19+ Top Live Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

Most people are trying very hard to become very successful in the…

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19+ Top Live Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

Most people are trying very hard to become very successful in the entertainment industry. They need a suitable platform to showcase their talent. They have to do extensive field research to find the perfect stage to showcase their talent.

The live streaming apps are the perfect options for these talented persons to showcase their talents. The performers will establish their talent with a minimum requirement of a smart mobile device. The live stream apps are the most popular among all people.

These Video Streaming apps are a source of infotainment for most people. You can get unique entertainment with these mobile streaming apps. Also, you’ll have trending news from news channels in these live mobile streaming apps.

Best Video Streaming AppsReviewsiPhone
YouTube app⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐youtube iphone
LiveStream ⭐⭐⭐⭐Stream now iphone
Facebook Live⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐facebook live iphone
Instagram Live⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐instagram iphone
Broadcast Me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Broadcast me iphone

You can also get live performances of popular artists in these mobile live-streaming apps. These live streaming can also be viewed in all advanced technology devices like android tablets and iPad. These apps are the perfect companion for long-distance travel.

What Are Good Live Streaming Apps?

What Are Good Live Streaming Apps

A live-streaming app is a piece of broadcasting software that captures, streams, records, and broadcasts live streaming content.

The complexity and features of live-streaming apps differ from one platform to the next. Users can simply capture and broadcast their content on the simplest platforms, whilst more complex video hosting services include advanced recording, search, and promotion options.

Live streaming apps have a variety of settings. Some people solely use their phones to capture live streaming video and upload it to an app for streaming. Others work in conjunction with more advanced computer software.

Depending on your specific business needs and goals, choosing live-streaming apps may necessitate comparing and contrasting a set of specifications and features, or it may simply come down to whichever platform is priced right for your budget. This is high time you should go for live streaming mobile app development.

Types Of Live Streaming Apps

Types Of Live Streaming Apps

Here are some of the most common types of live streaming mobile app types. So, let’s have a look at them that businesses might use.

Live Broadcasting Apps

This is one of the most widely used types of streaming media, in which you can watch videos in real-time. Famous examples are Facebook Live, IGTV, and YouTube Live.

Audio Streaming

Audio apps work in the same way as live broadcasting apps do. Users can, however, listen to music without having to download it, as the name implies. Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are all well-known names.

Video on Demand Streaming(VOD)

Video apps are the future of online content consumption, with consumers being able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows without having to download them. It stands out because users can rapidly pause, rewind, and resume content. It has a subscription-based model that allows users to access content according to their budget.

Advantages of Live Streaming Apps

Advantages of Live Streaming App

Live Streaming Apps Statistics

Live Streaming Apps Statistic

Let’s have a look at some key stats of live streaming for business:

Best Live Streaming Apps And Platforms

Best Live Streaming Apps And Platforms
These live stream apps have many positive influences on society. Many modern social revolution movements are happening with the help of these live-streaming apps. These live streaming apps can be easily embedded in social media platforms. The following are top live streaming for android devices for the iPhone.

YouTube app – Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

This is one of the most famous apps which is developed for the YouTube website. You can do seamless live stream videos in this app. Users can easily install this app on android and ios supported devices. The videos are separately uploaded in user channels. The number of subscribers determines the viewership of the channel.

The performers will be using more creative ideas to increase their viewership. This application list lives streaming videos based on the number of spectators for the particular video. Most of the popular film artists will release their movie trailers, songs on YouTube to increase their popularity.

The performers will earn according to their subscribers. You must hold the channel for the live stream in this app. You can just click the camera icon top header of the app to live stream the videos. This app allows the live stream after successful verification.

Stream Now – Live Feature Apps For iPhone

This one of the most interesting live streaams used to generate additional income is based on the popularity of the live stream video. The subscription is based on the viewership of the live stream video.

You will get the bill as per the subscription of the video. This app charges the user based on the session used for the live stream.

Users get the bill annually, quarterly, and monthly. This app also allows you to pay per hour for the live stream.

Stream Now app enhances social engagement by allowing the viewer to comment on the live stream. You can also earn instant profit with pay-per-view options.

The amount will be credited to your account when a single viewer clicks and watches your live stream video.

Facebook Live – Leading Social Media App Feature

Facebook is the world’s first versatile social media platform. Most people across the world will have their accounts on Facebook.

Facebook had moved to a mobile platform to adapt to the current trending scenario. The streaming services of this app are not only limited to social media.

Easy to share the live stream videos with all devices working on all platforms. By clicking the live icon on the top header of the app anyone can go live. You can share live stream videos with your friends and families.

You can choose a single or group of viewers to watch your video. Users can also chat with the viewers and check the comments.

You can also add filters and another visual effect on the live stream video.

Instagram Live stories – Broadcasting App

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform and developed for smart mobile devices. It creates specialized content for the users called stories. This app allows users to post interactive videos to attract followers.

These videos are useful to market the products to increase the profits of your small businesses.

You can swipe directly into the Live Video app and tap the Live option. Notification will be sent to your followers when you start the live video.

Live tags will be added to your profile to inform other Instagram users. You can broadcast the live stream for an hour without any network traffic.

Developing an app like Instagram is easy yet tricky task. 

Broadcast Me – App for Broadcasting

Broadcast Me is a free streaming app This app uses a multimedia server that uses a real-time messaging protocol(RTMP). You can broadcast to all social media applications using this app.

The Broadcast Me app is for the professionals such as photographers or entertainers to showcase talent.

The integration of social media applications is done with cutting-edge network software. The Broadcast Me app offers high-quality unlimited streaming.


Twitch TV is well-known among live video game players. It is widely regarded as one of the best gaming streaming platforms. 

Twitch TV is used by approximately 10 million players every day to stream, watch, and discuss video games. Users may watch live streaming gaming videos, Esports, and any IRL broadcast using live cast streaming.


Vimeo might be considered a competitor to YouTube. It takes pleasure in the fact that it is ad-free. Vimeo was the first video player to support high-definition videos in 2007. 

Vimeo’s finest feature is that it allows users to stream events to an endless number of people while simultaneously casting them on social media platforms.


Tango allows you to video chat live with your friends and viewers. It is the finest live streaming app since it allows you to meet new people, display your abilities, and support artists. This platform enables content providers to make money online by monetizing live streams and broadcasts. 

You may also team up with other streamers to create amazing live stream experiences for the audience and receive presents from them.


Max Haot, Dayananda Nanjundappa, Phil Worthington, and Mark KornfiltIn established Livestream in 2007. Mogulus was the name given to it. It’s a premium tool that’ll cost you a lot of money. 

If you’re an event planner, that might work, but for individual streamers, it’s a lot of money. Facebook Live, Tango, and plenty of other platforms are also supported in the free version. Vimeo bought it and renamed it Vimeo Livestream.

How Live Streaming Apps Make Money? Revenue Model

How Live Streaming Apps Make Money Revenue Model


This model is used by several platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, to generate revenue.

The number of adverts you place will determine how much money you make. Even so, we all know that no one enjoys seeing obnoxious advertisements. This is why you should only post one or two interesting and valuable advertisements.

Ads perform best when consumers haven’t subscribed for anything. However, if the adverts are placed in the sidebar, they can be seen by both subscribed and unsubscribed users. Therefore, if you want to generate income with your business then get started with your mobile app development process in Toronto, Bay Area, and many other parts of the world.


Paid subscriptions are a terrific option for users to get rid of adverts while also providing you with a constant stream of revenue. Subscriptions, whether monthly or annual, provide revenue at regular periods.

You can also provide exclusive services to subscribed consumers to make them feel special. This also keeps them engaged in continuing with the subscription.

Premium Features

Another fantastic method to monetize your application is to include premium or paid features. You can create additional features, such as analytics, and only offer consumers access to them if they purchase the feature.

Users will have no trouble paying for your feature if it is truly valuable. You must include premium features to engage more users during your mobile app development process.

Partner Programs

This is an excellent method to boost your income. Your users will be able to collaborate with other live streaming services. Websites will receive high-quality content, and streamers will be paid for their work.

Final Words

Live stream apps are developed exclusively for mobile platforms. You can have an unimaginable reach by using these live streaming software. These live streaming software can also be used to generate additional income to improve your economy. These live stream apps can also be used for the effective branding of your Entertainment app.

As an industry leader, we can help you develop your own live streaming app that will help you get on top of the market.


Which Company is Best for Developing a Live Streaming App Like Youtube?

There are a lot of companies around the Globe that Develop Android and iOS app development.


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How Much does it Cost to Build a Live Streaming App?

It is not easy to quote the exact cost of live streaming here, but it is possible to give near-perfect estimates. You can use our app cost calculator. To get the correct estimate, you need to put into consideration your projected production quality and goals.

How Much Time Will it take to Develop an App Like Youtube?

Developing an app like YouTube can take months to develop, depending on the complexity of the app such as features, team strength, team experience, finance availability and structure of your project.

What Technology does YouTube use for Live Streaming?

YouTube is using progressive. Progressive (also known as Conventional video playback) involves a single video file at a single quality that is transferred as it is being played. If the user’s playback has caught up to how much of the video has been downloaded, the player pauses and buffers. YouTube subscribes to this method of playback but offers different quality levels that you manually select. You only watch a single quality unless you manually switch it.

How do I start a Live Streaming Business?
  • Plan your business
  • Form a legal entity
  • Register for taxes
  • Open a business bank account and credit card
  • Set up business accounting
  • Obtain necessary permits and licenses
  • Get business insurance
  • Define your brand
  • Create your business website

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