15+ Best Android Auto Alternatives For 2024

Android Auto App is a useful application designed by Google for android…

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best Android Auto Alternatives

Android Auto App is a useful application designed by Google for android users that provides a safe driving experience to them. It’s a great tool to control Android applications from your car’s screen without even touching your smartphones! With this, you can keep your hands on wheels and avoid risks while on the road. Additionally, with an android application, you can easily integrate your car screen with mobile apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Spotify, Waze, etc. and enjoy real time information on heavy road traffic, playing or changing any music or locating navigations to reach your desired locations. It is simply easy to use, responds quickly, has a simple design, and is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and devices. Then why are we looking for the best Android Auto Alternatives? This comes as a question..

Why An Alternative For Android Auto?

Now you might be curious why we are looking for Android Auto Alternatives, when this application is already functioning well for its users? Honestly..the answer is quite simple!

“No android application is FLAWLESS”

With this, Android Auto also has many problems..It can occasionally stop working, crash for no apparent reason, and disconnect at random times. Besides, the voice commands are terribly unreliable, and many times suddenly, important functions like the ability to reply to a message could disappear.

So guys, though Android Auto is an incredibly must have feature in your car, it’s voice assisting features are still ongoing, it’s not compatible with all applications that users like using frequently, and it’s not entirely risk-free application (As voice control requires driver’s attention and it can be dangerous to use mobile phones while driving in any way).

With this thought, we should definitely have a bunch of other similar applications or android auto alternatives with best features and their popular ratings!

So without wasting further time..Let’s Begin!

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Best Android Auto Alternatives You Can Look For

Below list follows the 15 best alternatives to Android Auto and how you can enjoy some of their powerful integrated features.

Check them out..

List Of Android Auto Alternatives
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Google Maps - One Of The Widely Used Android Auto Alternative

Google Maps One Of The Widely Used Android Auto Alternative

With the discontinuation of Android Auto in smartphones, the majority of users who were depending on this application will likely switch to Google Maps, whose Driving Mode essentially performs the same function. You can play music, make calls to contacts, perform voice commands, and receive traffic information.

On Android 12, the Assistant bar at the bottom will now respond to voice commands when you’re in Google Maps driving mode. This feature works similarly to Android Auto. Apart from this, many Android Auto features have been well integrated into Google Assistant and Google Maps.

Waze - A Popular Navigation Tool

Waze A Popular Navigation Tool

In terms of popularity, the Waze navigation app is right behind Google Maps. Millions of people use this trustworthy navigation app all over the world. You may access real-time information about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and other topics using the app. If the app notices traffic heading your way, it intelligently modifies the path. Waze offers a multitude of customization choices and is user-friendly ultimately making it one of the best android auto alternatives.

The speedometer and speed limit capabilities of this application are enabled through the Settings menu. It’s quite handy that the app also gives you the cheapest petrol stations along your route and keeps you informed about the toll fees and your estimated time of arrival.

Automate Car Dashboard - Best Substitute For Android Auto

Automate Car Dashboard Best Substitute For Android Auto

Among the greatest substitutes for Android Auto is AutoMate. The user interface of the program is clear and simple to use. It lets you send messages, make calls using your voice or by pressing the number, among other things. Furthermore, you can use voice commands alone to play music. With AutoMate, GPS capabilities are also excellent, and voice commands make it simple to travel to your target location.
A speedometer, media controls, weather updates, widget shortcuts, and other information are displayed on the dashboard. The app’s premium edition allows you to customize wallpapers, enable hands-free gestures, and receive traffic camera warnings.

Drivemode - Top App Alike Android Auto

Drivemode Top App Alike Android Auto

Drivemode prioritizes the provision of essential functionality above an abundance of unnecessary ones. Users may answer or make calls, control music, respond to messages, and do a lot more with just their voice. You can disregard texts or calls while driving in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

It’s quite cool that you can set the Drivemode app to open automatically when you start driving! All in all, you can make your driving more easy and distraction-free by integrating many of your favorite apps with Drivemode’s UI, such as voice assistant, music, messaging, and navigation apps. With such amazing features, Drivemode becomes one of the noticeable alternatives to android auto.

Car Dashdroid - An Outstanding Android Auto Alternative

Car Home Ultra   Leading Navigation Platform

To give your automobile a new perspective of life, you can use Car Dashdroid to replace the home screen. Car Dashdroid allows you instant access to popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Additionally, you can use your voice to respond to incoming messages without ever picking up your phone.

Personalize the app home screen with your favorite apps and even modify the theme of the dash screen to give it a unique touch. When turned on, the Car Mode provides large icons, a folder for group programs, simple music controls, a speedometer, a compass, and a lot more.

Moreover, you can also view the battery level, temperature, and other details on the dashboard. More than 40 shortcuts can be configured, such as sending pre-written messages, launching a specific playlist, and getting directions to a specified location.

HERE We Go - Top Online Mapping Platform

HERE We Go Top Online Mapping Platfor

Operated by HERE Technologies, Here WeGo is an online mapping and satellite navigation program that can be used on mobile and web platforms. One of the useful alternatives, it uses HERE’s location data platform, which provides its own internal data, such as traffic information, satellite views, and other location services. Every three or every two months, maps are updated.

It has some of the great features like :

  1. Turn-by-turn
  2. Navigation
  3. Location Sharing
  4. Offline MAps
  5. CarPlay and Android Auto
  6. Future Coverage

Autozen - Another Best Alternative To Android Auto

Autozen Another Best Alternative To Android Auto

One more of the best alternatives to Android Auto is AutoZen. It uses voice commands to do a number of functions, including making phone calls, checking the weather, configuring navigation, opening your preferred music player, and more.
You can even respond to texts with your voice while keeping your eyes on the road. The app displays speed limits that are available on the map, turn-by-turn navigation, and speed cameras and notifications.

Additionally, it lets you personalize items like the app drawer. You can access your calendar events with a single tap. You can adjust a number of different variables to suit your tastes. Notably, there are options for both light and dark themes in the program.

iHeartRadio - A Compatible Android Auto Application

iHeartRadio A Compatible Android Auto Application

One of the greatest Android Auto compatible Internet radio apps is iHeartRadio. In addition to actual radio stations, there are a ton of ordinary music stations available. While you can always utilize your car radio to listen to traditional radio stations, for those who like to do so, iHeartRadio keeps everything inside Android Auto.

The service is completely free with advertisements, while users who want more can choose to subscribe. There are countless options to choose on iHeartRadio. You may listen to radio stations all throughout the nation using this app. You may effortlessly listen to your preferred stations or discover new ones based on genre with Android Auto.

Google Assistant - Highly Recognized Google Platform

Google Assistan Android Auto Alternatives

Using Google Assistant to operate your phone and apps hands-free is simple. It’s simply one of the best applications and one of the best alternatives to android auto.
Download Google Assistant to assist you hands-free. It can help you set reminders and alarms, manage your schedule, look up answers, navigate and operate smart home devices when away from home, and much more.

Google Assistant is a simple method for using your phone and apps. You can use your voice to activate the flashlight, change the Bluetooth and airplane mode settings, quickly launch your preferred app, and explore and control your phone’s settings.

Simply stay in touch via email, texts, and hands-free phone conversations. Make phone calls, send texts, and check your contacts’ emails. Also, continue to be productive when traveling. While on the go, manage your projects and schedule, set alarms and reminders, and complete tasks with just your voice. Look up solutions and receive assistance with local knowledge and directions.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps - Popular Navigation App

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps   Popular Navigation App

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is a cutting-edge GPS navigation program that features accurate real-time traffic and speed camera warnings as well as offline maps that are updated weekly. Over 200 million drivers worldwide have faith in it. Your phone stores offline 3D maps so you can use them for GPS navigation even when you’re not online. We provide free map updates several times a year so you can always rely on Sygic GPS Navigation.

Enjoy accurate real time traffic information, android auto connectivity, stay safe with advanced safety features, park easily with parking place suggestions and much more.

Apple Car Play - Customized Application Like Android Auto

Apple Car Play   Customized Application Like Android Auto

Apple Car Play app is a Mirror connection app with Apple Car Play Style. You can utilize a variety of applications using the car’s touchscreen, steering wheel controls, or speech recognition technologies once your Car play Phone is linked to a compatible vehicle.

Apple Car Play offers numerous capabilities, including easy customization, instant connectivity, powerful voice recognition, a satellite navigation system, and the ability to use your phone as a phone.

You may send and receive messages simultaneously, enjoy music from apps, and read them aloud while operating a motor vehicle.

Toyota Connect Middle East - Well Known Automobile Online Platform

Toyota Connect Middle East   Well Known Automobile Online Platform

Toyota Connect Middle East, as the name suggests, is widely used in the Middle Eastern nations. It enables you to rapidly connect to our call center in the event that you have a vehicle issue and lets you examine a variety of info on your smartphone. With the following features, the Toyota Connect app makes driving safer and more convenient. And thus fits well in our android auto alternative list.

Car Home Ultra - Leading Navigation Platform

Car Home Ultra   Leading Navigation Platform

Using the Car Home Ultra app on your car dock makes managing your phone while driving simple. Thus one of the simple yet effective alternatives in our list. It can startup immediately when your car’s BT is detected, and you can always simply get back to CHU by clicking either the home button or the overlay button (see settings->starting options).

To set up your phone for use in the car, utilize the many task automation features of Car Home Ultra. This covers a number of features, such as WiFi settings, auto startup, volume control, and display brightness control. It has some amazing features like media controller, day & night color schemes, speed, location, altitude & weather awareness, and speed alarm function to help you avoid tickets.

Dashlink 2 - One Of The Featured Alternative To Android Auto

Dashlink 2   One Of The Featured Alternative To Android Auto

The DashLink system, which is compatible only with the AutoMeter DashLink Control Module, is a matched hardware and software solution to deliver the best possible wireless connectivity to your Android mobile device.

With this plug-and-play virtual dashboard solution, you can use your Android mobile device to show AutoMeter gauges and acquire data for your car. Track fuel efficiency, read and clear vehicle error codes, check engine lights, and keep an eye on the vehicle’s and the engine’s performance. With AutoMeter DashLink, you are in charge.

Car Launcher - Powerful Alternative To Android Auto

Car Launcher   Powerful Alternative To Android Auto

Our last yet powerful one in the list is Car Launcher. You can use this application on a phone, a pad and on the radio tape recorder on the base of the android.
We integrated the onboard computer with a convenient accessible distance count for the various periods, in addition to the easy program start.

Talking about some basic features of this application, add as many applications you want and edit them, speed car display based on GPS, a menu slide with the onboard computer which you can customize accordingly. Get additional features in the premium version of Car Launcher and enjoy having a seamless experience on the road.


Coming to the end, these were some of the best Alternatives to Android Auto which you can download free from Play Store and enjoy while focusing on a safe drive. Remember to not completely rely on these applications and make sure to avoid risk when you are on the road. We hope this article was insightful providing all the best alternatives at the same time. Make sure to try one of the above mentioned Android Auto applications you loved the most and at last..

“Have a safe and happy drive..”!

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Are there alternatives for non-smartphone users?

Some cars come with their own in-built infotainment systems that don’t rely on specific smartphone platforms.

Can I use third-party apps for car connectivity?

Yes, some third-party apps like AutoMate and Car Dashdroid offer car-friendly interfaces for better connectivity.

Are there wireless alternatives to Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and some car manufacturers offer wireless connectivity options for a cable-free experience.

Do all cars support Android Auto alternatives?

No, compatibility varies among car models and manufacturers, so it’s essential to check specific vehicle specifications.

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