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If I ask you what you use on your smartphone or any…

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If I ask you what you use on your smartphone or any handheld device? An app would be the answer for everyone. Thus, we have mentioned here apt Mobile App Development With a Usability Focus.

And most of us use at least 6, 8, or over ten apps a day regularly. That’s right; we don’t use websites now that often but can’t spend a day without an app. For teenagers and young adults, social media and communication apps are their lifeline without which they literally can’t live.

Apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp are used by over two billion people regularly, and the number of users keeps on increasing with each passing day.

There are many ways in which the use of these apps is cool. That’s why many fresh graduates out of college, in the computer science field, looking to make a career in Apt Mobile App Development.

In this blog, I’ll try to make certain you get the whole idea of the Apt Mobile App Development With Usability Focus and how it can be beneficial for a user.

If you need further evidence for this, this blog will offer you the following information, which I think will be enough for you to grasp the topic

Think As An End-User Of Apps And Smartphones

Think of you as an end-user of apps and think from his perspective.

What features you want in the mobile app, and which features will you use more frequently? This will give you a clear idea about what to develop.

You could even ask users about their mobile app preferences before developing a mobile app. The closer your mobile app will be to their expectations, the better the response it will get from the user.


The problem with app developers is that there are many things that they can’t understand what end-users want.

It is all about reading the minds of the users, and that is the task of people concerned with R&D (Research and Development), And if they are not able to do their job well, it will be difficult for them to come up with a mobile app which is up to the mark.

Smartphones: Mobile App Usability

Manufacturers of smartphones spend millions of dollars annually making new phones, which are a step ahead of the competition.

But it is easier said than done. In fact, major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei take their rivalry to the next level by luring people from other companies to bring the best talent to their company. The majority of end-users look forward to a great camera, the size of the battery, and the screen to buy a phone.

Usability is not in their minds. It is rather the responsibility of the phone manufacturer to think about Mobile App Development in Bay Area With Usability Focus and with what the end-user would think of.


When it comes to usability, companies (and specifically their R&D) need to think about what they can do to make a good smartphone. One that can resonate with the target audience is what companies need to think about.Usability in terms of smartphones is all about the hardware, unlike the app, which is concerned with software. Catering to the usability of a smartphone also can be related to that of the app; if an app is not working properly, there must be some bug in it or it isn’t able to connect well with the hardware.

Human Touch in the Apps

This is probably the most important aspect of making an app work for you.Adding the human touch is all about making an app feel natural to the user. All the end-users are human beings, not robots, and this aspect must be considered as the single-most-important aspect. Developers need to think about what aspects they can add to make things work for their clients, and that’s where the human factor comes in, which I want to discuss with you now. Every app can’t taste success like WhatsApp or Snapchat, but at least it must offer something valuable to the end-users. That’s why you need a human touch to your mobile app and keep things simple. Focus on building an emotional connection so that he will connect and interact with your mobile app in a much better way. Only in this way you can get everything from the development process concerning the mobile for the best results.


AI, AR, and VR are the next frontier of how apps will perform in the future. There are certainly many aspects that can be termed as an experience out of this world and that are possible only through applying AI and AR features. Apps based on AR like Pokémon are already a rage and its insane success has prompted many new games. Developers now think of how they can enhance the usability of end-users to create the next Pokémon. VR has been in use in smartphones through VR headsets. Many people are aware of it, but VR is much more than using it on a VR headset. Virtual Reality can offer amazing features and immersive experiences to the users like a movie in which a user can feel like they are part of it or a game where they can interact with the characters. So, there is much to explore for the app developers here as Ai, AR and VR can make apps do wonders.

Speed and Performance: Mobile App Usability

The above-mentioned two aspects can make or break your chance of getting a great app. It is not being able to run fluently and not delivering an exceptional user experience, and this is bad news for you. The reason can be aplenty, but your mobile app needs to be fixed if it is not able to provide even the average speed and performance of other apps. More importantly, if your users have a great first experience with your mobile app, they will surely return for more.

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Use techniques and technology to make your mobile app experience as smooth as possible, and you will reap rich rewards for it. After all, no one likes to wait for an app screen or transition to load. Most of us are very impatient when it comes to anything not working as we think about it, even without using it first. We all want an instant response from an app, and that’s why speed and performance matter a lot for the eventual success of an app.

Highlight the Benefits

Constant Improvement and Upgradation

The above process is just the start as you need to carry on the task and go only higher.At the start, you can get great numbers, but it can start to dwindle soon enough.This is where you need to think about how you can retain your app users and attract newer ones.

Keep improving the mobile app usability and add useful features that your users demand, and only in this way you can expect your app to compete with the very best in the business.

Just like the example of AI, AR and VR, apps are now being used in a variety of ways.

If you think that an app’s new version is all about new colors, think again! Lots of hard work and effort is put in just to get those colors working perfectly fine.

Constant improvement for an app is a necessity for the developers as a new app with the same or extra features can take over a previous app in no time.

The margin for error in today’s cutthroat marketplace is practically zero. Therefore, improvement and up-gradation of an app are much more than just an obligation for the app developers.

Final Word about Mobile Usability

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