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Thrive Me

Healthcare App Solution

Thrive Me is a community for health and wellbeing. The members of the community and the users of the health and fitness app may perform the following with the app: (yoga, workouts, webinars with coaches, doctors, meditations and more) – establish health objectives and receive health coins whenever those goals are met. – use our shop to redeem their prizes. – suggest fitness & wellbeing activities and start a health challenge.

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Expectations of the client

The client wanted to build a supportive community that promotes health and wellness via this healthcare app solution. Users of this health app should be able to access the features easily and get assessment easily.


We needed a Technology that gave Real-time Updates and AI suggestions to the Users according to the health Goals

Real time goal tracking

The users of the app should get the real time data about their health like the steps they have taken throughout the day, week and month. There should be the data of exercise completed by the users and the calories burnt in the process.

Health and Wellness event suggestion as per the data

Our client wanted the app to provide suggestions for the users based on their health data. There has to be suggestions for every user based on their activities.

We added functionality where users get reminders and notifications about their health goals

The users in the healthcare software application will now be notified for their health goal. A reminder will be sent to the device if the goals are not achieved that day. A notification will be sent to the device if the goals are achieved also if there are any significant changes in the data.

We used AI to suggest events as per the user’s goals and data

We leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence to suggest the users the activities they should indulge into for their goal achievement.


With AI and our Skilled Developers, we added Reminder functionality for co-ordinating health Goals and provide suggestions to the users

Features and Functionalities

Health Assessment

You may examine your health risk factors and do a thorough health evaluation with the aid of this software.

Get Rewarded

You will collect coins as self persevere on your path to a healthy you, which you can then use in our rewards store!

Set a fitness objective

By establishing objectives in the app and accomplishing them, you can concentrate on your path to fitness and wellbeing.

You may host events and invite members of the Thrive community to them.

Sometimes all a friend or coworker needs is a little prodding and inspiration. A little inspiration from a fitness event can do a lot of good.

Obtain our audio and video content

Discover how to properly take care of yourself, why sometimes our route to becoming our healthiest selves is rocky, and how to get unstuck in order to be your best self by listening to motivational speakers speak.

Participate in Thrivers activities!

Feeling supported is really pleasant. To experience someone’s support and encouragement while trying to be healthy is all we need sometimes. Join our events by coming in.

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With the Thrive Me app, you may set daily health goals like drinking more water, doing more exercise, or just relaxing. Those who need encouragement to start their fitness journey should download the Thrive Me app since the inspirational audio and video content is incredibly beneficial. People may discover and engage with other members of their local community thanks to the ability to join events together.

Our Development Process


Echoinnovate IT’s development process starts with a clear understanding of the project. Our cross-functional team, business analysts and developers will spend days understanding the vision of the client. Only after that they will decide the right features to deliver the objective of our client via the mobile application.

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In the second phase, we will work on the design sprint of the app. This helps us to understand if the direction of our planning and expectation of the client are synchronized or not. We shared the design sprint to the client and based on their suggestions we finalized the design of the application.


Once the design is ready; we will start working on the frontend and backend development of the application instantly. The project manager will be in constant touch with the client throughout the development process to make sure the client is updated with the progress.

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The testing team will also work simultaneously with the developing team and once the application is tested completely we deliver it with the code to the client.