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Nowadays the advancement of technology has paved the way for many new…

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best vr apps

Nowadays the advancement of technology has paved the way for many new inventions and virtual reality is not anymore futuristic. Virtual reality VR apps are considered as infancy and many platforms are provided with their platforms for mobile and PCs.

You can truly experience immersive and offer a sensory experience that can transport the individual to virtually any place. There are lots of fancy gears to enjoy the VR applications experience and it is levered up by your Smartphone display to experience god VR.

Best VR Apps Pricing Rating Review
Within VR
Google Earth VR
VR space
Sites in VR
Titans of space
Google art and culture
VR Theater
Google street view
Fulldive VR
Var’s VR video player
VR roller coaster

So most importantly all you need to do is to get the right VR apps on your mobile phones. Here are some of the best VR apps given that transform your smartphones into a better VR experience.

Within VR – Best VR Apps For IPhone

The VR application was founded by Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk that buy together with the most immense experience from the finest VR around the world.

This VR app is all one VR content app that distributes VR, XR, and AR experiences across web, mobile, and other consoles. Within VR apps that have features likewise, new content is added frequently. It is available on android, iOS, DayDream, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation, Viveport, and WebVR platforms.

Within VR

Google Earth VR – Best VR Apps Android

Google Earth VR helps the users to explore the world from a new perspective by reaching the whole world together. It is great to use because people from different places can explore the planet in detail.

Also, it provides new search functions that help in promoting the VR keyboard. It is manipulated based on the headset controller.

This VR app includes features such as discovering the world’s most incredible places, can measure heights and areas, zooming down to the Google street view database, enjoying virtual tourism, and moreover views 360-degree spin the globe.

VR Space

For VR lovers, this app is an awesome app solution that makes the users enjoy the VR universe. You can experience a real tour of the sun, star, and planets systems by connecting to VR devices.

Only a VR headset is enough and it does not need any additional touch controls. It offers the users a blissful VR journey to the whole universe with HD graphics of planets and other space objects. It has amazing features such as experiencing ambient music, stunning view of the space and planets, optimized full dive VR adventure, immersive VR interface.

vr space


In this digital era, GoPro is a godsend app that is simply used to capture photos and videos from places hard to reach. Every image captured gives a 360-degree view and it never misses any shots from your view or the camera.

Go Pro consists of wide-angle or fish lens images that can be transferred to multiple devices it can also be played in 360-degree videos offline as well as it can be shared with your friend without the connectivity of the internet.

It has additional features such as limitless cloud backups and storage, rectilinear planet projections, support for multiple formats, and live VR events.


Sites In VR

With the help of this VR application, you can reach any destination that you wish to visit. It gives the feeling of roaming around the popular monuments and even to mars.

The users can find many places starting from ancient architecture to the most famous tourist spot. In other words sites in VR help to have excellent virtual touring. The features are like turn on or off the stereoscopic mode, PAN, zoom and more movements, and auto collaboration of sensors, and quality of 360-degree panoramic images.

Sites In VR

Titans Of Space

The users can have an incredible virtual reality tour of the planets and solar system. It has exciting soundtracks that accompany the visual tour and make your VR experience to the next level.

Besides, it has cockpit dashboards to have a look over to spot on the latest tour on the solar system. It helps to know every detail of space objects and unlock a 50 minutes voice-over.

It has amazing features such as drift correction mode, multiple language support, total control over a multitude of options, and work with Google cardboard.

Titans Of Space

Google Art And Culture – Best VR App

This app invites the user to the world of amazing virtual tours of popular spots and other heritage sites. The user can click on the picture and compare it to the classic artworks and share it with friends.

Google Art and Culture gives a personalized experience of where you can click over the portraits and compare them with the art that looks like it.

It also offers the chance to visit world-class museums and view HD quality around the 360-degree video with the app. The features include an immersive pocket gallery, point and recognize artworks, notifications of weekly highlights, and customization over the artwork gallery.

Google Art And Culture

VR Theater – Best VR Movie Apps For IPhone

One of the dedicated VR apps for cardboards is VR theatre where the user can turn their heads around and enjoy movies in true VR.

This app functions via user sight control and a wide range of options to generate the visuals experience. The user can view normal 2D, and 3D movies with this app and additionally it supports panoramic 360 degree and 180-degree movies.

Also can find many configurations and setups for users and create their theatres by themselves. VR Theater app has featurecs likewise no headset controls are required, easy use User interface, support most of the file formats, and have customized choices of designs.

VR Theater

VR X Racer – VR Apps And Game App

The VR X racer is one of the extraordinary VR aerospace games that is loved by all age groups. VR X Racer can be played in two modes such as hand mode and virtual reality mode race.

The users are the protectors of earth defeating UFOs, spaceships, missiles, and others. The users are experienced as fighting in an extraterrestrial war in reality.

There will be credits added after that each level and can buy the spaceships. It has add-ons features like stunning 3D effects, multiple easy and hard levels, superb animations and graphics, and simple and amazing controls.

vr x racer

Google Street View – VR App

This app is a VR app that must be on your mobile devices and it is possibly the largest collection. It has the user’s name and location that offers additional features that give the flexibility to include in your collection.

It would also look good at the most seek-after that locations on the globe and has a chance at things virtually. The features are exploring world landmarks and stepping inside the locations.

It allows taking 360-degree images and posting on Google maps and share worldwide, and consists of spectrum street view ready tools.

Google Street View

Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality App

One of the well-known virtual reality platforms is full drive VR. Fulldive VR the users are allowed to earn money, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies via browsing VR Content.

It also works with the full drive browser. Fulldive VR can be operated on cardboard or a daydream app. Besides, It keeps engaging in listening to music, watching movies, and earning VR money.

Moreover, Fulldive VR has almost 500+ million games and one million-plus videos that can be viewed and start getting a passive income too.

It possesses amazing features like simple navigations, filtered content from approved sources, an exciting Best VR camera app and video player, and affordable and easy to access.

Fulldive VR

Var’s VR Video Player App

The best VR viewers for mobile phones are Var’s VR video player. It also has launched its pro versions that are available in most of the app stores with exciting features.

The app lets the user enjoy 3D videos with ultimate VR quality and gives complete control over the app. This app has features such as static or float modes for nonspherical videos.

It needs Google cardboard, easily configurable settings, and immersive VR experiences.

var vr player

VR Roller Coaster

It needs Google cardboard, easily configurable settings, and immersive VR experiences. The user will feel the sensation of heights as you get to skyscrapers and landmarks buildings.

It has amazing features likewise Google cardboard powdered stereoscopic rendering. Also, it has exciting playing filled with tall buildings, noisy crowds, birds, riders, and airships.

vr roller coster

In Conclusion – Best VR Apps

Therefore Virtual reality is on its way and many companies in different parts are working on the VR experience by creating immersive solutions.

It gives a new kind of interactive experience and interesting technology to pay attention to and more focused on. You can get the best AR/VR app development services at Echoinnovate IT. Contact us Now!


Which are the Best VR Apps in 2021?
Some of the best VR Apps in 2021 are Within
  • VR
  • Google Earth VR
  • VR Space
  • Titans of Space
  • VR X Racer
  • Fulldive VR
  • VR Roller Coaster
Which Company is working on the VR experience?
Virtual reality is on its way and many companies in different parts are working on the VR experience by creating immersive solutions. Echoinnovate IT ensures that our company can provide the best VR experience.
How much does it cost to develop a VR app?
Development expenses of VR apps come down to whether you require to create a mobile VR app or a mobile VR game. VR apps can typically be developed for anywhere between $30000-$150000 and cost may vary depending on the size and complexity of the app.
How much does it take to develop a VR game?
The VR game development cost usually depends on genre, gameplay, and category. A simple game for a VR park with a single navigation mechanic, like race, jumping arcade, and others, usually cost in the range of $5000-$15,000. But the cost may vary depending on your requirements. To estimate the exact cost you can use an app cost calculator service.

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