Uber Business Model and How Does Uber Make Money?

Let’s talk in detail about Uber Business Model and how Uber makes…

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uber business model

Let’s talk in detail about Uber Business Model and how Uber makes money, where it spends it, and what profitability looks like. Uber is a classic multiplatform marketplace, but the real mechanics of its business are poorly understood.

In an industry where keeping your customer costs low is the key to increasing your growth and also Uber has been comfortable spending large amounts of money to get drivers and provide incentives to users. While most on-demand app development companies undervalue the importance of retention, Uber has allowed the churn rate to reach almost 13% every month.

How does Uber Work?

how does uber work

The on-demand transport technology is their main service, and the application that connects drivers and rider is what makes it possible. However, there is a definite pace with which the Uber app functions. Developing a taxi app like Uber demands integrating some functionalities that are user-convenient and built with expertise. Here is a short explanation of how Uber works, step by step:

STEP 1: A rider opens the app

The rider enters his destination in the “Where to?” Box at the top of the screen; select each travel option to see the waiting time, the size of the cars, and the price; then confirm your pickup location and tap the request.

STEP 2: The ride request is matched

A nearby driver sees and chooses to accept the ride request of the rider. The driver is automatically notified when the driver’s vehicle is one minute away.

STEP 3: The Rider is Picked Up

The driver and the rider validate each other’s names and the destination. Then the ride begins.

STEP 4: The Rider Reaches the Destination

The application gives the driver the option to access the instructions step by step so that the driver can concentrate on getting there and the driver can concentrate on enjoying a comfortable trip.

STEP 5: Both the parties Review the Ride

When trip ends, both the users can leave a review on how the ride went which helps to build up the account and calculate incentives by the company,

Who is Uber's Target Market? (Uber Market Segmentation)

Uber is a platform application for all ages and social communities. Office and the college-goers find it helpful to book a trip with Uber if other forms of public transport are not available. Additionally, there are many useful features of Uber that are attracting this audience.

uber target market

When it comes to private means of transport, Uber is still an enterprising alternative in situations where the vehicle has suffered a breakdown.

“In some cases, Uber offers an affordable alternative to private cars. Tourists in the run from one place to another, or from airports and stations to their destinations and vice versa have Uber in high esteem.”

Whether you are attending an important event, attending a meeting when you are running out of time, escaping on a rainy day or when shopping, Uber is a comprehensive solution for every need.

What is Uber's Business Model Structure?

uber business model structure

How much does it cost to develop an Uber app? This question is important in the Uber business development model to estimate the revenue of the Uber app.

What really works for the Uber taxi company is an effective business model which consists of things:

What Factors Support Uber’s Model?

How does Uber Make Money?

how uber makes money

What is Uber's Revenue Model?

Uber makes money in a lot of ways, the following are the simple techniques Uber business model uses to make money:

uber business model structure

Four Factors That Impact Income of Uber:

factors impacting uber income

Surge Pricing

Almost all shared-ride services have adopted increased prices. However, it is an excellent case for consumers to remember that yellow taxis still work on rainy Saturday nights. Drivers who make an effort to work during peak hours will earn more than their colleagues, possibly many times.


The rideshare income is the urban areas are more than in the rural and suburban areas. Also, the city recently passed a law that establishes a minimum wage for ride-sharing workers. But it’s also about the density of customers and what economists call “underutilization.” Basically a technical way of saying time spent with the empty car.

Hours Worked

Calculating the monthly or annual earnings for a driver worker is almost impossible given the independent flexibility of this job. The working hours can differ from day to day, person to person, and week to week.


The other main factor for rideshare income is expenses.

The actual income means accounting for costs such as:

Drivers also have personal expenditures that employees don’t, such as:

Other Uber Apps Growing Continuously

other uber apps

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an on-demand food delivery app launched in 2014.

User signs up for an account opens the app, and a list of local restaurants that have partnered with Uber Eats appears. From there, users can see the menus, select what they want and place an order for any item that catches their attention. The designated delivery man then collects the food from the restaurant and delivers it to him.

Uber Freight

This platform has simplified the task of owner, operator, truck drivers and shipping carriers. It is basically Uber for trucks which helps to deliver bigger couriers and cargo products. A trucking app development also consists of two separate apps for shippers and drivers. 

Uber has created a Freight platform. It has revolutionized the way the trucking industry does business. It allows carriers to deal with shippers with the help of a convenient mobile app. Uber Freight has transparent pricing and easy-to-use tracking and logistics tools. Also, it is really ahead of the curve when it comes to cargo brokerage.

Uber for Business

This is mainly used to avoid inefficient, time-consuming expenses while traveling.

If any organization has an Uber for Business account, it can be used for it is an Uber driver app to make trips and have them invoiced directly to the company.

Furthermore, the User’s travel experience is the same for both, personal and Uber for Business profiles: users can switch between them for personal and business trips.

However,  the organization will not see any information about trips made with the user’s personal profile, only the trips that users make with their Uber for Business account. Additionally. Uber for Haircuts is also as an app that is getting popular. 

Wrapped Up...

Uber apps are some of the most trending and useful apps. Hence, making an Uber like app has a high chance of turning into a profitable business as people are looking for competitive prices while booking a ride. The Uber apps needs to be cross-platform as its target audience includes all the demographics. Hire top flutter developers to build top cross-platform apps with smooth functions.

While there are various ways of making money using the Uber platform, it’s all about being innovative. I hope you now have a clear understanding of the Uber business model and you are now well adept at answering “How Uber makes Money?”. Contact Us to get an app like Uber.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Uber?

The total cost of an app like Uber in the US can easily exceed $100,000 depending on the hourly rate. Cost may vary depending on the in-built features, platform, the complexity of an app, and many more.

How Much Time Will It Take To Develop An App Like Uber?

Apps like uber will usually take 3-4 months to successfully develop an app that is ready for public release. Time may vary depending on the complexity of your app and requirements.

What Artificial Intelligence Is Used By Uber?

Uber uses conventional neural network AI that helps in syncing the routes. It is used in multiple domains of Uber to make the transportation easier and convenient for the driver.

What Are Some Alternative Apps For Uber?

Some of the best Uber Alternatives that one can consider are: 


  • OLA
  • Gett
  • Lyft
  • Easy Taxi
  • Curb


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