How to Make a Live Streaming App?

Live streaming is a broadcast streaming technology to create, share, and watch videos…

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Live streaming is a broadcast streaming technology to create, share, and watch videos or audios that appear live on the devices of users in real-time. As a matter of fact, it is getting more popular nowadays, there are more users watching these videos is increasing by the day. Furthermore, live streaming allows millions of people to watch the videos in real-time. Correspondingly, it helps to manage an event that gives the opportunity to get engaged with more people across the globe for both business and individual purposes. Here are some of the tips to build a Live Streaming app.

Important tips to make a Live Streaming App

Here are some important tips you should consider to make a live streaming app.

Choose a Content Delivery Network:

The Content Delivery Network or CDN is an important step to scale your server. Equally important, CDN is a more useful option that helps to load your website faster. By the same token, CDN is also known as an edge server, the closest edge server ensures good connectivity over the internet. Nonetheless, Content delivery network files on different domains permit the browser to download more files at the same time.

content delivery net

Use reliable hosting:

Choose a reliable hosting to create a live streaming app with fault-tolerant and it helps with smooth streaming services for your customers. Of course, the quality of the video is more important when your app becomes popular and the number of users may grow and the live streaming will be watched by more users simultaneously. Then again the strong server infrastructure is responsible for delivering good quality video delivery. Readymade cloud solutions are one of the good options.



To watch a video without failures and unexpected distortions you need to store all your content in a reliable space that helps the users to have a good experience.

It is important to realize that for the live streaming app, cloud services are the best options. Accordingly, you can avail of this in affordable plans and can save money on buying hardware.

data storage

UI/UX design:

The first thing to remember is that users will judge your streaming service by the appearance which makes the first impression. The point often overlooked is that attractive design is always important so you should go with an experienced software development company or high skilled UI/UX designer. With this in mind, The UX software should be instinctive and overloading with images is not a good idea.

ui ux

MVP Features to Make a Live streaming app development:

The first step you should consider is creating Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features for your live streaming app. With this in mind there are several options in choosing a platform, select the platform first. Thus, here are some of the MVP features that are very essential for the application to exist.

User registration:

First, you should register which is a simple process with an email address or mobile number and password and you have to activate the password reset feature via email or a text message.

You can also add several signup options with social media networks in the process of live streaming app development. It makes it easy for users to log in through social networks and helps in the marketing of your app.


User profile:

During the process of developing a live streaming app, you should decide what kinds of personal information you need to use in your personal profiles.

You can consider the information of Name, Profile picture, Username, and Plans for subscription, and further you may also consider Date of Birth, Location, Feed preferences, and Interests.


Understanding the concept of streaming is more important in the process of live streaming app development. Streaming means the transmission of the video and audio files from the server to the users.

The different streaming protocols make it possible for live streaming like RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) that works precisely and simply. To establish a connection the media player contacts the server. You can store the stream on the server to enhance the user experience. This helps the users to watch the broadcasts even after the live streaming is finished.

Chats and comments:

Chats and comments are an essential and much-needed feature when creating a live streaming app. It helps the audience to communicate with the streamers.

This helps the broadcasters to get feedback from the users. The chats are essential because the streamers can monetize with them by granting chat access only to subscribers that help earn additional money. Strict chat moderation is followed to avoid spam chat with inappropriate symbolism and content.

live chat

Video quality:

It is important to consider the bandwidth of every user. The app should be able to switch video quality as some of the users may have a weak internet connection and also users with high-end internet plans may like to watch the video with high quality.

To attract more types of customers you should prepare the app with a range in quality that treats every user equally. The video encoding algorithms are handled as per the choice of range in quality during app development and make optimized server queries.


The search engine is another important quality that the app must-have. It helps your users to navigate quickly through their favorite channels and streamers conveniently. It is essential to provide the filters which help to find new content as per the customer’s interest. Some of the filtering options are,


Everyone and every field need some privacy. Make sure to develop a live streaming app with more privacy for streamers. It is always important to give your users to get some personal space by giving them the ability to select the type of broadcasters they want.

The streamers should able to stream the video to the users in a particular area, any particular user, and a list of chosen users.

Make a Live Streaming App : Monetization Strategies

Monetization is important for running a successful live streaming app and the important methods to monetize the live streams are

These are some of the methods to earn money through the live streaming app.

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