a closer look at the overall growth and current market stats of electric scooter app-sharing startups.

Best E-Scooter Apps In 2023

Let’s have a look at the information mentioned below in the table about the best e-scooter rental apps and their features.

E-Scooter Apps Features
-Secure Payment Gateway Integration
-QR code scanner to unlock your ride or enter the ID
-Allows People to Find Nearby Bike
-Getting Lock Code Through Bike Number
-Make Payment for the Trip
-Enabling to Check-out Trip Details
-Locking Bike Using Bike Number
- Payment Gateway Integration
- Real-time GPS Tracking
- Smart Lock facility
- Relocate and maps facility
- QR Code Integration to Lock and Unlock
-QR Code Scanner to unlock
-Social Media Integration
-Pay via different payment methods
-Unlock with a single click with the wind app
-Perfect for local Electronic Scooters
-You can easily find an eScooter nearby
-Make payments
-Finish your trip and then lock the scooter
-Instant unlock via QR
-Easily locate nearby scooters
-Book a scooter
-Easily rent an e-scooter anytime
-Take advantage of quick and low-cost e-scooter rides
-You can add multiple destinations in a single trip
-Check your price estimate
-Get a promo code
-Map to locate the nearest e-scooters
-The QR code to unlock the scooter
Best escooter apps and features

1. Lime – Electric Scooter and Bike Rentals

Lime is one of the best scooter startups and ride-sharing service providers. it was founded back in 2017. Moving around cities has become very convenient at an affordable price with the help of Lime.

The company successfully raised around $335 million recently and teamed up with transportation behemoth Uber. The company has also established itself at the international level by launching its services in Madrid and launching several electric scooters in the Spanish capital. Lime Scooter app has already hit a huge number of 3 million rides of bikes and scooters by the people.

The latest news from TechCrunch says that Lime has differentiated its bikes and scooters with a physical storefront, where the customers can be convinced by on-demand mobility. The startup also plans to open a lifestyle brand store in Santa Monica for renting vehicles directly from the store itself and charge for it accordingly. It is the responsibility of a full-time manager to guide customers and also monitor the inventory levels and daily operations.

Lime launched its e-scooter services earlier this month. Now, this company aims to tackle the market differently from its predecessors with heavier electric bikes, consultations with local councils, and a team of 50 excellent workers to run its Australian operations.

The Lime rider is required to download the application on the device so that they can check the scooters and e-bikes present in nearby areas, enter a number or scan the QR code to unlock the bike, and don’t forget to lock up safely when finished riding. Some of the main features of Lime bike are discussed below:

2. Ofo – Smart Bike Sharing

Ofo was founded in the year 2014 by Dai Wei. It is a Beijing-based bicycle-sharing company. Ofo has provided its services in almost 21 countries and 250 cities and the count of the number of users touched 200 million. The aim of this company was to provide the best solution for short-distance transportation that will solve the “last mile” transportation problem of the users. Ofo has raised almost $700 million in series e financing.

This application is operated via online mode. Users can simply download the application from the app store. To unlock the bicycle, users are required to scan the QR code in the Ofo app, Alipay applet, WeChat service number, and WeChat applet. And then they can use it whenever and wherever they want. Let’s have a look at some of the top features of the Ofo application:

3. Bird – Electric scooters

Bird app is one of the popular dockless e-scooter sharing startups. This application is most popular for its services in North America. Bird is an e-scooter sharing application based in Santa Monica and California. Bird scooter application charges one dollar plus fifteen cents a minute for a ride. For availing ride-sharing services, Bird is one of the best electric scooters because of the fabulous facilities offered by Bird. In this application, you can search for the nearest electric scooter ride and you can also get updates about their charges.

Taking a closer look at the total funding amount, Bird has raised $415 million in funding as of today’s date. The startup has recently secured the funding of $300 million in a round led by Sequoia Capital. Bird has secured the second round of funding in the last few months.

The funding amount has sent the company from a reported $1 billion valuation in May to a $2 billion valuation by the end of June. Therefore, the company has become the first electric scooter-sharing unicorn.

According to the latest news from TechCrunch, Bird is betting on the French market significantly. The e-scooter app sharing company plans to open up its biggest European office in Paris by 2021. They also wish to hire 1000 people.

The application offers a wide range of features. In this application, people can locate and unlock the electric scooter through their smartphones. Let’s have a look at some other great features available in this application:

4. Skip Scooter App

Skip app Launched by Boosted Boards, Skip is a San Francisco-based dockless electric scooter startup. The latest reports from TechCrunch say that “Skip has raised around $6 million funding with these top strategies. The funding amount was led by Initialized Capital via Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder) and Ronny Conway’s A Capital, with SV Angel”.

The company has landed permits to operate in Portland under a new pilot program that aims to gauge how the controversial form of micro-transportation will fit in the city.

So the commuters are simply required to download the Skip application on their smartphone app to find the scooter that is available nearest to them, scan a QR code to unlock the e-scooter and they are good to go. Users can also book e-scooters in advance using the Skip application.

Some of the top features of the Skip application are discussed below:

5. Wind – Electric Vehicle Sharing Company

This company was started in 2017 by Eric Wang. It is a Berlin and Barcelona-based micro-mobility company. The main goal of this company is to provide commuters with safe and fun transportation, and the best experience of the e-scooter sharing app. This Berlin-based mobility startup has successfully raised $22 million in seed funding and is giving good competition to Lime and Bird.

The latest news from TechCrunch says that Wind Mobility has successfully raised around $50 million in series funding. Existing investors have played a major role in bringing the funding to a total of $72 million.

This company provides excellent e-scooter services to different cities, hotels, companies, and universities with different solutions from hourly/daily rents and employee bonus programs for clients. Users can simply download the Wind mobility application from the app store and try amazing e-scooter services provided by the company. Let’s have a look at some of the top features of this application:

6. Spin – e-Bicycle & Escooter Sharing Company

Spin is an electric scooter startup, founded in the year 2016. It was founded by Derrick Ko, Euwyn Poon, and Zaizhuang Cheng and has raised a funding amount of $8 million in total. It was led by investors like Grishin Robotics, CRCM Ventures, and Exponent.

The latest news from TechCrunch says that the company has raised an approximate amount of $125 million through the blockchain-based security token offering(STO). spin app is a very well-known e-scooter service provider and is offering its services in more than 19 cities.

A stationless bike-share program was introduced in South San Francisco by Spin last year but the stationless electric bikes were unveiled by the company in the month of January and now they are completely focusing on electric scooters.

It is very easy for riders of East Lansing City Riders to access the e-scooter services provided through the Spin application. They can very easily and quickly find the e-scooters that are available nearest to them and can also book them in advance. Let’s have a look at some of the top features of the Spin Smartphone application:

7. Scoot – Scooter Rental

This company was started in the year 2012. It is a San Francisco-based electric vehicle company. Scoot was chosen to be one of the operators of kick scooters in San Francisco under a pilot program proposed by SFMTA.

Scoot helps in fulfilling the urban transportation needs of people who need last-mile transportation service. This application is an excellent option for the morning time commuters or the weekend joy rides. Users can simply download this application from the app store and use all its excellent features. Some of the top features of this application are mentioned below:

8. Goat – Dockless E-scooter Service

If we talk about the dockless e-scooter service provider company in Austin, GOAT has received permits from the city’s transportation department for its pilot program. The company’s spokesperson says that they are planning to continue partnering with the local cities to launch their e-scooter services across the entire nation. This e-scooter service provider has not raised any venture capital dollars and has deployed about 20 scooters in Austin, although it has a permit of up to 500. 

Whereas if we talk about competitors of this startup then they have already put out 500 scooters on each local street. GOAT application also provides quick access to dockless electric scooters in cities and on campuses. The commuters are just required to download the application from the app store and enjoy the features offered by it. Below mentioned are some of the top features of the GOAT application.

9. Bolt – Fast and Affordable Rides

Bolt was founded in the year 2013 by Markus Villing. It is a transportation app that offers users fast and pocket-friendly e-scooter rides. You can avoid the hassles of rush hour and public transportation by choosing Bolt e-scooter bikes that are safe, fast, and convenient for traveling. At present, this e-scooter company is available in almost 40 countries and 200 cities worldwide. You can use the Bolt e-scooter service from the bus stop, train station, or other public transportation stations.

Thus, this company aims to provide fast, dependable, and affordable transportation for people all around the world and it is a great help for several drivers riding e-scooter in supporting their families. Users can simply download the Bolt application from the app store and enjoy the amazing features offered by it. Bolt is a very quick and convenient way for commuters to ride across the city. 

Users can just simply open the application on their Smartphone, find the e-scooter that is nearest to them and they are just good to go. Let’s have a look at some top features of this application. Mentioned below are some top features of the Bolt app:

10. Jump – Your Ride Anytime

This company was founded in the year 2010 by Ryan Rzepecki. Jump bikes are dockless electric-powered motorcycles that allow you to ride at up to 32 km according to hour (limits vary through the market) all at some point in your city. These are one of the best e-scooter apps. Using pedal-help generation, JUMP bikes help you get to your destination spot speedy, without a lot of effort, taking into account a relaxing journey. Although JUMP bikes are maximum handy and less costly for quick or medium-length journeys, they may be ridden as far as 50 miles at a full fee.

This means you may make a short ride to the grocery store

The great component is, given that jump motorcycles are dockless, and you in no way ought to go back to your initial bicycle select-up vicinity to stop your journey.

Just properly park and lock your motorbikes closest to your destination and also you are good to go.

JUMP’s preceding markets once protected over 25 towns within the U.S. and Europe, consisting of San Francisco, Atlanta, San Diego, big apple city, providence, Rome, Barcelona, and Paris. Users can simply download this application from the app store and enjoy the amazing features offered by it. Some of the top features of the Jump application are:

E-Scooter App Development Features

Let’s have a closer look at the list of essential features that you must have in your electric scooter application:

Registration and on-boarding

After registering yourself in the application, registered users can seamlessly use the app. This feature implementation in your electric scooter helps to find out the working of it.

Map integration

Maps integration enables users to look for the availability of e-scooters and electric bikes in nearby places. This amazing feature lets users find the easiest and shortest route to reach their destination.

QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner is one of the great features to implement in your electronic scooters application for your users’ convenience. Using QR code scanners users can start and end their journey in the safest way.

Users have to scan the QR code to unlock or lock the electric scooter. Lime uses scanner SDKs for iOS and Android platforms.


A built-in payment system enables users to pay for the e-scooters securely. You can integrate any payment modes such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, etc.

GPS Tracking System

Real-time tracking lets users locate electric scooters. It enables the admin to track scooters and collect those which require maintenance.

Smart Locks

To unlock scooters via QR codes, add an IoT-enabled locking system. The scooters need to be integrated with micro-controllers.

Ride History

This feature enables users to track rides. Ride stats are needed to measure the efficiency of customer rides.


To book an electric scooter, integrating a booking system enables customers. You can also book a scooter-sharing app for your family, friends, relatives, etc.

Social Media Integration

Integration of social media accounts is one of the best ways to engage your users and the users’ base. This feature enables users to share the details and emotions of their rides.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are very helpful for the success of any application. Adding push notifications feature in your application, you can send notifications to your app users about discounts, offers & special events, etc, and it also eases communication.

E-scooter Monetization Strategies

how to make money by scooter sharing business

It is obvious that you start expecting a certain amount of revenue when you invest in your electric scooter sharing app development. Let’s have a look at some interesting ways to monetize your electric scooter sharing application:

Display Ads

The most popular way of monetization is an advertisement. You can display ads in your electric scooter app. You can also target a particular audience with the help of advertisements. Additionally, you can promote local restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Sell Memberships

Selling a subscription or a membership service can be an effective way to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with clients and customers. The concept is pretty simple that customers or users pay a certain amount of money each month in exchange for being able to receive exclusive membership-only features. You can also offer some membership perks by providing your users with weekly, monthly, or annual passes.

Provide Discounts

Most of the customers look for discounts before opting for any service. You can easily gain user loyalty and build a strong relationship with your users just by offering them promo codes or coupons. This is another great way to monetize your e-scooter application.

E-scooter App Development Cost

Based on the information mentioned in the table above, developing an e-scooter application will approximately take 950 to 1000 hours.

However, the application development time and cost may vary depending on several factors such as features integrated, the complexity of an application, developers’ charges, location of the company, and much more.

The total e-scooter application development will cost you somewhere around $30,000 based on the $35 hourly charges by the developer.

Users App Development time Cost
1 - 2 weeks
$1,500 - $2,500
Maps Integration
1 week
$1,000 - $2,000
Real-time GPS tracking
1-2 weeks
$1,500 - $2,500
1 week
$1,000 - $2,000
QR code scanner
1 week
$1,000 - $2,000
Lock and unlock a scooter
1-2 weeks
$1,500 - $2,500
Social media integration
1-3 days
$300 - $800
Online booking system
1-2 weeks
$1,500 - $2,500
Rides Stats
3-5 days
$840 - $1,040
Push notifications
3-5 days
$840 - $1,040
ID Verification
1-2 week
$1,500 - $2,500

Total (1 platform)

3-4 months

$13,000 - $20,000

Total (iOS + Android)

4-5 months

$22,000 - $28,000

Admin Panel Development time Cost
Core features
3-4 weeks
$3,000 - $5,000
Payment management system
1 week
$1,000 - $2,000
1-2 weeks
$1,500 - $2,500
Customer management system
1 week
$1,000 - $2,000
Scooter management system
1 week
$1,000 - $2,000


2-3 months

$7,500 – $13,500

Build Your Own Scooter Sharing Startup

Based on the information mentioned in the table above, developing an e-scooter application will approximately take 950 to 1000 hours.

However, the application development time and cost may vary depending on several factors such as features integrated, the complexity of an application, developers’ charges, the location of the company, and much more.

The total e-scooter application development will cost you somewhere around $30,000 based on the $35 hourly charges by the developer.

E-Scooter Sharing Market

As per the Polaris Market Research’s report, in the year 2017, the worldwide electric shooter market size was valued at USD 17,630 million and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% during the forecast period. The emissions of a large number of harmful gasses have led to the adoption of electric scooters over the past few years.

E-Scooter applications such as Bird, Limebike, Spin, and Skip are equally successful and generate great revenue as their much larger car-sharing counterpart Uber app does.

In Paris, Bird has launched its electric scooter services and laid out its intention to bring electric scooters to Tel Aviv. All across the country, you can find e-scooter apps like Bird, Spin, Lime, Goat, and Skip that have collectively deployed scooters in 33 cities.

In the electric scooter industry, Wind Mobility is a new launch and has become one of the best e-scooter applications. Wind Mobility is a Berlin-based mobility startup that offers dockless e-scooter rental services or scooter riding. This electric scooter rental app startup has raised $22 million in seed funding, giving competition to Bird and Lime.

In Conclusion

Now that you know about the best electric scooter applications that are doing extremely well in the market, the features you need to integrate into your application, how to monetize your app, and its development cost, you can also begin with developing your scooter application.

So, if you have any idea in mind about developing your own electric scooter-sharing startup, then get in touch with our highly talented application developers now. Our team excels in developing apps like Bird or Lime. We ensure to craft your imagination into reality.


How long does it take to build an e-scooter application?

Developing an e-scooter application will approximately take 1,000 hours.

How much does it cost to build an e-scooter application?

The total e-scooter application development will cost you somewhere around $30,000 based on the $35 hourly charges by the developer. The total cost may vary depending on several factors such as features integrated, the complexity of an application, developers’ charges, the location of the company, and much more.

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