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Best App Ideas That Will Help You Make Massive Money in 2023


Yet, your app fails to generate a decent number of leads. It is natural to look for flaws, test, and upgrade your app in hopes of improving its output. However, sometimes you stand at square one despite all the measures. And even your personal experience on your app makes you feel like something is off about it. Perhaps, it’s about time you set out to develop another app. Let’s Look at Best App Ideas.

For readers who have only taken their first step in the app industry and also for the old players, the key is to analyze the market first.

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Enables a Powerful Design

2023 is going to be a massive game-changer for any field with Technologies.

You need out-of-the-box mobile app ideas. It should be innovative, valuable, and make sense for your target audience. They will not feel any compulsion to install your app if it doesn’t respond to their pain points.

The figures from we are social show the growing penetration of the internet across the globe. It is more than 85% in developed countries and around 50% in developing nations.

Smart devices make up the biggest tool of this penetration. The point is, that the chances of your app, making it up the grid, are quite high. And your earnings will also increase as the app climbs the market.

How you unfold the plan is what matters.

Focus on using the latest tech, like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

L’Oreal recently integrated Augment Reality in its app. This app allows customers to snap pictures of themselves and apply virtual L’Oreal products (lip and nail colors, etc.) to check out how it will turn out if they buy.

One wrong move can put your whole idea at stake. Users, nowadays, are habitual of reading online reviews of the apps.

Even if they’d want to download a simple gaming app like Harvest Frenzy or one from AirG, they would find its ratings and AirGapp reviews. They will go for its installation once fully satisfied.

Brilliant Mobile App Ideas for Start-Ups To Start Business

The app you design can be about a product, a service, or a utility. The root of your concept has to be amazing. It will put you in a better position to attract 4.68 billion people from across the globe (Statista Research Department).

Let’s look at some mobile app ideas you can work on:

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Healthcare Apps Idea

Demands from the healthcare sector will never exhaust. People are always going to need guidance on medical issues, and you can make the most out of it.

There is so much you can create when you are working in this niche. For instance, you can design an app that delivers medication at the user’s doorstep.

Telemedicine apps are in demand these days. These apps enable people to get in touch with medical professionals.

The remote access to high-end healthcare services is a reason for its popularity.

Another area you can work on is health inspection and monitoring. This app will keep track of illness history, health records, and clinic visits. It will send notifications when the doctor’s appointment is due.

For further information in this regime, you should consult professionals who are working in the development of healthcare services. They will enlighten you about the aspects you can work on and earn profits.

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Healthcare apps that make money:

MEDICI for patients is the mobile application that allows text, call, or video chats with your specialist, therapist, and even your veterinarian medical staff – safely and directly from your mobile phone.

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Healthcare Apps Idea

Recently, the trend of fitness apps has gained strong momentum. Globally, fitness freaks are going all gaga over these apps as they create a surprising impact on their lifestyle.

An optimally designed fitness app targets health-conscious people. They can track their habits with assistance from nutritionists, fitness trainers, and pathologists. There is a fine line between health and fitness apps. Healthcare apps account for the sickness and unusual symptoms faced by the users.

Fitness apps, on the other hand, motivate people towards healthy living. It may provide meal charts, nutrition plans, and recommendations for lifestyle changes. The Global Fitness App Market Research Report 2020 reveals that the lifestyle monitoring segment held a significant app market share in 2019.

It forecasts an estimated growth of USD 1.68 billion by 2020-2024, with a CAGR of almost 12%. The key players of this sector include Google LLC, Nike Inc., Under Armour Inc., FitNow Inc., Addidas AG, etc.

Fitness apps that make you money: From the company hell-bent for the past two decades on reviving American distance running comes to the Nike+ Run Club, an innovative app that, in addition to tracking your runs via GPS, provides audio-guided runs for newbies and personalized coaching plans fit for hardcore racers.

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Educational Apps Idea

Mobile education apps are changing the face of education across the world. As more people realize the need to be flexible, they are leaping towards digital means of education.

Flashcard apps like StudyBlue and language apps like DuoLingo are generating high download figures. If you have incredible math skills, you can go for an app that contains quizzes and detailed explanations of numeric concepts.

Make sure you insert appropriate chatbots to lead your users across the modules.

It must target several student levels and contain guidance material for everyone who faces trouble. You should also insert videos, graphics, audio, etc. to make the content as simple as possible. The fact that the global eLearning market is expanding rapidly will allow you to rest assured that there is great potential in this direction.

According to OrbisResearch, the global eLearning market worldwide is set to surpass USD 275 billion value by 2022.

Education apps that make you money: Duolingo comes as one of the best options. This app offers learners a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish, and even English. Completely free to download and use.

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Food Planning/Prep App

Food is one thing that tends to excite the majority. There is no demographical restriction when it comes to designing a food planning application. And nothing satisfies you more than a home-cooked meal.

We are no longer living in an age where people would write down recipes or buy recipe books for reference. It’s all on the phone now. You can opt for an app that includes hundreds of meal suggestions and their recipes.

We have written a blog about Recipe App features, cost, monetization strategies, Ideas, and Business plans you can check it out.

It can include the secrets of famous chefs as well as their instructions for a particular meal. Add a feature where users can rate the chef and recommend dishes to their friends.

Adding a chat forum will enhance the app as people can discuss their problems and find plausible solutions to their kitchen crises. You can also add a feature where users receive recipe suggestions according to their health. The app can also integrate with a grocery store to deliver fresh ingredients to users’ doorstep.

The success of the app Kitchen Stories in 2015 is a great example to follow. It scored 3 million downloads in a year, proving that mobile phone users were seeking an app like this for a long time.

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Plant identification App Idea

The goal of a plant identification app is to provide a “digital interface” between people and nature.

It has a database of over 500,000 species of cacti, flowers, other ornamental plants, succulents, and mushrooms and over 150 million images, all available with a click.

PlantNet Plant Identification, LeafSnap, PlantSnap, Google Lens are some of the good plant identification apps.

Plant identification apps have engaged millions of users with their unique features such as identifying plants by photo, flower, tree, and leaves identification, mushroom identification, plant database, and learning algorithms, building a collection and store directly on the web, detailed information on every plant, mushroom, tree, leaf and more.

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Business Plan of Dating App Idea

An online dating application is an online dating service presented through a mobile phone application, often taking advantage of a smartphone’s GPS location capabilities.

Always an on-hand presence, and easy access to digital photo galleries and mobile wallets to enhance the traditional nature of online dating.

Tinder, Bumble, TrulyMadly, Hinge are a few of the best dating apps.

You can make money through a dating app by subscription, in-app purchases, affiliate marketing, run AdSense Advertisements, use the services of BuySellAds, etc.

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Ecommerce App Business

An eCommerce application is a software application that is specifically designed to support the creation of an eCommerce website or add functionality to it.

Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Cartlay are some of the great examples of eCommerce apps.

You can make money shopping app by generating traffic through marketing strategies, email marketing, and social media marketing. There is no doubt that e-commerce apps are profitable.

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Job Portal App Business Idea

The Job portal app helps you find the most relevant jobs with absolute ease even on the move. Shine, Monster, Freshersworld are some of the good examples of job portal apps.

Job portals can make money by charging a basic amount of fees from both the candidate and recruiter who is registering on the website.

There are some ways job portal apps make money such as advertisement, selling databases, email newsletters, and affiliate marketing strategies.

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Music Streaming App

Gaana, Saavn, Hungama Music, Apple Music, Wynk Music, Spotify are the few best music streaming apps.

Music streaming apps generate revenue through paid subscriptions and advertising. Display advertisements on websites and mobile ads are the easiest source of revenue.

Audio advertisements are another way to make money by using promotional audio clips in between the songs as a natural source of revenue.

You can also provide free access to your streaming service as long as your music consumers don’t mind listening to advertisements.

For instance, you can put an advertisement after every 3 or 5 songs. This way you can earn through advertisements. Another way is a subscription-based monetization method.

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Video Streaming App Ideas

Streaming is a method of viewing a video or listening to audio content without actually downloading the media files.

The application transmits the encoded stream to the server platform, which gives users the ability to watch live streaming and also can save it for later viewing.

In the first case, it is enough to have a device equipped with a camera. Netflix, VidMate, Amazon Prime are the best video streaming app examples.

You can make money by launching your own platform, creating your own products, finding a stream sponsor, and joining an affiliate scheme.

Transactional video on demand, subscription video-on-demand, ad-supported video on demand are a few of the good monetization models.

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Social Media App Development

Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. Many people define social media as apps on their smartphones or tablet, but the truth is, that this communication tool started with computers.

Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Hike, Medium, and WhatsApp are some of the best social media apps. You can actually earn money from social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

After you gain some popularity and reach on social networks,

You can start making money through sponsored posts. Freemium, affiliate, subscription, and advertising models are some of the best monetization models for social media apps.

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Car Rental App Business

Car Rental App allows you to communicate with customers in real-time: Customers may find the number of automobiles in the neighboring region with a single click and choose the sort of car they want from the available options.

Enterprise, Hertz, Turo, Priceline, Carngo, Expedia are some of the good car rental apps. The revenue model is the core of every business. Without having a clear idea of how you would go about monetizing your investment, you can’t proceed further.

The company earns the base fare given by the customer for the services. The platform also earns a certain amount from each ride in the form of commission.

Another option under the same revenue model is that a car owner hires a driver who takes care of booking and rides.

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Delivery App Business Idea

A delivery app is a mechanism to deliver application functionality quickly and efficiently to users.

DeliveryMark – works with all deliveries, best on the market, Axon – eliminates driver pay stress, On Fleet – increases on-time deliveries, OnnAway – making your delivery operation easier, and Key Software Systems – all-in-one courier app are the best delivery apps.

You can make money with the delivery apps by monetizing the app.

Delivery charges, advertising, commission percentage are some of the monetization options. A delivery app can offer advertising at an additional cost. Charging for delivery is a good approach for stable income.

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Marketplace Business App

An online marketplace is a website or mobile application that connects buyers and sellers. The most popular way to make money through marketplace business apps is through charging a commission from each transaction.

The subscription fee, listing fee, lead fee, freemium, featured listing, and ads are some of the monetization strategies for making good money from the marketplace business app.

The commission model is the most popular marketplace payment model if such opinion would be based on how big brands use it for their everyday operations:

Airbnb, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Uber are the best-known marketplaces with commission models.

Contrary to the commission model, the subscription model is another best way on what revenue could be generated.

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Augmented Reality App

The augmented reality apps are allowing us to see the digital world within the context of the real world for the first time. This technology creates an entirely new space where the digital and real worlds converge.

So far, developers have found plenty of uses for AR in everyday life.

Nowadays, the best apps with AR can help you find the best furniture, help you turn photos into 3D images, and identify objects and locations around you.

Augmented reality apps: Smartify, Google Translate, Sketch AR, Houzz are some of the best Augmented reality apps.

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Handyman App Ideas

On-demand handyman app development services are increasing as the world is rapidly moving. With several handyman services combined into a single platform, users can find this software an elixir.

So, if you belong to this industry, empower your next multi-service enterprise with this app idea of creating an on-demand handyman software app.

There are plenty of best handyman apps available in the market to make your life as a handyman business owner, easier.

Handyman App: Job ToolKit, Jobber, Quickbooks, Handy are some of the best handyman apps available on iOS and Android for running your business, getting more jobs, and filling out your digital toolbox.

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MVP Mobile App Ideas

The MVP mobile app is the perfect solution for you if you are looking to own a startup or want to launch a new product in the market but have less budget and no time.

It is an approach of creating an app with minimum functionality to test on a small group of users, and then to bring the final product to the market.

MVP helps the team to analyze the user experiences and gain consumer input about the company’s key features.

You can get early feedback on products after MVP mobile app launch in the market. Also, MVP imposes no risk factor.

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Photo Editing App Ideas

While most phones will have built-in software to crop and enhance your snaps, the best photo editing apps can do a lot more.

And that’s true whatever your subject: everything from a picture of your dog to the perfect selfie, or from a tantalizing shot of your meal to a hilarious gif, will look better after using photo editing apps.

There are, frankly, hundreds of photo editing apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Every app here has been tested by us to ensure it’s intuitive and easy to use and offers the right tools for the job.

There are some apps that offer something a little extra, such as super-simple sharing of images or clever tricks that aren’t found elsewhere.

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Shoes Selling App

You can sell shoes online from your own store built with a platform like Shopify, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

There are also niche marketplaces for shoes, like StockX and GOAT. You can also sell shoes wholesale to other businesses.

You can also sell shoes in your own retail store, in another retail store, to consignment shops, and at markets and events.

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Online Stock Trading App

In various funds, individuals always love stock trading and investing. Thus, investment app development is the concept that can automatically make investment decisions based on market data and valuation, and invest on your behalf.

Users will choose how much they want to lend in a portfolio and how much they want to borrow. Such an app will put your company in the headlines easily.

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Meditation App Ideas

Humans are restless creatures on the planet. To overcome it, we need to have an app for mental peace or meditation.

As this genre has successful business apps like Headspace, Calm, Youper, still it has many more opportunities and vast audiences to conquer.

Your app can take the health industry with a new advance online software ideas development.

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Venue or Restaurant Booking App

Restaurant reservation software lets guests reserve a table online and alerts owners to new reservations, cancellations, or no-shows.

However, an online reservation system also may provide in-house table management and waitlist features to control occupancy levels or let you sell event tickets online.

The venue or Restaurant Booking apps: Tablein, Eat App, OpenTable, GloriaFood are some of the great restaurant reservation apps that are affordable and easy to use.

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Online Flight and Train Ticket Booking App

Money transfer apps are mobile applications that allow people to transfer money through them. Whether you are splitting a bill with a friend or paying for a purchase, online money-sending apps can come of service.

It makes money sharing easy, quick, and accessible at all times. Owing to their security, convenience, and transparency, people all over the world have embraced money transfer apps into their daily lives.

The best money transfer apps have the simplest interface. They are intuitive and guide even a first-time user very efficiently to perform a transaction successfully.

Online Payment Transfer App: GPay, CashApp, PayPal, Western Union, Venmo, etc.

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Online Flight and Train Ticket Booking App

Money transfer apps are mobile applications that allow people to transfer money through them. Whether you are splitting a bill with a friend or paying for a purchase, online money-sending apps can come of service.

It makes money sharing easy, quick, and accessible at all times. Owing to their security, convenience, and transparency, people all over the world have embraced money transfer apps into their daily lives.

The best money transfer apps have the simplest interface. They are intuitive and guide even a first-time user very efficiently to perform a transaction successfully.

Online Payment Transfer App: GPay, CashApp, PayPal, Western Union, Venmo, etc.

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Task Management App

Task Management App is basically a web-based platform that allows everyday users and businesses to manage their to-do lists in the most efficient manner.

It provides you with the tools to create, assign, collaborate, track, and deliver tasks within the desired time frame and quality standards.

Task management is deemed extremely important for every project manager and team because it allows them to keep a close eye on their priorities and become more productive each day.

With the right task management app, it’s easier to set priorities, explore the art of delegation, communicate directly on tasks, track task progress in real-time, and stay on top of your routine work.

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Social Media App Like Instagram

The most popular and in-demand app is a social networking app that helps users to communicate remotely with others across the world.

The majority of people devote 60% of their time to social media talking or interacting with new people.

Chat, voice and video calls, security, anonymity, map integration, and the ability to exchange photographs, videos, and documents are all available on this social networking platform.

So, the idea of developing a social networking platform is the most successful one for a startup.

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Podcast Streaming App Ideas

Podcast streaming apps are a convenient way to catch up on the news, sports, and special interests at home or on the go. There are several apps with tons of podcasts you can listen to for free or with a paid subscription.

The few best podcast apps available are Audible, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. Apple Podcasts is one of the best and most comprehensive free podcast services available.

The platform includes over 30 million episodes and you can easily download your favorite podcasts for offline listening. Google Podcasts is a free service with convenient features that make it easy for users to discover more about the podcasts they listen to.

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Dog Walking App

While everyone is too busy to take their dog for a stroll in this quick and furious life, the idea of developing a dog walking app is becoming more popular.

On-demand dog walking apps run as a two-sided marketplace.

First, dog owners apply for a dog walker, and the order is answered in real-time by a dog walker from the other hand, then the reservation is validated, and lastly, parents pay.

So you can also build a dog walking app and be a leading businessman in the dog walking service industry. The scope is wide and open!

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Snow Removal Business App

Many parts of the United States of America and Canada are affected by winter. Because of this, snow will blanket all the porches, lawns, curbs, and sidewalks. Cleaning off the snow from all the snow-covered areas is the most complicated thing in winter.

So, if you own a plowing company, you must start with snow removal app development in the coming winter and earn money by offering various snow plowing services from the app itself without any hassle.

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Hotel Booking

The hotel booking app is a smartphone application that links users to a range of online hotel booking services at varying price points.

When a user selects the best hotel from the list, he is immediately routed to the right payment site in the app itself.

Why this is on our list is because this concept is not limited only to hotel owners, but also to entrepreneurs who do not own a hotel yet wish to launch a hotel booking mobile app in the hospitality industry.

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Beauty & Salon App

The beauty salon app is another unique idea on the block that offers users to get their makeover seamlessly and enables salons to streamline their process by only going online with a venture.

The beauty app automates nearly all the operations of an executive beauty salon and provides superior client service.

So, if you also build a beauty salon app for your business, it is guaranteed that you will be ahead of your rivals.

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Voice Translation App Idea

With the rapid evolution of the online market, serving a global client base is now no longer limited within geographical boundaries or borders of only one large enterprise.

As an increasing number of smaller companies enter the foreign market to assert their presence worldwide, the need to overcome language barriers is as a result higher than ever.

The rise in globalization has led to the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) to bring down the cost of translation.

Today we have AI-enabled translation apps like Google Translate, Amazon Translate, and Microsoft Translator that have evolved in recent times to deliver accurate translation.

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Food Donation App Idea

This one is our favorite idea of apps that should exist. With a growing population, we cannot afford to waste any more food or resources. Yet, a lot of people throw away leftover fresh food after an event or even regular meals.

Restaurants, hotels, food stores, and weddings throw away a ton of food frequently. Simple yet unique and new mobile app ideas like a food donation app can help curb this problem.

It will connect the food donors and organizations that collect food for the needy. NGOs or government organizations can make such apps ideas to curb hunger.

The food app genre is very popular in the app store and the highest digital revenue is attained by them, thus, there is a larger acceptance in people for new application developments.

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Recipe App

These are mobile applications that make cooking easier, faster, and more convenient. In fact, such an app is a faithful assistant in the kitchen, a kind of digital scullion.

It’s a mini-cook willing to help you with advice and give you the opportunity to consult with other users, and you can share your culinary experience with them too.

The idea to create a mobile app for recipes was initiated to provide easy access to users to recipes in one place.

Food recipe apps are next in line with on-demand apps that include food delivery and cab services. You can turn your well-thought recipes into a business by simply developing a food-recipe app like Tasty, Yummly, SideChef, or BigOven.

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Parking Booking & Management App Ideas

As more and more vehicles are getting on the streets, it is becoming difficult to find a parking space.

This has made car parking management a growing business. The global parking management market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12% between 2017 to 2023, amounting to $7 Billion.

It is probably an ideal time to build a parking spot finder app or parking space app.

You can manage a seamless payment system, check in-out, parking spot history, and can also find missing car data.

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Travel Guidance App

With a mobile travel app guide, travelers receive access to local attractions, insider tips, events, and sights.

After visiting a particular place, travelers can share their experiences with other app users by writing reviews and recommendations.

You can give users even more value by integrating currency converters, offline maps, and text-to-speech features.

Travel guide apps are powered by smart algorithms. They gather data from numerous websites, parse it, and show the description for each location.

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On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

They are app-based services and work like Uber for fuel. That is, a person who needs to refuel his vehicle without visiting a fuel station, downloads, and registers on the app.

Then he requests gas delivery by tapping a button on the location-aware app he just downloaded. The app tags the location where his car is.

The person can also manually select a location if he and the car that needs refueling are at a different location. Booster fuels, Fild, Cafu, Yaoshi are some of the leading on-demand fuel delivery service providers.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station App Ideas

While almost every electric vehicle now comes with a dedicated mobile app that gives the owner directions to the nearest charging station (company-specific), there hasn’t been anything until now that shows all the EV charging stations.

Now, to address this, EV Plugs has come up with a mobile app that acts as a single go-to place for verified listings in terms of EV charging stations.

The free app is currently available on both iOS and Android.

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Virtual Reality Apps for Product Seller

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming increasingly important as a marketing tool for businesses. It might sound futuristic and a bit of a novelty, but VR is making quite an impact and proving itself a valuable asset, particularly in elements of marketing such as customer service and live events.

VR is steadily becoming more mainstream, and in 2018, 24 million virtual reality and augmented reality devices were sold.

This means VR is becoming a more accessible technology that could soon gain mass-market appeal – so it isn’t just a fad,

VR is something that’s really taking off and should be seriously considered by online sellers.

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Cryptocurrencies Exchange App Ideas

Cryptocurrency seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. This could be attributed to the sudden surge in the price of digital assets and a flurry of ads featuring your Bollywood superstar telling you crypto is the future.

These apps play a crucial role in evaluating the whole crypto ecosystem.

They can be used to check the prices of various cryptocurrencies out there, buy and sell the altcoins, and manage your account.

Gemini, coinbase, Robinhood, SoFi, Unocoin, CoinDCX, Zebpay, Bitbns are some of the best cryptocurrency exchange apps.

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Car Rental App

The car rental apps have gained immense recognition due to the growing demand, and one can see an upsurge in the use of such mobile applications.

These apps help the users place their booking order on the app and get notifications giving them information on the details of the car and the timings.

The convenience of this app is to book a car rental service from anywhere in the world with the help of an internet connection.

You will get access to the car rental service in the zone you are in and will thus, know which one is the nearest to you.

Car Rental apps: Skyscanner, Hotwire, Zipcar, Avis, etc.

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Travel Planning App Ideas

Travel planner apps are popular because they have proven to be very useful in planning itineraries quickly and easily. They make sure your travel ideas aren’t forgotten, even if your brain does.

Good travel planner apps are meant to simplify the planning process, help you organize details with minimal effort, so you can spend less time organizing and more time looking forward to your trip!

Travel Planning apps: Pilot, Triplt, Jubel, HipHerd, ViHero, RoadTrippers, and more.

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Online Doctor Appointment App

Healthcare startups are improving patients’ treatment and doctor development. According to a recent survey, 43% of patients prefer to book appointments online, and 57% of consumers go online when searching for a new healthcare provider.

Also, 72% of patients and 60% of healthcare professionals say online booking platforms encourage patients to keep appointments.

Therefore, the option to book a doctor’s appointment online plays an important role when choosing medical services.

It works simply: when you have the option to book doctors’ appointments online, you understand that you’re going to get the best of modern care.

Both patients and doctors want to feel like they’re taking advantage of all the technological advancements and automating and optimizing their valuable time.

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Employee Management App

Employee management app is defined as the comprehensive set of employee management tools that an organization needs to manage employee information, engagement, and performance, and drive more value across the enterprise.

These tools don’t just store and manage confidential employee data, they can seamlessly handle all employee-centric HR processes from recruitment to performance and offboarding.

Employee management tools provide a unique set of tools that will help you improve employee engagement and enhance employee experience, ultimately reducing churn and improving profitability.

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Course Selling App Ideas

Teaching online doesn’t require any proof of your credibility. With some experience, passion, and consistent effort, you win over your audience.

You need to provide value to your potential learners to make money from what you know!

Creating and selling courses online to make money is one sector that has seen significant growth recently. The demand for authentic and credible courses is extremely high.

And it is going to grow: by 2026, the global eLearning market is expected to reach $375 billion from less than $200 billion in 2019. Udemy, Podia, Skillshare are a few best course selling apps.

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Transportation & Logistic App Ideas

Gone are the days when customers waited for days to receive their consignment while contacting the logistic service providers occasionally.

In today’s data-driven world, tech-savvy customers want to access all necessary information on the move.

There, a mobile app development company can lend a helping hand to the logistics and transportation business.

Logistics app development can help transporters to integrate technological advancements in their process and improve the customer’s experience by providing real-time data anywhere and anytime.

From controlling to managing the fleet is possible with feature-rich logistics applications.

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Event Management App

Event planners have understood that mobile apps are inevitable to take the event experience to the subsequent level. Most event planners use mobile apps for event management, such as meetings and other events. Attendees find event management apps suitable and appealing.

Apart from reducing printing costs, event management apps empower organizers to gather data and open more doors to sponsorship opportunities.

Organizers can maintain track of the whereabouts of attendees by using an event app.

It also helps to present attendees with an insightful and personal choice to routine program brochures and to connect with them in a more clear-cut manner.

Event apps influence the most excellent features and functionality of mobile devices and merge those with unique touch-points, interaction abilities, and data compilation opportunities to improve the worth of even a small conference for all of the participants.

Event Manager, Eventbrite, Super Planner are examples of the best event management apps.

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Sports Learning App Ideas

Sports apps allow fans the wonderful benefit of connecting with their favorite teams and players.

This will help develop overall team spirits and push the players to do their best before a big event. A sports app will deliver curated and reliable content about a game.

This includes statistics about a game, information about the players, details about upcoming tournaments, events, stadium, matches, tickets, and more.

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Personal Finance & Portfolio Management App

Your portfolio might include any combination of financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, 401(k)s, and individual retirement accounts (IRA).

Keeping track of all these assets can be a challenging, if not daunting, task. It’s important to routinely know what’s going on with all your investments—not just once a year when you get your tax forms.

Fortunately, several mobile apps offer real-time information on all your investments in a one-stop place.

Here are some popular portfolio management apps that track your investments at a glance- Personal Capital Finance, SigFig Wealth Management, Yahoo! Finance.

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Invoice & Inventory Management App Ideas

Having a dependable, simple inventory management software app is important, whether you’re just starting your business or already have a business that is wholesale, retail, or a combination of the two.

Any product-based business owner knows that your inventory is your business.

If you’re not paying attention to where your inventory is, how much you have available, re-ordering needs, inventory financing and so much more.

You can easily be wasting your money on products no one wants while missing opportunities to offer the products your customers are most excited about.

Stockpile, Veeqo, Ordoro are a few examples.

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Video Editing App

Video editing apps are important because they are the key to blending images and sounds to make us feel emotionally connected and sometimes truly there in the film we’re watching.

It’s a safe assumption to say that video editing is among the most important jobs in the film industry.

Video editing is gaining worldwide fame because of its extreme need as the marketing strategies have shifted from photo content to video content.

Videos are also considered the best instruments for the advancement of organizations and standards.

Best video editing apps such as Premiere Rush, Quik, and LumaFusion.

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Home Rent or Selling App Ideas

Real estate apps get millions of monthly visits thanks to the convenience they create with on-the-go searches. The National Association of Realtors reports that 97% of homebuyers begin their searches online, and 76% use a mobile or tablet device.1

Mobile real estate apps put a massive database of houses, apartments, and commercial buildings in the palm of your hand.

They benefit prospective homebuyers, renters, and investors through searches filtered by location, a number of bedrooms, square footage, and more. Zillow, Xome Auctions, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor are some of the best real estate apps.

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Reselling Products App

Reseller apps have gained a lot of popularity in the online marketplace in the past decade. They have proved to be very successful, which is why this trend does not seem to fade away any sooner.

There are many free reselling apps trending these days because people are making full use of them as they are beneficial not only for the sellers but also for buyers.

Reselling has become a productive method of earning money by selling unused household things which you do not use any longer.

The best thing is that you do not have to find a marketplace for selling them, all you need to do is upload the picture of the product, and the buyer would contact you.

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Professionals Social media App Like Linkedin

Reselling has become a productive method of earning money. As a matter of fact, by selling unused household things which you do not use any longer.

The best thing is that you do not have to find a marketplace for selling them, all you need to do is upload the picture of the product, and the buyer would contact you.

LinkedIn is king when it comes to connecting with other B2B professionals.

LinkedIn is a huge professional networking site. In fact, it is the world’s largest professional network, with more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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Wearable Devices App

As a matter of fact, wearable technology has already become an integral part of our lives. Wearable applications serve different purposes such as helping users plan their days, track physical activity, monitor sleep, and much more.

Today, the market of wearables is full of different solutions. Smartwatches, activity trackers, fitness bands, and even smart glasses have already taken a significant place in our everyday lives.

Their popularity is projected to only grow in the upcoming years. Calm, Spotify, 7 Minute Workout, Google Keep, Uber are a few examples of wearable devices apps.

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Car Booking App

In the quick span of years, booking a car has become the major transportation medium across the world. Online car booking applications are making millions of turnover which is listed as one of the major growth industries.

Nowadays, people prefer to book a car as their primary transport medium for traveling to the office, shopping, hospital, airport, and all other places. With technology taking place in every sector and the innovation of mobile app development, Online Car booking apps have made life easier for users globally.

By installing the taxi booking apps and locating destinations using GPS, users can book the car instantly from a mobile phone. Ola Cabs, Lyft, Gett, Easy Taxi are some of the great online car booking apps.

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Bike Sharing App Ideas

A bike-sharing app is a program in which various bicycle stations are set up, and people can rent a bike to use for a particular time frame and return it at a different station.

Whether you are living in the USA, England, or Canada, you might have noticed that bikes are highly preferred by people for their daily commute. The apparently simple concept of a bike-sharing application has indeed swept across the globe in just a matter of a few years.

Ofo, Mobike, LimeBike, JumpBike are some of the best bike-sharing apps.

Cycling is welcomed as a dominant method of inner-city travel so that we will see more of such bike shares soon, and it will have many positive impacts on the environment.

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On-demand Home Services App Development

With lives now becoming faster and the need for easy access to services at home is becoming increasingly common on-demand home services.

The on-demand home services market in the USA currently stands at $600 billion, according to a New York Times survey.

It also shows steady growth over the forecast period. Additionally, it is expected to hit a CAGR of nearly 49 percent by 2021.

The current generation being the internet’s largest consumer is also the biggest consumer of on-demand home services.

And this will also lead to incredible business growth in the coming years. TaskRabbit, UrbanClap, HouseJoy, Family Handyman are some of the best on-demand home service apps.

How to Earn Money after Developing an Idea App? [Mobile App Monetization Strategies]
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Advertising is probably the most common and easiest to implement when it comes to free apps. And it is also done via a third-party ad network. Advertising is probably the most common and easiest to implement when it comes to free apps.

Not to mention you can also run ad campaigns to generate ad revenue.

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Subscriptions can be a quite useful monetization strategy. App publishers can choose to offer free content in their apps for a limited amount of time. Eventually, they can charge users a subscription fee to access full content without any restrictions.

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Selling Merchandise

Another innovative approach is to sell merchandise in your free mobile apps. Many e-commerce businesses build free versions to sell physical goods such as toys, shirts, shoes, etc.

These physical products can be sold directly to the app or via email marketing.

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In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are directly made from within the free mobile apps and are usually quite a simple process. They’re typically used to access special contents or features such as power-ups, restrictive levels, or additional features.

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A lot of mobile applications are sponsored by brands and companies. The sponsor strategy is to create value for the customer, increase brand visibility, drive revenue, and generate leads.

Sponsorship can be a very effective way of increasing app downloads. For example, in the case of the popular augmented reality game Pokémon GO, sponsorships were an important part of its marketing strategy.

However, it’s important to consider what type of sponsorship might work best for your app business. The goal of an app sponsor is to promote the product or service within an app in a compelling way.

There are different ways to do this through in-app videos, banners, social media integrations, etc.

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Referral Marketing

A referral marketing strategy is where you entice your customers to recommend your app or website to their friends and family.

This strategy is one of the most powerful marketing techniques that businesses can use. Whether it be a free app or a for-profit business, using a referral campaign will ensure that you grow in numbers at an exponential rate.

Customers are more likely to engage with your business if they feel like they have some ownership in it. They will also become more loyal and engaged with your product or service which will result in an increase in conversions.

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Freemium Upsell

Freemium has been around for a long time and its main goal is to get users to buy upgrades.

It works by providing a free version of the app with limited. In due time it offers paid version of the app that provide additional features.

Freemium Upsell strategy is a good choice for an app business because it can help them increase their conversion rates.

It does this by giving customers an opportunity to try out the app before they buy it. Thus, it also creates two revenue streams from one product.

In order for this strategy to be effective, there are two things that need to happen.

First, the user needs to know what the full version will provide them with, and second, they need to be able to access all of the features in some way while using the free version.

How much does it cost to build on-demand App Development?

It will cost on average $26,000 – $40,000 to build an on-demand app. The cost may vary as per your requirements and depending on the various other factors such as features, the complexity of an application, platform, developer’s cost, etc. To receive a detailed estimate, use our app cost calculator.

Wrapped Up

It will cost on average $26,000 – $40,000 to build an on-demand app. The cost may vary as per your requirements and depending on the various other factors such as features, the complexity of an application, platform, developer’s cost, etc. To receive a detailed estimate, use our app cost calculator.

How much does it cost to build on-demand App Development?

Here are some of the types of apps that make the most money:

  • Healthcare Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Travel And Tourism Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Food Planning/Prep App

Here are the best tips to communicate or share your app ideas with an app development company:

  • Divide your app development project into small chunks.
  • Create an MVP Plan
  • Create flow charts
  • Explain each app function
  • Finalize the deadline and discuss the app’s budget
  • Create visual mockups
  • Create user stories

Here are some tips for making your app go viral:

  • Make it effortless
  • Reward often
  • Give users control
  • Keep pulling them back in
  • Be useful to a lone person
  • Social media integration
  • Increasing curiosity
  • Promotion through videos
  • Retaining users