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Wearable Apps: All you need to know About

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Wearable Apps: A Detailed Guide 2020

Wearable apps have gone beyond fancy prototypes. Android wearable apps are similar to mobile apps but the most obvious difference is screen size. They are available in the form of fit bands, wristwatches, smart glass, smart sneakers, and self-evolving category gadgets.

According to Statista the number of wearable device users in the United States from 2014 to 2022 are as shown in image. In 2017, the number of wearable device users amounted to 45.8 million.

wearable apps statistics
Image Source: Statista.com

Let’s have a look at some market leaders in wearable apps.

Top leaders in Wearable apps

1. Calm
2. Parking
3. Google Keep
4. Accuweather
5. Bring
6. Citymapper
7. Sleep as Android
8. Recordr
9. Spotify
10. Duolingo (H2)

best wearable apps for smartwatches

Wearables have brought a magnificent digital transition worldwide. It is the top choice for gadget lovers with the dominance of Gen Y users. GPS integrated smart shoe help in self-navigation while trekking, running, walking, or just roam around.

The Reasons for Developing Wearable Apps

1. Portability

The wearables are portable devices, we can carry it everywhere and hence the success of the app purely depends on the experience of the user. It is a customer-based app and you must not develop it like the Smartphone app.

For example, “smart shoe” app, which is the next level initiative for die-hard trekkers. This is a customer-based app in which the shoes are connected with an app that helps to direct the direction and notify the customer with mild vibration.

When the customer walks into the unknown territories without being glued to the Smartphone, the smart shoe wearable apps assist them in the right way through mild vibration. How cool is that isn’t it?

wearable apps
Image Source: Giphy.com

Coming to the fitness point, the smart shoe apps helps to discover the daily walking distance, trekking distance, and running distance in the app. It shows every day burned calories, and describe how fit you are? The app shows the fitness tracker for the best fitness and health care.

The wearable apps are more trending, flexible, and convenient to use. The wearable apps provide fitness tracking, security profiling, and network monitoring. It saves time for busy bees by enabling real-time data monitoring and offers excellent operational efficiency.

2. Size is the Key factor

In the wearable apps, size is the key factor. It is easy to develop more and more apps instantly with certain templates in the Smartphone app, but in the case of wearable apps, the same idea will not work out, a creative and unique feature is required for the development of the wearable app.

It is because the loading of huge apps in the smaller device is more complicated and may result in poor performance. The app development must have certain limitations as far as power is concerned.

The app developer must have a concern in the development of wearable apps as the Smartwatches are portable in size but need many unique and creative features for the Play store installation.

3. Enhance the Experience of the End User

The most important aspect taken into wearable app development is the bank upon offering unmatched User Experience (UX) to the end-user. UX is vital for both the mobile app and wearable app but the program designed is different. The main advantage of the wearable app over the mobile app is the user no needs to carry mobile while using the wearable app.

wearable os apps
Image Source: Giphy.com
However, the wearable apps still need more scope of further improvement because the users may have not felt as powerful as original apps. The developer also facing dew challenges while working on wearable apps and their functions. As the technology keeps changing, the developer must focus on the fine-tuning of development to increase the users.

Roadblocks in Wearable App Development

1. Challenges in building architecture

Wearable technology is nothing but additional software added to the Mobile app. You can implement wearable technology additionally in the camera, fitness band, watches, smart glass, shoes, etc.

In wearable app development, the build architecture should be open and must not have restrictions to the end-user and in the end to end solution. So it is essential to create a structure flexible to identify RFID, tags, intelligent devices, and hardware solution.

Technical challenge: The most complicated challenge in mobile app development is architecture. Different applications need a unique environment. First, design a heterogeneous architecture with existing technologies and second provide the best communication and real-time information through smartphones and wireless devices.

2. Rising expectations of users

The developer must concentrate more on creative ways to enable the users of all ages to use these wearables. The developer must have a concern especially on teens and millennials who can adopt this most trending wearable device.

The current generations are looking for an outstanding gadget, which is more convenient and to use and saves their time. The current generation expectations ahs increased to discerning levels, they expect more and more from smart devices like wearables.

The wearable devices are still a new breed in the market and a challenging task for the developer. The user experience and the functionality of the app are always on the top priority list.

Benefits of Wearable Apps

1. Offering Faster Assess

The developer faces difficulty in designing UX but the features offer faster access for the end-user. It is easy to handle and fast to access.

2. Simple Designs

A simple design on UX helps for immediate access to an app. It is simple in design, easy to operate, and user-friendly. The GPS navigation tracking is fast and you can access it immediately and it shows 100 % success.

3. Fitness band

The fitness band wearable apps are blooming in the healthcare industry. In recent days, people are much concerned about body fitting and start to search for apps related to body fitting, fitness treatment, health care apps, and diet control apps.

The smartwatches keep an eye on fitness activities during the gym and help to know the cholesterol, and burned calories during fitness time. During fitness time, it is not necessary to carry a Smartphone which is a disturbance in the gym.

4. Increase satisfaction

The injection of new technology in the app increases the satisfaction of its users. Pick the right wearable for fitness and business make sense on investment and it worth it.

A significant uplift in the satisfaction and engagement enables the user for more reference and the developer for fine-tune development. A wearable device increases the prevalence in society even more surprising.

FAQs on Wearable App Development

1. How to develop a SmartWatch application?

The development process of a SmartWatch application is almost similar to the process of developing a smartphone application. Steps from research and design to development and testing are the same as mobile applications. The only difference is in the approach. The intricacies of the design of the SmartWatch application is not what is needed in mobile applications (wise move).

2. How to estimate the cost of the development of the wearable app?

The estimated cost of wearable application development depends on factors such as :

  • The characteristics
  • Number of platforms
  • Design complexity
  • Development approach, etc.

Contact us to know how much does it cost to make a wearable application.

3. How to make money with a mobile app?

The best way to take to make money with a mobile app will be linking with a smartphone application and following monetization models such as in the implementation of advertising, in-app purchases, subscription models, etc.

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