30+ Disadvantages Of Iphone Over Android

According to iPhone statistics, approximately 2.31 Billion iPhones have been sold worldwide…

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Disadvantages Of Iphone Over Android

According to iPhone statistics, approximately 2.31 Billion iPhones have been sold worldwide since the first Apple phone came in 2007. This accounts for 21.68% of total smartphones-using population figuratively. Apple smartphones are popular for their user-friendly interface, elegant and visually appealing designs, premium quality build, regular software updates and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a brand reputation being trusted by billions of smartphone users all around the world. 

Although quite popular for providing some of the best features, there are many disadvantages of iPhone over Android respectively. Talking about Android app development, they actually provide a wide variety of phones with richer set of features (like AI, photoshop, fast charging, ultimate gaming experience, 5G features) at affordable prices. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, or confused between Android or iOS, or planning to switch from iPhone to Android smartphones..

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In today’s blog, we’ll be listing out more than 30+ disadvantages of iPhones over Android in 2024 so that you can be assured which smartphone to choose and get the best one in your hands!

So let’s begin..

Disadvantages of iPhone Over Android

list of Disadvantages of iPhone Over Android 2024


One of the biggest disadvantages of iPhone over Android ! High sticker costs of iPhones is well-known to all of us.Often, their price is more than that of many Android phones with the same or better physical functionalities. This higher price can be a significant drawback for those on a limited budget for buying an iPhone.


In contrast to iOS, Android offers more customization options. Compared to iPhones, Android users may customize their devices more with more options for widgets, personalized launchers, and a wider range of third-party apps.

Closed Setting

There are advantages and disadvantages to the Apple environment’s strong integration. Users may find it challenging to share data with non-iOS users or switch between Apple and non-Apple devices with ease.

Restricted File Management

iPhones’ restricted file management features make it more difficult to access and handle files and documents than Android, which facilitates file transfers and organizing.

Hardware Customizability

To accommodate a wide range of tastes, Android phones come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. The more uniform design of iPhones, in contrast, limits your choices for the smartphone’s appearance. This becomes another disadvantages of iPhone over Android.

Battery Life

Even while Apple’s battery life has increased with time, many Android phones—especially those in the mid-range and low-cost segments—continue to offer larger batteries and longer battery lives. Low battery life is also a highlighted disadvantages of iPhone over Android.

Default Applications

It may irritate users who would rather use third-party apps instead of Apple’s default ones that are pre-installed on iPhones and cannot be changed or deleted. This stringent feature in iPhones also becomes one of the major disadvantages of iPhone over Android.

Low RAM & Storage

iPhones often come with less RAM and storage capacity than some high-end Android handsets. This could prevent users from multitasking and storing large amounts of data if they require a lot of storage or perform resource-intensive processes.

Storage That Is Not Expandable

Customers who find that their iPhones don’t offer expandable storage options via Micro SD cards may be disappointed if they need additional storage but don’t want to pay more for higher-capacity models.

The price of Repair and Maintenance

iPhone repairs can be expensive, especially if the device is no longer under warranty. Repairs for many Android phones are often more affordable because there are so many third-party repair companies and parts accessible.

Not Using Universal Charging

While certain iPhone models have switched to USB-C, earlier versions of the smartphone continued to use proprietary connectors like Lightning, which are incompatible with a large number of other devices and accessories.

Limitations on the App Store

One of the disadvantages of iPhone over Android is limited or restricted app store availability. You can only install apps from Apple’s App Store on an iPhone. You simply cannot use an app if Apple refuses to approve it or removes it from the app store. With this, some applications are restricted and cannot be downloaded.

NFC Abilities

More sophisticated NFC features for activities like file sharing and mobile payments are frequently found on Android smartphones. In addition, when compared to Android smartphones, Apple cell phones lack sophisticated file sharing and mobile payment features. 

Absence of a Headphone Jack

If you have ever used an iPhone, I’m sure you have occasionally gone to plug in a set of headphones only to find that your headphone dongle is someplace you forgot. This is really annoying because there is no headphone jack on the iPhone, so you can’t use regular headphones with it. Therefore, one of the main drawbacks of the iPhone is the lack of a headphone jack.


The overheating of iPhones is one of the most prevalent issues. An iPhone may feel a bit warmer than it should at times, or it may get so hot on the back that it feels like it could burn your palm. In any case, if your iPhone is heated, something is obviously wrong.

Reverse Button

You may easily switch back and forth between applications by using the physical back button. For example, if you click on a link on Facebook and are taken to the Chrome browser, you can use the back button to come back to the social networking platform. However, you can obtain contextual return buttons within programs or a back button that displays when you click a link that leads you from one app to another. This is not the situation with the iPhone, as it does not have a back button.

Google Assistant Integration

Apple’s voice assistant is limited to making calls and isn’t as intelligent as Google’s. Alternatively, you can speak to the Google Assistant to control smart home devices. Compared to Siri, it is far quicker, wiser, and more intelligent. Installing Alexa on your Android phone allows you to use Amazon’s speech assistant, which is superior to Siri and compatible with a variety of earbuds and headphones.

Limited Widgets

The platform offers very little to look forward to in terms of trending designs and upgrades because of its low variance in user interface and design. The Home screen keeps looking the same even if consumers purchase an upgraded version that has the same icons as the previous edition. Those who prefer the platform’s former appearance and feel must settle for something less intriguing.

Multiple-Window Feature

iPhones lack features like pop-up windows and multi-window features, whereas Samsung and OnePlus phones do. This again serves as a disadvantage of the iPhone over Android.

Restricted Launcher

The platform offers very little to look forward to in terms of trending designs and upgrades because of its low variance in user interface and design. Even when customers purchase upgraded versions, the home screen has the same appearance with the same icons. Those who prefer the platform’s former appearance and feel must settle for something less intriguing.

Absence of External Storage

SD cards are not compatible with the iPhone. None of the iPhone models have an SD card slot. You can only change photographs on your iPhone—not other documents or media files—even if you connect an SD card reader to it and put an SD card inside. Due to this many iPhone users transfer files through card readers and pen drives which are usually expensive. Another disadvantage of iPhones over Android.

Unavailability of Variety of Choices

Variety is what makes Android so great. It offers you greater hardware and software freedom as well. When using Android, you can obtain gaming phones, folding phones, and slab phones in various sizes.Until Apple releases a foldable phone, you cannot purchase one running iOS.

Apple Landscape

To be honest, the Apple Ecosystem is a curse. It is incredibly tough to leave once you are inside. In essence, the ecosystem exists to encourage customers to buy more Apple goods. If you own an iPhone, you’re probably going to buy a MacBook instead of a Windows laptop. . This will prevent you from knowing whether other companies make superior products, and you’ll have to wait until Apple releases a new model or improves the old one.

No Premium Features like 5G

Where Android provides premium features at a lower cost, such as 5G. iPhones at the same time have simple and non-expandable features with expensive prices. A new Android phone with 5G connectivity may be purchased for less than $200, but a new iPhone is not available for that kind of money.

Integration with Google Maps

Android devices integrate well with Google Maps, unfortunately, iPhone does not have Google applications including Google maps, which is one of the best navigation and mapping tools respectively.

Developer Choices Access

For those seeking versatility and an extensive selection of phones, Android is the ideal option. And the reason for that is because Google’s Android mobile operating system is available as an open source download. This indicates that developers, designers, and device manufacturers can use it.

Software Access

Regarding the software aspect, there are various Android skins available for selection. Additionally, nearly all of them offer superior multitasking performance compared to the iPhone. For example, I have the freedom of writing email and copying threads at the same time in Android, but I can’t write a new email in Gmail on my iPhone and copy something from the thread above.

Adaptive Icons

Compared to an iPhone, any Android phone will provide you greater UI customization options. Even though there is vacant space on the homescreen—something that isn’t feasible on iOS—you may add, remove, and arrange icons anywhere on it. This comes as a disadvantage for iPhone users.

Fewer options for iPhone hardware

Regarding Apple, each generation of the iPhone sees a maximum of four releases each year. That includes the iPhone, iPhone mini, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. In that year, you will only have to select one of the four options.

Additional payments

Needless to say, the cost of iPhone accessories is high. Everything produced by Apple is pricey, including phone cases, lightning cords, Apple pencils, and airpods. Another disadvantage of the iPhone over Android.

Not personalized

All of the code on iOS-compatible devices is private and cannot be modified. To make your phone personalized, you must jailbreak it. However, there is a risk to your phone’s privacy if you jailbreak it.

No app sideloading

Installing apps from a location other than the one authorized to get around certain restrictions is known as sideloading. You cannot accomplish it on an iPhone according to Apple. Regulators have even criticized and put pressure on it for this, but Apple has consistently defended the security of its iPhone. Thus, an app that is not available in the Apple Store cannot be installed.


The above mentioned disadvantages of iPhone over Android are some of the highlighted reasons why so many users are shifting from iPhone to Android smartphones. So, most of the users are not satisfied with the iPhone which lacks a variety of features like Android and there are other determining factors while purchasing an iPhone or Android.

Anyways..at last, it’s totally based on your personal insights and experience, you must choose a perfect smartphone of your needs according to your likes and preferences.

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Can I customize my iPhone like I can with Android?

iPhones have limited customization compared to Android. Android allows more flexibility in changing themes, widgets, and app layouts.

Are there restrictions on app downloads for iPhone users?

Yes, iPhone users must use the Apple App Store, which has stricter guidelines, potentially limiting app choices compared to Android’s more open ecosystem.

Are iPhones more difficult to repair compared to Android phones?

Generally, iPhones can be more challenging to repair due to their closed design and use of proprietary components, while many Android devices offer easier repair options.

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