How to Make a Recipe App: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone wants to learn how to cook a decent meal to serve…

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Recipe App Development

Everyone wants to learn how to cook a decent meal to serve to their family or friends. That is when the cooking recipe app comes to the rescue.

However, not everyone is blessed with the art of cooking a delicious meal. This sounds frustrating to hear.

However, even if you are not a chef or a student attending culinary school, you can now learn how to prepare a meal and enjoy the taste of it.

It is easy to do some research online. Recipes are all laid out on YouTube, Google’s search engine, and social media.

Now, you can be an expert in no time.

However, you can also make it easy. Instead of going online to look for recipes to cook, businesses and mobile app developers have come up with great apps you can rely on when cooking.

Benefits Of Cooking Recipe App

As we head on to more advancement in the development of applications we are to expect more features that we can enjoy. As mentioned, there are 457 million users of the iPhone and iPad. Now, if 10% of these 22 million users make an in-app purchase of $ 1 they are still generating $ 2.2 million in revenue. Your audience would determine some features you could add to your app, to make it unique and to tailor fit it to their needs.

App Purpose Examples
Cooking Recipe Collection App Search top Chef’s recipe Yummly, Food Network
App For Meal Planner Make a weekly plan for your recipe Mealboard, Mealtime
Pantry Application Get the recipe for the ingredient you have SuperCook, BigOven
Recipe App for healthy cooking For diet-conscious people Green kitchen, SideChef
Recipe App for healthy cooking Share ideas for recipes Foodgawker, tender
Recipe Database App Organize your personalized apps Paprika, MacGourmet
Recipe Cost Calculator App Calculate recipe cost to prevent waste of ingredients Fillet for Chefs
Grocery shopping app Order grocery from home Walmart Grocery

Here are the basic features required when making a cooking app. Other features you will add are now based on who is your target audience.

How To Earn From Cooking Recipe App?

Here are the basic features required when making a cooking app. Other features you will add are now based on who is your target audience.

In-App Purchases

This strategy is used by thousands of applications in the App Store and Play Store.

Your subscription offers a mobile application used to open some new features or content for a certain period of time. Once the subscription period is over, the user can subscribe again if they liked the features.

Furthermore, providing ad-blocking options can also help you earn more money with web app or application.

In-App Ads

Today, digital ads have become very popular in the global market. They are ubiquitous and mobile apps are not spared either.

Using in-app ads in your recipe app, you can advertise your affiliate’s product or service, etc.

When a user clicks or interacts with the ads, you get the money.


To get the benefits from this monetization model, you should have a second, paid version of your application.

If users have their hands on the free version of your app, they are likely to download your paid app that has extra features.


If your cooking recipe app gets the success you have thought, you may approach a sponsor and offer them to design your app to match the sponsor’s brand.

This way you get the monthly sponsorship fee or you can split the revenue with your sponsor.

How does a Recipe App Work?

How does recipe app work

A recipe app is a mobile program to steer you through meal preparation. It offers the functions to make cooking easy and enjoyable and gives step-by-step directions. A cooking app interactive design includes three important phases:


Spark Phase

We all want a bit of inspiration: a smashing photo, a tempting headline, an enticing story.

Preparation Phase

Create a recipe app with easy-to-follow directions that engage all senses. Your users can be auditory, visual, or social learners. That’s a great opportunity for brands to sell ingredients and tools. New techniques and interesting methods are required.

Cooking Phase

Video guides would be the right choice, much better than reading.

Shopping Phase

Plans a meal, create a shopping list, shop, and deliver.

Planning Phase

Planning allows for healthier, varied, more economical eating. Create a recipe app with a planner at the core, where a user can list particular food preferences and limitations for family and guests.

Sharing Phase

It’s easy to overload your design with various features and disorient a user rather than help them.

What Are The Features Required In A Recipe Mobile App?

Since food is the basic need of everyone, and more and more people enjoy cooking, it sounds like a cooking app is a great investment for business owners or entrepreneurs.

But where do you begin? How much does it cost to develop an app? What features do you need for your app to become user-friendly?

When creating an app, it is good to know that certain features, especially the basic ones, must be fulfilled to create an app.


What comes first after a person downloads your app is the registration page. When creating a registration page, it must be simple, easy to manage, and secure.

On the registration page, users are required to provide their email address, but give them the option to log in with their social accounts. This way of registering comes easy for users.


Once registered, users must create a profile. This is where they provide some of their basic information, particularly their likes and dislike when it comes to food.

This profile will help users as the app can suggest recipes that are in line with what they prefer or like.

Search and Advanced Search

This feature allows users to look for recipes to try. Also, it lets users filter or narrows down their searches into categories, occasions, methods, diet, and more.


Having a subscription option for users can help both you and the users. The subscription option allows you to drive more traffic to your app. Meanwhile, users are given updates on new recipes they subscribed to.

Recipe List

This is a list where users can choose from thousands of recipes.

Nutritional Facts

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more conscious of their health. They watch out for the calories they take in, and therefore, a cooking app providing nutritional content of meal matters. This is also important for people with a restrictive diet.

Video Tutorials

Some recipes are difficult to follow, especially when it’s written instructions. The best way an app can get multiple downloads is to provide users with some visual content to guide them. Video tutorials are the perfect way to guide users with step-by-step instructions on how to prep and cook a meal.


It is also important that each recipe must have multiple photos for people to look at, and try the recipe out themselves.

Save Button

Give users the option to save their recipes for them to try at any time or for them to make the same meal again.

Print Feature

Another feature that must be made for users is the print option. This allows users to print the recipe out for them to cook instead of using their mobile phones.

Quantity Calculator

Users can now calculate the number of ingredients they need to determine the serving they will be preparing for each meal.


Since we are almost all immersed in the digital world, it’s best to add a feature where users can share their favorite recipes or any recipes they try online. Integrating a social button will increase engagement, and more people will be intrigued to download the app.

Upload Images

Aside from having a built-in mouth-watering photo on each recipe. Giving the option for users to upload photos of the food they have cooked can also entice others.

Add Recipe

This feature will allow users to add their recipe online to share with others or they can have the option to post the recipe for themselves to see only.

Alert And Notifications

This feature will inform users if there are new recipes added to the recipes they followed, new coupons or discounts, or other alerts that will allow users to engage more on the app.

Plan Meals

Many people enjoy cooking but can’t find the time to plan their meals ahead of time. It allows you to take advantage of convenience by helping you come up with a grocery list and even providing recipes for you that match your dietary needs.


Bring users together by giving an option for them to interact with one another with the community option. Users can communicate by asking questions or sharing ideas.

Manage Profile

The Profile Manage feature in an app like the recipe app is a good way for users to learn more about their personal information.

Users can create their profile and share information with others, or they can keep it private and only share it with people they want to. The app will also allow users to create an account that will be linked to their recipes. The profile manager can even be used as a sort of journal that one could use to keep track of various recipes they make regularly.

Read Content

This gives users other entertainment than recipes. Read Content will give users other articles to read like blog posts or e-books.

Manage Payment

Users can manage their payment options with this feature. They can use it to pay for their monthly subscription, purchase anything on the app store, or more.

Those are the features of the app which is integrated for the users. Meanwhile, here are features that should be incorporated for the admin of the app.


Similar to users, the admin can log into the app by providing their email address and password.

In all of these, the admin has the option to manage/edit, delete, add, or make any changes on the app such as the recipe, categories, profile of a user, comment section, and more.

Manage Special Consideration And Package Subscription

This allows the admin to manage subscription packages chosen by the user and considerations offered to the user.

View Reviews And Earnings

Admin can read reviews written by users and check on the monthly earnings of the app.

Content Management

Admin must constantly update and review content on the app. This feature allows them to manage updates to keep people more engaged in the app.


This is where the admin sends out notifications and alerts to individual users about new recipes, discounts, and coupons.

Now you have an idea what are the features your app must have, maybe it’s time to figure out how much it cost to build a cooking mobile app.

Trending Ideas & Features to Engage and improve users in Recipe App

Features Ideas for Food Recipe App

Since food is the basic need of everyone, and more and more people enjoy cooking, it sounds like a cooking app is a great investment for business owners or entrepreneurs. When creating an app, it is good to know that certain features, especially the basic ones, must be fulfilled to create an app.


Videos Guides

With each of the recipes, a video guide can be offered to the app users. Video tutorials are really helpful while cooking as they offer step-by-step guidance. To improve the UX, you can also build a cooking app with video guides. It’s been proven that people are more receptive to visual information so take advantage of it. However, this feature may be extremely helpful to people who aren’t proficient cooks. Actually, for some of them, the presence of video guides in the app may be one of the decisive factors.

Shopping List

It often happens that users find a great recipe but can’t cook the dish due to the lack of ingredients. Let them have a shopping list right in your app! This will encourage people to use the application more frequently (not only when they’re preparing food but also during shopping).

Ingredients Information

If you’re wondering how to make a recipe app with an improved ingredient info screen- that’s gonna be one of the best examples for you. So here’s what you can place on this screen to make it useful for the users:

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Food Recipe App in 2023?

How much does it cost to develop recipe app

The estimated price for developing a cooking recipe app may cost a minimum of $3000. As the app design and features become complex, the price goes higher. It can be as much as $12000.

The cost to develop an app depends on many factors, like the features needed, functionality, size, design, and platform. All have a say on how much creating an app may cost.

Aside from these, the cost of each app depends on whether it’s made for Android or iOS. Developing a cooking app or other apps is a bit expensive because developers don’t just stop the moment the app has been ready for download on the market. They still offer continuous service for updates of the app and more.

Technology Stacks Need for Recipe App Development

Function TECHNOLOGY STACK for Recipe App
Server Lighttpd, Traefik, Nginx (Any One)
Frameworks Angular, Laravel (Any One)
Database IBM, Postgre, MySQL (Any One)
Hosting AWS, Google Cloud, (Any One)
Cross-Platform React, Flutter (Any One)
iOS Objective-C and Swift
Android Kotlin, Java
Pre-made database API BigOven, Edamam Recipe Search, Yummly, Spoonacular Recipes, Pearson, Food2Fork
Grocery stores and supermarkets Google places API
Push Notifications Firebase SDK, Apple Push Notifications

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Food Recipe App Development Company

At Echoinnovate IT, we provide many IT solutions as per client requirements. We are specialized in mobile app development services. You should choose Echoinnovate IT to develop a recipe app without compromising the quality of the application.

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Cooking recipe apps are a great way to invest your money. As food is one of the basic needs of humans, cooking will never be taken out of the picture. Therefore, investing in an app, even though it’s expensive to develop one, will have an increase in your return on investment.

If you are here to find out how much you need to develop an app and what features you can incorporate into the making of a cooking app, then you’re just in the right place.

At Echoinnovate IT, we can help you with your web and app development. Contact Us! Today.

FAQs Of Hiring App Developers

Which company is the best for Recipes App Development?

Echoinnovate IT is one of the best companies in developing recipes apps. We have 12+ years of work experience. Our team excels in offering a wide range of services and our products are engineered to improve your business revenue. Our goal is to serve the client’s satisfaction and user engagement without compromising on quality and time. Feel free to reach us for your app development project.

How much time will it take to develop a Recipes app like paprika?

It might take 2-3 months, but the time taken to develop a recipes app like paprika might vary depending on the features, complexity of your application, platform, and requirements. For more info, contact us.

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