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How to Create Restaurant Mobile App Development: Stats And Checklists are Make Successful Business

Home » Blogs » How to Create Restaurant Mobile App Development: Stats And Checklists are Make Successful Business

Do you want to create mobile app for restaurant? Small businesses are the ones that drive the global economy and that is definitely true when it comes to restaurant app development.

Technology is progressing at an impressive rate. Today, we have an app for everything from on-demand medicine to online travel booking every industry is transforming.

One such industry that may surprise you is the restaurant industry. Foodies are looking for restaurant mobile apps more than they have in years past.

Everybody loves to go out and eat once in a while. People make it a point to enjoy the delicacies on a long hard day. Having a good meal can help someone forget the difficulties faced throughout the day and indulge in pure delicacies of their choice.

It’s like having a long, hot shower on a rough day. This has resulted in the business idea of developing an app for restaurants.

Both national corporations and local businesses are developing restaurant apps. It allows customers to book reservations, check out their menu, and learn about their food. Let’s tell you more detail on the importance of restaurant apps development.

Surprising Stats on Restaurant App Development

Some statistics of the restaurant application that you should keep in mind:


1. Revenues in the online food orders segment amount to the US $ 51,239 million in 2018.

2. Revenues in the Restaurant to Customer Delivery segment amount to US $ 58,008 million in 2019.

3. Revenue is expected to grow at an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018–2023) of 10.7% and result in a market volume of US $ 80,156 million by 2023.

4. 90% of all restaurants around the world employ less than 50 total employees.

5. 70% of all local restaurants are standalone entities that operate as a single unit.

6. 47% of the average household budget is spent purchasing food ordering apps that are served by the restaurant industry.

7. 40% of people say that going to a restaurant and eat is an important part of their life routine.

8. Only 5 out of 100 restaurant owners have a mobile app.

At Echo Innovate IT, we have worked with businesses in various industry types to develop mobile apps with the features they need. One such industry is the restaurant industry.

We have helped restaurant owners utilize mobile applications in a variety of ways to grow their business and improve customer relations.

you contact our team of experts in restaurant app developer & designers get a free quote, let us fill you in on the importance of restaurant apps and some popular features they often include.

Checklist of Building a Restaurant App in 2021

There is a wide range of reasons based on which the decision to opt for a mobile restaurant app solution depends.

Every restaurant owner wants some good features to rely on for its app development for restaurants. We bring you a checklist that you should definitely consider before developing your restaurant app:

Attractive Design

Your app has to be visually attractive, as well as resolve some pain areas and provide value. It all starts with an icon or an application logo. Try to keep the logo as simple as possible.

Rapid Communication

Users should be able to download your app easily and place an order within a very less period of time. It should be able to cater to the needs of your customers rapidly

Source of Branding

Mobile development is itself a source of branding. The restaurant app is for the modernization of the restaurant business.

Holding on to Potential Customers

our loyal customers are everything for your business. Try giving them offers they can’t resist and maintain your terms thereafter.

Special Discounts and Coupons

Mobile coupons and discounts are a great way to support customers to download and use your restaurant app. Special offers should be available only to the users of the app to encourage them to download the app.

Importance Of  Developing Restaurant Apps

The invention of restaurant apps has changed the entire blueprint of the restaurant industry. With some perks that it provides, there is no surprise that it is beneficial for both, customers and the restaurant owners.

There are a lot of ways through which having a mobile app for your restaurant can help you increase your business.

If you want to Create mobile app for restaurant then you need to understand that the importance of dining out is increasing due to the rapidly changing lifestyle.

Today, people are in a hurry for everything. They want everything to be delivered to them before time.

And with the philosophy of time is important than money, we humans are ready to spend a bit more money in booking the tables up front rather than waiting for hours.

Most restaurant owners are leveraging this fact to make the experience of their customers the best ever. They know that to win the competition they will have to be at the fingertips of their customers.

It is a common phenomenon that mankind would always strive for things that are easy to achieve.

Given a scenario where your customers are given a choice between dining at your restaurant physically and ordering the food online.

Let’s say this a scenario of a weekday. As a matter of fact, 90% of your customers will choose to order food online.

Even when given an opportunity to dine with some great experience, most people would choose to order food online.

So, as a restaurant owner, you should try to analyze that it is important to invest in your restaurant app as much as it is to invest in your restaurant and its needs.

Benefits of Mobile App for Restaurant Business  

benefits of app for restaurant business
Growth in your Bookings

One of the simplest measures for a restaurant is the number of customers that it serves in a day. Using your mobile app your customers can make online reservations, order foods, and write reviews. This is all you need…is not it?

Brand Boosting

A key factor for all marketing strategies is brand awareness. Have your restaurant app, get it rated by some top forums, and boom…there you have a wide range of customers.

Quicker Turnover

Improved experience for the guest results in increased turnover of the restaurant. Once you’re familiar with what your app wants, you can create a whole new experience for your users.

The must-have restaurant app features

Mobile apps for restaurants can provide a wide range of benefits. Local search on mobile devices is one of the easiest ways for customers to find new eateries and if your restaurant doesn’t have a mobile app, you could be missing out on an undiscovered demographic.

Additionally, with a mobile app, you are able to add a number of features to make your customer’s experience more enjoyable. Some of the most popular features used in restaurant apps are listed below for your convenience.


Allowing customers to make a reservation through their mobile app can help you fill more seats in their restaurant with each passing day.

Special Offers

With a specific restaurant app, you can give special offers to those who download your mobile app. This can encourage customers to check their mobile app often to see what specials they have for that day.

Loyal Customer Base

You can also increase the trust of your customers by answering their questions and queries. Therefore, it is very essential to have a loyal customer base.

Payment Portals

While some customers prefer cash or credit card, younger customers prefer to pay with a smartphone, and a mobile app can make this easier.


Reviews have become an important factor for business success. With a mobile app dedicated to your restaurant, you can allow customers to make positive and valuable comments to help you improvise your service and attract new customers.

Offer Take-out/Takeaway Orders

Make a point to have a features list in your app where food can be delivered and take-away orders that can be taken online.

Authentic & Attractive Visuals

Have a mobile app that provides attractive visuals of dishes you serve and tempt your customers.

FAQ’s of Restaurant Mobile App Development

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Wrapped Up

People refrain from thinking much. Your customers want it all easy, they don’t want things to get complicated. Try to make their eating experience easy, uncomplicated, and pleasurable. They’re yours.

Now you’d have realized why you need an app for your restaurant.

Do you want to Create mobile app for restaurant, the experts here at Echo Innovate IT can help. You can contact us online or simply give us a call at 386.675.0158 to get started today!


Jenny Winget

Jenny Winget is the content specialist at Echo innovate IT. She is responsible for the content department of the company and has played a major role in making Echo innovate IT the top-notch customized app development services provider and transforming it into a globally trusted web and app development company.
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