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If you are considering photo editing app development as your next startup…

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If you are considering photo editing app development as your next startup idea then this blog is for you. Photographs are no longer just limited to pretty sunsets and holiday gatherings, but now they range from special events to the normal daily experiences: each dish you eat, new shoes your dawning, the TV your shop for, even your parking space, and what not! Hence, photo editing apps are in great demand.

We, humans, are always fond of remembering vague memories while looking at a picture. In ancient times there were no phones, and in a city, there were only a few people equipped with a camera. With advanced technologies today iOS and Android application development, everyone has gone crazy over the photos.

Let’s dig more into the usage and engagement of photo editing apps.-

Statistics of Photo Editing Apps

Statista statistics show the percentage of Americans who use photo editing apps on their smartphones in 2018. The results are consistent with the level of income. In 2018, 47.51 percent of respondents said their incomes were high and said they used cameras and photo editing tools to enhance their photos.

These statistics show, how many people are spending time editing a photo or video with these applications.

Which Are The Top Photo Editing Apps in 2023?

1. Beauty Plus – Photo Enhancer App

Talking about good camera apps beauty plus in recent times has been outshining other camera apps with over 100 million downloads and with the enhancement of 800 million selfies.

It is truly a perfect photo editing platform for android users to edit their pictures.

Let us see some important features of this app:

Beauty Plus

2. B612 – Effect Savvy App

Outshining the general camera of your phones here comes B612, the best selfie photo editor app with over 500 million downloads from the android play store this app has proved to be the best over the years.

B612 gives your pictures a total DSLR effect with amazing and cool filters, stickers, and many more. It also lets you make really amazing selfie videos and make them post-worthy by providing really good videography effects along with the choice of using sounds to make the video all the greater.


3. Adobe Lightroom – Professional Touch To Photos

Ever wondered how you can add that professional touch to your pictures? Well here is the answer adobe lightroom which is also the ‘Editor’s Choice’.

This app has been considered the best for serious photographers, it provides RAW photo editing support settings.

Adobe Lightroom

4. Snapseed – Photo Editing App

As a matter of fact, Snapseed is another worthy app for android users and it comes with a handful of amazing features to give a person an enthralling experience of editing pictures.


5. Pixaloop – App With Some Amazing Effects

Let me introduce you to another popular photo editing app that is especially recommended to edit nature-related photographs.

Here is the perfect photo editor app for you which is pixaloop.


6. HD Camera For Android – App For HD Effect

This marks one of the best Android camera apps with almost 400K downloads on Android. HR Android camera boasts on its very intuitive to use, especially for its unique features. This camera application is a complete package that not only can capture a photo with professional adjustment tools but also allows the editing of photos and collages.

HD Camera For Android

7. Kuji Cam – Instagram Worthy Picture Capture

Ever wondered where do the perfect Instagram-worthy pictures come with that perfect colorful lighting and effect.

Well here is your answer kuji cam.

With its outstanding range of effects, this app doesn’t only allow you to click pictures but also lets you beautify or enhance your previously taken pictures, and that too for free.

So get ready to give your pictures a totally different touch with kuji cam.

Kuji Cam

8. Glitch – Unique Photo Editor

Adding a little glitch won’t hurt anybody right? Pictures with glitch effects are quite trendy nowadays and with the glitch photo editor app you can add the effects to only to your pictures but also to your videos, so what better than that?

Get ready for a handful of experiences of editing your pictures for free with this fun app and its trendy features.


9. Picsart – Among Best Camera Apps For Android

Are you looking for some sparkle than subtlety in your photo edits? Well here is the perfect app for you. With over 500 million downloads PicsArt remains to be the favorite of many today.


10. Nichi – College And Story Maker

This app is quite new in the market with a different strategy altogether.

Are you the one who likes to be creative in a way that you prefer templates for your pictures? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there is finally the perfect app for you which is Nichi.

With its different marketing strategy of providing a wide variety of collages and templates, this newly establishes app now stands with over a million downloads from the android play store.


11. Vimage – Cinemagraph Animator And Live Photo Editor

With the catchline “your touch and our 140+ moving effects turn images into living pieces o art”. This app stands strong in the market with over a million downloads.

It lets us add motion to your pictures which comes across as unique for android users.

Yes, you heard that right you can now make video images and you can also add motion to your pictures using this app.

So are you ready to take your photography to another level in 2023?


12. Retrica – App With Amazing Filters

Talking about photo editing app for iOS and Android, most of you will definitely remember retrica is being your very first photo editor for your images. With tons of mind-blowing images, retrica remains to be the favorite of many of us with over 100 million downloads.

Gear up and find the perfect filter amongst 100 and more that will reflect your intent.


13. Candy Camera – Edited Camera For Cool Photos

For all the selfie fanatics out there here is the perfect app for you which lets you edit your picture by giving you loads of cool effects, stickers, and also makeup edit options.

Say no to boring pictures and yes to exciting ones, also editing your full body pictures makes them leaner, taller, or fuller as you want.

With over 100 million downloads candy camera is also the editor’s pick.

Candy Cam

14. Youcam Makeup – App For Beautifying Your Pictures

Add magic to your pictures by using the ultimate glam looks with the help of the app.

This is your virtual makeover which lets you enhance your pictures overall.

So get ready for a transformation by choosing tons of effects for your makeup, hair colors & more.

This app is basically a beauty community and lets you know everything about hair, makeup and skincare so it’s your all-in-one beauty guru how exciting could that be.

YouCam Makeup

15. Night Camera – App For Capturing Photos At Night

Say no to the perplexities which come up while taking pictures during the night, here is just the right app for you.

It only takes good pictures but is an ideal android application for any kind of picture.

With its flash control and shutter mute options, this app provides a lot of pictures during the evening and night.

Night Camera

What Are The Basic Features of a Photo Editor App?

Everyone wants to attract their social media followers with a perfect photograph. Hence, we have listed here some very important photo editing features for you when you develop your photo editing app. Therefore, if you are thinking about developing an application for photo edits as Snapseeds and VSCO, note these features now.


Speaking of one of the essential features in the photo editing application is – filters. To enhance profiles on social networks, filters are one of the key features to consider. You can provide users with a series of filters to apply when they have options for their attractive images by selecting filters.

It is important to note this basic feature, which adds brightness, sharpness, and contrast. During photo editing app development, make sure you do not miss this feature, which is pretty common in photo editing applications and videos. Instasize application offers more than 50 high-quality filters to enhance images and videos, and users can upload their edited pictures to different social media platforms.

Photo Editing Gallery

Having a built-in photo gallery in-app, the user can easily manage your photos. Gallery securely stores photos to be edited. And the user can edit again easily when placed within photo applications for iPhone and Android platforms.

Photographic and video editing applications must have this feature. In this case, users misplace their edited photos from the phone, know where to find them. It is a very useful feature for users. Such small detailing in mobile application development is admired in this era of the competitive world of application.

Resize Photos & Videos As Per Social Media Formats

The next feature that is essential to consider is to allow users of photo editing applications to resize photos and videos. Well, this is one of the most popular features among users as they resize their images as per social media formats. In addition, this feature is very common in photo editing applications.

Speaking of popular photos editing applications, Instasize, which allows users to resize photos and videos to fit perfectly on all social networks. You can also allow users to choose formats for various social media platforms like Instagram and Stories Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This feature allows them to choose between different formats they want to upload your images. Therefore, it is advisable to consider these features when creating an application for editing photos as Instasize.

Allows to Create Collage or Slideshow

Collage Maker is one of the common features of popular photo editing apps. Allowing users to combine photos into one with an easy-to-use-maker collage. This feature allows users to meet their memorable moments in one place.

Be sure to allow all users to combine multiple photos into one with this feature, where you can select different photo layout patterns, and moving images, and add text and patterned backgrounds.

Provide users with different designs and presentations to create the best presentation. Users can create interesting presentation slides of different images without any design skills.

Beauty Tools

Beauty tools are important to consider when it comes to creating an application like photo editor Instasize. This feature is called a beauty tool that can do many things such as removing acne blemishes, the disappearance of stains with stain remover acne. On the other hand, there are some beauty tools, which allow users to whiten images to provide a more finished look.

Allow application users to detect and modify the face in photos with different makeup tools. Users can modify multiple faces in the picture and change the whole look.

Add Body Enhancement Tool

Allow users to turn your photos into a model portfolio. With a body enhancement tool, users can make it thin, resize, reshape and lengthen any part of their body in the photo.

What Are The Advanced Features of a Photo Editor App?


Who does not love a good meme? One of your images quickly turns into a meme by typing an intelligent text, Meme function does the rest.


Choose from a variety of options to frame your shots. There is everything from standard frames for fixed films that can apply an antique effect.


Be creative with your pics by adding an overlay such as a circle, diamond, or a series of blocks to frame the picture.


Think that guy in your photo would look better with a mustache in the style of hairdressing? You can easily add one to it with this function. There are also plenty of other stickers on the package, including lightning, glasses, and exaggerated eyelashes.


Photos are here to stay. Your photo editing app can be the next leader in the play store. If you are looking for photo editing mobile app development solutions then we are here for you. Echoinnovate IT has the best team of expert designers, developers, and analysts. Talk with experts now.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Photo Editing App?

The estimated cost to develop a photo editing app may lie somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 and even more. The cost may vary depending on several factors such as features, the complexity of an app, platforms, technology used, and your other requirements. You can use our app cost calculator to estimate the exact price of photo editing app development.

Why Echoinnovate IT Is The Best For Photo Editing App Development?

In this era of selfies and snap, if you have a raw photo editing app idea to revolutionize the photo editing app market, you have landed in the right place. We, at Echo Innovate IT, design, develop and deploy photo editing apps using advanced technologies like AI, IoT, MetaKit, OpenGLES, and OpenCV. We have a dedicated team of photo editing app developers, which has already developed numerous video and photo editor apps with exclusive features. Our developers never settle for average, they constantly endeavor to bring out the best in your photo editing apps using advanced tools and technologies. At Echoinnovate IT, we ensure to deliver the best services without compromising the quality. Feel free to reach out to us for your app development project. Contact us now!

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Our mobile app development team has designed and developed an on-demand photographer app that helps to hire on-demand photographers and videographers for different events and parties. You can definitely pick us for app development.

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