How To Build A Church App? Quick Guide

Technology is revolutionizing the world. Everything and anything can be found on…

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How To Build A Church App

Technology is revolutionizing the world. Everything and anything can be found on the internet today right at a click of our fingertips. There are several factors why we are digitizing everything today..Below are some following reasons to Build A Church App:

  1. Sending quick information to large number of people in one go
  2. Staying connected with our ideas, opinions and beliefs digitally
  3. Enjoying music, videos, or stories live when people usually can’t access places physically
  4. Or to simply build networks with like-minded people

These are the basic ideas when developers are making an app. And with this, our today’s blog will focus on How To Build A Church App. If you are running a Church, these platforms can become a helpful source for reaching a larger audience in the US, increasing chances of donations, providing sermon and teaching resources at one place, getting volunteers and helping save print costs for designing posters.

Now since you have enough reasons to develop your own Custom Church Mobile App, we have got your back.. This article will help you understand more about Church Apps, their types, features, cost and most importantly : Developing your own Church App!
So let’s begin..

Three Types Of Church Apps

Three Types Of Church Apps

For Helping Parishioners

The basic idea behind this kind of program is to give parishioners the ability to use mobile technology to accomplish what they have always done, whether they are at home or on the go. This can be a vital resource for a parish looking to expand its membership. You can create a feature-rich app like this to motivate parishioners.

First off, parishioners can easily share God’s Book thanks to these apps. Second, you can use Vimeo, YouTube, and other sites to broadcast significant events. Third, this app allows members of your church to schedule events, offer prayer requests, suggest podcasts, and record sermons. Additionally, the app may have a function that makes online donations easier. Additionally, it might have a map in it for hassle-free location

For Knowing Spiritual Leaders

The management of church parishioner groups is the aim of this type of app. Spiritual leaders can use this app to keep track of attendance and record details about members of various groups.

The spiritual leader can share sermons via audio or video by using this app. Authorization to prevent access to parishioners’ personal information protects the application.

For Data Collection

For interacting and using the church database, this app is an excellent resource for priests and church leaders.

As, for instance, if a leader adds some notes and the attendance information. Additionally, the clerics can use the app to see the modifications. This clarifies for clerics the attendance reports. They can assess members’ involvement in various events, among other things.

Top Features You Can Add In Your Church Apps

Top Features You Can Add In Your Church Apps

Before studying the steps to build your own custom church app, it is important to identify your prior goals and features you are planning to add. Is it communication, event management, donations, sermons or a combination of all? Thus here are the following features that must be kept in mind when building a custom church mobile app :

Advanced Communication

While developing a church app, one of the main features is communication or certainly building an advanced communication network to stay in touch with parishioners or communicate with them. The application will allow users to get church news and latest updates and they will get invitations for church events and sermons everytime.

Branding Your Church App

It is a necessary element when you are developing an app from scratch. Adding a brand name and logo for your church app at the home screen will provide an identity and certain related features that you will provide to the users in your application. Moreover it will help you in promoting your app and attract new users.


A church app is a great digital platform to share donation links to your networks. With this, your church attendees can easily send donations from any place and simply at any time. Also, donors then don’t need to visit church everytime and approach parishioners for the same.

Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live streaming is one of the best and must have features while developing a church app. Broadcasting sermons, lectures and shows will expand a huge network within your application. Live streaming during festivals or special events will be of great help to those who cannot physically attend a church or find it difficult to be part of church events.

Wide Reach

When churches have their own church apps, they are associated 24/7 with their followers. Users have direct access to sermons, videos, sacred books like holy Bible and other religious knowledge with just a few clicks. With providing high HD videos and subtitles in different languages, users can stream on your applications and take lessons from spiritual leaders from all over the world.

It ultimately helps parishioners to reach a wider audience by having their own online community to chat or provide assistance to users digitally.

Adding Volunteer Services

Church apps are a great medium for finding volunteers or sending charity events to a larger number of people. With added features like push notifications, more people can get information about any certain event. You can post events regularly or create a photo library for people to like and comment or add donations for the same.

Tech Stack Required For a Church App

Tech Stack Required For a Church Application

To develop a church application, you’ll require the following tools depending on the operating and running system and your preferred application type : 

For iOS

  1. Programming Language : Swift
  2. Preferred Network :  Alamofire

For Android 

  1. Programming Language : Kotlin
  2. Preferred Network :  OkHttp 3

For Flutter

  1. Programming Language : Dart
  2. Preferred Network :  Chopper

For Back-end Development

  1. Programming Language : Node.js
  2. Preferred Framework :  Express 4
  3. Database : MySQL

6 Simple Steps To Develop Your Own Church App

church app development

Now since you have understood the must have features that need to be added in your custom church app and requisite tech stacks required; it finally time to know steps to build your Church Mobile App. Check them out.

Selecting a platform

Firstly, decide the platform for your church application (iOS or Android) as it will only decide the final costing and development tools you will require. Get in touch with a knowledgeable church mobile app development firm or competent developers that focus on app development. Have a chat, go over your original goals and specifications, and find out how they can help you realize your vision.

Finding the proper experts who can walk you through the process and make your idea a reality is the first step in developing a church app.

Stage of Solution Design

Next, get in touch with the solution design team, which consists of a business analyst, solution architect, and designer, to talk over the objectives of the project, the parameters of the job, the fundamental qualities, etc. Obtain an estimated figure and draft a proposal.

Creating the User Interface (UI)

General concepts give way to specific user interface elements and scenarios in the UI/UX design process. Design research, drawing, wireframing, visualization, and slicing are the stages that make up this phase.

Creating a prototype during the design process is another common practice to see how the product will look and to make adjustments without having to write new code.

Resources and Tools for Development

At this point, The real development process, which involves translating business needs and product specifications into code, takes the longest. A customer receives a statement of work (SOW) that contains all the details regarding the development process, such as deadlines, payments, and the quantity of work that must be completed within a specific length of time.

A pre-agreed portion of the functionality is built by software developers throughout each sprint, which makes up the overall development process. At this stage, several companies employ a range of techniques.

Development & QA Testing

Church app development is tested by the quality assurance team to look for defects and user experience problems. Your church app’s developers are notified of any flaws so they may be rectified. Requirement analysis, test planning, test case development, environment setup, test execution, and test reporting are the six primary steps that make up the QA process.

Final Launch

Lastly, send your product for production as soon as the last adjustments are completed and pre-launch testing confirms that it is prepared for release. However, this does not imply that development is finished. The product must be updated and upgraded on a regular basis. Most often, business owners sign a contract outlining obligations, liabilities, and specifics of what is to be kept.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Church App

church app development cost

The total cost of creating a church app is determined by a number of variables, including the platform, features, design, integration, and developer fees. But if you take everything into account, the typical price will range from $50,000 to $190,000.

You should be aware that developing cross-platform solutions is less expensive than developing native apps. As a result, we have given you an estimate of how much it would cost to create a church app that has the essential functions. The typical hourly rate may differ depending on the developers and companies you work with in different countries.

Why Choose EchoInnovate IT To Develop A Church App?

Sit back and relax as we develop your Custom Church Mobile App with a highly energetic and dedicated team.

  1. Choose your desired platform
  2. Get the final quotation from us
  3. Innovate features you wish to add
  4. Customize your needs accordingly

That’s all! Now receive donations, bring volunteers, expand your reach, or simply livestream sermons and preachings for your church. Our team will make the entire process simple and effortless. Hire our innovative Web and mobile app developers in USA today.

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Ready to create your own custom church mobile apps? Echoinnovate IT might help your church reach a higher level of member engagement. Contact us, and we’ll create a church app to keep you in touch with your people.


What are the basic steps to build a church app?

Define Goals: Clearly outline the purpose and features of the app.
Choose Platform: Decide if it will be for iOS, Android, or both.
Plan Features: Include functionalities like sermons, events, donations, and community engagement.
Design UI/UX: Create an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.
Develop: Hire a developer or use app builders to code the app.
Test: Thoroughly test the app for bugs and usability issues.
Launch: Release the app on app stores and promote it to the congregation.

What features should a church app include?
  1. Sermon Library: Store and organize past sermons for easy access.
  2. Events Calendar: Share upcoming events, services, and activities.
  3. Donations: Provide a secure platform for online giving.
    Notifications: Send push notifications for updates, announcements, and reminders.
  4. Community: Facilitate communication and engagement among members.
    Bible Resources: Include a digital Bible, devotionals, and study materials.
Can I use app builders for a church app?

Echoinnovateit and similar app builders are user-friendly tools for creating basic church apps without coding knowledge. They offer templates and drag-and-drop features. However, for advanced or specific features, custom development with professional developers may be necessary.

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