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Nowadays the customers are choosing the fastest and they are searching for…

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Nowadays the customers are choosing the fastest and they are searching for the most convenient method to buy, rent or sell a house. Without turning to real estate agents, specific real estate applications let us do anything convenient. The mobile and web apps that are used in real estate are getting more advanced and more sophisticated than before. If you are looking to build your real estate app like Buildium then there are some real estate APIs that are particularly useful for software developers and real estate professionals. Read on more to know what an API is and here is a list of real estate APIs that are useful to make house hunting apps.

Real Estate APIs

API enables the interaction between the different software components or real estate apps. It is the set of rules and the process that help to enable the interactions. With real estate, to pull the data from the third-party databases the APIs are used. To integrate the property listings into your application you can use third-party APIs. Some of them you can also use are listed below.

The real estate companies rely on the APIs and data feed which can help them in supplementing the real estate listings with relevant property data. These APIs have different functionalities including,

List Of Best Real Estate And Housing APIs

Here is a list of the best APIs in real estate.

Mashvior API


With the Mashvior API, the investor can understand which property is more profitable in the given location. This helps him to invest money and he can access not only the bare facts but also the analysis of the data provided. The data of each object of interest such as the description, type of home, address, environmental conditions, size, property photo and image, year of construction, price, and much more can be obtained. You need not know the information about all the property. Thus with this API, you can know enough about the object you are interested in. You can also obtain the information about its owner through mashvisors real estate listing APIA. You get the chance to make the most accurate prediction of the future income in a particular area.

ATTOM property API


Another useful API for real estate purposes is the ATTOM property API. This provides a solution that is more effective and suitable for different markets dealing with the properties.

When it comes to the key benefits, this has a powerful commercial property database. This includes the information of more than 150 million real estate objects. The data present about the object are advanced in nature and cover many useful aspects. This also implies the ownership info and even the criminal situation in the specific location. It also has a trial period so that you can make sure whether it suits you or not.

This API can obtain data in a specific area. That could be of any level and type. The team of AATTOM will be more than a faithful assistant to make sure that you have integrated the solution without any problem.

Estated data API


It is very important to know about the estated API. This allows you to quickly and reliably find the right information on property to the specified parameters. This is a great solution and is used by many smart real estate experts such as brokers, investors, insurance workers, and others. This service is the most affordable and its functionality helps to save time and effort.

It has detailed, real-time, updatable data on real estate. It has more information about the historical and current condition of each object. This API has an impressive customer database and has been selected by the market leaders. The integration task is very simple. The task to implement the estated service and integrate the data is not difficult with estated data API. You can even get greater flexibility working with the property information. Also, you can easily know what you are going to get for your money.

Zillow API


This API belongs to the most illustrious real estate portals and it provides its customers with all they need and ensures access to the full range of real estate solutions such as buying the property, selling the property, repairing, leasing, investing, and more. This helps real estate developers to create the most powerful property platforms.

When it comes to the top key benefits, this API tracks the property prices. It uses the information that it collects and provides an estimated value of the other properties. This platform is completely free and is reliable. Zillow accounts for more searches in real estate and this indicates the success of the platform.

Walk score API


This API helps its users in finding the right housing. By using this you can determine the walkability indicator at the given address. This API can help in creating the real estate portals and help in organizing the property search function. It can also fulfill other similar tasks.

You can get 2 versions of the walk score API: the Paris and the free version. It has a convenient integration system. Even with the free version, you can get the high quality and reliability of the result.

Google maps API

google map api

Surely in the analysis of commercial real estate APIs, Google maps API plays a major role. In most of the APIs, it is crucial to use the maps, but with Google maps, you get a perfect solution.

Google maps’ has a multilingual interface that supports at least 50 languages. This allows you to visualize the information in the proper context. This supports both the web and the mobile platforms and you can be sure of the reliability of the result. With this API you can even get more advantages such as Google street view, Google places for business, Google earth.

Simply RETS

Simply RETS

The next one of the real estate listings API is the simple RETS. This is also an important one that allows you to develop advanced mobile and web platforms. You can also integrate MLS databases into your resources. The main goal of this API is to work with property information as easily as possible.

With the key benefits, it provides the developers with more opportunities. It works with many programming languages. So it makes it easier for the developer to choose the options fitting him the most. It has a simplified API integration process. You can get them at convenient price rates.

Rets rabbit

Rets rabbit

This API removes the nightmare of importing thousands of listings and photos. It gives you an easy import and web API. With these, you can focus on building your listing that is p[powered by the website or app.

Property API

This API provides easy access to all the developers. This data might be used for building mobile applications, web applications, SEO landing pages, and more others. This can help in driving revenue for your business. Therefore this API can provide access to recent home sales and individual property sales history. This API makes every property both on and off, an opportunity to draw the consumers.

Rets ly

This platform helps you to access multiple MLS listing datasets. You can also access the real estate public records. The data is delivered elegantly through the API. It also facilitates managing the necessary data for you and the data provider. This helps the developers build the tools for realtors, brokerages, MLS, and consumers.


Realtor api

This is also like other APIs. This is another property Meta search engine that provides the details about the properties that are for sale or rent. This API also provides nearby schools, finance rates, and mortgage calculators.

Commercial Real Estate Insights

This is also an API and does things exactly as the name implies. All over this provides insights into the business real estate addresses. It has a single endpoint that returns the relevant business information like building square footage, distance to closest building, swimming pools nearby, vacancy, number of floors, etc.

Rent Estimate

This is an API that helps you to budget and calculates rent for a specific property. You have to input the relevant parameters like bedrooms, bathrooms, type of property, etc.

Therefore these are some of the real estate APIs which can help make the house hunting apps.

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