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In this fast-forwarded technology development arena developing a cross-platform app lets you…

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In this fast-forwarded technology development arena developing a cross-platform app lets you exhibit to a larger scale audience efficiently. With the blow-up in the scope of Cross-platform application development, the worthiness of the several tools and Cross platform app development frameworks was remarked upon gradually and that played a significant role in gaining recognition in the market. And in the current times, this is the method that one and all app development companies got their handful in developing a cross-platform app.

To save you from the efforts of looking for a suitable cross-platform app development framework, we came up with an array of top-5 best cross-platform app frameworks like Nodejs, Nativescript, Flutter, and more to opt from. Let’s get into the roots of developing a cross-platform app.

What Is Best Cross-Platform Framework?

To elaborate on the concept of a Cross-platform app development framework in simple words, we can say that software acquiring the ability to run on multiple computing platforms creates the foundation by coding to run the apps efficiently on all the platforms without doing coding separately for all of them for say, Android, iOS, Windows and many more.

The demand for the cross-platform framework has increased over time in view of with minimal effort businesses can reach a wider audience making it an effective and one-of-a-kind technology.

Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks



Google introduced an impressive open-source cross-platform app framework in the market in May 2017. In this period Flutter succeeded in creating an exclusive image with its feature that offers apps to run uniformly and dynamically on multiple platforms.

What makes Flutter different from others is it uses Dart programming language instead of JavaScript. Because of the hot-reload feature, the flutter app developers can see changes in code in real time in Flutter. Along with both iOS and Android, Flutter is a prime method to create applications for the Fuchsia OS.

Advantages of Flutter

Top Apps Made With The Flutter Framework

Google Ads

Flutter framework increased the development speed in a shorter period with reduced cost. It supports a bunch of ad formats which include a banner, video, and native ads to earn revenue.


Flutter framework is useful for simplifying the process and creating an attractive design and working faster.


Reflectly works as an AI powered that uses Flutter framework because of the re-usability of code it allows.

React Native

React Native

As a matter of fact, React Native is considered to be one of the best cross platform mobile development frameworks. React Native is a well-known entity for cross-platform development and is used for both iOS app development and Android app development. In 2015 Facebook created React Native, and it’s obvious that today its developer community is growing by giant strides.

As it is built on JavaScript, it gives a native-like feel for both iOS and Android platforms and it is easier to build automatic UI interfaces.

Despite being based on JavaScript; React Native consists of CSS-like polyfills and JSX. Additionally, in React Native there is no DOM API. The unique selling of React Native is that it integrates the benefits of ReactJS and JavaScript. The developers also have the privilege of creating some parts using Java, Swift, or Objective-C.

Advantages of React Native

Top Apps Made With React Native Framework


With a Native solution, Instagram was able to deliver the app considerably more quickly.


With the use of React Native, Walmart was able to increase the app’s speed on both iOS and Android in shorter period.


React Native gave Wix Native outcomes along with the speed and agility of web app development.



Ionic framework made in 2013 by Adam Bradley, Max Lynch, and Ben Sperry is based on AngularJS is by one of the most popular cross platform mobile development frameworks. The primary components of Ionic’s dominant version were Apache Cordova and AngularJS.

The mobile applications that are built with the Ionic framework are hybrid HTML apps of the Apache Cordova principles. The unique feature of these apps built with Ionic is that it runs in a particular shell on smartphone devices. For instance, the applications run on UIWebView for iOS and WebView for Android.

Ionic framework gives access to the developers to add user-centric features as well as to design creative user interfaces. The user interfaces so pleasing to the eye that users remain on the app for long durations. Mobile app development projects designed through Ionic are so native-like that the Ionic framework is used in PWA development also.

Advantages of Ionic

Top Apps Made With The Ionic Framework

Just Watch

As a cross-platform app, Ionic allows Just Watch to be available for download on an Android or iOS device for free.


Ionic framework in Market Watch gave a high-performance rate without compromising user experience.


It provides Pacifica with stability with high performance and a clean default UI.


Node js

Node.JS is a chrome V8 JavaScript cross-platform app that has its base on engine. The feature that stands for Node.Js exclusively is that this cross-platform mobile development framework can remodel JavaScript into a general-purpose language from an extremely specialized language. It renders an open-source environment that helps within the development of ascendable and server-side network applications.

Node.JS becomes fast as the V8 engine presented in it compiles JavaScript to machine code instead of executing it as bytecode. The framework consists of an extensive library of various JavaScript modules which helps in handling many concurrent connections parallelly. The mobile app development projects built through this cross-platform app development framework are highly responsive.

Top Apps Made With Node.js Framework


In PayPal, Node.js has provided great technical returns, loading the web application almost double with fewer people when compared to their previous Java-based application.


Node.js in Linkedin advantages the app by powering the server-side of LinkedIn’s mobile app.


Node.js in Netflix allowed it to build fast, dynamic, and lightweight applications by reducing its app load time by 70%.



NativeScript is an open-source cross-platform app development framework established on the concept of Java. The mobile app development done through NativeScript is not limited to JavaScript only. Vue.js and AngularJ along with JavaScript are supported by NativeScript; the apps are also built with the use of TypeScript.

NativeScript has its place amongst the most popular Cross platform app development frameworks because of the feature it has of offering convenience to developers who don’t need to install extra plugins for different functions. Moreover, the platform is aptly suited to work on Write Once, Run Anytime (WORA) functionality so the fuss of coding separately for different platforms is avoided. Additionally, the developers can use the existing plugins as NativeScript has all native APIs.

Advantages of NativeScript

Top Apps Made With The Native Script Framework:


With the use of Native Script, the native interface supports the Strudel app which gives the ability to launch the project faster.


NativeScript development in the Regelneef supports to monitor energy consumption and predicts costs for the next month.

Daily Nanny

Daily Nanny provides on-demand service and investing in native app development lets it collect user feedback and browse ever-changing market trends.

Advantages Of Cross Platform App Development

Opting for these frameworks for app development opens the door to multiple benefits of cross-platform for speeding up digital growth. To survive in the competitive market strongly it has become mandatory to take the advantage of the right available resources. Choosing cross-platform can help you accelerate your business with excellent performance.

Reduces Development Cost

The cross-platform application development focuses on the concept of ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA)’. Reusable codes and agile application development through tools can assist in the reduction of app development expenses. In this manner, these cross platform app development frameworks fall in favor of improving your business on numerous platforms cost-efficiently.

Easy to Maintain

As it is acknowledged that the developed application can run over all platforms, it is simpler to keep up with the modifications or the structure of the code to be sent. Alterations can speedily be synced and monitored over multiple platforms and consequently, time and money can be saved. Besides, debugging in the code can be done once and for all.

Easy integration with Cloud

Cross-platform mobile applications are entirely compatible and have the capacity to exploit various plugins incorporated with the cloud settings. In other words, the single source code was composed of different plugins and extensions to improve the application’s scalability and usefulness for all the platforms.

Code Reusability

The cross-platform development framework allows developers to work with code that runs on different platforms. There is no repetition of the task and the app development cycle also shoots up while relying on a shared codebase. This helps the developers with the challenges of writing natively for each operating system and acknowledging the skills on multiple cross-platform development tools needed to support every device.

The reusable code base allows you to debug and add enhancements on all platforms once and for all.

Broader Market Reach

Positioning an app on multiple platforms broadens your market reach and strengthens your market presence. It was crucial to acknowledge that an application that is universally accepted will have a much more significant impact on your business revenues than an OS-specific application.

Cross-platform development facilitates your reach to the broader consumer market by exhibiting your application on multiple platforms. This feature multiplies your revenue opportunities

Faster Application Development

When customers approach a business, they expect to enjoy a consistent virtual user experience while finding their product services on every platform. We can say that convenience is all that they look for. Customers make up their minds within a fraction of a second if their expectations go unfulfilled. So businesses have to anticipate the needs and act faster to not lose customers.

Cross-platform application development can speed up product development and launch because it relies on a shared codebase. These frameworks help in building the applications faster and make them more responsive to customer feedback by narrowing the overall development lifecycle.

Cross-platform applications work efficiently to maintain and support.


After gaining the knowledge of what cross-platform app development is and considering all of the best options that a competent cross-platform app development company is looking for we can notably look for the growth and development in this framework compiled with the market trends and digital environment in this competitive market. For further inquiries or to explore collaboration opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us At Echoinnovate IT.


Which are other cross-platform app development frameworks?
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • Corona SDK
  • Sencha Touch
  • Appcelerator Titanium
Which approach does cross-platform app development use?

Cross-platform app development uses the approach of Write Once Run Anywhere to increase the code reusability and decrease the development cost of the applications.

Which programming language is the best for cross-platform app development?
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • Dart
  • Objective-cSwift
  • C#

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