10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

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10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Education App Ideas

We are in a competitive digital age, and it is best to use strategy to stand up your journey to positive ROI. Are you using any particular strategy to generate ROI?

Especially, significant technological development has improvised the way of learning, and the education system transformed day by day effectively.

These days, eLearning on a smartphone is the best way to engage students with teachers, and it is never possible without the apps.

It brings better interaction between the students and teachers moreover boosts engagement.

The app helps to exchange ideas to solve complex issues.

The potential education app development offers inspiration and time to teachers, support, and motivation to students, and provides parents transparency.

You may wonder about the educational app with its useful, engaging daily classroom activities. Educational apps are popular because of their versatility, functionality, and features.

As you use it, you will get to know about the following list.

Education App Ideas For Startups

Here we have mentioned some ideas for the awesome educational app. The students and teachers will love to use it.

Private Tutor App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Nowadays, students are interested in making use of online services for their educational purpose. A private tutor application development is the one that helps students to learn more effectively through the digital platform.

The expert teachers communicate with students in a way more effectively. It makes every student responsible for engaging in the classroom activities as with interactive learning.

If the students have any doubts, they can question the respective teachers. The teachers will responsively clear all the doubts of the students.

Through this personal tutor app, students can get notes from their teachers after the conversation.

An App for Disabled Children

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Physically disabled children may face many difficulties to learn. When disabled students come to school, they need to face several issues and need help. To facilitate their comfort, the disabled children app helps them.

With the app’s help, they can learn and study from the comfort zone of their houses. The disabled kids who cannot attend daily classes can make up this specially designed application.

This app helps them to connect with the teachers in real-time and be more attentive to live lectures. This app connects teachers and disabled kids and makes them accountable for regular learning.

Educational Games and Quizzes App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Building an educational app with games and quizzes will let the student improve student’s creative thinking and reasoning ability.

It is an interesting app that enables all age groups of students to play quizzes and games related to their education.

When the students practice general knowledge, mathematics, and grammar questions on a single platform, they become familiar and can answer the questions within a minute.

Dictionary App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

A dictionary app is one of the important apps that every student should have. This app is useful for everyone to know the meaning in seconds.

Today, most students, teachers, and professional people are using this app a lot. Earlier, people needed to carry a dictionary to clarify the doubt, and to seek the meaning of a single word from a dictionary book consumes more time.

Smartphones help everyone to use these apps easily. Searching for words and meanings takes less time.

Language Learning App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Learning another language is important these days to improve the skills and survey in the other country, helping students stay ahead in the competition.

If you are an aspiring student studying abroad, then make use of the language learning app. For instance, if students like to learn Spanish, German or practice their English vocabulary and grammar through fun activities, it is best to use the Duolingo app.

Using this app, you can learn and study different languages online. Students can learn a new language by spending 20 minutes every day. In this lesson, there are separate topics to practice for lesson.

On finishing every level, get rewards with skill points. Moreover, the added feature helps the students determine their strengths and weaknesses and focus more on improving their language skills.

AR-Enabled Learning App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

A learning app with augmented reality helps students to learn things effectively without any difficulty.

It helps the teachers use the app to teach the students and make them understand using the different concepts of real-life models and objects.

Therefore, with real-time examples, the students learn more effectively and can understand in a more practical way. Their skills are being improved by practicing things effectively.

Audiobook App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

The audiobook app is the all-new concept of an educational app that enables the students to read or learn even while driving. It is easy to use, and the thing you should do is you need to select the book, and the app will read it.

This helps the students to learn and know about the lesson more effectively.

The audio lessons help the students to understand their lesson more effectively.

Pre-school App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Kids are very active, and also they are interested in learning new things. The advent of the preschool app is really a gift for parents.

The teachers make the kids engage in the preschool app by their storytelling way and make the kids learn alphabets, animals, and colors more quickly.

Nowadays, kids love to use mobile phones, so they learn more interesting things.

Task Reminder App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

The daily school activity involves reminding the date of submitting assignments, homework, exam dates, and more.

To remind the important date, the task reminder app is very useful, where it notifies the dates and reminds both students and teachers. So they won’t forget about their responsibility.

This app makes them interact more quickly and stay accountable for their work.

Career Guidance App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Due to the lack of guidance, some students fail to select the right subjects. Selecting the subject without knowledge will impact the student’s life greatly.

As to help them to choose the right subject, the career guidance app is very useful. The correct guidance will ladder your career.

The experts assist the students, and the expert advice helps to choose the additional course that helps the students to build their dream career.

E-Book Reading App

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

The eBook reading app helps users to read different books online easily. There is no need to buy and carry a large number of books.

Using this app, users can easily learn all the subjects more interactively. Through this online platform, the students can access any book at any time for their reference.

Moreover, the highlight of this app is that the students can make notes within this app.

Education App for autistic kids

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

Autistic suffer from learning, where the education and learning app helps them learn communication, daily living skills, and new skills and play more effectively.

It is one of the blessings for the parents who need to treat their autistic kids. This app helps autistic kids to learn in a new way.

Vocabulary Education App Ideas

10+ Education App Ideas For Startups To Build Edtech Startup

If anyone is preparing for the qualification entrance examination, they need to improve their vocabulary skills for their success. This app includes puzzles, quizzes, and word games with vocabulary.

This creative learning app boosts the vocabulary skills of the students in a simple and fun way. Through proper practice, the students build their abilities and become an expert in vocabulary.

With this app’s help, the students can learn new words with the correct pronunciation, spelling, phrases, orthography, and more. The visualization tools help students record their growth, and they ensure the top understanding of every word’s contextual meaning.

Wrapping it up

Technological inventions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more have revolutionized almost every industry.

The education sector is no exception where these technologies have bought a new way of learning. Today, eLearning or online education has become a global trend. Students can learn and educate through online learning platforms and a plethora of applications.

Developing a highly advanced and feature-rich application provides more convenience and features. In this guide, learn how the unique and innovative eLearning app development idea works.

Education is our future investment, and it is important to plant correctly to improve students’ skills. After knowing the importance of an education app, develop your app using a reliable app development company to turn the idea into reality. Make your app development dream come true by hiring experienced and dedicated developers and maximizing your ROI.

FAQ’s of Education App Development

The development cost of an education app like Udemy will be somewhere between $35,000 to $120,000. The cost may vary depending on several factors such as type of game, tools, and technologies, platforms, features and complexity, UI/UX design, size and location of the game development company, the time required to complete the project, etc. you can also use our app cost calculator to estimate the exact price of app development.

We have short-listed some of the best online learning app ideas to develop an education app:

  • Private tutor app
  • AR-based education app
  • An app for disabled kids
  • Education games and quizzes
  • Dictionary app

Here is the list of features that you must have in your education app:

  • Notifications and course activities
  • UI/UX of the app
  • Syllabus
  • Quality of the content
  • Live tutorials and interactive sessions
  • Regular practice and mock tests
  • Feedback


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