12 Trending Apps Like Itsme In 2024

Are you searching for trending apps like Itsme in 2024?  Itsme is…

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Apps Like Itsme In 2024

Are you searching for trending apps like Itsme in 2024? 

Itsme is a popular digital identity app used by more than 6 million users for making secure bank transactions in a simple and user-friendly way. It is widely used in European states like Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. Once users have found their way to the Itsme app, they can access a vast number of digital applications. Simply create an account, register, and add your name, place of address, and phone number with just a click. 

Consider it as your constant digital companion where you can be yourself in new avatars, meet new people, and sign up simply to your bank accounts to enjoy different endless online services. Overall it’s a fun app where you can make friends through different avatars, participate in quizzes, and build like-minded networks. Chat through text, videos, voice calls, or simply live stream, make drawings, or have fun through group chats.

Let’s check out some of the cool features of Itsme App: 

  • Secure Login
  • Data sharing control
  • Transactions that are confirmed 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Wide partner network 
  • Strong encryption

Although Itsme is a popular app liked by the majority, it works only in a few European countries. It relies on smartphones and has some technical glitches or bugs like any other app may have. Still, it’s a unique and innovative application for anyone who wants to socialize without revealing their personal information. If you are looking for a change and searching trending apps like Itsme in 2024, you must check the below alternatives handpicked precisely by us.

Trending Apps Like Itsme

Apps Like Itsme



Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, began in a dorm room and has now grown into a global community. With over 2 billion users, it allows you to communicate with friends and family across oceans. Share updates, photographs, videos, and talk in private. Businesses also use it for marketing purposes. However, privacy concerns and the spread of misinformation have resulted in criticism. It remains a great tool for connecting but with its difficulties. 

It has over 2 billion users who interact via profiles to share updates, photographs, and videos. “Likes” and comments encourage participation, whereas private messaging allows for more personal interactions. Businesses use Facebook for targeted advertising and brand promotion.

Features of the Facebook App

  • Connecting with people
  • Like, share, comment on posts
  • Buy and sell items 
  • Watch and play fun games


spatial chat app

SpatialChat is a virtual meeting platform with a unique approach. Instead of the conventional grid of faces, SpatialChat creates a virtual world in which users are represented by movable avatars. This creates a more natural and engaging meeting experience than typical video conferencing platforms.

SpatialChat has a freemium edition and a subscription plan that begins at USD 49.99 a month. Its customers include Sony, Panasonic, Sega, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and McKinsey. The platform is also used by US universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and MIT. The platform had over 3,000 organizations and 20,000 monthly users in recent years making it one of the similar apps like Itsme. 

Overall, SpatialChat provides a unique and new approach to online meetings and events. If you want a more engaging and interactive experience than regular video conferencing, SpatialChat may be a suitable fit.

Features of the SpatialChat App

  • Spatial Audio
  • Multiple Rooms for presentations or casual hangouts
  • Avatars and customization
  • Screen sharing and whiteboards


zepeto app

Zepeto is a mobile software that allows you to create and modify a 3D avatar of yourself, which you can then use to explore a virtual world, interact with others, and express yourself creatively. Being a South Korean mobile chat software that allows users to create and interact as different characters in various worlds.

Some of these worlds are chat-based, while others are game-based, and users can choose whether they are public or reserved for friends only. Teens may prefer Zepeto since it allows them to customize their avatars whatever they like. Collaborations with major corporations, artists, and entertainment companies ensure that BTS fans have as many character customization possibilities as anime enthusiasts.

There are numerous possibilities for chatting with folks from all over the world who users may not otherwise speak with. They can connect with others who share their interests and build connections without sharing any personal information, such as their true name or profile image.

Features of the Zepeto App

  • Avatar creation and customization
  • Social interaction and exploration
  • Content creation and sharing
  • Monetization and expansion


bereal app

BeReal is a social media app that focuses on authenticity and documenting genuine experiences in your day. Unlike other apps, which allow you to publish at any time, BeReal delivers a notification once a day at random. You have two minutes to take a photo with both the front and rear cameras of yourself and your surroundings. This spontaneity eliminates the need to spend time curating the perfect photograph.

The app takes a selfie and a broad shot at the same time, allowing users to see what you’re doing and how you look at that particular instant. BeReal opposes photo retouching and filtering, in favor of a more raw and unedited portrayal of reality. You may see your friends’ BeReal posts at the same moment you make your own, creating a sense of community and real-time interaction.

Features of the BeReal App

  • Dual camera capture
  • No filters or editing
  • Focus on real connections 
  • Breaks the cycle of social comparison


lmk logo

LMK is another trending app like Itsme that allows you to make new acquaintances! It focuses on connecting people who share similar interests and building a secure and healthy online community. Create your profile by including your interests, writing a bio, and sharing posts in the community feed. This allows potential friends to get to know you. LMK prioritizes a safe and secure environment. You can report inappropriate behavior, and their team will take action when necessary.

Features of the LMK App

  • Finding friends based on interests 
  • Chat or call directly
  • Build a positive community 
  • Free and premium features


twitch app

Next comes Twitch in the list of “trending apps like Itsme in 2024”. The Twitch app provides a range of capabilities for both viewers and streamers, including the ability to watch live games, communicate with broadcasters and other users, and even stream your video. Discover live streams based on genre, game title, or featured content.

You may also look for specific streamers. View live broadcasts of gameplay, esports tournaments, creative content, and more. Interact with the streamer and other viewers using the chat area. Express yourself with animated emotes, some of which are free, while others are only available to subscribers or Twitch Turbo users.

Features of the Twitch App

  • Browse and search
  • Live video and chat
  • Express yourself with animated emotes
  • Follow different channels
  • Safety and Security


Instagram, a widely used social media site owned by Meta (previously Facebook), enables users to share photographs and videos, interact with friends and family, and discover content from creators and businesses. Explore a personalized feed of photographs and videos from people you follow, as well as recommended articles based on your interests.

With this app, upload images and videos, apply filters and edits, and include descriptions to share memories and tales. Create ephemeral photo and video updates (which expire after 24 hours) using creative tools such as text, stickers, and polls. This makes it a possible alternative to Itsme App.

Features of the Instagram App

  • Share and discover
  • Connect and add mentions
  • Purchase products from favorite brands
  • Filters and editing tools 
  • Create or watch reels


snapchat app

Snapchat is a famous messaging software recognized for its unique lenses and filters that can be applied to photographs and videos. These can apply special effects, alter your appearance, or overlay images on your photos.

Snaps, or photographs and videos sent on Snapchat, disappear once the sender specifies a time limit. This can vary from a few seconds to a day. Snapchat Stories are collections of photographs and videos that last for 24 hours. You can use subtitles, text, and drawings in your stories.

Features of the Snapchat App

  • Disappearing messages
  • Add captions, drawings, or text to your stories
  • Variety of lenses and filters
  • Chat and discover news, celebs, or creators


amino app

Amino is a social media app with communities based on individual interests. It enables users to connect with other fans of the same interests, share content, and participate in discussions. Amino is all about community. There are communities for almost every hobby imaginable, including anime and K-pop, sports teams, hobbies, and even educational topics.

Users can produce and share many types of material within communities, such as images, videos, blogs, polls, quizzes, and more. You can communicate with other community members in a variety of ways, including text chats, phone conversations, and live streaming. Users can modify their profiles for each community they join. This allows children to express their personalities and interests. With this, Amino becomes similar to apps like Itsme on our list.

Features of the Amino App

  • Various communities
  • Content creation
  • Chats and live streams
  • Hosts contests and challenges


yubo app

Yubo is a live social discovery software created for Generation Z to help them make friends and socialize online. It was launched in 2015 and currently has over 60 million members worldwide. Yubo, unlike dating applications, focuses on building friendships through live streaming and interactive features.

Yubo’s main feature is live streaming, which allows users to go live and interact with others in real-time. You can sing, dance, play games, or simply talk about your day; it’s an excellent way to break the ice and meet new people who share your interests. Yubo allows users to tag their profiles to express their hobbies. Whether you enjoy gaming, music, sports, or anything else, you can meet others who share your interests.

Overall, Yubo offers a platform for Generation Z to expand their social networks and meet new people online through common interests and interactive features. However, as with other social networking tools, it’s critical to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks while connecting with strangers online.

Features of the Yubo App

  • Swipe feature to find friends
  • Live streaming
  • Finding your tribe
  • Strong emphasis on safety


wink app

Wink is a smartphone app that allows users to connect with new individuals nearby and throughout the world, whether for dating or friendship. Browse profiles and swipe right on people you want to connect with. If your interests are compatible, a match is created, and you can begin conversing.

Whether you’re seeking friends, dates, or casual interactions, Wink allows you to find individuals based on your tastes. Wink has safety measures such as the option to report users, restrict matches, and secure your personal information. This is surely a perfect alternative to apps like Itsme.

Features of the Wink App

  • Short video creation
  • Video editing tools
  • Facial reshaping technology 
  • Share your creations with friends 



Spoon is a social audio live-streaming platform that allows individuals to communicate using their voices. Spoon Radio Inc., a South Korean business, created the program, which allows users to host live streams, listen to other streamers, and discover new podcasts centered on audio content.

Spoon’s main feature is live audio broadcasting. Users can go live and offer their views, tales, and music, or simply interact with listeners in real-time. During live broadcasts, listeners can interact with streamers by clicking hearts, leaving comments, and sending virtual gifts. Spoon allows people to build and join communities based on their common interests. This is an excellent way to meet others who share similar hobbies or interests.

Features of the Spoon App

  • Listen to live streams
  • Create and join communities
  • No video pressure
  • Interact with streamers 


Finally wrapping up today’s list of trending apps like Itsme in 2024. What’s unique to try in the above apps..you may ask? Well, they are not limited to specific locations, are used worldwide, and are super fun applications for connecting with friends, exploring different platforms, and accessing your favorite content through a single digital playground.

If you have loved using the Itsme App, and looking for more, then these are worth a try. So, make sure to try out the above apps for a unique experience. Also, if you are planning to develop one of the above-trending apps like Itsme, make sure to reach out to Echoinnovate IT to learn more about the digital identity app development business.

FAQs- Apps Like Itsme

What is Itsme?

Itsme is a popular social networking app that allows users to create customizable avatars and engage in virtual interactions with friends and followers.

Can I connect with friends on Itsme?

Yes, Itsme allows users to connect with friends by searching for them using their usernames or scanning QR codes. Users can also discover and connect with new people based on shared interests.

What kind of interactions can I have on Itsme?

Users can chat with friends, play games together, share photos and videos, and even host virtual events like parties or watch parties using Itsme’s features.

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