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Innovations have solved numerous issues in the logistic business from trucking app…

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features of truck app development

Innovations have solved numerous issues in the logistic business from trucking app to ride-sharing services, technologies have transformed the whole industry severely. In case we are discussing long-term trucking, it’s generally shortened as LHT or known as ‘Long Haul Trucking’, and also it is described as the business truck tour that is over 200 miles from source to end.

Moreover, it’s also called OTR or over-the-road trucking.
Before you go through the notable functionalities that new businesses should integrate when building an application for LHT or long-haul trucking, you should know the crucial elements of the trucking business including its details, features of trucking apps stats, and patterns!

The Statistics And Patterns Of Trucking Business & Future

The United States cargo transportation business incorporates different methods of transport, for example, water, air, pipeline, rail, and trucks. Also, it is generally worth around $1 trillion according to Plunkett Research’s report. But, the trucking business makes approx 70% of that figure.

Trucking is a colossal business and it grasps long term, short term, full-truckload, less truckload, and via feet size.

We should look at four significant features that trucking-related new company’s can’t-miss while building up an application for trucking.

Features Of Trucking Apps

Real-time Tracking and Maps

Being a startup, in case you want to make an application for your trucking business, at that point, you should know about real-time tracking and maps that are crucial over everything.

Indeed, the fundamental objective of a trucking application is to decrease the weights of shippers and drivers all long their approaches to arrive at the heap securely their ideal goals.

Your application must have map features with suggested paths and real-time traffic data, which is unquestionably what drivers anticipate from your trucking application.
Moreover, real-time tracking is critical to consider while building up an application for long stretch trucking as it enables shippers in order to track the locations.

If you add a GPS function in the app, it enables users to track the current location of drivers on a live map and enables them to monitor tabs on fleet position and profitability.

Payment Integration

To manufacture logistics pull trucking applications, integration of payment is the next element, which new companies should know. This function basically enables users to pay online through the application.

To give a consistent experience, it is imperative to incorporate a payment feature to pay the delivery fee from the application itself.
To make it increasingly consistent, it is urgent to include numerous card alternatives like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, for example, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Being a logistics business, in case you are intending to make an application for long-haul trucking business, the in-application payment function is critical to incorporate for your logistic application.

In-App Messaging

To build a long-haul trucking application for your app platform, the in-application messaging function is another significant feature you must think about it.

In-app messaging is an appealing and visual notification highlight, which empowers shoppers to communicate via chat or send messages to drivers so as to know the status of a shipment.

In this way, you can likewise incorporate an in-application chatting function, where carriers and shippers can converse with the drivers and they can likewise send pictures and different information of shipments or loads.

Consequently, in case you are intending to make a logistic application, in-app messaging is worth incorporating, while building up an application for your trucking business.
Also, you can get in touch with the best Logistics App Development Agency that can provide you a trustworthy, result-oriented, and user-friendly application by considering your needs.

Trip History

To stay away from bunches of issues; there is a history of shipment trips in the application that is critical to incorporate while building up an application for the long-haul trucking business.

Both drivers and shippers can track their past transportation details and cargo information in an application. With point-by-point trip history, users can undoubtedly take records of transportation details.
By giving such a component, it causes users to track the whole trip of the vehicles without an issue.

It likewise reduces the burden to assemble plenty of papers so as to see the trip record of their vehicles. So, for shippers and drivers, there will be less desk work to check the past subtleties of the trip.
Thus, make a point to consider this component in case you have to create custom fleet management solutions for the long stretch trucking business.

How To Start Trucking Service With Apps?

How To Start Trucking Service With Apps

Truck drivers are embracing the technology and leading to a profitable business. Mobile apps for trucking are aiding by providing several ways to stay on top of time, and even get ahead of it sometimes.

CoPilot Truck Navigation

This fleet mobile app is voice-activated and can aid truck drivers calculate the fuel-efficient route based on the size, type, and weight of the specific load being moved. It can show potential commercial vehicle restrictions and identify the best routes for multi-stop deliveries depending on the load type. This GPS app will even work offline which is a plus point when you’re out of service range or need to save data.


This truck app is a powerful logistics tool that stores and organizes all records in a digital cloud and provides 24*7 access to your key documents. It can be utilized to manage invoices, dispatches, maintenance, and payroll. TruckLogics makes it easier for owner-operators to manage more aspects of a trucking business while on the road.

Cat Scale Weigh My Truck

This truck app is a powerful logistics tool that stores and organizes all records in a digital cloud and provides 24*7 access to your key documents. It can be utilized to manage invoices, dispatches, maintenance, and payroll. TruckLogics makes it easier for owner-operators to manage more aspects of a trucking business while on the road.

NOAA Radar

This weather app by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sends a notification to your phone when unpleasant weather is approaching your current location. It can guide in-trip preparation and provide warnings in cases of severe weather conditions while you’re on the road which can save your trucking business time and money.

Reasons To Build Your Own Trucking App

The trucking applications can be a decent answer for some issues in the transportation business. It can offer continuous estimating, propose courses and places where it stops. A great programming arrangement ought to likewise follow the vehicle, consequently approve how stacked the vehicle is, and show the truck’s area.

Previously, it was a battle to organize a shipment because of numerous calls and emails.

Online the executive’s arrangements will, in general, disentangle the transportation procedure expelling tedious administrative work and cutting costs.

Customer Experience

Trucking arrangements give full straightforwardness. With their assistance, you can see the last cost of the shipment and pursue the trucks’ course. It expands their trust and unwaveringness.

Payment Tracking

It’s gainful for both — drivers and shippers. The initial ones can glance through their installment status and past exchanges. With respect to the shippers, they have a safe method to pay for transportation. Moreover, the installment happens simply after the shipment is conveyed.

Fuel Cost Reduction

The last cost of shipments relies upon the fuel cost. A ton of transportation organizations is unrewarding as trucks drive back void. Advanced trucking arrangements empower viable truck the board keeping an armada in every case full. Drivers can pick loads as per their area and possible goal.

Best Trucking Business Leaders Apps

Weigh My Truck App – Truck Weighing App

Detest sitting around idly strolling inside to pay at checkpoints? Incapable to sidestep a station? This application is worked to work with CAT Scales to spare drivers time at the checkpoints.

Gauge your truck and pay for your weight utilizing your cell phone at the scale. No compelling reason to leave your truck. The application gets to your area, you fill in your truck and trailer information and pay directly from the application.

A duplicate of your gauge ticket is messaged to you (despite the fact that you could even now select a printed copy). Accessible for iOS and Android.

Trucker Path Pro – Path Finder App

Accessible on Google Play and iTunes, Trucker Path Pro is an exhaustive cell phone application that enables truckers to share subtle strategies on an intuitive guide.

Need to realize where to stop in San Jose? Where to top off in Cleveland? Provided that this is true, Trucker Path Pro has got you secured.
What’s more, presently, it is even more helpful, as it has its new Truck Posting highlight, which enables you to tell specialists when you are prepared to pull another heap any place you happen to be.

Along these lines, merchants can proactively connect with you.

TruckLogics – Truck Logistic App

Deal with your whole trucking business with this application. TruckLogics can deal with armadas of any size with different valuing bundles.

The favored evaluating plan is for proprietor administrators with 1-2 trucks and runs about $19.95 every month.

Every one of your records is put away in the cloud giving you day in and day out access to any significant reports.
Utilize the application to deal with your solicitations, dispatches, upkeep, and your finance.

Need to send BOL reports? TruckLogics can without much of a stretch send archives – snap a photo on your telephone and transfer it into the application to send by email.

Monitor your dispatch subtleties, transfer your fuel receipts and the sky is the limit from there. This application makes it simpler for proprietor administrators to deal with their business out and about.

Convoy – Digital Freight Network

The application is accessible just for drivers and takes a shot at iOS and Android.

The shippers need to join through the web adaptation of the stage. The Convoy gives plenty of chances to drivers like recommendations to keep trucks full, detainment pay solicitations, and the sky is the limit from there.

Moreover, the organization shows progressively exact drop-off and gets time, so there is no compelling reason to hang tight approach stockrooms for quite a long time.

Caravan collaborates just with proficient following organizations that have Motor Carrier Authority or a DOT number and protection.

Uber Freight – App Foe Carriers/Shippers

Uber Freight application has answers for iOS and Android, alongside the web rendition.

The administration brings a great deal of energizing highlights for both — shippers and transporters.

For example, shippers can glance through their past and future shipments, track stacks on their way every minute of every day and pick the proper cost and time.

Concerning transporters, the application furnishes them with suitable burdens relying upon their preferred courses, payload types, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, transporters can see the cost, so there are no dealings.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Trucking Service App?

Cost To Develop A Trucking Service App

For developing a strong and fully functional trucking service app, you are required to get in touch with an expert and practiced app development company that employs a team of accomplished engineers, such as Project Manager, Android App Developers, iOS App Developers, Web Developers, Front-end and Backend Developer, UI/UX Designers and Quality Assurance experts. So, Echoinnovate IT is the right choice for you. We offer the best services without compromising the quality.

The estimated time to build such a trucking app is 4 – 6 months. It is quite challenging to give you the exact cost because it largely depends upon the number and type of features incorporated into it, the complexity of the app, and third-party integrations.

Also, it depends upon the expertise and market reputation of the app development company you choose. The average cost to develop a trucking service app may lie somewhere between $10,000 to $60,000.

The cost may vary. To estimate the exact cost of the app you can use our app cost calculator.

Wrapped Up

Trucking apps are gaining importance today!

At Echoinnovate IT our team of expert developers can help you with your app or web development. Contact Us! Today


How can I make Digital Trucking Business?
  • Decide the type of application you want to develop
  • Find a reputed mobile development company for your app
  • Idea validation
  • Decide on features that you want to incorporate into an MVP
Which company is the best for developing a Trucking Business app for a start-up?

At Echoinnovate IT, you will get top-notch developers and will deliver our best to you. Echo innovate IT is one of the best companies in developing a trucking business app for startups. We have 12+ years of work experience. Our team excels in offering a wide range of services and our products are engineered to improve your business revenue. Our goal is to serve the client’s satisfaction and user engagement without compromising on quality and time. Feel free to reach us for your app development project.


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