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It is challenging to find a perfect venue with all the necessary amenities these days. You have two options that are following the old-fashioned way of calling the broker or settling for less. When Airbnb came into existence, people appreciated the idea of renting places. Since technologies have revolutionized the world, the development of event venue booking app has made the lives of people much easier. Now you can rent any venue just with a click that perfectly suits your needs and requirements.

With advanced features, peer-to-peer booking apps were launched. The apps were designed based on their users’ requirements. The demand for these apps increased and a rapid increase in demand led to more booking app developments with extended features and functions and new apps were launched in the market.

In comparison to other apps of the genre, the global market valuation of event venue booking apps is relatively high. If you are looking forward to developing an event venue booking app like Peerspace, we have got all the information that you will require for starting your venue booking business.

Let’s quickly dive into the blog and start with a brief introduction of the most trending event booking app; Peerspace.

What Is Peerspace?

Peerspace is an online peer-to-peer platform for booking venues for different kinds of events. The concept behind developing this platform is to find the best venues worldwide with all the necessary amenities based on the event. In 2014, the app was launched by Rony Chammas and Matt Bendett. The app acts as a marketplace for venues and any business can list their venue for people to rent.

You will get a clearer picture with an example; consider that you have a property with a capacity of 200 people that is suitable for hosting an event. All you have to do is enlist the property on the app with all the necessary details about the property.

The people with the exact requirements to organize an event will get in touch with you and inform you if they wish to book your venue. Therefore, the apps like Peerspace provide hassle-free booking and a simple event venue booking procedure.
Several renting models are available on the platform which allows you to rent a property for a shorter or a longer period of time depending on your choice. If you are renting your property for a shorter period of time, then the users are usually charged on an hourly basis. You can organize a variety of events legally once you get the license.

What Was The Objective Of The Client Behind Developing An Event Venue Booking App Like Peerspace?

Objective of client behind developing an event app

Technology has changed everything nowadays and booking a venue online for any event has become so popular and convenient. The only objective behind developing an event venue booking app like Peerspace is to provide the best venues on their platform across the world along with the necessary amenities based on the events requirements.

This way a client or property owner can ease the work of the people by providing the suitable property at a reasonable cost. The venue booking applications can also be monetized and an application owner can make tons of money with this business. These apps offer a wide range of options and various filters to find a perfect venue, significantly enhancing the popularity and number of downloads on the App store.
In the year 2017, the global market of the booking app genre stood at a valuation of US $175.8 million. And it is estimated that by the end of the year 2025, it will cross the valuation of US $194.3 million, that’s a CAGR of 14.4 percent. If you are thinking of investing in venue booking app development, then this is the right time for you.

What Were The Challenges Faced While Making An Event Venue Booking App Like Peerspace? & Solutions

You might face challenges while organizing a large event. You need to consider factors like venue, vendors, marketing, etc. for organizing such events. Evolution in technology has led to the development of mobile applications which can help you overcome all the challenges that come your way. Mentioned below are some challenges that you might face but our team has solutions to overcome all of these challenges with an event venue booking app like Peerspace.

Drop-in your Attendees’ Engagement and Attendance as Your Event Progress

While organizing an event, maintaining customer engagement throughout the event is quite difficult and one of the primary concerns. The engagement and energy decrease as the event progresses. But, you can keep your attendees engaged and connected throughout the event with a robust event planning application. You can share all the activities like games, quizzes, etc. using push notifications or in-app pop-ups. This way you can keep your attendees more engaged in your event.

An Event can be a bit too Formal

Organizing a purposeful and meaningful event is great but your attendees might find it boring sometimes. Therefore, having gamification features in your mobile conference app can lighten up the ambiance and keep your attendees engaged and connected throughout the event without interrupting your theme.

Event planning application Peerspace helps users with valuable content. Adding features like a social media sharing option or in-app chat features can help in providing a user-friendly environment.

The Dissatisfaction of Your Vendors and Sponsors

The goal of any sponsors or vendors is clear: that is the maximum exposure for their goods or services. This helps them to get better opportunities in the future. The popularity of your event or conference amongst the sponsors or the vendors might decrease if the attendees of your event act disinterested or find it boring.

But there is a solution for every problem. Developing an event venue booking application can help you in analyzing your event attendees’ behavior and you can take your next move accordingly. You can add push notifications in your application which will notify users and make them interact with the sponsors and vendors. You can also add gamification to influence the attendees. This way you can reach out to maximum people in very little time.

Networking at Event is Difficult

Networking is one of the main reasons behind the gathering of attendees, sponsors, and vendors at any event. Their main motive is to connect and socialize with people who have similar interests in a job or career-related aspects. It is sometimes weird and even frustrating to meet new people at events. This is where event app development comes into the picture, implementing features in your application considering users’ and event organizers’ convenience can make their work easier.

Adding an in-app chat feature is a great way to help attendees connect with each other. Thus, adding a feature like profile setup can help the audience to shortlist the people they want to start their conversation with. Adding features more like these can scale your application to the next level.

Receive Vague Feedback

Once you are done with an event, you have to ensure that you take feedback from the attendees, sponsors, vendors, and your clients. Feedbacks are very valuable and can help you in improving your application.

The best way to analyze your performance is by taking feedback. Most of the time people deny filling feedback as they find it a boring task. But, you can overcome this hurdle just by adding games and rewards for the users in your event booking application. This way you can gain valuable insights very quickly without dealing with any kind of paperwork.

After taking the feedback or reviews, you can work better and make changes for your next event. It is highly suggested that you should take an initiative and invest in event booking mobile application development.

Top Features Of Peerspace For Venue Booking App Development

features of peerspace for venue

For an application to be successful, the app must have advanced features. It is essential to implement top-notch features in your application so that you can deliver services to your users in the shortest time possible. Integrate a set of features that reflects the values of your event booking application. Peerspace offers unique features. Apart from the basic features, here are some important features that should be kept in mind while developing an event venue booking app.

Renter Panel Features

More Paying Clients

Timeline Of Building An Online Event Venue Booking App Like Peerspace

how much time does it cost to build an app

Each app is unique in its own way. Similarly, the time taken to develop an app like an event venue booking app depends on several parameters. The time taken to develop an app may vary based on the app requirements.

Some applications take just 1-2 months for the entire development process whereas some applications also take more than 6 months for development because of the implementation of the complex feature’s application.

The total time also varies depending on the development company that is working on your project. You must notice that the cost of your mobile application is directly proportional to the time taken to develop an app.

Let’s see how many weeks each stage of application development takes:

Wrap Up

There are numerous things to be considered while planning an event. Event venue booking apps like Peerspace makes your work easier by finding you the right venue for your event. These applications are used and loved worldwide as their service simplifies the work of their users. Users from different sectors like health workers, artists, corporate, etc. all have found these apps beneficial. Most of the property owners have realized the value of the venue booking apps, so they are preparing to enlist their properties on such platforms. If you desire to have a robust booking application for your business and beat your competition, we have the right solution for you.

Echoinnovate IT has a team of expert developers who have developed various event venue booking apps. The apps developed by our professional developers have excellent ratings and reviews in the market. Our team of expert developers aims to develop a unique and robust application that can stand out in the crowd. Get in touch with our highly skilled developers and discuss your idea now.


What are the benefits of having an event venue booking app?

Here are some benefits of having a booking app: Easy payments Availability of your services for 24*7 you can focus on maximizing the profit by selling add-on services with venue bookings You can analyze the performance of your business with a robust event venue booking app and get valuable insights to increase the overall performance of your business.

What is the development process of an event venue booking app like Peerspace?

For the development process, the factors that you need to consider are:

  • Market research
  • Creating a plan
  • Features
  • Tech stack
  • Design and testing
Why Echoinnovate IT is the best company for developing an event venue booking app like Peerspace?

Echoinnovate IT has more than 12 years of experience in developing mobile applications. Echo Innovate IT has a team of expert developers who have developed various event venue booking apps. The apps developed by our professional developers have excellent ratings and reviews in the market. Our team of expert developers aims to develop a unique and robust application that can stand out in the crowd.

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