All You Need To Know About Personal Fitness App Development

Whether you are a personal trainer or own a local gym, many…

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All You Need To Know About Personal Fitness App Development thegem blog default

Whether you are a personal trainer or own a local gym, many businesses can benefit from offering a personal fitness app for their client or customer base. Of course, there are a variety of mobile apps out there to help customize fitness plans, so you will want to include both popular, commonly used features, as well as ones that are unique to your personal fitness app.

Keeping up a healthy way of life can be a test as an individual, and monitoring that way of life can be even a greater test.

However, monitoring your fitness activity can help you to strive towards a healthy life.

If you have a calendar juggling work, family life, and social duties, you may think that it’s difficult to cut out time to go to the gym or do any other beneficial physical activity. At-home wellness apps have this issue in order.

At Echoinnovate IT is the best fitness app development company, we have helped businesses across a wide range of industries to develop mobile applications to further improve and grow their companies.

Before you contact us for a free quote on your personal fitness app, let us fill you in on some of the features included in similar apps, as well as the importance users find in personal fitness apps.

Best Personal Fitness Apps Used By People Globally

Here are some of the top fitness apps used by people globally:

1. Runtastic – Run Tracker Best Fitness Apps

It utilizes GPS to follow your running, strolling, biking, and running courses. Runtastic utilizes this followed data to make a point by point diagrams and tables with respect to your advancement.

You can likewise utilize the application on a treadmill or other rec center hardware.

It has android wear backing, and you can share your prosperity on Facebook and Twitter straightforwardly from Android Wear.

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2. Google Fit – Exercise Tracker Best Fitness App

Google Fit is an exercise tracker app created by Google. It utilizes sensors in a client’s action tracker to record the wellness exercises. It will check your speed, pace, course, height, and so on and show you constant details of your running, strolling, and riding occasions. You can likewise set various objectives for your means, time, separation, and calorie consumption.

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3. Nike Training Club – Exercise Guide Fitness App

Nike Training Club is an app that is without any promotions or any in-app buys. It covers more than 160 free exercises that monitor quality, perseverance, or versatility and offers three degrees of trouble.

The app has a full scope of centered activities that focus on your abs, triceps, shoulders, and other body parts. Clients can stream the application onto a TV utilizing Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI link.

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4. Runkeeper – Wellness Tracker Fitness App

Runkeeper is a completely highlighted wellness tracker app for Android. It exploits GPS empowered cell phones to follow wellness exercises and give practically identical outcomes. Runkeeper can figure running pace, cycling speed, course separation, height, and calorie ignite with high precision. It enables its clients to see an itemized history of exercises.

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5. Map My Fitness – Workout Personal Trainer Fitness App

MapMyFitness enables you to track and guide each exercise and get criticism and details to improve your exhibition. It covers more than 600 distinct sorts of following exercises. Likewise, there is calorie tallying, nourishment, diet arranging, and weight following.

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Importance of Personal Fitness App

In the course of recent years, carrying on with a healthy way of life has turned out to be a challenging task. These days, being healthy is subjected to wonderful, fruitful, and fit.
Individuals are ending up progressively on ailments brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle and inactive office work.

Google Health Services

Before we dig into all the extraordinary things about wellness apps, we should take a look at the historical backdrop of this industry. At the point when Google made its Google Health Services in 2008, it appeared to be encouraging.
As if it were propelled today, it would most likely pick up prevalence. However, some time ago it was disliked to such an extent that Google was forced to surrender the venture in 2011.
For what reason did Google Health fall short regardless of the conceivable outcomes it displayed?

Drastic Change In Importance of Wellness Business

The reason is most likely that in 2011 wellbeing wasn’t such a famous point. The overall population didn’t think it was intriguing. Everything changed in 2014 when the wellness business took an immense jump.
Your Personal fitness app can present a variety of benefits for both the app owner and the user.

Whether you are a solo personal trainer or owner of a local gym, personal fitness apps give you the ability to build upon the strengths and weaknesses of the user of the app and track their progress.

Also, a personalized fitness app can help users improve their workout regimen. Giving users the ability to track their progress and improvements can help them further enhance their workout routine.

This can also help motivate users. If they notice their workout routine starting to slip, or they aren’t working out as often as they once did, the mobile app could light a fire under them to get them back into their routine.

Need Of Personal Fitness App

In every human life, wellbeing and wellness assume an essential job as it’s a decent method to discover joy and smoothness throughout everyday life.

The present world is the most aggressive and hardest one; every single individual scarcely discovers sufficient opportunity to keep themselves fit by the method of physical exercise or by utilizing types of equipment which keeps their body more beneficial.

The broad work which we do from sunrise to sunset may cause extreme mental pressure, shortcoming, ailment, and different natural issues that may result in diseases like Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Insomnia, and numerous other lethal illnesses.

In addition to this, the consumption of junk food has resulted in an unhealthy lifestyle. People these days are crushing over junk food. Nobody wants to think about the results that junk food can have over them.

People start to follow a diet regime but can’t really keep up with it. They start a timetable and do not abide by it. They start a healthy diet only to switch back to junk food later.

Ever-increasing technology, fast lifestyle, a race to reach nowhere has to lead us to have exposure to almost all illnesses.

Let’s look at some of the major reasons for which we require a personal fitness app today:

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Fitness App?

The cost to develop a fitness app consists of several aspects- features, UI/UX design, quality assurance services, DevOps services, and project management. It also depends on the hourly rate charged by developers. The cost increases if you want to have complicated features in your app because developers will need more time to analyze your requirements. Factors that affect the cost of developing a fitness app:

Therefore, to develop a fitness app, you need at least around $80,000-$90,000 for one platform(iOS or Android) and around $140,000-$160,000 for two platforms. It might vary depending on the hourly rate of the developer. You can also use an app cost calculator to estimate the exact pricing of a fitness app development.

7 Features Of Best Fitness Apps That Make Everyone Love It

We have detailed some of these most common features below for your convenience.


For those who are runners, or walkers, tracking how far users have gone can make all the difference. While pedometers are available, having the ability to use one built into your app can make the process easier, and cheaper, for users.

Heart Rate Monitor

You should also include a heart beta monitor in your personal fitness app so users can track their resting heartbeat compared to their post-workout heartbeat.

Custom Workouts

Of course, a personal fitness app can also benefit from allowing users to build custom workout routines for various days of the week. This will help keep them focused on improving overall strength, rather than focusing on one set of muscles.

Customized Diet Plans

It will assist clients with creating the customized eating routine arrangement as indicated by their body necessities. It will likewise give the alternatives to pick the fixings and help clients to choose the formula as what they need.
Incorporate a “moderate formula” alternative in the application, proposing the sustenance that fits in your clients’ pockets.

Steps Tracking

With this element, users can check their complete strides of a whole day and calories consumed while strolling, running, and cycling for the duration of the day. In this way, considering this element can make your wellness app one of a kind from different applications.

User Interface(UI)

The best part to pay attention to is that the wellness app must have an engaging and connecting UI.

Wearable Device Integration

By associating the app with wearable gadgets, users can monitor their exercises and exercise schedule. It will be simple for users to track and watch out for their everyday exercise plan.

Wrapped Up

When it comes to health and fitness all of us just need a little push and we can get that perfect, healthy lifestyle we have been wishing for.
Knowing that fitness is a challenge today, we need to focus on how more and more we can strive towards it. Our ultimate goal should be to lead a toxic-free lifestyle.
Now you know the benefits of having a personal fitness app. Having a personal fitness app can be your first step towards changing your life completely.
If you are looking to develop a personal fitness app for your clients or your own gym, Echoinnovate IT can help. Contact us online or simply give us a call at 386.675.0158 to get started today!

FAQ’s of Personal Fitness Apps

Which is the best free fitness app?

7 Minute Workout
Adidas Training by Runtastic
Nike Training Club
Map by Fitness

How can fitness apps improve communication with my fitness clients?

The fitness apps allow you to track meal plans and exercise regimens and communicate with clients in real-time. It also allows you to customize template workouts using videos, photos, and workout descriptions.

Which feature should I have in my fitness apps?

Heart Rate Monitor
Custom Workouts
Customized Diet Plans
Steps Tracking
User Interface(UI)
Wearable Device Integration

Why should I have an app for my fitness business?

Apps add value to a user’s membership by letting them see class schedules, upcoming events, and programs. It can also give them reminders to go work out. An app can keep them in the habit by reminding and gently urging them to go for a workout.

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