Web App vs Mobile App (How to Choose): A Practical Guide For Startups

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Web App vs Mobile App (How to Choose): A Practical Guide For Startups

Web App vs Mobile App (How to Choose): A Practical Guide For Startups

Web App vs Mobile App have has always been a point of discussion. Desktop shopping still holds considerable value in the online market, planned to account for about $331.85 billion in business sales this year. In the meantime, the growth of desktop purchases has slowed hugely to five percentages year-over-year.

Also, the smartphone business sale is now on the rise. It s projected to increase by 37.7% from 2019 to account for $203.94 billion in 2020.

The percentage of mobile shopping is going to become double by 2022

It is the main reason why the entire world is hugely focusing on mobile strategy. Almost every institution, business, and corporation start to use a mobile phone for various purposes.

Before, the debates are conducted between online and offline media, but currently, the situation is entirely different. It is because the discussion has turned into particular online media vs. other online media.

There are two powerful terms available for mobiles that include web apps and mobile apps. 

The Popularity Of Mobile And Web Apps

The world of web apps and mobile apps has a fascinating expansion.

Also, the user count of the smartphone will be expected to rise to 3.8 billion by 2021. According to the growth of these trends, this count will grow considerably without any limitation.

In 2018, global mobile application revenues totaled more than 365 billion US dollars. In 2023, it is expected that mobile applications to generate more than 935 billion US dollars in revenue through paid downloads and advertising applications.

Web App vs Mobile App (How to Choose): A Practical Guide For Startups

It will encourage many startups to opt for app development and joining this mobile-first revolution.

Having a mobile for your business is beneficial for companies. It is because most of the consumers go shopping on their mobile phones.

If you are a start-up founder, and you want to initiate your startup, it is the right time for building your app and make money while growing your business.

How To Make Your Pick?

The selection of web apps or mobile apps is not a simple task.

It is because many individuals say that Developing a web application is better than mobile applications.

When it comes to reality, there are several advantages of the mobile application over a web app, which proves the above statement completely wrong. Also, this same concept is applied to web apps.

The mobile applications are developed from scratch tools where web apps are the adaption of the website version.

Without any doubt, these two methods of mobility are useful, but you need to consider a few extraordinary factors before selecting anyone.

Web App vs Mobile App (How to Choose): A Practical Guide For Startups

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In short, you can determine it is smart to use a web app or mobile app by considering your business purpose.

According to statistics, the number of mobile users is growing to roughly about 5.07 billion in 2019.

It clearly shows that both mobile and web apps appear as an excellent option because they are entirely mobile-driven.  In this situation, you must start to learn the precise concepts of mobile and web apps.

It is the only method for you to select the right solution for your startup in 2022.

What Are Web Apps?

Web applications are the programs that are stored on the remote service.

These are developed to function on various mobile OS.

There is no direct way to install them on the mobile store. It is because web apps are browser-based.

Hence, users need to log on to the websites for getting access to web applications.

What Are Mobile Apps?

Mobile apps are application software solutions developed to work well on mobile devices like a tablet computers or smartphones.

They often serve to bring users the same services and facilities offered by PCs. The mobile applications are individual, small units with only limited functionality. 

 They are directly installed on the phone’s storage. The users need to download the native app by entering the app stores for Windows, iPhone, Android, and much more.

Selection Between Web App vs Mobile App

Choosing between Web App vs Mobile App is usually a daunting task for everyone. 

For reducing the difficulties, you can start by comparing the merits and demerits of the two options.

What is the right app for your new startup? If you want to get the correct answer, you can read the benefits and drawbacks of web apps and mobile apps.

Web App vs Mobile App (How to Choose): A Practical Guide For Startups

Merits Of Mobile Apps


  • It is a significant benefit of using a mobile application when compared to a mobile app.
  • Generally, mobile apps are developed in a way that people can make necessary changes in a way they desired to utilize their applications.
  • Apps allow saving user data, setting preferences, and sharing media files on social media.
  • These are specialized features of the mobile app that will take the experience of users to the next level.


  • Almost everyone knows that mobile apps are ruling the mobile e-commerce world and also focus hugely on user experience.
  • These apps also offer quickly loading speed, ease of use, and high-end performance, which are required by modern consumers.
  • Surprisingly, mobile apps are completely revolutionizing the healthcare field, political sector, and entertainment industry.

Supports Online And Offline

  • The distinctive thing about mobile apps is that they are also used offline with no issues.
  • These kinds of apps are entirely new products, which are capable of working offline.
  • It means that mobile applications are suitable for use in a place where users do not have a network. 
  • Also, AI technology is implemented in mobile app development for a great future.

Demerits Of Mobile Apps

Support And Maintenance

  • Regular bug fixes and update needs in mobile applications. In mobile apps, users need to download and install new updates.
  • It is an additional job for them. In mobile websites, the updates are implemented automatically without requiring any user involvement.


  • Everyone knows that mobile applications are developed from scratch. It is a huge mobile app development process.
  • Along with this, few devices do not support mobile apps because of different platforms or different versions.

Merits Of Web Apps


  • The main benefit of considering web applications is that it is very cost-effective. 
  • The app is only for one operating system.
  • The app tests perform their job and make sure that the apps perform correctly on every platform.
  • Along with this, users can easily access the system via any stable environment. It is a primary benefit for startup businesses.

Endless Access

  • Web applications are flexible because they are accessible anywhere and anytime. 
  • A computer with a proper internet facility is sufficient for accessing the website.


  • It is straightforward to customize your web-based applications when compared to desktop applications.
  • Changing the feel and look of the web application is superficial with your web apps.
  • Talented web developers can develop customized apps with minimal effort through this app development process.

Support Different Devices

  • There are extensive ranges of devices and also their versions available in the present market.
  • When it comes to web apps, they can support all devices easily, which have an internet connection.
  • There is a facility to operate web applications in Smartphones and PDAs. 
  • By using the web app development process, you can send or receive the information easily with extended performance.

Demerits of Web Apps

Increased And Overhead Size

  • It is significant to note that web applications function and work slower when compared to native desktop apps.
  • Another problem with web app development is that developers ship the overall web browser with the application.
  • Thus, the app size increases.

Limitations For Clients

  • The clients are not able to read the files, email, print within the browser.
  • It is because it means the security hole for web apps.

Simple Tips To Make A Smart Decision

Technological advancements are always for real purposes. Every option comes with its approach towards a few critical conditions. Thus, every existing technology has both negative and positive sides. Every platform has its own environment for web application development. 

If you know everything about all the essential information about these apps, you can move on to the next stage. Regardless of your web development technique, you should try to get a perfect answer for the following questions that include:

Who Are The End-users, Or Who Is The Target Audience Of Your startup?

Startup founders should understand that the apps are in the hands of the target audience and users.  You can keep the needs, wants, and goals of end-users while selecting the web and mobile apps.

What Are You Doing Or What The Startup Is Planning To Offer?

The startup application is based on your business product. Before developing a web or mobile app, you should be clean with your products.  In other words, the product idea plays a vital role in the app development strategy of your startup.

How Essential Is User Experience Or Customer To Your Business Products?

User experience is essential for developing successful apps, attracting users, and keeps them engaged.  You can think about how the end-users will interact with your app.

Wrapped Up

In general, there is no fixed app development process available for startups. Hence, You should make your choice that rely on a few proven factors such as:

  • Products
  • Audience
  • Budget
  • Business and revenue model

If you are well-informed about these aspects of developing a mobile app, you will surely make an informed decision quickly.

FAQ’s of Web App vs Mobile App

The difference between web apps and mobile app is that web apps require an active internet connection in order to function, whereas mobile apps can often function while offline.

Consider the following questions for Enterprise or startup business and make your choice:
Who Are The End-users, Or Who Is The Target Audience Of Your startup?
Startup founders should understand that the apps are in the hands of the target audience and users. You can keep the needs, wants, and goals of end-users while selecting the web and mobile apps.


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